Immoral Sisters Chapter 3 Part 4


As if drowning out Tomoko’s modest voice, Taketo’s hot stuff smeared Tomoko’s face in large quantities over and over again.

It seemed to her that somewhere in the distance she could hear Rumi’s voice, sounding all distressed and worried.

「Ahh, uuh……」

The oxygen she had taken in for her breathing had a thick, thick smell to it, irritating her nostrils. When she wiped away the viscous liquid that had fallen into her eyes with her fingers, a thick, heavy sensation bewilders Tomoko’s entire body.

Not only her puffy lips and mouth, but also her pink cheeks, her bangs that fell out of the hair band, her nose and chin, were fully served in Taketo’s cloudy-white spunk. A hot liquid, warmed by the drops of cloudy substance that was shaking at the tip of her chin, fell to her floor with Tomoko’s body shivering all over and trembling in apparent excitement.

(Ahh… what a waste! I wanted to drink it all…… Taketo-san’s dick milk, my stomach was so full, and yet I wanted to drink it even more……!)

Tomoko sat down on the floor while becoming unable to even speak. It was like she was fading away as the strength was leaving her body, as she was barely even able to support her own weight right now and keep up her balance.

「Ah…… It’s so hot……」

It was so hot, and yet Tomoko did not want to simply wipe it all off. Tomoko did not know what to do. Should she be trying to wipe herself off? Or maybe she should have burst into tears on the spot? Anyways, she then looked at Taketo.

Taketo surely would know what she needed to do right now. She wanted him to tell her that as soon as possible. Was it so strange to think like that?

However, he never had the desire to look back on her older sister Rumi, whom he had trusted and relied on until just now.

「Come on now, you need to clean everything up properly. And this goes without saying, but you need to scoop it all up with your fingers. Isn’t it hard to go outside like that, huh?」

「A-All of it……!」

If Taketo was saying so, she would not be allowed to wipe it off with something else. Tomoko knew that, and she knew that she should be doing precisely what Taketo ordered her to do. At the very least, she wanted to see Taketo and make sure that her feelings for him would be able to reach out to him properly.

She was going to be happy as long as she would be able to do just that. Because this sperm of his was the sperm that Taketo gave to Tomoko for doing her best. When she touched her face with his fingertips, she could feel her fingers encountering something hot, heavy and sticky. She then started to scoop the cloudy liquid with her fingers. Originally, I should have wanted to shake it off in a hurry, but now she was unable to do that and she had to do what Taketo ordered her to.

「Ahh…… All of it…… All……」

However, when she thought that all of those liquids belonged to Taketo, all repulsion and all disgust towards it disappeared from Tomoko’s mind. She had drunk it once, but being shown it again left her in a state of daze while Taketo’s cum was sticking to her fingers like that. At this rate, it would take real courage for her to actually bring it towards her mouth and swallow it whole.

Slowly and meticulously, she scooped out thread after thread of cum that were stuck to her face, let it touch her lips, and carried it into her mouth while savoring it with her tongue. And there was a silent gulping sound of Tomoko actually swallowing it all. And as she would expect, it was really bitter, but at the same time it tasted oh so good.


Tomoko moved her hand back and forth between her face and mouth many times, feeling a sense of relief after hearing Taketo say that. And every time she would hear a praising word from him, the amount she would scoop up and swallow would gradually increase.

It tasted bitter and strange. By the time the sliminess felt on her face had diminished considerably, her mouth was all slimy.

(My body is dyed in Taketo-san’s color all over. The milk I have swallowed is so hot in my stomach and it makes me feel really dizzy for some reason……)

It was almost as if Taketo’s dick managed to devoid Tomoko’s mind of any sense of reason. Tomoko then scooped up the sperm one after another and carried it to her mouth from the rest of her body. Then, while making a loud gulping sound, the sperm that she picked up went into her stomach.

「Ahh…… Tomoko……」

When she turned her gaze to the side where that sound came from just now, she saw Rumi sitting helplessly on the floor of the gymnasium’s storage room. By sheer coincidence, she was sitting in the same way as Tomoko.

Tomoko turned around to find that Taketo’s semen had been wrapped around her finger and was now on its way into her mouth once again.

Tomoko has made many mistakes since she was young. It was always Rumi who was there for her as her older sister to protect her from the consequences of those mistakes, as all older siblings would do. However, Rumi could not understand Tomoko’s current appearance. She had never seen her make an expression like this ever before. Such eyes full of passion and lust, that even look bewitching to her as a fellow woman.


Rumi felt like she was going to tremble with excitement at any moment now. She also felt like seeing Tomoko looking like this made something inside of her die just a little bit.

However, despite Rumi’s dumbfounded expression, Tomoko did not let go of the dirty thing that was staining her fingers. Her reason for that was fairly simple: it was because Taketo demanded it from her.

But even so, Tomoko sensed a large gap between her and Rumi right about now. Something was wrong with her sister. She always wanted to catch up to her and she wanted to be the same as her older sister. But not anymore.

And as long as she could retain that sense of superiority over her older sister, she no longer cared if what she was doing was wrong or not.

The mat bounces up and down in that very moment, and Tomoko looks back at Taketo, who has stood up. Seeing his teeth grin and smile in such a ruthless way, Tomoko felt as though there was an electric current running through her entire body, like a conditioned reflex of sorts.

(This time, I want Taketo-san to inject his dirty milk directly into my pussy……!!!)

The many things that Tomoko has tasted up until now were revived in Tomoko just by her making a realization like that.

「Ah, umm……」

Even if Rumi was looking at the same place as Tomoko was, and they were to be in the exact same spot, unlike her, Tomoko was ready to eagerly accept everything that Taketo was going to give to her. She honestly thought so and believed that.

「Hey, Rumi.」

But when Taketo turned his gaze towards Rumi, who was sitting on the ground with a really strange expression, Tomoko’s heart momentarily went in to a complete and utter panic.

To Taketo, Tomoko was nothing more but someone who would willingly and gladly fulfill every single one of his orders and desires. But Rumi was nothing like that. And because of that simple fact, Tomokowould consider her a nuisance and someone who would only continue to get in her way. And even though she understood where it was that Rumi was coming from, there was no way she would just sit down and listen to her like that.

In addition to thinking only about simple things, those thoughts of Tomoko were quite easily reflected in her expressions. She was so easy to understand, as her own self and as a woman, but even so, it was something that would make anyone want to laugh out loud.


Even if she was not aware of it herself, she was convinced that her impression was correct. And her plan for today, that she would only fulfill what was being asked of her, did not change at all. Even after she saw Tomoko’s face being painted white with Taketo’s baby batter.

「Rumi, let’s go home.」


The words that Taketo said just now with perfectly calm composure were pretty unexpected both for Tomoko and for Rumi. Tomoko cannot believe her ears and lets out her voice almost instantly.

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