My Household`s Liliana-san Volume 2 Chapter 5 Part 4

「Oh, is that it? Well, yeah, I actually thought the same thing.」

No matter what, the incident in the private bath earlier flickered some sort of a switch inside of Tatsuya’s head as well.

And that one lewd incident was nothing but a detonator that instantly flared up his half-swelled emotions and turned them into a true wildfire.

「So, in order to not feel so lonely because of that, I would like for you to touch me a whole lot, Tatsuya-san.」


Before Tatsuya could react to it in any sort of way, Liliana, who could no longer control her emotions, hugged him and pressed her breasts against his chest once more.

Despite having a gorgeous body overall, her soft breasts which were springy and elastic, and the feeling of being softly crushed was clearly transmitted from his chest, and the sound of Tatsuya’s throat swallowing his saliva resounded across the entire room.

「Tatsuya-san, please touch me a whole lot.」

「Ah, no, but, I mean…… Is that really okay? We just went to the hot springs and all that……」

「Yes, it’s quite alright. If I break a sweat, I’ll just have to re-enter the bath afterwards, and I can’t help it but remember what happened earlier. chiyufuah, nnnhhh.」

Liliana made no secret of her physical condition and lust, rubbing her fidgeting legs against one another, squishing her inner thighs.

Then, she brought her face towards Tatsuya who stiffened up and gave him a deep kiss without hesitation from the get-go.

She then stuck her tongue right into her mouth and let her saliva inside.

Her excitement made his heart beat faster and Tatsuya could feel through his touch that her body was burning hot.

They no longer had to worry about disturbed because the waitress did not have any more errands to run here and she would not be visiting their room for the remainder of the day.

When their lips were pressed hard against one another, Liliana gradually turned back so as to compete with Tatsuya.

「Haaah, hhah, Liliana-san.」

「Muchiyu, nfunnh, jiyuru.」

He could not stand the feeling of rubbing their lips together and smearing them with each other’s saliva.

The two repeatedly kissed each other violently for a while.

Earlier they have been so rudely interrupted by that waitress.

Tatsuya was so moved by overflowing desires of Liliana, that they might have actually ended up influencing him as well as a result.

Even though he wanted to touch Liliana more carefully, he also wanted to dye her in hi own color right now, so that she would forever stand that way.

Tatsuya could not suppress his fundamental instincts as a male. So he released his hand that was holding onto Liliana’s chest and let it crawl through the gap in her yukata towards her crotch.

「Hmmnn, Tatsuya-san~.」

Just by stroking her through her underwear, Liliana twitched and sensitively shook her shoulders.

「Liliana-san, you are already so wet.」

With just one stroke of his hand, he could clearly feel that the fabric of Liliana’s panties was soaking wet.

「T-That’s because thinking about Tatsuya-san and the things that you would do to me, my body becomes more and more numb, so that’s why…… B-Besides, I can see that you are also really stiff down there Tatsuya-san……」


Liliana’s hand gently touched Tatsuya’s crotch. It swelled up and jumped up with a big jerk at the reluctant reprimand.

「I can see that you can’t really stand it much longer either, Tatsuya-san.」


The moment she said that Tatsuya, wanting to let go of this hot impulse right now, put his arms around Liliana’s back and hugged her tightly. She bent her knees and gently guided Tatsuya while the two fell down on top of their futon.

The desire to be lured by Liliana seemed to be so big that Tatsuya felt like he was about to burst at any moment now, so as they exchanged kisses once more and let each other’s obis gradually loosen up.

He ripped off Liliana’s underwear in a maybe little too violent fashion as if to ascertain his domination over her, but judging from her reactions Liliana did not seem to care about that and opened her legs wide as to welcome Tatsuya.

In the center of the brown space in between her thighs, her pink-colored labia was already boiling, and her lascivious juices were already dripping as if she was impatiently waiting for Tatsuya to invade her down there.

「Ahh, please, Tatsuya-san. Please come here already!」

Tatsuya did not even try to suppress his straying feelings anymore, and put his hardened penis against Liliana’s drenched cavity.

「Here I come, Liliana-san!」

Tatsuya then thrust his hips forward as he was being wrapped in Liliana’s hot and slippery insides. Hot, wet mucous membranes contracted around him, welcoming his penis inside.

「Fuaaah, ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, Tatsuya-san is coming in!」

「Kuuh, and you are so incredibly tight, Liliana-san!」

While the insides of her pussy tightened around Tatsuya’s penis, he slowly started to move back and forth after getting used to this exquisite sensation.

「Ahh, I want Tatsuya-san to feel me more and more, so my body is acting on its own!」

「M-Me too, Liliana-san! And I’m so sorry about that!」

Tatsuya instinctively began to shake his hips back and forth, unable to stay still when he heard Liliana’s luscious and erotic voice.

「Ahhh, Tatsuya-san, please let me feel it even more!」

「Y-Yeah…… Of course!」

While holding his breath, Tatsuya pushed his meat stick deeper and deeper into Liliana’s pussy. He put all of his strength into his body, which was trembling with pleasure, and rubbed her firm flesh with his stiff and quivering dick.

Next, he rubbed her uterus by turning his waist in a circular motion.

「Ahhh, Tatsuya-san, from the very beginning, it feels so good that I can’t think about anything else!」

Liliana’s expression melted in a pleasant bliss right after Tatsuya started screwing her.

Her lips slightly open, her eyes glittering with expectations, her skin flushed, and her hot foliage leaking out. All of those gestures were so incredibly charming, and she stirred Tatsuya’s excitement.

No matter how much he thought about trying to withstand the pleasure, he could not stand it, so that he could enjoy it more and more slowly, and enjoy it more and more.

Tatsuya gradually increased the speed and tenacity of his strokes as he moved back and forth inside Liliana’s pussy.

「Ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh, it’s so hot, and it’s rubbing me all the way to the back! Ahh, the inside of my stomach feels so good!」

Her reaction became proportionately more pronounced, making her throat quiver and her sweet voice leaking out more and more.

「Fuuh, it feels really good to me as well, Liliana-san!」

At this point in time, Liliana’s pussy was trying to adapt itself so that it could match Tatsuya’s movements and squeeze even more pleasure out of his dick.

Her lewdness increased steadily, and she was soaking wet, as if she was about to come in no time at all.

「Haah, please, please, afuuh, nnhh, when Tatsuya-san hugs me, my body and mind become so much warmer! Aaahhh, I want you to keep hugging my body so strongly!! Fuwaah!?」

She put her arms around Tatsuya’s neck and wrapped her legs around his back to make herself be able to feel Tatsuya’s manhood a little bit stronger and deeper.

「Yeah… I’ll do my best, so you too please continue to do your best, Liliana-san! Let’s make one another feel really good!」

Even though she had just come out of the hot spring, Tatsuya shook his hips the way Liliana asked him to, soaking her body with the sweat that had just started to boil all over her.

So Tatsuya decided to leave things to her, and he could focus on his thrusting, evenly rubbing himself all over Liliana’s insides.

「Haha, fufufufu, Tatsuya-san’s penis is rubbing the inside of my belly all the way to the back, and it feels so good —— it’s so nice to have such a hot thing rub against each other, and I want you to keep on rubbing me more and more like this, Tatsuya-san! Ahh, akuuh, fuuh!?」

Because of the way in which she was being penetrated, Liliana’s voice grew even louder. In response, she hugged Tatsuya even more to allow him to reach even deeper.

They had had sex many times now, so she understood his tastes and preferences to some extent.

「It’s all the way to the back, if you poke it in the back, ahhh, this feels so incredibly good, Liliana-san!」

Tatsuya immediately buried his meat stick inside of Liliana’s pussy all the way to its base, poking her af far as he could reach and occasionally turning his waist and stimulating her by rubbing all of her fleshy folds.

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