Volume 6 Chapter 133

Monster Extermination

「Hmm, so the dungeon bosses can actually be revived?」
「Yes…… But against Haruto-sama’s attacks it is no good. They will refuse to be revived」
After her surrender, we questioned the white-haired girl named Hakua, who confidently declared herself as the Dungeon Master of this place.
Though Hakua appeared young, her magical power was undeniably immense. It was enough to make us believe that she truly is a dragon.
Given her limited exposure to human language, it was no surprise that her words occasionally came across as awkward.
The reason for her surrender became apparent: my magic knights had unleashed their full force on the eighth-floor monsters, leaving both Hakua and the floor’s boss—an ogre—completely terrified.
According to Hakua, dungeon bosses could indeed be revived, as long as they clung to their desire for life. However, the sheer terror instilled by my knights’ annihilation of the eighth-floor monsters was enough to break that resolve in Hakua and the other monsters, leading them to abandon all hope.
Interestingly, it seems the bosses up to the seventh floor could be revived because they experienced defeat from my attacks —- without even fully comprehending what transpired.
「Even though you surrendered, is it alright if we battle some monsters? I really want my friends to level up……」
「As long as they are not the floor bosses」
Hakua explained that the bosses were creatures she herself had brought into the dungeon and could communicate with. Hence, she requested that they be spared, as she felt genuine sympathy for them.
Fortunately, the other monsters, apart from the bosses, were naturally spawned within the dungeon, making them acceptable targets for hunting.
Hearing that, a sense of relief washed over me. After all, I really wanted to engage in some serious monster hunting, especially from the ninth floor onward, to boost Luna and Ryuuka’s levels.
「Hakua, I have a favour to ask…… Is that fine?」
「Could you open the door to the ninth-floor boss room for us? I’d like my knights to be able to teleport between floors」
「I understand」
In a flash, Hakua conjured a semi-transparent board that resembled a status board and deftly operated it.
After a brief pause—
「It’s done. The ninth-floor boss has been relocated from the boss room, and the door to the boss room is now open. By touching the teleportation stone, magic can be used to move between floors」
With the ninth-floor boss room bypassed, my knights now had the advantage of reaching the tenth floor ahead of us.
「Thank you. Well then…… Go!」
I commanded my ice and wind knights, and they sprang into action upon receiving their orders.
At the rear of the eighth-floor boss room, a teleportation stone awaited us. The knights gathered around it and, one by one, vanished as they touched its surface, presumably transporting themselves to the ninth floor.
Taking into account the possibility that Hakua might attempt to deceive me or undermine my forces, I prudently checked the location of my knights, just to be safe.
……It appeared that everything was proceeding as planned.
They were making their way to what seemed to be the ninth floor smoothly and without any issues.
When Hakua appeared before us earlier, her genuine fear was evident. Hence, it seemed unlikely that she would resort to any rash or reckless actions.
And within a mere dozen seconds after the knights’ departure—
Similar to what happened on the eighth floor, Luna and Ryuuka’s bodies began to emit a pale blue glow, indicating their successful levelling up.
It appeared the monsters on the ninth floor are of a higher level than those on the eighth floor, as the interval between Luna and Ryuuka’s glows was notably shorter.
「The monsters on the ninth floor are getting defeated at such speed……」
Hakua murmured, her attention focused on the semi-transparent board before her.
It is an intriguing board that she uses to oversee the dungeon,giving her the ability to view the number of monsters and gather valuable information about the daring souls attempting to conquer its depths.
That is how, upon surrendering to us, she already showed a remarkable understanding of who we were, as evidenced by Hakua’s knowledge of my name.
Her awareness of our levels is also apparent, but Hakua tactfully avoids mentioning my humble Level 1 status. This subtle omission is appreciated, as I have not yet told Luke, Ryushin and others that I, in fact, am level 1.
A few minutes pass—
It became apparent that the extermination of monsters has concluded, as Luna and Ryuuka’s bodies stop emitting a glow.
As expected, the monsters beyond the ninth floor prove to be more resilient, resulting in the defeat of some knights. However, around eighty knights remain, undeterred and ready to continue the fight.
「What are your levels, both of you?」
「M-my level is 92」
「I am Level 95!」
It seems both of them have surpassed level 90 with no problem at all.
「Impossible…… They have passed me」
Rifa was a little saddened by the fact.
It’s understandable. Despite being able to efficiently level up in a dungeon owned by royalty, Rifa has mostly been levelling up on her own.
Well, she shouldn’t worry.
My goal is to have every family member reach a third-class job, meaning they’ll be over Level 150.
Of course, that means Rifa too.
「S-so, all the monsters on the eighth floor and beyond have been completely wiped out…… N-no one’s left, really?」
Hakua was shocked while looking at the management board.
Sorry about that. I gratefully receive the experience points.
For now, one of the purposes of coming to this dungeon, which was levelling up my friends, has been achieved.
The other purpose, obtaining information about Tina’s memories, still remains. Perhaps there is a clue on the final floor.
「When you clear a dungeon, your name is recorded on the stone monument on the last floor, right?」
「That’s correct」
According to a book I read in the past— there is a monument on the last floor of the dungeon where the names of those who defeated the final boss are inscribed.
Although Tina lost her memories related to the name of the hero she once adventured with, there should be the names of heroes recorded on this dungeon’s monument.
It is necessary to know the name of that hero. I don’t even know why myself, but I have a feeling that it will be the key to restoring Tina’s memories—that’s why I’ve come this far.


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