Inyouchuu Shoku~ Exorcisms of the Lewd Island ~ Chapter 7 Part 7




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



(No, I can’t…… Something like, that…… I just can’t……! Aaahhh, but… But, but, but! Butbutbutbutbuuut……!!!)

The more she was moving, the better her boobs were feeling from it. Every time her sweaty and sticky skin would rub against the hot and hard dick, she could feel waves of unspoken pleasure penetrating her skin and racing to reach her deepest parts, penetrating her to the core. If she shook her hips to it, the thread from her pussy would violently shake as well, giving her even more forbidden ecstasy.

She couldn’t stop anymore.

She couldn’t go back anymore.

[Fuh, uuh, kuh, ugh, uuuhh, nnh!!]

As Mikoto’s hips jumped up and down and her boobs bounced like crazy, tears of humiliation and shame began to drip down from Mikoto’s eyes. Her swollen belly bounced to the rhythm of her movements, with the thread delivering her pleasure in short bursts one after another.

Perhaps it was due to all the pleasure, shame and humiliation she was forced to endure up until now, but the stimulation was feeling even stronger right now to her than ever before.

The tips of her nipples were so swollen that they were actually hurting from al the pleasure, and her belly was so sensitive right now that even her belly button felt good from all that bouncing and swaying.

Of course, all that Mikoto was feeling was transferred to Sui and Takeru, slowly robbing them of their sanity.

[Aaah! No, no, no! Don’t! I’m cumming, I’m cumming! Oh my God, I’m about to cum so haaard!?!?!?!]

Sui roared while wildly swinging her waist in an indecent way.

[M, me too! Me too! Me tttttttttooooooooo!!!]

Takeru shouts as well, saliva spilling from her mouth and tears bursting from her eyes.

[Kuaah!? N, noo……!! If this, continues like that….. Aaah, so hot! Hot, hot, so hot! My stomach is burning! My pussy! My pussy is cuuummmiiinnnggg soooo haaaard!!!!!!!!!]

All the sources of pleasure Mikoto was feeling started to slowly combine into one. Her nether lips and anus her gaping like crazy as her secretions were oozing out of them without stopping. Tremendous electric currents were currently surging throughout her body. All of that was pushing Mikoto further and further towards the edge, a brink from which there would be no return once she would finally cross it.

[M, my shtomachchch!!! Isht tingling! Tinglish shho mushshsh!!! It feelsh shoo good!!!]

[Uuuhhh, I’m metling! It’s melting! My pussy! My pussy is melting! Aaahhh, uuuggghhh!?]

Joined in their obscene ecstasy by the threads extending from their pussies, the three girls’ bodies shook strongly as their animalistic roars started to melt into one big harrowing cry. They each put their hands on their boobs, biting into their skins with their fingers and letting them sink into the bouncy texture. They were also pinching their nipples and massaging them all the way from the root to the tips.


Finally, the thread starts to pull something else from within them and it gets stuck halfway out of their genitals.


The feelings they were experiencing right now were far stronger and way more intense than anything else before.

Their genitals were squeezing on the threads so much that they stopped feeling pleasure from it, and right now the only thing it was giving them was intense amounts of pain.

[Uuuuhhhh!? Aaaahhhh!? They’re moving! They’re moving! My hips, they are moving… moving completely on their own!!!]

Their pleasure was Causing Mikoto and her friends to spasm and squirm on the floor like animals in heat.

Their wombs start to shake and deform, and it was all reflected in the shapes of their bellies.

Pulling on the last remnants of the threads that remained inside of them, the girls started to spasm as their bodies started shivering and sweating as if a high fever struck them all.

And then, when the thread was finally unable to bear any more stress that was applied to it, it snapped.


Unrestricted by nothing, the thing that was attached to the threads started to bounce around the girls’ bellies, torrents of love juices spilling out of them right onto the floor.


The intensity with which that something was rumbling inside of them came as a surprise for the girls.

[Naaah!? Aaahhh, nooo, my stomach…… Aaahhh, my baby, my dear baby!!! It moves, it moves, it’s moving around so much!!!]

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[Kuaahyiii!!! T-Takeru-chaaaaan! M-Mikoto-chaaaan!!!]

[S-Shoo good! I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!!!! I’m going to cuuummm!!!]


The girls all jump up and twitch like crazy almost at the same time, riding the tidal waves of their shared climax.

There are white and sticky threads of milk shooting from the tips of their swollen nipples.


Their nipples felt as though there was a hot and boiling lava erupting from them.

(Ahh…… Aaahhh…… My boobs, they feel…… so good……)

The lovely tremors that were shaking Mikoto’s nipples reverberated throughout her boobs and went further to travel across her whole body.

And just when Mikoto though she could finally relax for a little bit,


The dick that was still buried in between her breasts started twitching and spewing out loads of cloudy, white liquid out of its tip. Its white threads fall all over Mikoto’s cleavage and face, dirtying her boobs, nose, mouth, eyes and making her hair and bangs all sticky and smelly.

(S, semen…… So much sperm……)

The smell was so strong that it was penetrating Mikoto’s nostrils, almost causing her to suffocate. When she was trying to take some deep breaths, it only served to send the putrid smell of semen further down her nose. It caused her nose and throat to become sore, making it hard to breathe and seemingly almost causing her to pass out from the lack of oxygen.


The rest of the men approach Mikoto with their dick stiff and swollen to the brim. In the next moment they all erupt and bather Mikoto’s whole body in the smelly shower of sticky white cum. This caused Mikoto to completely lose it, with her bladder finally giving up as she wet herself without restraint.

[Fumu. Since we’ve done so much, Meobachi-sama is sure to be pleased with us.]

Mikoto could hear the voice of the Island’s Elder. But she didn’t care about it in the slightest anymore.

[Now, let’s clean them up.]

Just as he said that, the men started to wipe Mikoto’s body with warm towels. But she couldn’t feel any of it, since her consciousness already drifted somewhere far away.




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