Volume 5 Vampire Tea Party Part 12

Lamia could not believe her own eyes, but there was no mistaking it. Some of the burn marks on the bodies of the deceased, they looked like. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

(They look like the burn scars caused by the exposure to sunlight! Did. . . . did my sister tore the protective barrier above the aerial citadel wide open. . . . . . . ?!!!!)

No matter how strong the members of the vampire clan were, if they were all exposed to the sunlight, their natural enemy and the deadliest poison known to them, none of them would stand a chance and every last one would soon turn to either a lump of burned meat or ash. Lamia did hear that a rebellion against The Vampire Queen has been staged, but she would have never expected that the conflict was going to escalate to such a degree and that the punishment for those who dared to go against her sister would be this cruel and severe.

She did not know what was her sister thinking when she enforced this cruel Gift Game upon all of the rebels, but one thing was now abundantly clear: they have incurred the Demon Lord’s wrath, and now that they have committed such a transgression, there was going to be salvation for them, only death.

So now that it has come to this, the responsibility to stop this senseless carnage rested upon Lamia’s shoulders as the only surviving member of the royal family. With her lips still tightly squeezed by terror and fear, Lamia Draculea regrasped the reins of her flying mount and approached the still-rampaging Giant Dragon.

「Dear sister!!! The battle is over, so please! Please, calm your anger!!!」

Lamia screamed towards her sister with her voice filled with sorrow. However, her words are falling on deaf ears, and the Giant Dragon continued to rampage and murder everything in its path without paying even a shred of attention to her. She tried to get closer to it, but the vibrations and shockwaves generated by its continuous roars prevented her from doing so and even blew her and her Dragon away, leaving them both at the mercy of the spinning currents of wind.

Her beautiful golden hair, which shined as brightly as the rays of the rising sun became unraveled, and her dress got torn to pieces when she ended up crashing into one of the buildings in the castle town down below. She did not know if she blacked out for a moment or longer, but when she regained consciousness and could once again see her surroundings clearly, she noticed that one of the Vampires who apparently managed to survive landed her own Dragon next to hers and rushed to her side while sweating intensely at her forehead. A it turned out, that someone was Carla, Leticia’s Head Maid.

「Princess Lamia! Are you unharmed?! What are you doing here? How are you here?! How is that possible?!」

「Carla! What is going on here?!」

「That is what I should be asking you! When we heard that Your Highness has supposedly been killed by the rebels together with all of your predecessors, we did not know what we would do even if we managed to survive this calamity by some miraculous twist of fate. . . . . !」

Only then did Lamia noticed that Carla’s made uniform has been in even worse state than her own dress, which, along with the numerous wounds on her body, some of which have still been bleeding pretty horribly was probably a testament to how fierce the battle against the Giant Dragon truly was. Since she was one of the best fighters among the entire Pureblood Vampire clan whose skill and the mastery of the blade could be rivalled only by Leticia, Lamia was certain that she must have been fighting valiantly in order to save as many of their fellow people as she could, and that without her as the Game Maker the entire clan and its survivors would have most likely been crushed beyond the point of recovery long ago.

「I see. . . . . Carla, thank you so very much. For protecting the Vampire clan during this time of emergency. . . . and my absence, even though I should have been here to lead our troops in this battle.」

「Please, do not beat yourself up over it, Your Highness. Also. . . it might be impertinent of me to be asking you this, but. . . . .. . . where have you been, exactly?」

「As an envoy to the land where the Gods of Eastern Europe reside so that I could convince them to help us resolve the matter of Demon Lord Dystopia.」

「The Gods of Eastern Europe? Which ones? Slavic? Latin?」

「The Latin ones. The other reason for why I came to meet with them was so that I could hear about the supposed appearance of a blood-sucking species different from our own. While I was there I planned on sending back a body double, but from what you said it would seem that she died to the rebels on my behalf. . . .  」

Lamia placed her hand on her chest and bowed her head down while speaking these sorrowful words while closing her eyes, but unfortunately, no matter how much she regretted essentially sending her body double to death, now was not the time to be mourning her passing. Carla also closed her eyes and offered a short silent prayer for her soul, but Lamia knew that she was thinking exactly the same thing that she did.

「Princess Lamia, I understand how you must be feeling right now, but please, you must not let the sacrifice of your body double and the royal blood that has been spilt go to waste. If only the circumstances were different, we could have honored her sacrifice with a memorial service and bury her with all the honors she deserved for the loyal service to the royal family until the bitter end. . . . . . . . . . . . but for the time being I think we should prioritize escaping into a safe place first.」

「WHAT?I N-No, I. . . . . . we cannot do that! You want me to flee for my own life and just leave my sister while she destroys everything around her and is obviously suffering?!」

「What else can we do now but run away?! Either we do that, and we do that right now, or we might as well end up dead next! I do not know what was the reason behind it, but it is an undeniable fact that Her Highness Leticia has been turned into a Demon Lord! And if the news spreads around that the Vampire Royal family has produced a Demon Lord, it is going to make all the things that we have managed to achieve disappear like soap bubbles in the storm! Is that okay with you?! Do you really want something like that to happen?!」
Carla shouted at Lamia with the words that truly hit her right where it hurt the most.

It was already stigmatizing enough for any the rest of any given race to have a Demon Lord, an incarnation of evil and calamity be born among them, but now that a Demon Lord has been born from among the one of the only two surviving members of the royal family of the Pureblood Vampire clan and the news of that happening spreads out all across Little Garden, the reputation of both the royal family and Vampires as a whole is going to get tarnished in the blink of an eye, undoing everything that they have managed to achieve ever since they position of {The Knights of Little Garden}, and that. . . . that would be the end for the Vampire clan altogether. Everything that they achieved. . . .  all the accomplishments that Leticia and the others made up until now. . .  all of them would be cast aside and forgotten as if they have never existed in the first place, simply because of what was happening to The Vampire Queen. . . to Leticia right now.

Now that both the power and influence of the Demon Lords led by Demon Lord Dystopia has been growing in various places without anyone being able to do anything about it, it is necessary like never before to give priority to the establishment of the 「Floor Master」 system, a system designed to create an organization of guardians of each floor who would be tasked with protecting Little Garden from every threat to its safety, be it the one coming from the outside. . . . . or the ones inside of it.

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