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**NOTE**: Chapter 95 contains author thoughts and is not related to the story, therefore we are not translating it. Enjoy chapter 96 🙂

Something was troubling me.

Now that Michelie had entered the Academy, I can’t continue to live the way I have been before.

I am a villainess. My existence is the pair to the heroine Michelie.

For these past two years at the academy, I’ve been doing whatever I want, breaking the mold of a cultured young lady. That should be more than enough to let everyone know that I have a rotten personality.

And now that Michelie has arrived, I must now act as a true villainess, the problem is just how to go about that.

The original Christina mostly indirectly harassed her.

Harassing like a true aristocrat, like spreading lots of nasty rumours.

It was only at the main points that she acted directly. It’s important that I am behind everything, but it doesn’t really matter who the pawn’s are.

That’s the sort of bullying I need to do. Michelie will then overcome this persecution to obtain happiness and glory

But I have a shortage of capable people to use for harassment.

At any rate, the new students have only just entered. Right now I don’t have any acquaintances among the first years. From the beginning I need to isolate Michelie from the other first years around here, so I can’t just be idle. True genius lies in the preparation.

I thought of how to solve this as I got ready in the morning. It was in that second as I stepped foot outside my room to go get breakfast downstairs that it appeared.

“Good morning lady Christina!”

The moment I left my room I was greeted by a heap of luxurious ringlet curls.


I’ll say this again just to be clear, I absolutely, do not have any acquaintances at all among the first years.

The person beaming in uniform is neither an acquaintance of mine nor part of my clique. My group is made up of people both older and wiser than this kid.

Saying that, I chose to smoothly ignore this person.

“Eh, ah? Good morning to you lady Christina. It’s Freesia. Freesia Istar, you know!”

From the third floor, to the second, the person sticking to me is without a doubt Freesia. If I take notice of her she will probably stick to me even more, so I continue with silence.

It’s all right. Once I leave the dormitory my usual group should be waiting there. Once I meet up with them, even this kid should break… Darn. I’m afraid she’s just going to follow along as if she belongs with me in the first place.

“Lady Christina…..Why are you being so silent? Aah. By any chance, did something unpleasant happen to you?”

Good guess, but you just don’t get it do you?

At least the result is right, even if her thoughts are all wrong. What a waste. Please use that insight elsewhere.

For now, I need to check on how His Highness’ progress is going. To escape from my current situation, I let my thoughts drift back to my earlier problem. That was it. Yesterday, His Highness should have consoled Michelie and properly closed the distance. I have to ascertain whether or not he managed to do it.

It’s more troublesome than I thought, actually trying to help someone get someone’s heart. I can’t always be around too personally monitor everything. But even so, I must not neglect the gathering of intelligence. I must, no matter what, give Michelie happiness.

“Lady Christina. If there is something that is causing you worry, please consult with me. I may be out of my depth, but somehow or other I could be of help. At least, I’ll be better than that Michelie……!”

This is bad. There’s only one floor left until we reach the door outside, but Freesia hasn’t got the hint at all. If I keep ignoring her like this, this idiot will force herself into my clique.

I can’t have that happen. This is a big problem that concerns my reputation.


“Why, what is your command, lady Christina!”

When I spoke she was obviously delighted. If she had a tail it would be wagging. Rather, with her mass of curls she looks exactly like some fancy dog breed.

I wonder why she is so emotionally attached to me? Her happiness at being spoken to is written all over her face, I couldn’t help but start to have some doubts. I had no memory of ever meeting Freesia face to face before after all.

Then why was she so obsessed with me?

“By all means, please instruct me however you wish. rather than your sister Michelie, instruct me!”

And why does this girl burns with such hostility towards Michelie?

“….If I was to ask you to do a favour for me, would you?”

If I went through with the harassment of Michelie, could I could use Freesia? To put it bluntly, Freesia could be very convenient. The timing with which she had appeared before me, the hatred she held for Michelie, and even her unconditional adoration of me.

Indeed, it wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that this is the work of fate

Did fate see through me and see my doubt and hesitation? Even now Freesia’s face still showed how earnest she was.

“Whatever it is, I will cooperate with you with all my power.”

“I see.”

What to do. Even as I calmly nodded on the surface, inside I wavered more and more about whether to rely on Freesia or not.

Part of that hesitation, was also the guilt that she could be caught up up in my condemnation.

However even more than that, for some reason, I feel like it will fail if I use Freesia. Even Freesia, if I think that fate is behind it, there is nothing I won’t use. Even though I need a pawn….this kid, is she really this obedient?

After all, whether or not I use Freesia will depend on His Highness’ progress.

“For the time being, Freesia…”

This doesn’t mean I’ve decided to involve her. Either way, I need Freesia to as far away from me to minimize involvement, I need to get this across to Freesia.

“Go on ahead to class and make friends with the people in your year level”

“E, why….NO, I shall do as you have commanded!”

At Freesia’s reaction I let out a sigh. It seems as if I finally got my rejection through to her.

If only briefly, it seems I managed to have the relief of getting rid of her.

“Come to think of it, most people in my year level don’t know the factions yet. I shall lead lady Christina’s first year student faction! Not Michelie, but this me!”

“Wh-? No, that wasn’t what I said though? I just meant like normally……”

“Please do not restrain yourself! To be able to read between the lines, is what is expected of lady Christina’s disciple! With that, I bid you adieu. Please look forward to my report on the results!”

No sooner had she said that then she let me go and quickly skipped outside.

I stood still watching until I couldn’t even see her back, perhaps they had been watching the scene between me and Freesia from afar, but my two followers joined me at the exit.

“Lady Chris. What, who is that? She looks like such a first year, but is she Lady Chris’ die hard fan maybe. From her hair style, some nobles kid I’d say. Do you know her, lady Rona?”

“Why does her hair style even matter……That, was certainly the daughter of the Istar house. In my memory she was a much quieter child though….what do you say, Lady Christina.”

“That kid is totally unconnected to me. Ignore it.”

To my puzzled followers, I clearly dismissed her, but I had a feeling it was already too late.




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