My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess Chapter 69




Translator: Cyrus

“One more match!”

Surfania’s words echo in the room.
The cute little animal in Surfania is gone, along with her timidness. Instead, she’s pounding on the desk with her hands.
Having been promoted from predator to prey, she is chewing on Leon, who just won a game.

“Huh? You wanna go again?”

Leon stops packing the board game and looks confused. Surfania doesn’t seem to care.

“I almost won that one…… I’ll win this time! One more!”
“But I have to continue my lessons with Mariwa-”
“Shut up. Do you have a problem with that?!”
“Uh, no. Let’s play again, milady.”
“You weakling.”

I was observing them silently, but I step out and hit Leon’s head lightly for giving in to Surfania so easily.
He covers the spot that I hit just now, and looks at me slightly embarrassed.

“Well I mean, there’s nothing to be gained from going against her.”
“Don’t say something so pathetic. You’re a guy.”
“I think it’s more gentlemanly to back down though.”

He gives a surprisingly sound argument.
It’s true that nothing good will happen if he stands his ground, and it’s also the code of a gentleman to let ladies have their way. Perhaps Mariwa has taught him well in this case.
But now that Surfania has gotten used to Leon, it’s starting to get boring. I try to spice things up and egg him on.

“Go on, Leon. Hold your ground against Surfania and fight back!”
“I’m not your servant. I refuse to take part in this meaningless fight.”
“Also, what’s with you, Chris? Do you have a problem?”
“Uh, not really?”

She glares sharply at me. I’m not afraid of her, I just don’t have a problem with her so I say that honestly.
I just wanted to entertain myself more. It was fun watching them before, but now it’s just a drag. I envy Mariwa for being able to feign ignorance by reading a book. Most likely she sees more value in watching their exchange than in continuing her lessons, as she doesn’t seem to have any intention of interfering.
Surfania is still dissatisfied from losing the board game. She gives Leon a sharp glare with a sullen face.

“First of all, Leon. I don’t like the color of your hair. It’s the same color as that of Chris! It annoys me!”
“Hey, why are you getting mad at me?”
“No, I’m the one who should be mad. What have you been doing to her all this time, Christina?”

That’s an unexpected accusation. I’ve only been teasing her a little, as always.
Leon stops arguing, and resets the board quietly.

“My first impression of you was that you were a gentle girl…… until just now……”

Never mind. He’s grumbling a lot.
I begin to pity him a little. I put my hand on his shoulder to comfort him.

“Hey, that’s not the worst. This girl acts like that to her family, you know? In fact, she puts on her worst behavior towards her sister.”
“What? First Michelie and now Surfania. Are you trying to give me special training by ruining all my first impressions of ladies? Please stop trying to crush my dreams.”
“Hm? Michelie’s an angel though. Just like your first impression of her, right?”

Leon makes me speechless. How dare he as a commoner.
Does he have a problem with Michelie? It’s an absolute universal truth that she’s an angel. I don’t know why he seems to think otherwise, but I’ll show him the truth.

“Come on, Leon. Michelie’s an Archangel, you know? You probably fell in love with her at first sight, right?”
“Gh……! I- I don’t deny that, but Christina, you’re really not one to talk about wrong first impressions, you know?”
“It can’t be helped. Chris is blind when it comes to her sister.”
“Ah, I can tell somehow. She’s been spoiling her since I met them two years ago. Maybe that explains my first impression of Michelie.”
“Well, her sister, too…… in fact, I think she’s the evil one.”

Leon and Surfania are suddenly agreeing with each other. What’s going on?
They’ve only met her once. They don’t know anything about her. Leon looks at me suddenly, perhaps because I was showing my dissatisfaction.

“Now that I think about it, Christina’s the only one who sticks to first impressions of herself. She’s really willful and thinks she’s the best.”
“Of course. She’s easy to understand because she’s an idiot.”

Surfania piles on the insults before I can say anything.

“I’m going home.”
“Go ahead.”

I thought her timidness would keep her from staying, but I didn’t expect that response.
Having her agree so easily makes me hurt a little inside.

“……Oh yeah, Leon.”

I need to take out my frustration, so I give Leon a piece of advice before leaving.

“She’ll take it out on you if you let her win.”
“……And what happens if I do win?”
“She’s a sore loser, so she’ll take it out on you anyway.”
“Then what should I do?”

He clings to me for help, but I don’t care. He can figure it out himself.

“Now, Leon. You seem confident that you’ll win. I’ll make you eat those words. This time, it’s going to be my win.”
“Wait, I didn’t say that-”

I stifle my laugh at the sight of Leon digging his own grave.
All in all, I’m glad I brought Surfania here. It’s good they’re having fun.

“Bye then. ……What are you going to do, Mariwa?”
“I shall remain here. I cannot leave the children here like this.”

She’s staying here even though it’s only going to get boring. I’m impressed.

“Bringing Surfania here has brought some unexpected rewards, milady. I bid you good day. Please be careful on your way home, and when you get home, as well.”
“Yeah, I kno- ……Hm?”

I tilt my head in response to Mariwa’s cryptic warning, and leave the church.

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