Volume 5 Chapter 99

I teleported back to Glendale after lifting the beastman king’s curse and healing him with the elixir made from the Leaves of the World Tree.

Afterward, I took all my classmates and teleported us back to Vestier once again.

This is to help heal the army soldiers that were injured in the attack of the Majin.

Because the attack happened one month ago, we were unable to revive the 32 soldiers who had died.

Despite this, we were able to save the soldiers who managed to cling to life even when they were on the verge of death.

Ryuka, Tina, and I took the lead in recovering more and more of the wounded soldiers.

Ryuka’s recovery magic ability far surpassed mine, she truly was good at this.

She could even restore missing parts instantly.

Halfway through, I realized it would be better if I supported Ryuka instead of stacking healing magic, so I continuously gave her mana.

As a result, we managed to recover approximately 150 soldiers in half a day.

Ryuka was exhausted, so I handed the elixir to her.

「H, Haruto, t, this is…」

「It’s a thinned elixir. It has a fatigue recovery effect, so drink it. Thanks for the hard work today, Ryuka.」

「Even if it’s thinned, isn’t this still an elixir? Giving me something so precious…」

「But if you hadn’t been here, there would have been a lot more people we couldn’t have saved. One bottle is enough to save one person, but thanks to you Ryuka, dozens of people were saved. This is why I’m giving it to you. You can drink it right away or save it for later.」

Elixirs were useful for more than just restoring missing body parts.

They can restore a significant portion of one’s body’s strength and mana, as well as eliminate fatigue.

The base was the highest grade of elixir, so even if it was thinned down by ten times, it was more than enough to completely recover energy and mana.

Ryuka consumes a huge amount of mana in order to use [Resurrection], so there is no harm in giving her the ultimate mana recovery medicine.

I set my expectations on Ryuka, so I completely used up the original elixir on the beastman king, so I felt sorry that I could only give her the thinned version.

「Thank you very much. I will recover after sleeping, so I will treasure this for the time being」

Ryuka carefully placed the small bottle of elixir inside her bag after saying that.

I’m going to ask Sylph for more Leaves from The World Tree, and I’m going to make a lot of elixirs.

Three days have passed since then.

There is only one week left until the God’s strength tournament.

Ryuushin will also participate since he wanted to show the result of his no-magic training with the flaming knights.

He was very motivated for the tournament.

Aside from that, we were viewed as heroes in Vestier, especially Ryuka and I.

I was the one who defeated the Majin and saved the king.

And Ryuka was the one who rescued the majority of the injured soldiers.

She received several ingredients, fur with great texture, as well as sharp fangs from the people when she walked around the city.

Sharp fangs could be made into razor-sharp swords if they were processed properly.

Apparently, most of the givers were the families of the national army soldiers that we rescued.

There were also the families of the soldiers we were unable to save among them.

「Thank you for avenging us.」

They cried as they expressed their gratitude.

I thought they would tell us something like “Why didn’t you come earlier” and scold us.

However, in Vestier, the strongest are in the right, and all those engaged in battles already prepared themselves to die.

Their families were also like that…

That’s why the families of the soldiers killed by the Majin could only accept the fact that they lost.

The Beast king soldier, who acted as our guide, told us that while they would hate the Majin who killed their loved ones, no beastman would resent me for defeating the Majin and showing my strength.

He lost a large portion of his left side as a result of the Majin’s attack, and he died a day before we arrived in Vestier.

However, thanks to Ryuka’s revival magic, he was able to save his life. He was now our guide and escort, and we strolled through the capital together.

Tina and the whole class were walking together.

「If there is one place one had to go in this country, it would be the shrine dedicated to the God of Strength, so would you like to go there?」

「God of Strength is it. I never met him before. By all means, we want to go there」

「Hahaha, you speak as if you already met other gods besides the War God」

Short of saying ‘What are you talking about’, the Beast king soldier laughed at me.

He probably wouldn’t believe me, but I’ve already met two gods in this world.

They were the Sea God and the Evil God.

The evil god, of course, is the one who killed me and made me reincarnate in this world.

However, ever since I was reincarnated, he has not interfered or got in my way at all.

As for the Sea God, we became buddies since I was six years old.

When we first met, we had a relatively fierce battle, and since that time, we acknowledged the strength of each other, and he arbitrarily thought of me as his so-called worthy rival.

Thanks to that battle with the Sea God, I was able to create the flaming knights, and I also made a contract with Undine.

Legend says that the War God was one of the so-called latter gods, and he attained divinity some time after the creation of this world.

As for status, my worthy rival Sea God is above him, so I have this sense of competitiveness even though I don’t know why.

After all is said and done, I like the Sea God.

I should pay him a visit to play since it’s been a while.

I should tell him that I got married and the members of my family increased!

While thinking of these things, we arrived at the temple where the War God was enshrined.

「Wow, this is amazing」 I unconsciously said in wonder.

The massive shrine was built into a carved-out cliffside hollow.

Currently, only beastmen are permitted to enter the shrine; however, because every one of you saved the king of this country and us, you have been granted entry.」

Heh, that’s lucky then.

War God, will you come out?

「Ugh, dunno why but my back has been tingling since we arrived」

Merdie, who normally had a sloppy posture, straightened her back and briskly strode forward.

When a cat type beastman didn’t stoop, they would walk in a slightly amusing manner.

The War God, according to the Beast king soldier, was a former beastman who possessed an overwhelming power that the Creator God recognised, so he attained divinity after his death.

In other words, The War God was Merdie’s and the beastmen’s ancestor.

All the beastman who came here would tense up since they were being watched by that kind of War God, apparently.

We made it to the shrine’s inner sanctum.

A massive statue of a lion beastman stood directly in front of us.

Apparently, this was the appearance of the War God.

I think he looked like the current beastman king.

「Ahm…what is this?」

What caught my attention was the flame lit at the foot of the statue of the War God, and the straight waterway that stretched from the flame to us, about ten meters long.

The waterway was slightly higher than its surroundings, had a pedestal on its end, and was only wide enough for one person to stand with his feet apart on top.

It was as if he wanted us to stand on this pedestal and extinguish the flame under his statue.

「Legend says that if the flame at the base of the statue was extinguished while on top of the pedestal, the War God will appear」

Yes, just as I thought!

「Can anybody try?」

「Yes. However, using magic is forbidden. It was once said that the War God could extinguish a flame from afar with the force of his punch. This shrine was built in after that story that was passed down from generation to generation」

Hmm, so that’s how it was.

Anyway, let’s try it.

I put on my magical suit and climbed up the stage.


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