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My Household`s Liliana-san Chapter 6 Part 3



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



Tatsuya then twisted his body so that he could get a good look at Liliana’s lustrous appearance while making sure that her nipples would also receive as much stimulation as the rest of her boobs, which caused her to quiver with wild pleasure.


「Fuaah, Tatsuya-san if you keep on tormenting me like that, I won’t be able to stand it for much longer……! Aahh, I can no longer keep my nasty voice down! Nhh!?」


Having nearly all of her sweet spots caressed violently at once, Liliana could feel how her sense of reason was slowly melting away now, the only thing that was about to be left inside of her would be the painful pleasure.


「But isn’t that precisely how things are between the two of us, Liliana-san? Now, please show me where you want me to touch you the most, so that I can properly please you.」


While still rolling his tongue around Liliana’s nipple, Tatsuya also took care of her other nipple, squeezing it and caressing it roughly, picking it up and stretching it with his thumb and index finger, occasionally twisting it and pinching it, pressing on it and pushing it inside of Liliana’s breast.


「Nhaaahhh! M-My nipples, the way you torment them, it’s so amazing! Amazing, Tatsuya-san……! I can feel my entire chest being on fire because of that…… I can feel it so much! Nhhhaaahhh……!!!」


Playing around with Liliana’s engorged and bulging protrusions, she was starting to feel it more and more with every moment, to the point where her voice was leaking out so much that it was more like a scream.


Liliana’s own lust was now properly ignited, and her whole body bends in an arch with her spine being rocked by waves of pleasure. This also caused her to throw herself at Tatsuya, seeking as close contact with him as possible, unable to stop herself.


The volatile pleasure reverberating through Liliana’s boobs causes her voice to leak out loud, and then she squirms and writhes her whole body in search of even greater stimulation.


「No, aaahhh…… No, don’t, please, Tatsuya-san! This is feeling way too good right now……! My breasts, it’s only my breasts, but…… Nnnggghhh!!!???」


Even though Liliana asked Tatsuya to stop and let her go, her own urges only continued to swell further, and Tatsuya, whose switch was apparently flipped just now, was not going to grant her this request.


Just then, the sweetness that couldn’t be stopped anymore burst forward, and Liliana bent her back in an arch and raised a high-pitched squeal from her mouth.


Apparently, Liliana seemed to be so excited right now that it caused her to become even more sensitive than usual, and she reached out her hands towards Tatsuya, wanting to hug him and be as close to him as she possibly could, longing for a full body to body contact. 


「Nhaah, aaahhh! Ahnnh, Tatsuya-san, you are only teasing my nipples right now, and I’m already, aahh…… I’m so sorry, but…… Ahh, I won’t be able to stand it for much longer……!!!」


Liliana cries out in shame as insurmountable pleasure slowly consumes her.


「There’s no need for you to apologize, Liliana-san. I am also so excited that I can barely even stand it…… And, as I said this before, I want to see more of that naughty side of yours, Liliana-san. Show it to me, I want you to show me more. Besides, you are still not properly satisfied here, right?」


Tatsuya says that, all the while not stopping the movements of his tongue and fingers, then shifting his fingers towards Liliana’s crotch once more and focusing his attention on that area.


“Uhhh…… Iyaah! I’m sorry for being so naughty, Tatsuya-san…… Ever since you started touching me, I have been so wet down there…… Aaauuuhhh, and just thinking of you touching me there was more than enough to make me completely drenched!」


When prompted by Tatsuya, Liliana obediently confesses how exactly she feels at the current moment, twisting her hips and rubbing her crotch wet with her hot and sticky lewd liquids with her own hands.


「Yes, that’s right. Everything’s alright, Liliana-san. There’s no need to feel ashamed. Just show me exactly how you feel and what you want me to do to you.」


When he smiled back at Liliana in a gentle way, Tatsuya then pointed his finger at Liliana’s sticky and agitated hole, causing her expression to become even more embarrassed and agonized.


「Nhaah, aahh…… Aaahhh!!! I-I want them inside…… Tatsuya-san’s fingers, crawling…… Ahh, ahh, aaahhh…… inside of me! I want to…… Nhaah, aah…… to stir me up and make a mess of me……!!!」


Since she was already very close to reaching her limits, Liliana’s pussy was already completely drenched and loosened up, her love nectars overflowing without stopping. Her hole was also clinging tightly to her own fingers, stimulating its walls, sucking them in as if it was inviting her fingers to go and delve even deeper inside, all the way to the back.


「Liliana-san, your pussy is so amazing. It looks so hot and so wet, as if it was going to melt any moment now……」


「T-That’s because…… I got Tatsuya-san to caress me like that…… And it made me feel really happy…… Nhh! Tatsuya-san…… Ohhh, aah, nhaah, Tatsuya-san! Now it’s my turn to please you with my body as well……」


Liliana stares right into Tatsuya’s eyes, her own eyes moist with lust that she was unable to contain.


「Fufu, I actually feel the same. Seeing just how excited you are right now, Liliana-san, excites me to no end. Especially when you show me that naughty expression of yours.  I honestly would not mind if you were like that all the time.」


And the way in which Liliana was previously begging Tatsuya to stop was actually making him even more excited than if she was to beg him to do her.


That is why there was no hesitation in his movements right now. Tatsuya just inserted his fingers as deep inside of Liliana’s pussy as he could, and then he started to vigorously stir up her insides without stopping even for a moment.


「Nhaah! Tatsuya-san’s fingers…… the way in which they stir me up inside is so…… Nhyii, good, it feels so good, it’s amazing!」


While Liliana’s pussy was making loud and wet vulgar noises, her ecstatic voice reverberated throughout the room.


Being able to look at Liliana’s appearance warped by lust and pleasure was more than enough of a stimulant for Tatsuya’s dick to awaken at once, a huge and pulsating bulge erecting inside of his pants. 


「It seems like you really like this spot in particular, huh, Liliana-san? You react so strongly when I stir you there.」


Being able to find a spot inside of Liliana that felt really good for her, Tatsuya smiled like a mischievous child and bent his fingers in such a way that he would focus on that exact spot exclusively, and then he started to scratch it and rub it intensively.


「Kuhyiih!?Nhyiih, t-that place is…… It feels way too good!? I-I just came a little bit, and now I’m about to do it again so soon!? Aaahhh!!! Why is it so easy for me to cum again so much!?」


Perhaps it was because she just happened to cum lightly that she was slightly oversensitive for the moment, so in addition to the feeling of exhilaration, Liliana was being suffocated by her sexual pleasure that arose from having her G-spot stimulated, and then she rushed towards her climax in a blink of an eye.


「It’s alright. Don’t hesitate to cum, Liliana-san. Just show me how you cum once again after only cumming just now.」


Tatsuya whispered those words right into Liliana’s ear, to which she could only react in one way.


「Y-Yes…… I’m cumming! Thanks to Tatsuya-san doing such pleasurable things to me, I’m cumming again…… Nkuuh! Cumming, cumming, I’m cumming! Ahaah, a-again, I’m cumming –––––– Nhyiiiiiihhhhhh!!!!!!」


Liliana, who managed to reach the peak of her pleasure for the second time in close succession just now, had her whole body twitch and tremble violently, and let out a joy-filled scream that was more akin to a roar of a wild animal.


The afterglow of her newest climax was also so strong that it made Liliana’s limbs tremble and go completely numb simultaneously.


Her pussy also tightened to the point where her nether lips were closed shut tightly, and splashes of extruded lewd liquid leaked out from the thin slit ever so slightly.


As Tatsuya pulled out his fingers from inside of her, Liliana at the same time fell down with no strength left in her limbs, like a puppet whose strings were all severed. She then lied there for a moment, letting out ecstatic moans, and then she barely managed to face Tatsuya.


「Fuaah, aahh… Ahh, haah, aah, nnh…… With Tatsuya-san’s fingers, I managed to cum once again…… It was… it felt really, really good.」 




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