Immoral Sisters Chapter 3 Part 5

Rumi and Taketo would then proceed to leave the Gym storage room together. It was not actually something that was uncommon for those two, for the past couple of days they were doing just that many times. It was only Tomoko who did not know that, being out of the loop.

「No way……」

With a feeling of reluctance, Tomoko looked up at her older sister, and with her legs trembling, she proceeded to stand up.

When she wondered if she would be left all alone in here, she felt a sharp pain in her chest all of a sudden. But more than that, it hurt her to feel that Rumi was chosen by Taketo over her for seemingly no reason at all.

In her mind, she knew that there was no way that Taketo would not be thinking about having a love affair like that, switching one girl in favor of another in a blink of an eye. But she still felt miserable, even though she knew something like that was likely to happen.

She looked at Taketo as if praying, but Taketo’s gaze did not reach Tomoko. When Taketo looked at her sister, Rumi, who was still sitting there, widening her eyes in a different sense of surprise from Tomoko’s.

「What do you mean by that……?」

She barely turned her words towards Taketo. Rumi stood up at her vague sense of crisis that she had to face all on her own.

The words that Tomoko announced last night, like a proclamation of war. This seemed like her last chance to do something about it.

The last chance for her to get Tomoko out of that man’s evil clutches and for them to get back to having a normal life as they used to before all of that happened.

However, the words that Taketo uttered seemed to crush any such hopes that Rumi might have had. Rather, it was as if they made Rumi sink deeper and deeper into despair.

「We are going to your house. Where else?」

「O-Our house……? Y-You must be joking……」

Just how much more was this man going to step all over their dignity and everything they were finding precious?

Rumi wanted to continue with some strong words addressed, but Taketo was looking at her with the same strong eyes as he was yesterday, so she inadvertently averted her gaze and got her words interrupted. She remembered the humiliating fear she experienced yesterday as well.

This might have been the difference between her and Taketo. Rumi honestly thought so. It was so big that he stood in front of her and never let her snap back at him or get better over him.

As Rumi hugged her body, she stared at her confused feet.

Neither Rumi’s confusion nor Tomoko’s sadness had anything to do with her. Taketo then put Tomoko down and grabbed Rumi’s arms with a big gesture, trampling on her feelings one by one.

Then, as if nothing happened, he pulled open the door of the physical education warehouse and was about to leave.

「Oh yeah, Tomoko?」

「…… Huh? Y-Yes!?」

「If you don’t get out of here quickly, the guys from the club will come here soon. Make sure to clean up before then.」

After saying that, Taketo closed the Gymnasium Storage Room’s door.

Relying on her expression at the time, Tomoko, who was left behind, wiped the remaining dirt off of her. She no longer had that fever she had just a moment ago, and she was having trouble with cleaning the rest of Taketo’s semen that was still clinging to her fingers.

What will Rumi and Taketo be doing after this? And where will Tomoko do if they really go back to their house? When she was all alone with no one else around here right now, she felt so lonely that she wanted to burst into tears and cry.

After cleaning up, Tomoko hugged her school bag tightly. Holding back her tears, she called out Taketo’s name over and over again. She wanted to be the one who would be walking right by his side. But it was not her, but Rumi who would be getting that honor.

「…… Onee-chan……」

No matter what, there was no way for her to surpass her beautiful, intelligent, and kind older sister.

For the first time in her life, Tomoko realized the sense of defeat against her older sister, who was far superior to her in every single aspect possible.

From school all the way back home, it should have been a road she was used to walking. Familiar shops and intersections. All of them made Rumi feel a strange sense of incongruity. The reason for this was definitely the presence of the man walking right next to her.

She could not believe that a day would come when she would be going back home side by side with Taketo. A tension-like pain was lodged deep in her throat at the current moment, as if she did not know how to breathe.

She was also worried about Tomoko, who was left behind in the gymnasium storage room. However, when she thought about Tomoko being humiliated there, he could not just keep her feelings firmly in check.

Taketo remained silent the entire time, pulling Rumi’s arm as they walked forward.

This man knew the way to Rumi’s house all too well. He never asks Rumi even once, and walks by choosing the correct path one after another. It was too perfect to be just a coincidence.

He seemed to be silently told that there was no need for him to enjoy the conversation, which made her even more uncomfortable as they kept on walking forward.

However, while doing so, Taketo arrived at Rumi’s house and pushed her towards the door as if it was only natural to do so.

「It doesn’t look like anyone else is home right now. Go ahead. Open the door.」

Her mother was indeed going to be late today. Tomoko was still at school. How does this man even know the way in which their household functioned? For some strange reason, it felt like this entire house was being managed by Taketo at the current moment.

Thinking that, unable to find the words to resist him, Rumi took out her usual key from her bag and put it in the keyhole.

She has never unlocked a door like this before. But in this house, there was no one to help me now, no one that she could possibly rely on.

Taketo pushes Rumi into the house and once she was inside he slammed the door shut behind him. To think that she would live to see a day when a man would close this door for the first time like that……

「Hey, where’s your room?」

While asking where it was, Taketo’s gaze was still firmly locked on the stairs leading to the second floor. She wondered if he had a rough idea of the house’s layout and where the room was.

Rumi took off her shoes and began to climb the stairs in front of Taketo. It might have been that she was thinking of resisting, but that would only be a fool’s effort at this point in time. That’s what she was telling herself in order to remain calm.

That feeling of humiliation when she was so humiliated yesterday turned into a fever deep inside of her body.

「…… It’s here.」

Two doors facing each other at the top of the stairs. Putting her hand on one of them, Rumi opened the door. For a moment, she could catch a glimpse of Tomoko’s room on the other side of the hallway with the corner of her eye.

Taketo showed no hesitation in stepping into her room at all. That attitude seemed to make her feel even worse when she was thinking about her little sister.

But perhaps it was because she did not have to make an exaggerated excuse in her mind, Rumi also felt a strange kind of relief as well.

There was a bed in the room, a desk, a bookshelf and a chest of drawers. Taketo looked around Rumi’s room, which was lined with the bare minimum of simple furniture that a young woman would need to go on about her daily life. He then sat her down on the bed where Rumi would always sleep as he continued to survey the room for a few more moments.

「So, how did you like it? Your little sister has become quite something, wouldn’t you agree?」

Taketo’s words aroused Rumi’s anger once again, but Tomoko’s expression that she showed when she was sucking on his dick suppressed Rumi’s desire to throw her words out at the man before her.

Tomoko put Joto’s penis in her mouth and changed the shape of her face to suck it so hard and so intently. It was something utterly unthinkable for Rumi.

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