Inyouchuu Kyou Chapter 3 Part 4

Having made up her mind like that, Sui swore an oath to herself.

「…… Hyiiah!?」

Sui then looked down at her crotch, feeling something cold and hard pressing against her hot nether lips.

Sui had no idea what the name of that strange object was, but her delicate flesh petals were sandwiched between some sort of a metal tool that looked like elongated scissors with curved ends.

Manipulated by the Director’s rugged fingers, it would soon give birth to a faint pleasure inside of Sui’s pussy, moving sideways while she was hopeless to do anything about it, and stretching her still innocent pussy to its very limit.

「I-It hurts…… UIt hurts! S-Stop it, you can’t……Uhh! If you pull it that hard…… It will tear! My pussy will tear! Uhh……!!」

「It’s alright. It will only hurt at first, but it will feel better soon enough.」

The Director then taped Sui’s trembling pussy lips to her thighs with some tape to prevent them from returning to their original position.

「Uh, uuuhh…… Hyah!? Huh!? M-More!? N-Noo! Don’t! I don’t want to! Stop! Stop it!!!」

On the other side, her horny lips were also bitten, pulled sideways in the same way, and taped to her thighs. And then once more. And then once more —— four tape ‘stitches; on each of her openings, amounting to the total of eight, which caused Sui’s red labia flesh to be greatly expanded.

「See? That’s better. Now we can see all of the important parts of your insides a whole lot better. …… Hmm? Well, that’s strange. Your hymen seems to be twitching. Could it be that you want a dick inside of you that much?」

「N-No! No, no, no! It’s not like that! P-Please…… Don’t look at me!」

Sui let out a faint scream as she felt a sticky gaze of the Director directly on her pussy’s deepest place.

(Y-Yamato-chan…… Yamato, chaan……!! H-Help me! Please, save me! Hyeah……!?)

She tried to think of her beloved childhood friend’s face, the one for whom she secretly had all those feelings for, and screamed out loud in her heart. She was going to save herself in order to give her precious ‘first time’, but…… Feeling that nasty glare being directed at her pussy so much, there was a terrifying premonition building up inside of Sui’s heart.

「Now then, are you ready to tell me your friend’s full name? Or maybe not?」

The Director slowly resumed his interrogation.

「You might think differently, but I am no demon, you know? If you are going to be nice and cooperate with me, I am not going to do anything all that terrible to you.」

「…… Nnh!?」

Sui absolutely hated the idea of having her precious virginity stolen by someone like that Director. She was also scared of what might happen to her if she continued to deny his requests and oppose him. However, she also hated the idea of betraying her precious friends. Telling her trembling heart to try and calm down a little bit, Sui looked at the Director in such a way as if she wanted to curse him to death.

「Really now? Would you rather continue to be so stubborn? No matter what might happen to you?」

The Director, who raised his head away from Sui’s crotch, pressed her with a huge grin on his face.

「If you really wanted it to be that way, then I wish that you could have told me sooner, but…… Oh well, it doesn’t really matter. I am just going to use this, then.」

「Huh!? Ahh…… T-This is…… Uuuh!?」

At that moment something cold and hard touched the rim of Sui’s most embarrassing place, and the place that was at the same time the most sensitive on all of a woman’s body. She raised her voice involuntarily, but it was not that this touch hurt her or anything like that. It seemed to be a completely different tool from the one that the Director used to bite into her nether lips just a moment ago.

「This little thing is called a tube clamp. When you turn this knob, the movable part and the fixed part narrow down, crushing the IV tube, and stopping the various fluids that might flow out from actually overflowing.」

The Director brought his face closer to Sui’s pussy and explained while fiddling with something with his rugged and crooked fingers.

「C-Crushing…… Crush!? Huh!? N-No way…… No! Please! Stop it! No way…… Anything but that…… Uuh!?」

The feeling of the metal plate, which was lightly touching her skin, pressing tightly against her most private part and gradually began to increase the pressure was something that struck fear in Sui’s heart. Inside the U-shaped frame, there was a movable plate that she could feel that it was moving like a screw.

「N-No…… Don’t…… Stop……!!」

There was a moment of pleasure that assaulted Sui’s pussy, and then it instantly got changed into a prickle of dull pain.

When she would writhe at the edge the seat and her body trembled greatly, the small metal tool would shift up and down, left and right, and pull the flesh to which it was attached, as if it was trying to tear it apart.

「If you were to ask me, I don’t really want you to meet such a gruesome fate, you know? But honestly, whether you are going to become my personal sex slave or a seedbed for youmas…… both of those outcomes are going to be interesting to see. Although being my sex slave would be way more fun.」

「T-That is why…… Hyuh!? Hahyiih…… Hyigyiih!?」

The screw was turned once again, and Sui’s delicate lewd core was about to be crushed even more. There was no lingering sense of pleasure to it anymore. It was just a searing pain and nothing more.

「Hyih…… Hyiih!? Hyeeah!? It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! P-Please! Take it off! This is…… take it oofff!! Nhaah!? Ahhh! AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!」

The screw that was just tightening around Sui’s pussy even more got turned twice in the opposite direction.

The excruciating pain eased just a little bit, and Sui instinctively let out a sigh of relief.

(… Uwaahhh!!! N-No…… No way…… M-My pussy…… My clitoris…… Ahh… haah…… it feels so hot……!!)

She then noticed that her clitoris for some reason was feeling so hot as if ti was about to burst into flames at any moment now. It also caused her already blushing cheeks to stiffen quite a bit.

The blood flow, which had been stopped, resumed, flowing into her flesh bean while pulsing strongly, stimulating her pleasure nerves from the inside.

The intense heat soon turned into a frustrating rash. The tiny little meat bean, still sandwiched between the cold metal plates of the tool, was so tight that it seem about ready to explode.

「Kuh, uuh…… T-This is…… Uhh……!!」

Sui bitterly bit her lip, tightly clenched her hands that were tied at the sides of her head, and tried hard to hold back her embarrassed voice.

Every time her crushed clitoris was released from the pressure, it would start beating and pulsing really hard, and ripples of pleasure would reverberate throughout her pussy with newly found intensity, and her love juices would gush out of her in even greater quantities. She could not see it herself, but she knew that her pussy was all red and swollen. Her genitals that were being stroked by the slight flow of air would become so hot that it seemed like they would burst into flames, and the frustration it was causing Sui was beyond anything that she had ever experienced before in her life.

「Now then, are you ready to cooperate? Can we finally proceed? What is your friend’s full name?」

「N-No…… I…… will…… never…… tell…… you……」

「Hmm, is that so? Oh well, I guess it cannot be helped, then.」

「Uwaah!? Ahh…… Agyiih!? Ahyiih!? Ahyaaahh!?」

The clamps of the tool tightened once again around Sui’s clitoris, and a sharp, swelling pain drove away the unbearable rash feeling she was experiencing until just now. A second, two seconds…… the Director, who had been watching Sui’s agony with a nasty grin on her face, slightly loosened the screw and returned the blood flow to the whitened lewd nucleus of the Exorcist girl.

「Fuwaah, ahh…… Ahh, fukuuh…… Nnhh! Nhaah! Uuuhh! Ngyiiihh!?」

Perhaps because it was the second time, this time she suddenly became so itchy that I felt like she was about to explode. It felt like her clitoris, which should only be the size of a grain of rice, had swelled twice, thrice…… no, ten times its original size in a single instant.

Pleasant electric currents resembling bluish lightning ran around the skin of her poor flesh bean that was being touched by the cold, hard metal plates. It felt good when it was supposed to hurt, and it hurt when it was supposed to be feeling good.

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