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Inyouchuu ~ Exorcisms of the Lewd School ~ Chapter 3 Part 1




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko


Chapter 3: Impure Demons


“Right now, I’m inside the main school building. Close to the stairs on the east side. Those demons are really slow.”

“I understand! I’m coming to help you!”

Hearing her sister’s voice echoing through hair ornaments, Takeru felt relieved.

Mikoto had the potential to become a genius, but she also had intense emotional ups and downs, panicking over the smallest of things. However, the voice that she heard through Guiding Voice was still calm. For now it should be fine –– thinks Takeru, looking around to assess her situation.

Thick tentacles were tangles around her torso. Her arms twisted to the back, tied. In this position, her pair of beautiful breasts spilled out of the blazer, exposed to the air. And although she could move her legs freely, attacking them would be of no use, since demons were immune to normal physical attacks.

“Right now, I am piled up under demons tentacles. I can only count on you.”

“Roger! Just keep this channel open. I cannot sense demons at all, but somehow I can feel where you are!”

Because of the demonic barrier her vision was stained with dark red, but she could still see Mikoto’s white skirt coming from the other side of the corridor. Seeing her coming, the demons holding Takeru started to move, climbing the stairs. But still, they were too slow. Quick on her feet, Mikoto soon caught up with them.

(Now, the real problems start here……)

Carefully choosing her words as to not confuse her sister further and jump to conclusions, Takeru went straight to the point.

“Listen well, Mikoto. Using your [Raiko] here will do you no good.”

“Eh!? Why!?”

“Those demons represent the fire element. Your thunder attacks would not harm them at all.”

“No way…… It’s just like with that earth walls a while ago……”

“You are weak against Earth and Fire. Such knowledge really comes in handy when you are fighting against demons.”

Lightning is weak against Fire, Fire is weak against Earth. Earth beats Lightning, Fire beats Wind ¬¬–– just like our special attributes made a good combination, I think like that, shaking my head. We infiltrated this place as transfer students without giving away that information or that we both were Exorcists.

Beside, that demons they defeated earlier were using a variety of combined attributes. So it wasn’t all that improbable that they send weaker demons against them and find out their attributes through the process of trail and error.

“Let’s see, Earth is stronger than Lightning, Fire is stronger than Wind…… Wait, so it means that I can’t do anything against the Fire with my Lightning!”

Finally realizing that herself, Mikoto gives a shout very close to a scream. Although Takeru always paid close attention to such things, her sister seemed to give this very little thought. But you had to give her that, her obliviousness was so amazing that it was almost enviable.

“What do we do, Takeru?”

“Calm down, Mikoto. I have an idea.”

Climbing the zigzag of the stairs, demons go higher and higher. At this rate they will soon arrive to the roof.

(If that’s the case, we will do it!)

Quickly drawing the map of the campus inside her head, Takeru confirmed if her intuition was correct.

“Listen, Mikoto! Those demons are soon going to arrive at the roof, so don’t do anything until that time!”

“Eh? I, I don’t understand at all, but if you say so, Takeru……”

“You have those explosive charms with you, right!? If you get them to the roof…… Kuh!?”

Feeling that the back of her neck was licked, her words got disturbed. Warm and slimy tentacle pries open the collar of her shirt, wriggling around her back vigorously like an eel.

“Wh, what happened!? Are you alright, Takeru!?”

“Nh…… It’s, it’s alright. More importantly? After getting to the roof, I want you to hit those charms immediately.”

The tentacle that has entered her shirt goes down along her hair, shoulders and spine, crawling as low as to the back of her waist. Cover with liquid similar to saliva, it caresses, smears and tingle her exposed skin. Tentacle forces it’s way down, bending loosely back and forth into the shape of an S letter, never backing away. Takeru’s Wind element was powerless against demon’s Fire element.

The dormant tentacles twisting her arms also awakened, now crawling around her chest. They had crimson bubbling tip, almost like that of a strawberry, with thin meat string coming out of it. Entering inside her blazer from the neck, they went in between the buttons ––


It’s entering the valley between her breasts, groping her bare skin along the way. She started feeling pleasure.

Her legs, up until now being free to move, now had that twisted tentacles crawling around them. They looked much like rubber, but to the touch they were more like a group of caterpillars or mushrooms. Tightening around her knees, they massage her thighs from atop of the fabric. Swaying and wriggling like a strike of thunder, the tentacle reared it’s ugly goose-covered neck, while getting dangerously close to the area of her crotch.

Normally, Takeru would just ignore the nasty tentacles and sneered at the incoming pleasure.

But, the tentacles crawling on her bare skin were burning like fire. The only thing she could do was to build up her [ki] in order to stop herself from moaning sweetly when the slimy arm rubbed against her spine. And when the bubble-like meat humps rub her breasts, she is unable to withstand the pleasure, resulting in her body convulsing heavily.

“W, wait just a second!? Are you really alright!?”

When demons finally jumped onto the roof, she heard Mikoto’s anxious voice. Guiding Voice connects consciousness and awareness, so even feelings can be easily transmitted. Interfering and disturbing the connection with her sister –– Takeru was bracing her [ki], but that last thing was clearly conveyed.

“Once you manage to capture the demons in the Explosive Charm, go to the west side of the school building.”

“Wh…… Wait a second! If I do that, you will……”

“Water beats Fire, Water beats Wind, and Wind beats Earth. Have you forget the element I’m good at?”

She tried to joke in order to calm her confused sister down, but as she got more and more embarrassed, her voice started trembling. Having finally found their way inside her shirt, the tentacles were folding her breasts.

(Uuh, kuuh…… P, persistent little……!)

Pushing her bra up from it’s way, the tentacle manage to turn it inside out, spilling her beautiful breasts out of it. It’s little tongue began to feel her angrily, trashing her head around. Tingle, tingle, pinch…… each time the mucus-wet meat beans pinched her, she felt tingling sensation all over. Right now she was still able to endure it, but they weren’t going to hold back, wanting to crush her with their grip.

Takeru cursed her own foolishness, telling Mikoto to hold it together while keeping her voice from trembling.

“I know you will do the right thing. Now focus, I’m closing the line.”

“Wait, Takeru……”

On the other hand, at the same time as closing the line, with a slight sound, Mikoto appeared on the rooftop. The distance separating them from each other was no greater than three meters. But thanks to the dull spiritual energy of her sister, she didn’t know that she was so close. Demons are changing their direction to the right as soon as she emerges, turning towards the north side of the special class building. Yet Mikoto shouts something going dead straight, over to the west. In an instant, the distance between them grows larger.

(Geez! You can always count on your elder sister, huh!)

Takeru clicked her tongue, opening again once closed Guiding Voice.

“Here…… Ugh!?”

Ton! A mild shock struck through her crotch. The tentacles took that opportunity and wrapped themselves around her legs, pressing their bulgy tips against the base of her thighs. It looked like they caught trace of her secret place, as if they were looking for it. Takeru’s face stiffens in an instant, becoming bright red and hot.

“Eh!? Ah, over there!?”

Mikoto change her direction in a hurry, coming back to the area from where Takeru was watching her.

“I beg of you, don’t close the Guiding Voice! Without it, I don’t know what to do!”

“A, alright.”

She answered with a sweet, trembling voice, which was rising in embarrassment.

Squeeze, squeeze, grope, grope…… The tentacles press their heads against her large breasts, staining her clothes with their secretions. They swarm around them like little children, examining the embarrassing things like their shape or their position –– protected by the fabric, these plump breasts respond to the caresses with accumulated joy. And when they stroke along her crack, her embarrassment raises even further.

(Th, that little……!)

Trying to get rid of the nasty tentacles, Takeru shook her body hard. But, her twisted arms would not move even an inch, nor she could close her opened legs. Attempting to struggle, her delightful breasts bounce and shake, her dazzling indecent nipples rubbing on her shirt. They squeeze her thighs so hard that tears well up in her eyes, embarrassment driving her at the very edge.




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