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Character Notes

Since I think it will make a nice way to end this volume, I’m going to talk a bit about the origins of the characters.

I will introduce their original character settings, the origin of their names by this author(who has zero naming sense) etc, in order of their ranking from the popularity contests so far.

Christina Noir

In the popularity contest, she, as expected, overwhelmingly won first place.

In the print illustration her hair will have a few curls. It really suits her. The illustration became an added bonus item somehow. When you purchase a copy through AniMate it comes attached.

In the beginning, I designed her as a character who never lost, but somehow I ended up calling her a genius.

Some may have noticed already, but rather than a ‘genius’, technically she just developed early and worked hard. However, she certainly has a certain something that attracts others.

From the initial concept, our heroine really hasn’t changed much at all.

I didn’t really name her like this for any reason. It just had an aristocratic feel, and had an easy nickname ‘Chris’ so I chose it.

Michelie Noir

Whether intentionally or not, in front of her big sister she is always perfectly adorable. She has only recently developed a more complicated personality.

In the print edition the colour of her eyes changes a bit. Not for any real reason. Ummm, maybe it’s because I thought it looked cute.

The specs she inherited from her mother are higher than Chris and even Mariwas. But since her OP stats are only used when it concerns her big sister, the rest of the time she is just a harmless angelic child.

Considering her recent actions, you probably won’t believe me, but in the original design she was just a pure and naive child without any of her current malicious intent. From about chapter twenty three, I realised I had somehow stepped on the accelerator of her ‘jealousy’ setting, but I thought it would be odd to hit the brakes now, so it just kind of got out of hand.

As for her name, I just wanted to pick a cute sounding name, so I thought of ‘Michelie’.

Mariwa Toinette

It was quite close, but she came in third place. Occasionally she overtakes Michelie for second.

In the print edition she has been drawn as a smart beauty. Looking at her is strangely reassuring, she is truly a wonderful adult.

Her expectations for Chris are not about her learning ability, but rather her charismatic charm. She believes Chris will surely change the world they live in. As for Michelie, aside from winning by all means, she’s considering whether she should teach her some common sense. She really hates Evilia and thinks she’s an immature child. Since the scene has changed, I think we will be seeing less of her from now.

Her initial setting actually wasn’t a character who could do literally anything. Rather, I really didn’t plan on her appearing as much as she has.

The origin of her name, Marie Antoinette. She doesn’t actually have anything to do with the historical figure. I just wanted the characters to have easy to remember names, so I often used names similar to famous figures.

Charles Edward

He got first place in the Hero Division.

For his beloved Chris, he will cooperate with his enemy Michelie. Even though they are ‘cooperating’ with each other, they are both just waiting for the chance to trip the other up.

Just like Michelie, I also altered the colour of Charles’ eyes. Well, it was because I thought it was cute – but I wonder if there was another reason?

While his initial setting was as the obedient puppy type, for some reason he turned out this way. That was probably Michelie’s bad influence.

I chose his name after searching ‘Royal Names’ on the internet. That was how lazy at naming I am.

Surfania Calibrachoa

A gloomy but sharp tongued tsundere. Recently, she has decided to try her best.

She originally didn’t appear in Destiny Labyrinth, but because she was involved with Chris her whole life’s route was altered.

The upper limit of her specs are probably around the same level as Chris’. In terms of effort and motivation, Chris has so far been vastly ahead in both. Whether she will ever be able to beat Chris well, that will depend on her growth from now on. For the time being, she’s trying her best to be able to even talk with a stranger.

Her original setting was as a child who was really smart, but since her debut she somehow became a piece of trash.

The origin of her name is derived from a flower. Yeah, that’s right. I mistook ‘Surfinia’ and ‘Surfania’. Her family name is also from a flower. Apparently it means ‘smiling face in bloom’ in the language of flowers.

Leon Nardo

Unlike last time when he lost to Duke Noir, he has grown a lot more popular.

For the print edition, I was surprised that he was so handsome.

Initial setting…I really didn’t think of anything. I thought of making a vague but lively child, but that’s all I had considered for his character. In any case, right now he’s decided to act for the girl he likes.

His names comes from Leonardo da Vinci. I thought Leonardo was a really cool sounding name, so I split it and got his name.

Endo Edward

He is regrettably, our egocentric hero

I really hated him at first, but his personality ended up just being a male version of Chris. His bad relationship with Chris is identical to Michelie and Charles’. Like repels like.

He has teamed up with Chris, but for some reason he feels incredibly uneasy about it. …Good luck.

I had decided from the beginning that he would become the third piece of junk? capture target? Because the author can’t stand junk characters unless they are pitiful or haughty, so he ended up like this.

His name comes from the name of an author I love, ‘Michael Ende’. At first I was planning to call him ‘Ende’ but then I made a typo and it became ‘Endo’. It was just a typo, but it fit him so perfectly that we decided to leave it like that.


Head of the Noir family

Currently he is being hated by one daughter and targeted by the other, yes this is how pitiful he has become, but really he’s just reaping what he sowed,

I actually did come up with a name for him, but I missed the chance to use it. I’m currently worrying how I can introduce his name…

The Usual Maid

Even though it’s a nameless character, she’s quite popular.

She is quite new to the Noir family and has a favourable relationship with Oxe. Recently, the young lady she looks after seems to be in her rebellious stage and fighting with her little sister, so she has a lot of worries.

In the print edition she actually got a name. Although she’s a minor character, she will be playing a very active part as a victim in a side story.

Igusa Toinette

Ms Mariwa’s nephew. When Endo enter the Academy, Igusa finished being his Swordsmanship teacher and returned to being a knight of the chivalric order.

He greatly respects his aunt, Ms Mariwa.

Evelia Edward

A person beloved by the heavens. Compared to her original design, she’s ended up being quite a mysterious figure.

Her specs are insanely high, who was especially good at winning people over. She was a person who lived their life doing whatever they wanted to.

Her name comes from ‘Eve’ and ‘Maria’ that weren’t joined to make it easier to read. For some reason or another I really wanted her name to sound holy.


Chris’ mother.

Despite not even having a rough description, she is the one person who Chris could never forget.

In the novel she’s beginning to appear a bit more.

Augustin Istar

Probably the only gentleman in this story.

Once we’re in the school arc, I plan to have his daughter be quite an active character.

But…this person, in terms of parenting ability, is just the worst.


Charles’ attendant. Recently he hasn’t been appearing much at all.

His full name will be released in a side story as a special privilege. The origin of his name is, a certain world famous university, I think you can guess which one it is pretty easily.

By the way, What do you mean not a single person voted for him?!

The Seriousness

With many regrets, it’s now dead.

However even if one serious point has fallen, it shall rise again and again…!


Mr Lucky life (´運ω命`)さん

At death’s door. Only lives on in Chris’ heart.




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