Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 5 Chapter 6.1

Episode 6: For Whom Tonight


「Organizer M, I didn’t expect you to appear in this form. 」

I was stunned to see the commercial playing in the venue. I was taken aback.

「Nee-san, why are you doing that? 」

「Like Young Master, we also know about the 《game》. Of course, we intend to participate in it as well. 」

Suddenly Yukihime-neesan, who had been an ally until now, looked like an enemy.

「So what do you say Young Master? Is this the end of our alliance? 」

I was confused by this unexpected question. What should I do? So much has happened so suddenly that I can’t think straight.

After a bit of a silence from me Yukihime-neesan let out a sigh.

「Time is up. I can’t form an alliance with such a hesitant Young Master. Now get out of here. 」

「….Excuse me. 」

「We should apologize. After all, we are the only ones who got our wish granted. I could not help the Young Master with his wicked plan. 」

「It couldn’t be helped. Perhaps the fact that the other wish was picked means that someone manipulated it even better than we did. 」

All we did was manipulate the stop signal made by the button. However if that didn’t work, then there is only one possible explanation. If the button was pressed and the stop signal was sent at the right time, then the wish that was selected had to have been selected ahead of time.

In other words it was completely orchestrated. It was all so the commercial would be played.

Is that even possible? Yes, I think it’s possible. The people who did it are an organization that manipulated all kinds of information in order to conceal Yun-chan’s whereabouts. And now we finally know who it is.

The one hiding Yun-chan is the Leprechaun.

「I’m sorry Yukihim-neesan. I’m going. 」

「Alright, take care. I wish you success in your wicked deeds. 」

「Thank you. Oh, right right. One more thing. You look beautiful in a yukata. 」

As it turns out, he was too shy to say that until the very end. Yukihime-neesan looked surprised for a moment, then smiled sweetly.

「Don’t just say something stupid and run off. 」

I waved with a smile and left the venue.

「For now I’ll call Tensai. 」

I was so surprised earlier that I accidentally hung up the phone, so when I looked at my phone to call back I realized I had a text message. It was sent by President Yuiga.

「The members of the Adventure Club will do everything in their power to get the password. 」

He wanted to decide on a meeting place and time so everyone could report their current status.

It seems that President Yuiga also noticed the message from Organizer M on TV. Getting the password is top priority for me. There is no avoiding it.

I immediately reply with my location and head to the station for the time being.

「And now phone, phone. 」

Time to call Tensai again.

「Hello? Is this Tensai? I’m sorry I hung up so suddenly. 」

「Yeah, I was watching TV here as well. I didn’t expect Saki Yoshino to appear right then. 」

「And as Organizer M. Well, let’s put Yun-chan aside for now. You got the e-mail from President Yuiga? 」

「Yes I did. 」

「So, let’s meet up to figure out the password. 」

「No thanks. 」

「…What was that? 」

「I’m saying that I’m not going. 」

I was surprised and confused by Tensai immediately turning down the invitation.

「No, but why not? 」

「Well Juugo. I mean, why are you so busy looking for a password in this situation? 」

That’s when I realized what Tensai was trying to say.

「No, it’s…」

「Juugo. What are you going to do about your evil plan? 」


「I also checked the Leprechaun website. I still think that the evil plan should be prioritized. 」

Given the time limit, I have to choose either the evil plan or the password. However it is absolutely necessary to obtain the password to enter the <<game>>.

「We really need it for Nanana-chan’s sake. 」


「Please Tensai. Lend me your strength. 」

「Hmm, you sound kind of weak, which is not like you. 」

Weak? Maybe so. Usually I would say 「Then I’ll do it on my own」 just to spite Tensai. But perhaps it’s because of not getting my wish granted in Nanana-chan’s slot, or maybe I’m just impatient, but I have to get the password no matter what it takes.

「And just now you said it was for Nanana-dono’s sake. 」

And that’s when it hit me.

Shit. Even though I was upset, I said something I shouldn’t have. What should I do?

「…Ummm, I was saying…」

In the end, I honestly confessed. Even if I tried to lie here, Tensai would see right through it.

「OK, I’ll join you for now. But I’ll wait to hear what you have to say before I help. 」

After that the line went dead. Immediately afterwards I received an email from President Yuiga indicating the meeting location and time. Is the meeting place the city we live in?

We pushed through the crowd of people who were still excited about the Tanabata Festival, and took a tram back to our town. President Yuiga set the meeting time at 10PM so there is still some time left.

The area in front of the station is very quiet, as if the noise from earlier wasn’t real. Perhaps it was because this area is far from the downtown area, there are no people here at all.

「I’ve been waiting for you Juugo. 」

Standing alone in front of this quiet station was Ikkyuu Tensai. She was standing with her arms crossed in a bad mood.

「So Juugo. Why are you so obsessed with the password? I think your evil plans are by far a greater priority. 」

Tensai just jumps into the main topic without any preamble.

「That’s true. I admit that. But I still need the password. 」

「To participate in the 《game》.」

「That’s right. 」

「So the goal is to go after the Nanana collection. Is the <<Sword of Nanana>> really that important to you? No, there’s no point in asking such a question. Let’s break this down and start from the basics. 」

「The basics? 」

「Yama Juugo, why are you looking for the Nanana Collection? What is your true purpose? 」

I was confused by the sudden question.


「I’ve never dared to ask you that before. To be honest, I didn’t care. I was waiting for you to start talking like my cool rival villain. 」

THIS GIRL. Did she just say she doesn’t care? She definitely did. It’s because she is a great detective, and all she has in mind is how to play the role of the great detective and look cool.

「But this time I can’t just ignore it. What are your reasons that this takes precedence over your evil plan? If I don’t hear it I won’t be able to calm down. 」

「No, it’s just…」

「If you answer honestly, I will cooperate with you for a time. However, if you don’t answer I will go back to the Happiness Dorm. 」

Damn, Tensai is serious. She means it.

What to do? Shall I say it? Shall I tell her? This is to find the person who killed Nanana-chan. …No, it’s impossible! There’s no way! It’s too embarrassing!

Then a thought popped into my head.

Or better yet, how about having Tensai investigate a case that happened 10 years ago?

This girl calls herself a great detective, which is a bad sign, but has the perfect abilities for this. In terms of brain power, she is far beyond me. If it’s Tensai we are talking about, maybe it will be easy to find the culprit.

Well that’s a good idea then.

…but it was only for a moment that I felt that way. In my head it was as if I had just l solved a difficult math problem, but on the other hand my heart ached. Without thinking I put my hand on my painful chest and dragged my nails over it.

I was puzzled by that feeling. The voice in my heart instantly said 「No! 」

Why is that?

I was confused for a bit, but the answer came quickly. I knew this feeling. The other day when I confronted Ikusaba-san, I felt the same feeling.

I don’t want anyone else to figure out who killed Nanana-chan. It was jealousy. Wow, so that’s what it is.

I feel like I’m blushing. No, no, no, I’ve already been through this before. We are talking about Tensai here. It doesn’t matter. Stop it. You know what the right thing to do is, right Juugo?

What is the purpose? To find the person who killed Nanana-chan, and make Nanana-chan happy and smile.

IF that’s the case then what am I confused about? Hurry up and tell Tensai and ask for her help. It’s a better idea, no doubts. If there are 100 people in this situation, 99 of them will get Tensai’s help. Come on, now say it.


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