I’m A Villager, So What? – Chapter 36 – part 6

I’m A Villager, So What? – Chapter 36 – part 6

The instructor then said to Arthur:

「Despite how it may seem, I used to be a C-rank adventurer. I’ll create a cushion with wind magic, so… feel free to fall.」

In reality, being a C-rank adventurer was quite something.

For example, the B-rank adventurer who I fought against sometime ago is an escort to a noble who is a king’s younger brother.

To put it simply, if it’s in a small guild in the countryside, being C-rank was considered top-class.

And as Arthur reached his limit, he fell.

He was gently enveloped by the air cushion created by the instructor, then he sat up and in a dazed and despondent expression said,

「Idiot… I… I should have trained my body thoroughly…」

To Arthur’s words, the instructor spoke.

「Arthur Markham, right? I actually think you’re quite something. No one has come this far on the first day since I started overseeing the lowest class training camp… You’re the first.」

But then the instructor shook his head.

「Pure physical strength has far less to do with talent than magic. Anyone can reach a considerable level with training.」

And with a snicker, he continued:

「There have been people from various backgrounds, but only a handful have cleared this challenge… which means… you simply didn’t put in enough effort. Have you realized your place, little frog in a well?」

Arthur slumped down, exhausted.


The instructor looked around and loudly declared:

「The farce ends here…」

At that moment, I approached the instructor and spoke up:

「Is it okay? Instructor?」

「What is it, Lute McClane? And you, make sure to mind your manners. Do you want to be punched like on the first day?」

Well, if I did get punched, it’s just going to hurt you, Instructor.

Leaving that aside, I asked the instructor:

「Can I participate too?」

「Hmm… Weren’t you watching Arthur Markham just now?」

「I was. But I really want to clear this and receive a reward from the instructor.」

「A reward? You… You want points too?」

「No, I just… want to be able to eat a regular meal.」


The instructor tilted his head in confusion.

At that moment, I pointed at Minemori and said:

「This person will definitely mess up in future training somehow. Can we make a deal that if I clear this, there will be no punishment of going without meals in the future?」

「Hmm, I don’t quite understand, but do as you please. After all, there’s no one who can do this in the first day.」

With that, I clapped my hands and walked towards the rope.

There are various theories about the causes of muscle fatigue.

One theory suggests that intense exercise leads to the generation and accumulation of lactic acid, which ultimately hinders muscle movement.

Recent research suggests that intense exercise causes changes in the concentration of calcium ions and potassium ions in the body.

As a result, abnormalities occur in the ion transmission system of the nervous system.

This can result in dysfunctional neural electrical signal transmission and problems with muscle contraction.


When you continuously subject your muscles to near-maximum loads, they stop listening to your commands—this is a fact that everyone can experience.

Humans are born, grow up, grow old and die.

It is a predetermined law, an inevitable fact.

Just a moment ago, Arthur experienced muscle fatigue when trying the 30 meters rope, getting caught by muscle fatigue at the 15-meter mark, and he fell at the 17-meter point.

Even I, without enhanced stats or physical abilities, am just an ordinary person.

I don’t have complete confidence that I can do it perfectly, but… if I don’t do it here, Saegusa will be in an even worse position.

Besides, I’m curious about my current strength. Admittedly, I focused solely on efficiency as a means to become stronger. As a result, pure physical strength tended to take the backseat.

However, that’s just a tendency, and I did perform basic exercises like push-ups and sit-ups regularly, albeit half-heartedly.

And… Arthur said: 「I am the third son of a poor nobleman. I am lacking in magical talent, lacking in swordsmanship, lacking in money, lacking in wisdom… I lack everything. That is who I am. But… that’s why I’m doing everything necessary to become stronger… including training my pure physical strength.」

And so, he collapsed at the 17-meter mark.

To be frank, I have confidence in the path I have walked.

Since the Dragon Zombie in the Dragon’s Village, I’ve vomited blood, shed tears of blood, and shed blood itself…

In that sense, I think I’m somewhat detached from the ordinary world.

Arthur, too, probably earnestly dedicated himself to strengthening himself.

But the critical difference between me and Arthur lies in my experience with the tutorial, the vast knowledge I have, and the vast amount of training I did.

That’s why it’s unfair to compare me with Arthur in the first place. But still, I’m curious.

Arthur’s statement about training everything necessary, including pure muscle strength, and my personal belief… that I had been doing muscle training only as a side job.

The difference in sensation between an ordinary person and me is still a concern.

I slap both of my cheeks with my open palm.

Then I grab the rope to feel its texture.

The stiff and rough texture of the rope is pleasant.

I jump up, grab the rope, and embrace it with both feet.

Using mainly the strength of latissimus dorsi, my back muscle, and a small amount of lower body strength as support, I climb up and up.

This is essentially a continuous load close to the limit.

It’s not an exercise to be considered for long periods, but a short-term battle of breakthrough.

Forgetting even to catch my breath, I climb rapidly upward in a half anoxic state.

A commotion arises from below.

Looking at it, I see a vermilion line indicating 20 meters on the rope.

And at that moment, I feel discomfort in my arms and back.

This is not good.

In this type of load training, when fatigue is felt, the arms cease to move in the next moment.

Therefore, I increase my pace before my body reaches its limit.

As I accelerate, even more commotion runs through from below.

Currently, at the 25-meter mark.

If I can climb the remaining 5 meters, the mission will be cleared… but at that point, the movement of my arms stops.

Oh no…

My arms won’t move.

Not only that, my arms and back muscles begin to twitch involuntarily.

But… At that moment, I overheard a conversation between Saegusa and Lilith from below.


「What’s up?」

「…His fatigue has accumulated, and his muscles are no longer able to perform at their full potential… that’s the current state of Lute.」

「Then, does that mean he’ll fall like Arthur earlier?」

「…That won’t happen. My partner… Lute Mclane still has something left beyond this point.」

「Partner…? Well, leaving that aside, what do you mean?」

「Even if his stats are sealed, even if he’s prohibited from using magic, even if his physical strengthening abilities are restricted… Lute has that.」

「…What is ‘that’?」

And at that moment, I roar with determination.


My arms won’t move?

Back muscles twitching?

So what?

I am the strongest villager in the world!

Skill: Indomitable Activated!

Lactic acid is nothing!

The concentration of potassium ions and calcium ions is nothing!

Muscle fatigue is equivalent to a gentle autumn breeze for me!

And thus, I accelerate even more.

…However, if I push myself too hard, I might end up with a serious situation like a muscle tear, so this reckless act is only for this one time.

I increase my altitude at an incredible speed.

And as I touch the ceiling, I shout:

「InstructorーI leave the cushion to you! I’m going to fall as is!」


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