Inyouchuu Shoku~ Exorcisms of the Lewd Island ~ Chapter 8 Part 8




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



Her ass felt as though it was about to turn inside out of joy.

Mikoto then tried to twist her body so that her boobs would rub against the cold ground. That’s how unbearable the flame inside of her chest was to her right now.


The claws of the youma that were biting into her boobs were moving around bit by bit.


There was a constant electric current going through her pussy right now.

The inside of her throat felt on fire right now and her thighs felt pleasantly warm.


The insect dick inside of her pussy started to move strongly in a back-and-forth motion.

[Ukuah!? Aah, aaahh!? Good, sooo good!! Meobachi-sama’s…… dick is…… Uhh…… Rubbing inside of me…… It feels sooo goooood……!!]

There was this terribly pleasant sensation swirling aggressively inside of Mikoto’s pussy right now. With every single movement of the insect’s dick, sparks were flying in front of her eyes and her insides felt so hot like they could melt at any moment now.


Occasionally, her consciousness would also give up because of the electric currents going through her.

[Yaah, uuuhh, aaagh!! All the way, all the way to the back… something hard is… something hard is…..!! Yah, eeh, aagh, ugh…… I’m… I’m going crazy from it……!!]

Right now Mikoto was experiencing climax after climax, a tremor so hard and strong that it was robbing her of all of her senses time after time.

And every time she reaches her peak, a fountain of her love juices is being released from her pussy.

[Hii, hii, nnh, hyiii, ugh, uuuggghhh!?]

Right after her climax subsides, Mikoto could hear Takeru’s moans coming from somewhere nearby.

Just like with Mikoto, there was a huge bee sticking to Takeru’s back, inserting it dick-like stinger inside of her ass. It was furiously pounding her with so much force that Mikoto could hear the sounds of flesh bumping into flesh even from where she was right now. And what was that thing coming out of her mouth and nose? Were there her own fluids? Or maybe youmas secretions that were overflowing from everywhere possible?

[Nnh, aaagh! It’s…… It’s coming!! It’s coming out! It’s coming out!!!]

Over there, there was Sui who was being fucked just like Mikoto and Takeru, youmas hot spunk filling her insides so much that even though she give birth to all of her babies, her stomach was already growing again from the amount of cum that was being discharged into her.


There was so much cum inside of Sui’s belly that it was impossible to fit in there any more of it. It overflowed outside, flying into the air and carrying with it a nasty and strong odor. Sui;s crotch right about now was a cloudy mess of her own love juices, urine, and the youmas semen that were all mixing together.

[T…… Take, ru…… S-Sui…… Sui……!]

Seeing the two of them looking so good and comfortable like that, Mikoto was starting to become jealous. She wanted to be fucked in the ass as well. It was feeling so lonely, with nothing more but thick drops of ass juice hanging from it.

As if reading Mikoto’s mind, the tentacles of sea anemone approached her butt, smearing her asshole with their thick lubricant.

[Nnnh, aaahh!!]

Hot liquid penetrates her burning flesh. Mikoto’s ass opens up wide and nicely, inviting the tentacles inside of it, taking them in with little to no problem.

[Kuhii, uhh, uhh, nnh……!!]

The tentacles twist around themselves and after forming one thick branch plunge themselves deep inside of Mikoto’s rectum. Her insides clump around this foreign object with extreme force, causing her ass to burn and intense pleasure erupting around the swelling tentacles.


[Uaaagh!? Aaahhh!? M, Meobachi, -shiyama……!?]

Little by little, the dick and the tentacles occupying Mikoto’s hole began to speed up their movements. Her inner walls pressing and rubbing against one another, it was causing Mikoto’s love nectar to overflow like mad.

Accelerating the seed of its dick’s moves, the bee covered Mikoto with its wings and began to rub it belly vigorously against her back. It also drew its fangs closer to her nape, small sparks flying off in between the fangs like a current through the lightning rods.

[Hyiii!? Haa, haah…… Uuugh!? My, my… my buuutt……!! Good, good…… It feel so good……!!]

Being violently penetrated in both holes like that, Mikoto’s womb and ass were filled with pleasant warmth. Yet again, the gallons of aphrodisiac helped to intensify the pleasure, turning Mikoto’s asshole into another sex organ, not that different from her pussy.

For Mikoto, it felt as though there was currently a mass of hot coals being squeezed through her insides.


[Ueaaah!? Aaah, aah! …… Aaaggghhh!?]

With her stomach beginning to bulge and deform again, Mikoto couldn’t possibly be happier.

As both of her hole clam around the tentacles, an intense pleasure runs through her unrestrained by anything.


The bee continued to plunge its dick-stinger inside of Mikoto, clacking its fangs all the time and sinking its claws deeper and deeper into Mikoto’s boobs.

[Kyaha!? Hyii!! Akyiiihyiii!?]

An intense shocks and tremors began to travel through her boobs as well.

It was so painful.

It was so hot.

But it also felt so good.

Being pierced by the sharp claws, Mikoto’s erect nipples felt so good that the girl thought they might pop off at any moment now. She could feel her breast milk boiling inside of them, and as her boobs were manipulated by the sharp claws, they gradually covered ij the strong tinge of red and pink.


The rhythmical movements of the dicks inside of her hole and the current of electricity they were sending throughout her was robbing Mikoto of any reason and senses.

[Nuaah!? Hyiii!? Ouuuaaahhh!? I’m falling apart!! My pussy! My pussy is falling apart! Aaahhh!! Aaaagggghhhh!? Uuuugggghhhh!?]

Coated in the thick layer of her own love fluids, every single time the stinger would reach Mikoto’s uterus a strong tremor could be felt throughout her whole body. Both of her holes granting her insane amounts of pleasure, Mikoto was almost blinded by the flashes of white light she was seeing right in front of her eyes.

[Eeeaaahhh!? Aaahhh!? Eeeaaahhh!? M, my, my, stomaaaaach…… It feelsh… it feelsh…… Weird~~~!!!]


As Mikoto’s whole body was shocked with pleasure, she could feel the youmas inside of her nipples going deeper and deeper, going towards some kind of unknown goal. At this rate, they might have even got into her bloodstream and travel all across her body.

The tentacles wrapped around her boobs squeezed on them even harder, causing new threads of breast milk to shoot forward. At the same time Mikoto could feel the new portion of aphrodisiac that was released deep inside oh her breasts.

[Uuuh, eeehhh, ahhh, aaahhh!?]

The hot feeling she was experiencing in her ass got transferred throughout her body and was completely filling her with pleasure. Her womb, her boobs, her throat, her stomach….. There was no pain resonating through them right now. There was only ecstasy.

(S, so good…… So good…… My insides…… feel so good……!!)

Mikoto’s lips felt on fire right now and there were traces of saliva dripping from the corners of her lips. She no longer felt scared or ashamed. Being fucked by Meobachi and the tentacles made her realize what her purpose in here was all along: she was just a flesh bag, whose sole purpose was to accept the tentacles and give them as much pleasure as possible.

[Fuhii, hii, hii, hyuu, nnh! Nnnaahgh!? Puah!?]

A strong and putrid smell was rubbed all over her lips, dick juices dripping down her chin. The rest of the tentacles that couldn’t find a hole to penetrate satisfied themselves with rubbing themselves all over her body instead.


Red glans also rubbed themselves over the back of her ears, under her boobs and under her knees and armpits. Everywhere was fine as long as they could derive pleasure from it.

[Ah, haa…… the dicks are….. so many……!!!]

Her breasts felt so hot and her saliva overflowed from her mouth.

Coated in the mixture of their own secretions and her sweat, the tentacle dicks looked delicious.

She wanted to feel them inside of her, to compare them to the stinger and tentacles that were doing her right now.


Lead by her instinct, Mikoto stretched her neck and started to suck and lick on the dick tentacles that were before her. She treated them like delicious candies, scooping the oozing liquid from them and swallowing it like a rare delicacy.

(The dicks, the dicks…… The dicks!!! Nnnhhh!!!)




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