Inyouchuu ~ Exorcisms of the Lewd School ~ Chapter 8 Part 9




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



A number of thin, orange tentacles caressed Mikoto’s butt, spreading it even further and trying to get inside of it. Or maybe it was hundreds of them? Either way, they were crawling all over Mikoto’s bouncy ass right now.

[Noo, nhh, pleaseee, ughhh!!]

They all caressed Mikoto’s skin, as she could feel every single one of them. Mikoto was unable to escape from them and they just continued to do as they pleased, causing Mikoto to feel Takeru’s dick that was plunging itself inside of Mikoto even stronger than ever before.

No matter where she would want to hide or what she would do, there was no escaping from this pleasure.

[Fuahh!? Uuugh!! Mikotoo, Mikotoooooo!!!]

[Ta, Take, ru, uuuggghhh!!!]

The twin sisters call each other’s names as they rub their breasts together and arch their backs frantically. Their erect and swollen nipples are being caressed and bitten by the smaller tentacles, making their knees weak.

(G, good, so good…… I’m, going crazy from… it all……!!!)

Even more pleasure accumulates in her as the two of them rub their breasts together.

Mikoto’s whole expression slowly began to loosen up, her eyes growing cloudy and unfocused.

A really nasty smile blooms on her cheeks.

If she looked at Takeru’s face, she would see that her expression was exactly the same.

[Heeah, nhh, nhhh…… Nooo!? Aah, aaahhh!?]


The amassed tentacles dive straight inside of Takeru’s pussy, scraping as much of her love juices as they could. Then the next set of tentacles approaches Takeru’s butt, spreads her cheeks and violate her anus as well.

[Kuahyii!? Nyaah!? Aaauuuggghhh!?]

Because of that stimulation, Takeru’s dick become even harder and hotter inside of Mikoto. The sense of being completely filled up was overwhelming. Whenever Takeru crushed her dick against her cervix, Mikoto’s love juices overflowed and the inside of her head turned white.

But that is not all.

(Unyah!? Nyah! Nyaaah!!!)

Apart from the burning pain, Mikoto was feeling more and more pleasure instead of anything else. The feeling of being violated by two dick simultaneously was something truly unreal –– She could even feel the pleasure Takeru was feeling through the way in which they were being connected right now. Her butt was hurting from how wide it was being spread right now.

Of course, the same could be said for Takeru.

[Kuh!? Aaaughh!? My buuut, my buuuuuuuuutttttt!?]

Mikoto’s body jerks violently from all the stimulation her poor asshole was receiving. The feeling of having her asshole penetrated was switching with the sensation of having her little sister pierce her with her clitoris-dick.

[Haah, dwooon’ttt!! Nuuuuuuoooooohhhhh!?]

[Hyiii, nnh, mhh, nhh, nnh~!! D, dwuuuoon’ttttt~!!!]

Their voices mix together into one indecent melody.

Their holes make lots of wet and indecent sounds as they continuously get pounded.

The tentacles continue to assault their defenseless bodies. The feeling overcoming their lower bodies gradually spreads across their systems, overtaking them and leaving nothing but pleasure. As their bodies are getting played with, waves of searing pain get converted into ecstasy.

[Fuaah……!? Uuuhhh…… Aaahh……!?]

Their arms twisted and lifted above their heads, another portion of tentacles appeared all over them, ready to caress them and assault their necks and faces. At the same time the tantacles over their asses got impatient, wanting to enter the nice and warm cavities as well. Their bodies squirm around as their throats let out hot moans.

[Good, so good! Mikoto’s pussy feels so good!!!]

Takeru screams while clinging onto Mikoto and swinging her hips like in a trance.


Her dick pierces Mikoto’s cavity while splashing her love juices all around them

Intense pleasure pierces Mikoto’s pussy all the way back.

At the same time her clitoris was being sucked so hard that she thought it might suck her soul out.

[Aaaooohhhhhh! Naaah! Agaaaaaahhhhhh!?]

Mikoto’s consciousness get overwhelmed by the rough waves of pleasure that assaults her all at once.

She felt just like a leaf, flying on the gusts of the hot winds.

Feeling that her arms were somewhat free to move, she encloses her arms around Takeru’s neck, drawing her closer to her.


Thick threads of milk drip between their breasts, tightly squeezed together. As their nipples continued to rub against each other, a hot pleasure similar to electric shocks rocks through their chests.

[Aaah! Uuuhhhhhh! T, Takeru! Takeruuu! Uuuggghhh!!!]

Mikoto embrased Takeru enthusiastically, seeking even more pleasure for her chest. Their moist and wet skins rub against one another, and threads of their squirting milk was making dirty noises.

When they rub each other cheeks, their mouths would touch each other by accident in a passionate kiss.

[Fuh, aah…… *Smooch*!!]

It felt good, but Mikoto also felt a certain amount of guilt to it.

(They, they feel so good! T, Takeru’s hot and supple lips!)

When she kissed her and reached out her tongue towards her, Takeru responded in kind by sticking her own tongue out.

[*Smooch*, *Smooch*…… *Kiss*, *Slurp*……]

They both caress each other’s lips and mouths by licking and sticking their tongues out towards their partner. They squeeze each other’s lips and twists their tongues around one another, exchanging wet and hot saliva.

As the tentacle tongues start to caress their necks and chins, Shiratori sisters gradually begin to forget about the entire world. They are so engrossed in their kissing that they fail to even notice the grossly-looking tentacles that draw near their bodies, dripping with aphrodisiac

[*Kiss*, haah…… Takeru’s, dick, so, delishous……]

The only thing that existed for Mikoto as of now was Takeru. Then something took her face away from Mikoto and twisted it to the side, forcing her to swallow a huge tentacle down her throat the very next moment.

[Ooohhhhhh…… Don’t, don’t take her, away from me……! I want, I want it, too……!]


Mikoto rushed towards Takeru, licking the tentacle dick that was deepthroating her. She desperately tried her best to pleasure the hot and grotesque mass that was forcing itself into her little sister.

(Ahhh, Takeru’s dick……! Takeru’s dick……!)

She could feel a faint scent of her pre-cum oozing out of Takeru’s tip.

She also felt something hot pressing itself against her lips.

She sticks out her tongue and scoops the drops of thick and slimy liquid that was covering the tentacle, and its rough flavor and suffocating smell were making her tongue move all the way across it without stopping.


Mikoto and Takeru both lick the tentacle dicks that assaults them, forgetting about the whole world while they were being at it.


The tentacles inside of their asses spread them even further. As the demon’s body continues its assault, its whole body begins to twitch and shake uncontrollably.

[Ahh, aaahhh!!! Ukuh, cumming, I’m cumming!!!]

Takeru’s body was lifted higher into the air.

A fresh portion of tentacles wrap themselves around her soft and glossy skin.


As the pleasure Takeru was feeling intensified, she began to push herself even further inside of Mikoto.

As the sisters continue to rock their hips and caress one another, the tentacles of various sizes and shapes wrap themselves all around her, pushing them to go even further in their wild seeking of pleasure.

(Ahh, aaahhh, aaahhh!!! Dicks, so many, so many dicks…… So muuuuuuuch……!)

There were tentacles wriggling around in their mouths, tentacles swimming through their silky hair, tentacles crawling on their thighs, and the tentacles groping their breasts. Their whole bodies felt hot and sticky from all of their aphrodisiac, and their juices overflowed in response to the welling pleasure.

[*Smooch*, *kiss*…… *Lick*, *Lick*, *Lick*……!!!]

While she sucked on the tentacle that was violating her mouth, there was no longer ant reason left inside of Mikoto’s mind.

She felt as though her whole body was made for just that reason alone: to make the tentacles feel good.

(Cum, please cum……! I’m cumming as well……! Let’s all cum together……!!!)

The tentacles were wriggling all over her body, rubbing against Mikoto’s nipples and clitoris and sending waves of pleasure across her whole body.

[Fueeeaaahhh!? Mi, Mikoto, Mikotoooooo~!!!]

Crying out like that, Takeru swung her hips like an animal while the tentacles continued to rape her asshole and caress her whole body.


The pleasure was about to explode inside of the horny holes of both sisters.

Their asses made wet and sloppy noises as the tentacles continue to pound them mercilessly.

Beads of sweat continue to pop-up across Mikoto’s skin, mixing with the tentacle aphrodisiac.

Groped by the tentacles, Mikoto’s breasts shook and swayed while threads of white milk squirted out from inside of her breasts.

[Nyahyiiiiii, nyaaahhhhhh!!! Good, sho, shooo gooooooddd!!! My aaaasssssshhhhhh!! Boooooobssssss!!! P, puuusssyyyyyy!!! They feel shooo good……!!!]

The voices of the twins overlap with one another.




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