Inyouchuu ~ Exorcisms of the Lewd School ~ Chapter 8 Part 2




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



Mikoto could feel that the girls were all staring right at her.

They were staring right at her quivering pussy. Reacting to being observed like that, Mikoto’s pussy reacted by secreting even more love nectar, which was thicker than before.

It was the demon’s fault.

It continues to stare at Mikoto’s pussy, its eye glowing gold ominously.

[D, don’t look! Don’t look! Don’t look! Don’t look!]

Mikoto shook her head in desperation, pleading to the hideous demon. However, the tentacles do not loosen up and the eye’s stare was so intense that tears began to well up in Mikoto’s eyes.

(This demon, I have to think of something, quick…… Aah!? Kuaah!?)

The tentacles tighten up around Mikoto’s breasts and twist her nipples. Under the tentacles pressure, they were starting to deform. But instead of squeezing them mechanically, they purposefully press against the skin which was previously moistened by them.

[Kuuh!? Uuuh, aaah!!]

As Mikoto’s breast stretch, a horny fever begins to overtake her again. The milky liquid inside of her breasts runs up her nipples, looking for a way out.

(Aaahh, don’t…… I’m , feeling it, so much……!!)

Weak electric currents continue to pass through her stretched skin, as the tentacles caress her body all over. The tentacles were getting livelier, squeezing and swiping across Mikoto’s body more violently.


The pleasure runs through her body like a strike of lightning.

Her thighs shiver and her legs tremble. As Mikoto’s pussy gapes strongly, love juices continue to overflow from it, as if they were inviting the tentacles to delve right inside of her.

(Aaah! They are watching me……!)

Overcome with shame, Mikoto’s cheeks flush red.

Observing the reaction of its prey and finding it interesting, the demon moves its tentacles in even more intense manner, seeing if more diverse movements would cause her to react differently.

There was no doubt about it.

It was watching her closely.

The demon moves its tentacles in such a way as to scoop some of Mikoto’s love nectar and inspect just what kind of substance it was.

[Uhh, nhh, kuh, ghuh, mnnh!]

The demon began to play around with Mikoto’s nectar, interested to see what it was. Mikoto’s had a feeling as if she was suddenly being able to see her own body through the demon’s eye, to see just how shameless she was. She knew it was just and illusion, but it was more than enough to make Mikoto lose her mind because of that. The shame was only growing stronger with each second.

Under the demon’s gaze, Mikoto’s flesh felt as though it was burning up. Squish, leak…… her juices continue to flow. It leaked out of Mikoto’s pussy and dripped down her thighs and fell onto the ground in large beads.

(Uuuuhhhh, it’s looking at me, it’s looking at meeee~!!!)

The demon’s gaze tries to look inside of Mikoto’s pussy, all the way to her womb. It also inserts its tentacles inside of Mikoto, trying to scoop up even more juices. They were doing their task rather enthusiastically, collecting more and more specimens.

[My, oh my, how shameless you are. Just because you are being watched, your juices can’t stop from overflowing.]

[Uuuuhhhh!? Ah, aahhh, aaaahhhh……!!!]

Hearing Masumi’s voice followed by her laugh, a hot sensation swirled inside of Mikoto’s crotch. Drip, drip…… Thick love nectar gushes out of her pussy, Mikoto wasn’t able to stop herself from secreting so many liquids. A sweet and sour fragrance fills Mikoto’s nose. Combined with the hotness swelling inside of her chest, Mikoto could feel a thick veil of lewdness overcoming her again.

[I am oh so very sorry that you had to wait for so long, My Lord. Now, please insert yourself into this girl to your heart’s content. No need to rush.]

Says Masumi with an innocent look on her face, gently grasping one of the tentacles in her arm and guiding towards Mikoto’s entrance.


This tentacle was so hideous that Mikoto almost held her breath in shock.

The tentacles were bright red and even thicker than Masumi’s hands. They were also wet and slimy, looking like huge snakes or snails.

The place that was touching against Mikoto’s entrance was unbelievably hard, as it was swaying back and forth in a steady manner. It was so gross and grotesque that it almost looked unreal.

Its glans were also long and narrow. It was curving gently upwards and its tip was swollen slightly. It was much larger and thicker than a human genitals, which was really terrifying.

Overall, it looked like a caricature of a male genitals, overly thick and slimy, covered with bumps, thick veins and protrusions that you wouldn’t normally witness on normal male’s penis. It was also glimmering in the dim lights, which was making it even scarier.

[Don’t look at me, please!!!]

[What an indecent shape. It looks simply mortifying. Wouldn’t you agree, Shiratori-san?]

When Masumi rubs the demon penis against Mikoto’s entrance to get it wet with her juices, the demon’s form shakes strongly, expressing its joy. As if on some sort of cue, new tentacles grew out of its body, wrapping themselves around Mikoto’s slender limbs.

(W, what……!? What is it going to do to me……!?)

The tentacles caress Mikoto’s skin with all of their arm-width thickness, causing Mikoto to feel hot. From top to bottom, they were covered in strange bumps and protrusions. They were dripping with some kind of strange liquid while they were rolling up Mikoto’s skirt and approaching her bare entrance.


Spreading her open, her nectar-drenched body made wet and obscene nosises.

[Fuah! Uuh…… Aah! S, stop it! Please……!]

Her nether lips spread to the side and her pussy laid wide open, you could see her insides being wet with perverted juices.

Weak shocks of pleasure penetrate Mikoto’s skin every time cold wind brushes against her exposed genitals, causing her to expel even more juices.

(Stop, I’m feeling it so…… No, don’t!!!!)

Even though she was trying to bite her lips in order to prevent herself from moaning, she could no longer stop herself. She was feeling way too much pleasure from all this. The sweet and sour odor of her own secretions was making her head spin.

In a desperate attempt at hiding her pussy from the demon’s gaze, Mikoto tried to squeeze her legs together in a reverse V shape, but it was all to no avail. The tentacles were too strong for her to oppose them and soon her trembling thighs got split open once again.

Mikoto’s waist trembled and her body jerked violently under the tentacles caress. To the girls that were looking at it, it must have looked like some kind of an indecent dance invoked by waves of pleasure.

[Oh no, look just how hard you are shaking your hips, Shiratori-san! It’s just embarrassing to look at!]

[So were so cheeky earlier that you wanted to save Takeru-sama, but when push comes to shove you try to weasel your way out of it! Is that how an elder sister is supposed to act?]

[N, no, that’s not…… Ughhh!!]

She wanted to deny their words, but her voice suddenly cracked up.


As the demonic dick kissed against her wet flesh petals, there was a wave of pain going through Mikoto’s body that soon changed into pleasure. With the tentacles every single move, Mikoto’s pussy was spewing new volumes of love juices that were moistening the monstrous thing.

Masumi, who was looking at the whole scene from the sides, got up as though she had enough of playing around. She took the demonic dick in her small hands yet again.

[Please stay still, Shiratori-san. You’re leaking so much of this obscene juices of yours that I’m afraid we’ll have to plug it up with something.]

[N, nooo! Please, anything but that! …… Fuhii!]

Mikoto could feel a sharp sense of pleasure striking through her clitoris yet again.

There was a small tentacle attached to it, latching onto Mikoto’s clit and sucking on it with all of its might. As the pleasure surges through her body, Mikoto arches her back while hot moans escape from her mouth. Other tentacles bring Mikoto’s body closer to the demon.

[Now, let’s just put it in.]


The demonic prick pushes against her spread opening.

Just like with her asshole earlier, this time the thick object injects itself into her pussy, passing through her drenched opening centimeter after centimeter, slipping in with ease.

[Ugeh!? Kuh, aah, ughhh!!!]

As Mikoto’s love juices flow all over the dick that was entering her, she could feel unspeakable pleasure emanating from the entrance of her pussy. But there was also something else entering her.

(A…… Aphrodisiac……!?)

The same type of aphrodisiac that was injected into her ass was now being spread around her pussy. It was secreted by the demon’s body and injected directly into Mikoto, rendering her defenseless.

[Nnh, ahh, uuh, uughhh!!]

Looking at Mikoto, her cheeks were now flushed red and her eyes were empty and unfocused. Her skin was flushed all over and covered in beads of sweat.

(Uuh, aaah…… Boobs, my boobs, they are……)

Squueze, squeeze, the milky liquid stored inside of her breasts begins to rush outside of her breasts again. Her breasts are getting kneaded by the tentacles, causing currents of pleasure to shock Mikoto. Her milk soon starts squirting out of her nipples, staining the tentacles.




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