Volume 5 Chapter 2 Part 3

That is what she told Kuro Usagi in the spur of the moment, but to tell you the truth, she did not remember the promise she made with her at all. It is a little embarrassing to admit, but in actuality Shiroyasha, 「The Demon Lord of the White Night」and a former 「Floor Master 」of the East Side is no just free-spirited. She is too free-spirited for her own good!


If she ever felt like it and actually kept the promises she had made, it would be possible for any Community that would have received her backing would have a legitimate shot at victory, be it in a normal Gift Game or in such an important competition as the 2nd War for the Sun’s Authority.


Spirits like Shiroyasha. . .   that is to say the ones that are the closest to the 「Brahman」 and the Cosmic Truth and can be described as the absolute, supreme existences should not involve themselves too much in the matters of the mortal plane of existence, and if at all possible, they should not interact with it at all. It might sound terribly selfish and even cruel, but Shiroyasha knew full well that if someone like her, a member of one of the strongest species in Little Garden were to involve herself too closely with the matters of the Outer World, that would have only ended in a disaster on an unprecedented scale.


(Umumu. . . .  I know that I should not get involved with the participants of the war and what the consequences of my involvement might be, so why did I promise something like that to Kuro Usagi, and most importantly, when? Was it during one of those time when I have gotten myself so piss-drunk at a party that I could not remember what I was doing for a week afterwords?)


That. . .  as ridiculous as that may sound, that is a very likely possibility. If that ends up being the case after all, the she is going to have to apologize to Kuro Usagi later, and not in a half-hearted manner, but like she really meant it, dogeza included.

Finally being done with pretending that she did not see through Shiroyasha’s poor attempts at deception, Queen Halloween smiled with a really nasty smile.


「Wait, could it be. . .   Good Heavens, could it really be. . . .that you forgot about it?! About such an important promise with your friend?!」


「I . . . I never said anything of the sort! I am telling the honest truth, really! It is just that it truly, honestly to boot slipped my mid due to how many thing at once I have to remember right now!」


「That is right! Lady Shiroyasha would never forget such an important contract! I even have a Geass Roll here with me to prove it, so take a look at it if you will!」


The shining piece of parchment that Kuro Usagi got out of her pocket was the one that had a symbol of the Twin Goddesses engraved upon it, but instead of setting her at ease, it only caused Shiroyasha to become increasingly more anxious.


「See, it is all written right here! 「As an alternative method of payment for the borrowing of the Kuro Usagi from the 『No Name』 Community to enlist her services as a Judge Master for the 2nd War for the Sun’s Authority, Shiroyasha, 「The Demon Lord of the White Night」and the Leader of the 『Thousand Eyes』 Community hereby declares to send at least one member of her Community to act as a support for the 『No Name’s』 activities related to the 2nd War for the Sun’s Authority.」


「W-WHAT THE FU. . . . . . . . . . ? ? ? ? ! ! ! !」


「My oh my, you are right. It is all written in here.」


Forgetting that she was supposed to put up an act, Shiroyasha let out a genuine scream, but Queen Halloween also looked to be very surprised by the contents of the Geass Roll, now that she has confirmed them with her own eyes. She really thought that Shiroyasha was simply bluffing about the whole thing, because due to how overly free-spirited she is, it is at times all too easy to forget that when push comes to shove, she was truly capable and dependable in the matters related to her job as a 「Floor Master」, and had a long track record of doing that job perfectly.


It has been almost three years since her retirement as a 「Floor Master」of the East Side, but ever since then pretty much no one dared to point out any flaws in the way she chose to run things up, and it was also estimated that under her guidance the 2nd War for the Sun’s Authority should be able to proceed smoothly, at least from the organizational standpoint.


In order to confirm that neither of them was pulling her leg here, Shiroyasha snatched the Geass Roll from Kuro Usagi and begun scanning its contents with blinding speed. And once she was done reading through it, she felt as though all the blood got drained from her face in a span of a single second.


(W-Well, shit. . . . . . . . ! It really looks like I borrowed Kuro Usagi as a referee for the war in exchange for lending some of my men out to No Name as an alternative method of payment!)


In other words, the story here could not have been simpler. Shiroyasha made such an important promise to Kuro Usagi that they even got it written down on a Geass Roll. . . . . . .  only to completely forget about making such a promise in the first place! For someone like Shiroyasha, known throughout Little Garden as 「「The Demon Lord of the White Night」, a surprisingly excellent and incredibly sociable Celestial Star Spirit」, that was an impossibly colossal blunder.


「Uhm. . .  Lady Shiroyasha?」


「Ah. . . . ! N-No, I really did not forget about it! I remembered about it all along, and I even made sure to make all of the necessary preparations! But you know, I really am starting to feel a little sick for some reason, so maybe it would be best for me to leave my seat for a moment!」


Despite that sudden confusion and chaos around her, Shiroyasha immediately began to create a list of possible candidates in her head. However, even though she might look like a child right now, Kuro Usagi is still a Moon Rabbit, one of the 「Highborn of Little Garden」, who are considered to be its aristocracy and a race that embodies the ideals of strength, wisdom and courage upon which Little Garden and its Gift Games were build on, so there was no way for Shiroyasha to pay her back with something half-hearted or hastely arranged, but what other choice does she have right now? Yeah, that is right, none! However. . . . . . . .


Almost all of her most capable men who were in 『Thousand Eyes』 ever since the early stages of their lives have already been delegated to work as parts of the Organizational Committee for the 2nd War for the Sun’s Authority, and her other capable acquaintances whom she might have asked for help are already taking part in the war themselves. Heracles could have been her last hope. . . . . . . . . . . . . if it was not for the fact that he was already taking part in the war as an Organizer, also at Shiroyasha’s personal request. With that, she essentially run out of the supply of possible renowned heroes whom she could have asked for help. Things were really not looking good for her at all and she was at a loss as to how she could salvage this seemingly hopeless situation, but at that time. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


「Hey there, Shiroyasha! Hope you will not mind it, but we are going to join you for a bit!」


「Please excuse our sudden intrusion, 「Demon Lord of the White Night」.」


After shaking off the surrounding purple smoke, two figures have made their appearance at Shiroyasha’s table.

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