Inyouchuu Shoku~ Exorcisms of the Lewd Island ~ Chapter 4 Part 3




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



[Nnnh…… *kiss*, *smooch*…… Nhhh…… Ah!]

A beautiful girl wearing a bright brown uniform dances in between the man’s legs, repeatedly smacking her forehead against his obese belly while making lots of wet and obscene noises. Her cheeks were slightly flushed, as if she just took a bath, and her silky smooth black hair were sticking to her sweaty skin, all the while her red mouth was coiling around the man’s meat rod, swallowing it all the way to its base without even a shred of embarrassment to be seen.

The room on the second floor of the inn “Oiso”, the room where Shiratori sisters were also staying at. The protective barriers around the room that Takeru erected were now destroyed, and about six naked men were surrounding Sui, sweating and breathing heavily.

[Who would have thought that this time around we are going to get such cuties. And three of them, no less! Young women are really something else these days!]

While Sui was busy sucking the man’s dick vigorously, his hands were groping her thighs-clad but, digging into her soft flesh aggressively. He then switched his movements to rub his hand against Sui’s crotch.


Even though her private parts were only slightly touched, Sui felt as though a strong electric current ran through her body. Her love juices were overflowing from inside of her like crazy, drenching the inside of her panties and thighs completely.

(No…… Don’t, please…… Stop doing this to me……)

Even though she kept on thinking that to herself, her mouth was still moving in that obscene was without catching a break for even a second.

Her pussy desired semen desperately. It’s scent, thickness and taste were craved deeply into her mind as the man’s dick was scraping against her throat, causing her juices to overflow and her breast to be filled with unbearable tightness.

Sui’s nipples, rubbing against the fabric of her uniform, were giving her pleasure beyond belief.

She wanted to taste that sweet feeling of liberation again. She wanted to get completely covered in the smelly, gooey and sticky semen as she continued to suck on that man’s dick with great effort. The sheer thought of that was making her burn inside.

The youmas that started to proliferate again inside of Sui’s boobs were now driving her crazy.

In the few hours time they managed to grow considerably, and now they were scraping the inside of her boobs with their small claws and jaws, desperate to break free. Their attempts were sensing a whole different sensation throughout Sui’s body, making her panties become something truly amazing.

Sui’s so pussy was right now so hungry for semen that she could feel how her inner walls were contracting and her nether lips convulsing, desperate to swallow some delicious sperm. Her insides were burning with desire and her love juices just wouldn’t stop to flow.

The memory of sperm treats violating her insides made Sui’s eyes water with tears as she continued to suck on the man’s penis like it was the tastiest of treats in the entire world.

(Mikoto-chan…… Takeru-chan…… Help me, please…… I beg of you……)

But contrary to her desperate thoughts, her body was moving on its own and her tongue started to stimulate the man’s dick even more vigorously than ever before. Her tongue and mouth were filled to the brim with taste and smell of dried squid. Her throat was being scraped by the dick and her cheeks and mouth were burning from the heat it was constantly producing.

[You’re so cute. The way in which you are sucking on my cock is so mesmerizing.]

[That’s it, shake your hips some more. Beg for it with the whole of your body.]

[If you show us just how naughty you can be, we’ll be sure to give you a nice treat in return.]

As the men kept saying that, one of them started to rub his dick against Sui’s ample butt, while the other was groping her breast from over her uniform.

(Please, don’t, stop it…… If you, keep on, doing that, to me……)

Each time his fingers would bury themselves in her breasts flesh, her whole body would burn up and her blood would boil. Her head was spinning, her womb was overflowing with hot juices, and her pussy was non-stop begging for some fresh semen.

[Eeh…… Aahh……]

Sui’s cheeks were dyed in deep-crimson as sweet gasps escaped from her mouth. Her butt was rubbing itself against the man’s cock, while her pussy was continuing to drench her panties in love juices more and more. Slowly becoming unable to hold herself back, Sui’s body begins to twist and shake, acting like a dog in heat.

[Haha! Look! She really started to shake her butt for me! What’s wrong? Do you want my dick so much?]

Although the man was ridiculing Sui’s actions, his lips were twisted in obscene smile.

(No……! Stop……! Please, no……!)

Shame and desire were mixing inside of Sui’s mind, and she was no longer able to distinct one from the other anymore. Her hips were swaying alluringly to the sides, as if trying to invite the men to come and partake in her.

Then, right next to Sui, one of the men,

[Oh? What a cute-looking swimsuit it is.]

One of the men was apparently rummaging through Sui’s clothes, and upon finding her swimsuit he wrapped its crotch part around his dick and happily began to stroke it like that.

[And what’s this? A man’s jacket?]

Other men apparently found Takeru’s clothes and were surveilling them with great interest. One of them managed to find her underwear, which was all black and lacy. He put them on his head happily and began to sniff them, while the others managed to find Mikoto’s clothes as well.

[What is this guy saying? Isn’t that a load of crap? Why would there be men’s clothing here? …… No matter how you look at it, they came here in three, and all of them are women.]

[Well, sorry about that, buddy!]


There was a scabbard of the sword falling on top of the man’s head, knocking him out on the spot.

As the rest of the men were confused and didn’t know what was going on, the red-headed girl jumped into the room, ready for battle.


It all happened in the blink of an eye. Mikoto jumped around the room like a cat, hitting the men with “Raikou” and knocking them out one after another with extreme swiftness.

Mikoto managed to get to the inn right in the middle of the storm, fortunately arriving before it was too late for Sui.

(Good thing that there were so few of them……)

However, they were far from being safe here. They needed to run, before Mikoto’s pursuers would eventually catch up to them, leaving them surrounded and with nowhere else to go.

[Nnh, eaah…… Hmm? Ah……! M, Mikoto… -chan……!?]

[Sui! Get up! We need to run, now!]

Mikoto helped Sui to get up and leaned her on her shoulder. Then she started to run, jumping through the window and falling to the ground outside.


(The wind is getting stronger…… The waves are probably going to get really rough as well……)

After escaping the inn, Mikoto ran through the town and entered the harbor and hid in a small concrete warehouse. It seemed to be a storehouse used for storing various fishing supplies. The smell in here was awful, but they couldn’t afford themselves to be picky right about now.

The normal islanders should be unlikely to appear here right now, since they wouldn’t be crazy enough to go fishing in the middle of a storm like that. The only ones who would appear in here beside them would be the crazy fanatics who were trying to capture both Sui and Mikoto.

It wasn’t Mikoto’s random idea to run and hide inside of here.

It was all thanks to Takeru’s guidance, when she earlier talked to Mikoto by the means of Telepathy technique. It was pretty hand in situations like that, allowing for long distance conversations.

Because of that, Mikoto’s heart was at ease up until now because she knew that her little sister was safe. Otherwise she wouldn’t have been able to guide her like that. But now……

(Takeru…… Takeru. Answer me, Takeru!)

But there was no response.

[What to do…… What am I supposed to do here……?]

Mikoto knew that she pledged to protect Sui no matter what, but truth to be told, she was so anxious and uncertain what to do that she was on the verge of tears right now. Meanwhile Sui’s face was becoming redder and redder, as she kneeled down and began to grope her own chest furiously. She kept on being restless, rubbing her thighs together as if she was struggling to hold in an urge to urinate. The skin on her thighs was flushed so much that it was perfectly visible even through her black stockings.




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