Volume 6 Chapter 124

Ruin’s Dungeon

We made our way inside the dungeon.
I did not expect particularly strong monsters to show up, but just in case, I summoned Hakoku from the Spirit Realm and equipped it.
According to Tina, this dungeon has ten floors underground. The first floor we’re currently on has monsters around level 30, and the deeper we go, the higher the levels of monsters will become.
It is a dungeon of a relatively simple structure. There’s a wide passageway that extends straight from the entrance, occasionally branching into narrower passages on the left and right. These passageways lead to several rooms with monsters and treasure chests.
Compared to them, the wide central corridor we’re currently walking on, has very few monsters. So, in order to avoid long battles with monsters, it’s best to stick with the wider passageway.
Tina was able to recall the layout of the dungeon, the location of the rooms and the kind of monsters in each.
「Strong monsters won’t appear until the third floor. Also, I don’t think there are any valuable items left. We pretty much collected all the equipment back then」
This world has two types of dungeons.
The first is the adventurer dungeon managed by a demon called the Dungeon Master. In this kind of dungeon, contents of the treasure chests are periodically replenished, and defeated monsters reappear after a certain period.
This kind of dungeon also offers a quicker way to level up, and with items readily available, many adventurers frequently challenge them.
It seems that Dungeon Masters accumulate something called Dungeon Points to manage their dungeons.
One adventurer who had conquered a dungeon and befriended its Dungeon Master demon shared this information with the Adventurer’s Guild.
I read this in a book titled, 『Adventurer’s Guide』, and it piqued my interest in Dungeon Masters.
Managing a dungeon sounds quite fascinating somehow.
The second type of dungeon is the one created by gods. This dungeon is designed to train heroes and has a dense mana concentration, making it easier for monsters to naturally spawn.
However, since the spawning is at a natural level, the frequency of battles with monsters is lower compared to adventurer dungeons. Also, while there are treasure chests, in ones that someone has already cleared, the chests are often empty.
The dungeons created by gods, commonly known as the god dungeons, provide much higher-quality items compared to adventurer dungeons. However, once someone takes the contents, the items are not replenished until they are consumed or destroyed.
The equipment obtained by the transferred heroes in the god dungeons becomes the property of the country to which the hero belonged after they return to their original world.
Most of this equipment becomes national treasures. That’s how splendid the quality of the items obtained in god dungeons is.
However, since they are kept as national treasures, they rarely break, and the gods don’t replenish the treasure chests with new equipment.
This ruin is a god dungeon. And since Tina and the Guardian Hero have cleared it, there wasn’t much to expect from the contents of the treasure chests.
Well, I didn’t come here for the sake of items, so it doesn’t matter to me.
However, Ryuka and Yoko looked disappointed when they found out. They seem to really love treasures.
Since there didn’t seem to be any treasures, Ryuka and the others didn’t need to come, but I felt that we wouldn’t be able to obtain information about the Guardian Hero unless we cleared the dungeon.
I asked Yoko to come as a valuable fighting asset to conquering the dungeon and Ryuka for her healing abilities.
I was a little hesitant about bringing Tina along, but since she insisted on coming with us, I didn’t oppose. It should be fine, I think we’ll manage somehow… I have a feeling.
When I learned telepathy, I seemed to have overcharged my brain with magical power, and lately, my intuition has been working well. It’s still far inferior to my brother Leon or even the skills of the cat-beastman Sally, but it’s very convenient. When there are small choices to make, my judgment is naturally guided towards a good result.
And that same intuition assured me that it would be okay to bring Tina along.
Now, let’s get back to where I was. Luna was the other person I invited for the dungeon conquest. She can be called a walking item encyclopedia – her knowledge about items and equipment is amazing. Moreover, her powers of observation are sharp, and she notices even the slightest anomalies, so she’s someone ideal to bring on a dungeon conquest where secrets lie.
More than ever, my intuition strongly suggested I bring her along.
So, I invited Luna to join the dungeon conquest, and she gladly agreed to come along.
If Tina is going, so will we— said Rifa, Mai, Mei, and Meldi.
And because I invited Ryuka, I also asked Ryushin, who agreed to join us.
At this point, it wouldn’t be right not to invite Luke, so I invited him too.
And thus, all of our classmates gathered to conquer the dungeon, even though it seemed there wouldn’t be any rare items to obtain.
「If there’s nothing special until the third floor, let’s hurry up」
「I agree」
「Let’s go, meow!」
While occasionally defeating level 30 monsters that emerged from the side passages, we advanced straight through the central pathway.


We arrived at the deepest part of the first floor of the dungeon.
And a heavy-looking stone door stood before us.
Beyond this door, there is the boss monster of the first floor, and we can’t proceed to the next floor without defeating it. Tina told us that when they challenged it before, the boss was a Goblin Fighter of around level 40, accompanied by a few goblins.
In that case, it shouldn’t be a problem.
As we got closer to it, the door opened on its own.
Inside, there was a large room, and in the center, we could see a Goblin Fighter with a body about two meters tall, accompanied by two goblins by its side.
「「Fire Lance!」」
「「Flying Fist!」」
Two flaming spears pierced the Goblin Fighter, and the flying masses of magic crushed the smaller goblins.
The moment we confirmed the boss’s presence, Tina and I unleashed Fire Lance, while Meldi and Ryushin unleashed Flying Fist almost simultaneously.
By the way, we didn’t coordinate or plan it. We were aiming for something like defeating the boss before walking into the boss room.
I was a little surprised to find out that five others besides me were thinking the same thing.
「Everyone’s magic activation is too fast……」
Rifa spoke up, lowering her emerald-coloured bow, she didn’t activate her magic in time.
「Yeah, I can’t be that fast」
Luke was struggling with what to do with the magical power he had released for spell activation.
Luke and Rifa were also trying to cast magic, it seems.
By the way, Luke, isn’t your magical power too excessive for a Goblin Fighter?
Although it wasn’t as powerful as high-level magic, it appeared like he was going to cast a moderately strong mid-level spell.
「Luke, if you don’t need it, can I have it?」
Yoko wanted to absorb the magical power Luke had released. She can absorb other people’s magical power and store it in her tail. Apparently, she consumes a lot of magical power just to sustain her daily life. I or the Divine Beast Shiro regularly provided her with magical power.
「Yeah, it’s a waste, so go ahead and take it.」
「Thank you!」
Yoko extended out her hand, and Luke’s magical power was absorbed. Somehow, it looked like Yoko’s bust had become bigger after this.
……Could it be that Yoko also uses magical power to maintain her humanoid form?
With this sort of exchange going on, we entered the boss’s room, onward to the next level.


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