Volume 11 Chapter 5 Part 8

Gozer reports in low voice. I could hear him well, though.

He receives Gozer’s report with his chest filled with pride. The Duke is after all a Duke.

Even if it is rotten, a sea bream is still a sea bream, after all.

「Since the plan has been set int motion so abruptly without any prior notice, it might be difficult to inform everyone about the commencement of the operation, so the current 80% of the personnel should be more than enough for our needs.」

「However, there is one problem though.」

「What is it?」


Gozer hesitates while looking toward me with a complicated expression. Apparently, it is something he doesn’t want the outsiders to hear.

「It is alright. Lord Michio has agreed to lend us a hand with the operation.」

「Lord Michio has done that?」

「Yes, since he has visited the Earl of Selmar’s castle before.」

He didn’t tell Gozer that he dragged me there with him, it seems.

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