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Last Embryo Volume 1 Chapter 4 Part 3



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Editor: Weasalopes

「I know that taking care of all of that supernatural crap that ends up here is my job, but, just out of curiosity, who is going to take care of everything else related to them? I hope you realize that stuff like disease or famine – or everything that cannot have its shit beaten out of it – is not exactly my field of expertise.」

「Then you’d be glad to know that we have already found a solution to that particular issue. Or, to be more precise, Homura found it, so you can just kick back and relax.」


Izayoi looked at Tokuteru with a strange glare. He didn’t understand why Homura’s name came up in this conversation at all.

「Homura found a solution? You bastards, just what are you making him do?」

「I am afraid that has to remain a secret for now. Anyway, what are you going to do now? You can’t go back to Little Garden with the way things are right now, correct? If that is the case, then why won’t you join my company? Certainly, it will be a better alternative to getting bored to death, wouldn’t you agree?」

「What the hell? You? Running a company? Are you trying to make me laugh even more?」

「Yes, I will have you know that I do run a company in this world, the one specializing in satiating the boredom of the Gods and dealing with the ones who have way too much free time on their hands. Up until two years ago, I worked mainly as a mercenary for hire doing all sorts of activities, and I do have to say that I found it to be very enjoyable, so at one point I ended up getting carried away and making a company on my own. It is called International Security Service, or ISS for short, and specializes mainly in mercenary work.」

「Mercenary work you say? Is such a thing even profitable in this day and age?」

「Well, that depends on the number of clients we manage to secure for ourselves, but our biggest client, Everything Company pays us just enough to keep us afloat. That is why I have to result to doing various jobs for humans.」

Tokuteru Mikado looked into the distance. If what he was saying was true, then that would make them the strongest mercenary group in recorded history, and probably the most reliable at that.

「By Everything Company, you mean that Everything Company? Because if so, then you have some pretty nice connections.」

「Yes, I do mean that company… ah, I see now. So you have yet to meet with the Young Lady, I presume?」

Last Embryo vol.3

Izayoi gave him another questioning glare, but Tokuteru simply returned an unpleasant grin to him and began to walk away.

「Be that ai it may, I believe that your topmost priority should be understanding the situation you have found yourself in, and it just so happens that we are going to have a strategy meeting very soon, so feel free to accompany me if you want.」

「That’s fine with me and all, but where are we going, exactly? To your company’s HQ?」

「That can wait for tomorrow, since the place is a little dirty and needs to be thoroughly cleaned. For now, we will stop by Canaria Family Home orphanage and decide what our next move should be tomorrow.」

Izayoi’s eyebrow twitched when he heard that name. For a moment he looked like he wanted to say something, but ultimately decided that if he doesn’t have anything in particular to ask in regards to the current situation, it would probably be best to keep his mouth shut and just go with the flow of things, voicing his complaints when the right time for doing so comes around. Standing around like a fool won’t bring him any closer to finding the solution to his current problem, so he decided to follow Tokuteru for now, and so the two of them made their way towards Canaria Family Home. But just before they left the schoolgrounds, Izayoi looke up into the sky one more time.

(That reminds me… Homura and Suzuka were probably transported to Little Garden, but I wonder in which part of it have they ended up in the end?)

The Great Waterfall Underwood, the guest room inside of the Great Tree.

Having just regained his consciousness, Saigo Homura woke up in an unfamiliar-looking room, laying on top of a bed made of straw, which was surprisingly comfortable despite its initial prickliness and harshness. His senses awakening one by one, he gradually began to feel so tired and heavy that even a simple action like getting himself up seemed like an impossible thing to do.

(Where… where am I?)

Slowly moving his head around, he was slowly ascertaining the situation he found himself in.  Judging by the condition his body was in, he probably slept for about half a day, but the tiredness he felt was probably not from moving so much across the span of an entire day, but rather it was the fatigue from when they fell into the water and he tried to get Ayato to the shore as fast as possible. The question he wanted to get an answer to the most, though, was where exactly was this place.

There was no window in the all-wooden room that would allow the natural light to cast some light onto the surroundings. The only source of light was a lamp placed on the desk near the bed where he was currently resting. Even though he should be relatively calm after just waking up, there was something that made his constantly uneasy: it was the fact that no matter where he looked, he didn’t saw anything that seemed to be artificially made. Every piece of furniture here looked as if it was made directly from the tree’s insides.

(That’s right, when we were falling, we saw that ridiculously large tree… were we carried all the way to it?)

If that was the case, then they were probably inside of it now. He didn’t appear to be bound in any way, which meant that whoever brought him here didn’t harbor any obvious malicious intentions towards him. He wanted to inspect the room further so he tried to move his head in the other direction, only to have his field of vision blocked by two strangely perky objects beside his bed.


*Usaaaaa!* The objects perked up eve more while making a… distinctively peculiar sound. Still kinda dizzy from his long sleep, Homura wandered what those mysterious things in front of him were. Driven by his subconscious desire to know more, he reached out with his hand…


….. and grabbed them.


An ear-piercing shriek sounded from the side of the bed, and along with it, a little girl with rabbit ears and hair like the strands of moonlight jumped up like a spring.

「N-Now wait just a minute! You had my silent consent as long as you only gently touched them, but pulling my lovely bunny ears like a brute without even introducing yourself is absolutely out of the question! What were you even thinking, doing something barbaric like that?!」

「I just… did that out of curiosity?」

「From now on using that excessively carefree, trauma and déjà vu-inducing statement is banned indefinitely, are we clear?!」


Yelling at him, she smacked him across the head with a harisen (TL Note: A Japanese paper fan used in the Manzai stand-up comedy routine) she produced from God knows where.

(Yeah, now I’ve seen and been through everything. Nothing can surprise me now.)

After seeing that minotaur and Taurus-shaped storm cloud he honestly thought that he had seen everything the world had to offer in the crazy department. He also believed that even if two or three more rabbit-eared girls appeared right in front of him he would have been able to remain calm. Moreover, such a lovely sight would probably made him overdose on cuteness, making it a pretty dangerous thing, but of the very much welcomed variety. Above all else, he didn’t feel any malice from her, meaning that her intentions were probably not hostile.

「Allow me to confirm one thing first. The one who saved us was you, uhm… Kuro Usagi, right?」

「Yes, that is right indeed! Kuro Usagi was the one who saved you!」

「I see. Ten allow me to thank you very much. Putting me aside, the condition of my kouhai… the girl who was with me was very serious. Is she alright as well?」

He indirectly asked about the safety of the girls. Seeing right through his intentions, the girl called Kuro Usagi smiled smugly and said:

「That’s right. Miss Suzuka only has a slight bump on her head from the impact, but Miss Ayato did suffer from severe blood loss. But thanks to the treatment she received from you she has already woken up and should be outside.」

Kuro Usagi’s words brought Homura some much-needed piece of mind.

「Once again, thank you, Kuro Usagi. You seem like a pretty dependable person.」

「YES! So please have faith in me and praise me some more! Anyway, don’t you think its about time for you to give me your name?」

「Oh, right, sorry for that. The name’s Saigo Homura, pleased to make your acquaintance. By the way, is Kuro Usagi your real name, or just a fancy nickname?」

「A little bit of both, so just call me Kuro Usagi.」

Nodding his head, he held back an obvious jab. If that’s what she wants to be called, then he might as well humor her request. Anyway, now that he was awake and could use his head calmly, he got another good look at her.



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