Volume 6 Chapter 147

Evil God

In the Divine realm shortly after the defeat of the Demon King.
「Evil God! Wake up, please!」
A familiar shikigami flew into the temple at the farthest reaches of the Godrealm, where the Evil God was sleeping.
「What… What’s the matter?」
「The Demon King has been defeated!」
「What, that’s impossible—-huh?」
「The Demon King has been defeated by the hero!」
The shikigami’s words were so astonishing that the Evil God could hardly believe his ears.
The Creator God had transferred heroes from other worlds before. However, the Demon King had never been defeated so quickly.
At the very least, the Demon King was supposed to gather negative energy from the world for a few more years.
「The Demon King! Defeated by the hero!」
Since the Evil God didn’t respond, the shikigami thought she wasn’t being heard and shouted loudly by the Evil God’s ear, earning himself a scolding.
「I thought you were avoiding reality and not listening to my words, so I was a bit rude. I apologize」
「Tsk, fine…… So, who were the ones that defeated my Demon King? I need to come up with a strategy for the next hero」
「Well, you see……」
「What is it?」
「I never expected heroes to attack this soon, so I wasn’t monitoring them at all」
「I see. And then?」
「Yes, so I have no idea about the kind of hero who defeated the Demon King or how they did it. Therefore, I can’t formulate a countermeasure」
Upon hearing the shikigami’s words, the Evil God’s face quickly turned angry.
「You incompetent fool!」
「I told you to buy a surveillance crystal with recording function, didn’t I?」
A killing intent strong enough to shake the air spread from the Evil God, but the shikigami continued talking to the god unperturbed.
「What is it? You want me to keep watching the Demon King all the time? I’m not free either. I’m the only one managing this temple, you know?」
Seemingly the shikigami had some thoughts as well. She was also agitated by the Evil God’s scolding.
「I have so much to do – cleaning this needlessly huge temple, repairing the broken parts, balancing the energy, considering the design for the next Demon King, and so much more. If I were to keep watching the Demon King all the time, is the Evil God going to take care of all these tasks for me?」
「Well, uh, that’s……」
Pushed back by the shikigami’s strong presence, the Evil God stepped back.
「Evil God has it easy, right? Energy just comes in on its own while you’re sleeping all the time. If you’re free, why don’t you check on the Demon King’s situation?」
「Well, you know, that’s……. It’s not great to invade someone’s privacy, even if it’s the Demon King—-」
「You are the Evil God!! The worst one in this world, right? Why do you bother about your subordinates’ privacy so much? And, come on, you just need to check the Demon King’s seat in the Demon King’s Castle! Are you an idiot?」
The shikigami thought she might have gone too far.
The words slipped out unintentionally.
「That’s unforgivable. A superior who doesn’t protect their subordinates’ privacy won’t earn their respect」
「Are you reacting to that part?」
Actually, the shikigami was enjoying this kind of exchange with the Evil God.
After being created by the Creator God, each of the shikigami was assigned to a specific place.
Among them, she was assigned to the Evil God’s temple. Initially, she despaired being assigned to the presence that was the Evil God, a being meant to plunge the world into chaos.
She thought she would be quickly used up by the Evil God.
But the Evil God treated her well.
There were shikigami who were given impossible orders by other gods and ended up broken, but she had been serving the Evil God alone since her creation.
The Evil God wasn’t a good being. The god issued orders to the Demon King, starting wars and killing many people. Yet, to his subordinates, the Evil God was a good boss. And the subordinates liked him.
When the Demon King and demons were defeated, many would say, 『I’m sorry, Evil God…….』 and disappear. Every time the Evil God saw that, a slightly sad expression appeared on its face.
Perhaps it was just the shikigami’s imagination that the merciless Evil God wore such an expression. But to her, the Evil God was a boss worthy of entrusting her life.
As the Evil God accepted the Demon King’s defeat, it muttered:
「The Creator God brings people from another world as heroes and makes them defeat the Demon King I raised. It’s too bothersome」


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