Inyouchuu Etsu Chapter 4 Part 9

Normally, the reckless Mikkoto would be the one to act aggressively under any circumstances, and the calm and composed Takeru would be the one to put the brakes on her sister’s behavior, but now the roles of the twin sisters have been completely reversed. Mikoto could not even shake off her younger sister from her body, who was trying to push her lower legs open with all the strength that she had in her body.

But just being stared at like that by her piercing gaze was more than enough to cause Mikoto’s body to heat up quite considerably, and she could feel that because of that stare her body was gradually starting to heat up, and her lower abdomen would become itchy and agitated. Especially the place between her legs. And although the two of them were sisters, they never had a situation where they would openly stare at each other’s privates so much. A different kind of embarrassment from being seen by the Exorcist men slowly welled up in Mikoto as a result of that. However, she still spread her crotch as Takeru wanted her to do, and left her to peel her fleshy petals hidden behind her public hair and gaze at her pussy with nothing preventing her from doing so.

「T-Takeru……!? What are you……!? What the hell are you going to do!?」

「Ahh, it’s painful, Sis…… It’s so, so very painful. I want to cum so much, but when I do so enough times, this youma dick is going to detach itself from me. I will no longer be able to feel any pleasure with it. So let me use your pussy while I still can, Sis. Nom I…… I really want to put my dick inside of your virgin pussy, Sis……!!」

「What are you saying……?」


Even though a large amount of ejaculation came out of Takeru’s dick not so long ago, her cock would still rise profusely as it warped and twisted itself so much that it was able to reach as high as Takeru’s navel. The blood that was previously accumulated at its root was all gone now, and now the blood filling its corpus cavernosum made it glisten like hot steel fresh out of a blast furnace.

Surrounding the tip like a metal helmet was a fierce mushroom umbrella. Its mouth, which looked like it’s been carved with a fingernail, was filled with clear juice that would continuously drip from it and fall down onto the floor. Its color, its luster, and its shape were not much different from those of the Exorcists’ dicks, but their volume and presence were overwhelmingly different. The thick veins protruding from the stem were so powerful that they seemed to be filled with their own energy that was as thick and as bright like lava.

What’s more, the one who was brandishing this absolutely brutal thing of a youma dick was none other than Mikoto’s own younger sister. Not to mention that the gap between the two girls would only serve to make Takeru’s demonic penis look even more violent and even more menacing.

「Sis’s pussy…… Sis’s virgin pussy…… In just a moment I am going to stick my dick inside of that naughty virgin hole of yours, filled to be brim with your lewd juices. And I can already tell that this is going to feel absolutely the best! Ufufufufufufu!!!」

「N-No, don’t! Stop it, Takeru…… HYAH!?」

A flash of lightning struck right next to Mikoto’s frightened face, and she let out a small cry filled with fear and desperation. Takeru, who was dominated by lust due to her Seizures of the Defiled, intimidated Mikoto like a completely different person than she usually was, and she used that momentum to completely seize the initiative between the two of them.

「…… Stop? You want me to stop? That’s rich, Sis. You have no right to say that to me! Not after you used those tentacles of your to torment my poor butt, mouth and my pussy earlier! So it’s fine to do something like that to others, but when someone wants to do it to you, then it’s not okay!? Nfuhihi…… Come on, it will be fine, you know? Trust me. Okay? Okay? …… Ugh, I can’t take it anymore… I am going to stick it right in!!」

(W-Wait, my tentacles!? I-I did something so horrible to Takeru……!? I don’t know, I can’t even remember…… I honestly don’t know if that’s true or not!)

Mikoto instantly realized that resistance was futile here, as no matter what words of refusal she would utter towards Takeru, her younger sister would simply not listen to them.

Complete insanity had replaced her sense of reason, fervent lust was there in place of her usual cold intellect. The bespectacled Exorcist girl dominated by her own lust could only think of her screwing her fat and long youma cock of the busty and erotic virgin girl who was right in front of her, all ripe for the taking and her pussy dripping with thick love juices.

(T-Takeru’s dick, it’s…… It’s coming closer and closer! At this rate it’s really going to go inside of my pussy! It’s going to go inside, and there is nothing that I will be able to do about it……!!)

Being faced with a girl who at the current moment was nothing more but a youma dressed up as human being, Mikoto’s virgin petals still retained their innocent pink color. As she could see, she had many layers of tight-fitting flesh folds, and behind them, there was her hymen, all intact and ripe for the taking. At the current moment it was still firmly holding on to its untrodden grounds, completely of the horrible fate that awaited it just in a short while.

「Takeru, for the last time! Stop it……」


Just like that, Takeru’s hot dick touched Mikoto’s flesh petals, sending a hot shock up her spine.

「Ah……Ahh, aahh……!!!!!!」


Despite the copious amounts of her love nectar, Mikoto’s flesh hole was still that of a virgin. The pain of a foreign object literally tearing through her membranes ran through the top of her head, and then it was followed by the feeling of her own flesh being spread and torn apart.

「Ugyiiihhh, uuuhhh……… Higyiiihhh, uuuhh!!」

While forcibly prying open the cramped flesh inside of Mikoto’s pussy, the tip of Takeru’s dick sunk into her depths more and more. However, even though she had not yet swallowed even half of her thick and fat glans, Mikoto was in severe pain and could not even speak properly as a result.


With those sounds ringing in her ears, Mikoto could feel a cold shiver going down her spine in terror, all the while her sister’s pedicles invade her virgin insides and would continue to mark it as theirs.

Takeru licked her lips with her tongue in a lewd way, visibly taking delight in what she was doing and enjoying the taste and the sensation that her sister’s virgin pussy was giving her.

「Ah, so this is how the honey of a virgin tastes and smells like, huh? It sure is amazing, I can already feel all of that precious vitality flowing into my youma penis! And you know what that means, Sis? Yes, my cock is only going to become even more energetic than before!」

「Fugyiih!? Uhaaah! Uwaaah!!」


Takeru screwed her glans inside of Mikoto all at once, and her pelvis made a really unpleasant sound. Unlike Mikoto, who would do all that was in her power in order to try and endure the pain, Takeru’s face, as her dick was about to tear her sister’s hymen apart, was wrapped in a completely blissful expression, as if she was about to ascend to the heavens from all the pleasure that she was feeling. As if to show her excitement to her sister, Takeru’s penis expanded inside of Mikoto’s virgin cavity with a loud and clear “swelling” noise.

「Aaahhh!! It’s so incredibly hot! Sis, your insides are so warm and tight, and it feels really cramped in there! And you are tightening so much around my penis that it actually hurts a little bit! Oh my…… I might have torn your hymen a little bit just now, sorry about that. But still, Sis, I need you to be patient with me just a little while longer, okay? I will try to take your precious first time from you as gently as possible, so don’t make this harder than it has to be……」


Aiming at her sister’s crotch, which was in so much pain just now that Mikoto was sure that if things were to proceed any further than this would come off from the rest of her body, Takeru leaned on as if she was trying to put her whole body’s weight on her and skillfully shook her hips forward.

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