Volume 6 Chapter 125

Transfer/Reincarnation Bonus Room

Entering the boss room, we caught the sight of the Goblin Fighter’s charred corpse, which glowed in a radiant light before vanishing into thin air.
In this world, when monsters are defeated, their lifeless bodies typically remain in the spot, and adventurers would then extract valuable materials such as hides and fangs to sell for profit. However, within god dungeons, defeated monsters are different. They glow and gradually fade away over time, leaving no trace behind. Although it is still possible to extract materials from them, there is a need to hurry.
As magicians, the materials from Goblin Fighter did not appeal to us, so we didn’t bother with extracting them.
Our true excitement comes from defeating the bosses that guard each floor of the dungeon. I cast a glance at the spot where the Goblin Fighter had fallen, and my attention was drawn to a small treasure chest that had appeared.
Unlike the regular treasure chests scattered throughout the god dungeon floors, the boss room chests have a unique feature. Every time a boss is defeated, these chests are replenished with new items. While they didn’t usually contain equipment, they often held valuable and useful items. I don’t expect much though……
I went over to the chest and opened it, revealing a small vial filled with a vibrant purple liquid—an advanced healing potion. It is an exceptional loot for the first floor of the dungeon, as it fully restores both health and mana.
Although items obtained within the dungeon are typically claimed by the individual who acquired them, items obtained from boss room chests were meant to be distributed among the group after leaving the dungeon. With this in mind, I decided to keep the advanced healing potion for now.
Now, it was time to proceed to the second floor of the dungeon.
In dungeons, to move between floors there are two methods: stairs or teleportation stones. Teleportation stones are special stones that transport the person who touches them to specific locations.
In this dungeon, it seems we move between floors using teleportation stones. In front of the treasure chest, a white stone monument was positioned nearby. It serves as the teleportation stone for this floor. Although smaller in size compared to the teleportation stones within the World Tree’s dungeon, the engravings on this stone bore a resemblance to them.
Incidentally, in dungeons where movement relied on stairs, there would often be teleportation stones on the final floor that allowed adventurers to return to the surface easily. However, for moving between floors, one had to traverse the entire dungeon from their current floor to reach their desired location.
For instance, if someone cleared up to the fourth floor and wanted to return to the surface, they would need to pass through all the floors in between.
In contrast, dungeons with teleportation stones like this one offered more convenience. Each boss room contained a teleportation stone, allowing adventurers to move freely within the conquered floors without having to retrace their steps. This is what makes dungeons with teleportation stones more popular among adventurers.
Since I can move to any place where I have been as long as I have a magic circle there, I did not find this interesting.
Everyone gathered around the teleportation stone.
「Haruto-sama, may I have a moment?」
Tina called me over, her voice hushed.
Curious, I moved away from the teleportation stone to Tina.
「What’s wrong?」
「When you use that teleportation stone to move to the next floor, there’s a possibility that only you will be sent to a different room」
She explained in a low tone.
「Eh, why?」
「Because, when the Guardian Hero and I challenged this dungeon, that is what happened. I was transported to an empty room, while the Hero was sent to a room filled with several valuable items」
As a god dungeon is designed to train heroes from another world, it seemed that bonuses awaited those who were transferred.
However, I am not a hero; I have been reincarnated by the evil god. Will I really be able to receive the bonus privileges of a hero?
Tina knew this. But she made sure to inform me just in case, so that I wouldn’t panic if I was suddenly moved to another place different from everyone else.
「I see, thanks for letting me know. Is it easy for us to regroup if we get separated?」
「Yes. The Guardian Hero was sent to a room I couldn’t enter, but he managed to find an exit without much trouble. If we happen to get separated, I will wait with Rifa and the others, so please don’t worry.」
Even within the dungeon, I can detect everyone’s magic. I will be able to find them if we are separated for a bit.
In the worst-case scenario, Tina possessed a magic stone with a teleportation magic circle inscribed on it, which I can use as a marker for teleportation.
「Alright then, shall we go?」
I returned with Tina to the monument where everyone was waiting. And we all touched the stone together.


I found myself safely transported to the next floor.
As Tina had mentioned, it seemed that I was teleported to a different location from everyone else. I was in a room with four stone pedestals.
And it turned out I wasn’t the only one who teleported here.
Luna blushed underneath me.
For some reason, Luna had also been teleported to this room.
During the teleportation, there is a sensation of being forcibly pulled, and if one is not used to it, they might feel disoriented upon arrival. I’m accustomed to teleportation since I use it frequently, but Luna was not.
Right after I teleported into this room, Luna teleported right beside me. She lost her balance and was about to fall, so I instinctively protected her head with my hand and held her in my arms.
I didn’t expect anyone else to come, so I panicked. As a result, both Luna and I fell. And it ended up with me in a position where I was pressing Luna down.
Since I protected her with my hand, Luna didn’t hit her head on the stone floor. Of course, my hand didn’t receive any damage.
But in this position where I was on top of her…… What should I do?
Normally, I would apologize and quickly stand up, but my body refused to move. It is the first time seeing Luna this close.
She’s incredibly cute.
I’ve thought Luna was cute since our first meeting her at the academy. But seeing her up close like this captivates me even more.
Yeah, Luna is really cute.
Among the human girls I’ve seen in this world, she stands out. Even though there are elves known as the race of beauty, and spirits with an artistic level of beauty around, Luna is also a beautiful girl.
I want her.
No, no, no, I have Tina and Rifa, right!? Cheating is not allowed, absolutely not!
And besides, Luna is getting along with Luke… Wait, wasn’t Luke dating an elf?
Does that mean Luna is currently single!?
—Wait, what’s with the 『alright!』?
This would be considered cheating!
First of all, Luna may not have any special feelings for me.
When I suggested she could live with me since there was a spare room in the mansion when she just enrolled, she gently turned me down.
Calm down, me.
To calm down, let’s count prime numbers.
……What were prime numbers again?
My supposedly sage mind was no longer functioning properly.


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