Inyouchuu Gaiden Chapter 4 Part 4

Her legs were also widely spread on the horizontal axis to left and right. Her body felt soft, but her hip joints hurt like hell. Her thighs, hidden by her stockings, trembled with pain. With such a posture, naturally her skirt would be rolled up. Her exposed stocking crotch was torn open, revealing her white panties underneath.

「…… Well, I must say, that’s actually really surprising. I never would have thought that you would be wearing panties like that, Kyouko-san. I thought you to be the kind of person that would wear black for sure. I most certainly did not expect for it to be Takeru-san who would be wearing the most sexy underwear out of all of you. I guess vulgar looks can be deceiving as well.」

Maki stood in front of Kyouko and smiled brightly. Dozens of men in white coats surrounded him as well. They were all definitely the staff members working here. Every man was looking at Kyouko with bloodshot eyes.

(…… I have been had! Considering my past and that I had the most experience with the youmas and their tactics, I should have expected a situation like that to take place, at least as a possible outcome! Especially since I have already gone through something similar in the past! It should have been my responsibility to……!! And it’s because of me that those two were……!!)

She immediately understood the situation while she was still hanging suspended in mid-air. Every youma out there possesses the ability to make people under their influence crazy with lust and desire. Ever since the moment they have set foot in this facility, the youmas must have been influencing them all, slowly but surely. And because this whole place was crawling with them, they failed to realize something so simple and obvious!

In fact, Maki did not show any signs of guilt for what he had done, and spoke cheerfully to Kyouko, who couldn’t move, just how right this action was.

She listened to the boy’s words with anger ever so increasing inside of her, but instead of showing it on her face, she gritted her teeth in her heart. Among the three of them female Exorcists, she had the longest experience as an Exorcist. That’s why she was the one who should have noticed the abnormality right away. She thought she did something really stupid and would need to apologize to the both of them. Thinking about it, she then realized something more.

「Those two…… where are they?」

Being someone so experienced in her job as an Exorcist, Kyouko was able to quickly change and adjust her mindset. She judged Maki as an enemy and had to feel him out for as many information as possible.

「「Huh? Ahh, those two…… Shiratori sisters are being kept in a separate room. It seems that the youmas managed to break their minds even more than I initially expected they would. raped her more than expected. At this point they might just both break to pieces if they are not receiving constant pleasure.」

Maybe he managed to notice the hidden hostility in Kyouko’s voice, for Maki’s expression looked a little lonely for a moment.

「Release those two at once. And me, too. What you are doing here is twisted and wrong. Your methods are no different from that of the youmas…… from the methods that those scumbags are using.」

「What I am doing here is wrong? I’m the same as the youmas? Why? I’m the same as you, Kyouko-san. I only wish to eradicate all the youmas from the surface of this world. Besides, I have to restore the Shiratori sisters back to normal, first. And in order to do that, I require the secrets that your body holds, Kyouko-san. I need to know more.」

There was no way that what he was saying could be true. It was utterly absurd. The eyes of a boy who believed in his own words were no different from those of a crazed fanatic.

(If words alone are unable to make you understand what I am talking about here…… Then I guess I have no choice but to beat it into you with my own two hands!)

She was well prepared to do that. Originally, it would be physically dangerous to awaken the youma’s blood coursing in her veins twice in a short period of time, but it was not a situation that could be tolerated any longer. As long as she would be in an awakened state, there was no problem with the tentacles that were holding her at the current moment.

So she concentrated her consciousness, built up her aura, and spoke to the cursed blood that was sleeping deep within her.


A droplet of blood dripped. The power was awakened, transforming her human body into that of a youma.

「It’s useless to even try.」

「W-What!? I-I cannot awaken my powers!?」

However, there was no physical change in Kyouko’s appearance. The eerie energy that had begun to concentrate inside of her escaped like air from a balloon with a hole in it.

「You honestly did not think that I would let you transform into that Malevolent Fox form of yours, did you? Especially after knowing just how feared it is amongst the youmas and how easily it managed to tear them apart? It’s only a matter of course that I would take some sort of preventive action against that, hence the medicine I have injected into you earlier. …… So I’m afraid that you are going to stay powerless for a while longer. Which is a shame, because I thought that we might actually see eye to eye. But I must say, even in this form…… you still look quite charming.」

At the same time as he spoke those words, his arm stretched out and tore the Exorcist’s woman panties. Her womanly parts covered with thin pubic hair were exposed. As for her pussy, it was still shut relatively tight. Her lower abdomen moved up and down with the rhythm of her breathing.

(Kuh, at this rate……)

The gazes of the men that were directed at her really hurt. More than anything else, it was a humiliating situation for her to be in. The memories of the past were awakened even though she did not wanted to remember. Being violated by the youmas, the tremendous feeling of humiliation, embarrassment and defeat…… the pain ran through her as if her chest was being torn apart.

「We need to investigate this matter right away. What is going on with the half-youma’s genitals, which have been violated and humiliated for a prolonged period of time in the past……」

Dozens of men all at once brought their faces close enough that their noses could reach Kyouko’s private parts. There was no excitement in their expressions, and their gazes were as cold as if they were looking at some sort of a guinea pig.

「S-Stop it……!! Wake the hell up, you stupid brat! This…… You cannot possibly hope to find a method that will allow you to destroy youmas from doing something like this! Can’t you see it!?」

「…… Why are you so sure of that? You won’t know unless you try. If you don’t give up and just believe in your own convictions, your dreams are bound to come true sooner or later. See? You have given up before even trying everything that was in your power, Kyouko-san. That is why you were unable to make your dream a reality.」

「W-What a damned brat like you could possibly know about me!? Kuh! D-Don’t look at me, you assholes!」

Kyouko wanted to defend her point and her way of life, but she was suddenly interrupted. It was because Maki pushed open her pussy left and right with his fingers, exposing her labia for everyone else to see. The pink genitl flesh was slightly moist and looked agitated. It looked glossy and healthy, it looked just like that of a young maiden. The boy let out a voice of admiration as he couldn’t believe it belonged to someone who had been brutally violated in the past.

「Now, how about its sensitivity?」

One of the researchers’ fingers touched her delicate genital flesh.

「Kuh……!? Hmmmnngh!?」

The soft flesh rippled, and the sensation of being stroked ran through Kyouko’s body. By biting her lips, she desperately endured the fact that her voice was about to leak out.

「Fumu, it looks like it’s very sensitive. Just look at it. I just touched it a little bit and it has become so wet!」

The researcher’s finger that was touching her moved slightly away. A sticky and translucent thread stretched out from Kyouko’s pussy. Just as the man said, her love juice was secreted just by being touched by his fingertip. A body that had been scarred by abuse and humiliation was way too fragile. Her heart was filled with pity for her pathetic self. At the same time, she felt a great sense of shame.

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