Inyouchuu Etsu Chapter 3 Part 8

「Looks like you have had more than enough. Pull her out.」

One of the men waved his hand lightly in front of Mikoto, who was staring in front of her with a vacant, empty gaze.


The rumbling sound of the youmas resounding in the depths of her bulging stomach would grow louder and louder. She was sure that there were a whole lot of youmas inside of her guts right now, and she was sure that they were gleefully eating at her excrement, but she could not bring herself to even imagine that scene in her mind.

The men deftly untied Mikoto’s hands and feet, closed the lewd toy sticking out of her butthole and pulled it out. Her anus, which was gaping like a cave entrance right about now, slowly pursed itself back to its original shape.

(Is…… Is it over……? But I can’t feel my hands or my legs…… I can’t use them at all……)

Her hands and feet were stretched out, and her white skin was soaked with youma mucus. Her eyes that have lost almost all of their will to live were like that of a doll that was broken because of the carelessness of the child that it belonged to. Exorcists swallowed their saliva at the perilous sexiness of the girl, resembling a sand statue that would crumble away at the slightest touch of a finger right about now, slipping into the darkness.

The depressing sensation of countless flesh boiling inside of her stomach and intestines was an unpleasantness far beyond her wildest imagination. However, in the end, Mikoto was unable to spit out even a single youma out of her system.

(There are countless youmas being cultivated inside of my belly and butthole. They are just sitting comfortably inside of me and growing, while I’m in such a powerful agony……)

It was surprising even for Mikoto herself that the inner corners of her eyes were so hot.

As a woman, the girl’s heart was cracked by the impossible humiliation as a human being. So when the Exorcist’s men began to take off her clothes all at once, and when she saw that their cock between their crotches stood out unbelievably high and were all so stiff, she was not impressed at all by that sight. She just no longer even cared at this point.

「Huh? What now…… Oh, so NOW you want to violate me all at once? If you want to do it, you can do it, go right ahead. My body is being messed up by the youmas so much already, so you are hardly going to make a difference here……」

Surprised by her incredibly mellow voice, Mikoto could not help it but to think she did not care whether she would be violated right now, or if there was perhaps something else that those guys were going to do to her.

A flame of anger suddenly ignited in her weakened heart, and Mikoto started to curse the men inside of her mind. In desperation, she threw her painful limbs from her bondage and sneered at the men.

But ——

「…… Huh? Us? Going to violate you? Did you not hear what I just said to you?」

The men burst out laughing with a voice that did not even have a shred of character to it.

「This is not something that we are doing of our own lust or volition. This is our noble duty. But I don’t think a filthy youma nursery such as yourself can hope to understand that anytime soon.」

「Yes, that’s right. That is exactly right. We are only enthusiastic here about being able to fulfill our sacred duty, even if it means having to look after a filthy youma seedbed like you. You should also be honored to be granted a role like that, so spread your legs with gratitude!」

It was obvious to Mikoto that the Exorcists were lusting after her body, even though they said it was only for the sake of their duty. Their penises seemed to be so stiff and were so erect that they were basically sticking to their bellies at this point. They way in which they were so aroused and were gasping so heavily, they looked more like wild animals than humans. But even so, what grotesque and heinous dicks theirs were. The sight of them was so repulsive that Mikoto could not bring herself to look at them directly, otherwise there was an urge to throw up rising inside of her.

Speaking of dicks, they were so much different from that of Yamato’s, who would often come to try to take a peek at either Miktoto or Takeru when they were taking a bath, which always resulted in him being blown away. In comparison to the boy, the men’s dicks were all stripped of their foreskin, their heads were slightly turned up and they were all trembling impatiently.

Then, one of the men crouched down near Mikoto’s head. When he then pushed his meat spear down with his hand, it protruded right in front of Mikoto’s face.

「Now, open your filthy mouth and suck on it.」


‘What the fuck are you talking about, you idiot!’ she wanted to say that while smacking the man’s dick away from her head, but she was unable to do that and the man’s glans slowly approached her lips. The sour smell of a stuffy penis was extremely unpleasant, and Mikoto furrows her brows in disgust.

「Don’t get the wrong idea here, it’s not like we are lusting after you. We are only going to feed what is already growing inside of you.」

「Yes, that’s right. Your stomach juices and feces are not enough to feed the youmas and allow them to grow and reach full maturity. It’s just our duty to make the youmas fat and strong, so that they can grow into splendid mature youmas.」

Then, at the exact same time, another man turned around his legs and crouched down, covering the front of Mikoto’s body. Roughly yanking her bra and revealing her gorgeous and well-shaped big boobs. A voluptuous pair of lumps of fat that did not look like they would belong to a young girl swayed heavily right in front of their eyes.

「This…… This is it! Just the kind of lewd boobs that are going to be a great source of nutrients for youmas! As expected of a filthy seedbed!」

The man grabbed his Mikoto’s bobos with his hand and, with a painful force, fondled them with his fingers while pinching her nipples with all of his might.


「You will soon get used to the pain. It’s time for the youmas inside of you to start secreting their bodily fluids. A special bodily fluid that turns the host’s body into a most comfortable seedbed……」

With a smirk on his face, the man hoisted Mikoto’s ankles with all of his might.

Her waist would then rise up, and her lower abdomen would stick forward, looking as though she was put into some weird variation of the missionary position, one that would seem especially well suited for breeding purposes. But Mikoto’s crotch was still blocked with a cloth talisman. However, the man’s purpose was not to take away Mikoto’s virginity.

「Yes, that’s it. It is an attractive butthole, most suitable for a filthy youma nursery such as yourself. It’s really soft and it loosened up quite nicely.」


The man’s finger gently started to manipulate Mikoto’s anus. The man was clearly lusting for the girl’s unprotected back door. The girl’s anus, which had been pried open by that instrument a moment ago and made a plaything of the youmas, was slightly open, and the way in which it was opening and closing slightly was making it seem as if it was a normal living and breathing creature.

It also looked really attractive and inviting, as if Mikoto’s gaping asshole was actually tempting the man to come closer to it and invade it with his dick..

「Ah! N-No, t-that place……!!」

Mikoto noticed that something hot and hard was pressed against her anus just now. At the back gate of a girl who had no escape after her legs were hoisted like that, an erect penis was then thrusted out. Mikoto reflexively tried to narrow her butt and tried to block the man’s dick from trying to invade her insides.

「Hmph, with that kind of resistance, you might think that it is doing something, but on the contrary, it just makes me feel even better.」

But the man did not panic in face of that sudden attempt at resistance. He has already dilated Mikoto’s asshole more than enough thanks to the device, and he knew that the girl’s youma-ravaged butthole was not in any shape or form to resist his advances. Knowing that, he deliberately took his time and tried to capture her butthole at his own pace.


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