Inyouchuu Etsu Chapter 5 Part 8

Yuu almost screwed the entire lower half of her face into Mikoto’s pussy, and the tip of her tongue kept pushing the entrance of her womb, or rather the exit, all so that she could force her uterus to open. However, unlike humans, youmas grow rapidly in a short period of time, so Mikoto’s body could not keep up with the growth of the demon-child inside of her

At this rate, the youma, who has lost its place to go, would pierce Mikoto’s stomach, and it would result in the girl dying a horrible death. The fetus would also not be freed, at least not entirely. If that was to happen, Yuu would not be able to absorb Mikoto’s lust and spiritual power, and above all else, she would hurt the precious food source for “Yamato” and the youma she would become. If the fetus and mother’s womb are not devoured completely, the ritual itself might fail and Yuu herself might die as a result.


It was at that time that Yuu took a step back and tried to think, stopping with the encouraging cheers for Mikoto to hurry up and give birth already.


It felt like Mikoto’s pelvis had deformed even more now with an unpleasant sound that it was making. In fact, the part that connected the pregnant woman’s belly to her thighs was spread wide left and right, and her birth canal looked about ready to expand at any moment now.

「Hyiiihhh! Haah, haah, fuuuah!! Haaah, fuuuuuuaaaaaahh!!」


Yuu could only stare with her eyes wide open at the unbelievable sight in front of her as threads of thick nectar started dripping from her lips.

Impossibly, in order to secure enough space for the birth canal to be able to pass through the youma baby without any problems, Mikoto’s pelvis had been dislocated, her calves had elongated, and her muscles and skin had become more flexible. Was it the effect of the youma’s secretions, or was it the power of “Yamato” at work here? Ignoring all biological common sense, Mikoto’s body was transformed into a flesh cave suitable for only one purpose: giving birth to new youmas over and over again.

「Fuhyiiih……! Hahyiiih……!!」

「W-What is this? A-Amazing…… But, maybe with this, there is actually a chance here……」

Mikoto’s extended vagina that was wide open seemed to be inviting Yuu with some sort of strange sensation, as if beckoning her to come closer.

As a sort of a test, when she brought her face closer to Mikoto’s opening, it seemed that she had the leeway to swallow a girl’s small face. If she could just stick her head in and loosen her cervix directly…… Yuu’s expression melted as she thought about that idea and its possible alternatives.

A sweet and slightly fishy scent wafted from the meat cave that opened in front of her. A long, long time ago, before she was born into this world, she was surrounded by that same smell and it was now pretty nostalgic. The scent of the mother’s womb directly stimulated the instincts of Yuu, and was directly connected to the primordial carnal desires of all animals.

「A mother’s womb…… a desire to return to it? I see, I’m making the cat’s spirit dependent on me, so my instincts have been activated. Ahh~.」

Yuu gently put her hand on the base of Mikoto’s leg and she could feel at that moment that she herself was growing restless and slightly moist in between her thighs. Swallowing her saliva, Yuu took a position to lift Mikoto’s thighs onto her shoulders.

Her tentacles that hang her limbs responded by lifting Mikoto’s lower body. The strangely enlarged crotch of Mikkoto spread out in front of her, and the crimson hole that spread out in the center of it was more expanded than before.

「It looks like we need to loosen your cervix a little bit more…… Ufufufu, this is the first time I’ve done something like this for someone else, so you should feel grateful for it, Mikoto-san.」

The girl’s small head, with her fierce smile, was placed perfectly against Mikoto’s labia majora, and as it was, it sank down, with a loud and squeezing sound.

「Ahyah!? Hyiiih!? Hyeeeaaaahhh!? Aaahhh……!!!」


Even though Yuu’s head was small, it was still way larger than a regular person’s arm, not to mention a male’s penis. And right about now her head was sinking deeper and deeper inside of Mikoto’s vagina without even a single issue, which was quite spectacular to experience.

However, the feeling of the inside of the slimy cavity wall was not nearly as bad as she thought it would be. When she rubbed her cheeks against it, an indescribable sense of security welled up deep within her.

「Fuuuhyyyiiihhh!!! Fuhyaaahhh!! Iiiiyyyyyyhhhhhh!!!」

It was hard to differentiate now whether the voice of Mikkoto, who was being penetrated with the head of the girl not all that younger than her, was an expression of excruciating pain or pleasure far beyond any other pleasure. But judging from the richness of her secretions at the current moment, there was no small amount of pleasure mixed in with the pain that she must have been feeling. Scraping her love juices with her tongue, Yuu plunged her face even further into Mikoto’s depths.

「Afuuh!! It’s really hot and suffocating inside of here. But this level should still be more than enough.」

Yuu could feel that alongside her way her airways were this close to becoming clogged more than once, but with the sound of bones shaking and flesh ripping, the birth canal of the beautiful Exorcist girl became wider and she did not get choked to death.

「Now then, I am going to need your help with one, if you please.」

A thin tentacle slowly emerged from the base of her neck and emitted a faint light inside of Mikoto’s cavity. The sweet scent of amniotic fluid wafted from the opening of her uterus, which opened majestically in front of her eyes.

「Aaaaaaaaaooooooooohhhhhhhhh!?!?!?! Fuwoooaaahhh!? Nnnnnnhhhhhh!!! Nhaaaaaahhhhhh!!!」

Lick! Lick, chuu! Chiyupah!

With her lips directly placed on top of Mikoto’s uterus, Yuu pried it open little bit by little bit.

When Mikoto’s entire body jerked up strongly because of the sudden stimulation of what Yuu was doing to her at the current moment, a sensation that was way stronger than even fisting that she happened to receive before, she immediately let another tentacle rub her abdomen and massage her anus in order to ease the pain. Then, little by little, the monster inside of her womb was becoming exposed.

「Uuughhhyyyiiihhhh!! I-It’s coming out! I’m going to give birth! I’m doing it! I’m really going to give birth to a baby!? Hyiiigh!! Nhaaah!! H-Hurry! Hurry up! Just hurry it up and be born already!!!」

The sight of the girl’s head sinking into her own crotch made Mikoto deeply confused for a moment out there.

She also felt like her lower body had transformed into something outrageous and something that it was not supposed to become, but it was hard for her to tell from her suspended position what it really was.

The concentration of her aphrodisiac-like amniotic fluids kept on increasing, and she hardly could feel any pain. Otherwise, her pelvic destruction and birth canal dilatation, plus Yuu’s head fuck, would give the girl so much excruciating pain that she would be simply unable to withstand it all on her own. What’s more, Yuu spent a long, long time pushing her head into Mikoto’s pussy, and continued to soak her cervix directly with her tongue to stimulate it to open up.

「This is how Yuu-chan’s head is inside me, ahhh!!! Her tongue, her tongue…… Fughyiiih!? It feelsh so good!?」

When the tip of her tongue tickles Mikoto’s cervix, the movement of the fetus inside her womb would become more intense. From the inside of her uterus, and from the outside of it, Mikoto could feel something akin to a gentle caress. But that was not the only stimulus that she was feeling, as the meat ropes other than the tentacles that held her hands and feet were entwined around her thighs and breasts, milking her breasts and rubbing her bodily fluids to give her even greater pleasure.

Appealing pleasure was not limited to the local area, either. Mikoto could feel all the nerves around her body activate all at once, such as her fingers, toes, nape of the neck, behind the ears, and all other places around her body were slowly turning into erogenous zones. Mikoto’s whole body, or rather, the very existence of the girl named Shiratori Mikoto, has become a live erogenous zone, and she was about to have her birth orgasm, the greatest one yet.

「Fugyyyiiihhhh!!! It’s getting born! T-The baby is about to be boorn!! Hurry! Hurry it up! Just let me cum while I am going to give birth to my precious little babyyy!!!」

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