Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 6 Chapter 2.2

The young conductor left Saki with a bow and said ‘good luck’ before leaving.

Saki figured that the young conductor was probably a leprechaun, just like Natsu Oshima who helped her at 《Marumelo》.

Leprechaun is a general term for people who have made pacts with a mysterious 《God》. Their role is to act according to the commands from 《God》 that they hear in their mind from time to time.

Well, Saki forgets that she’s also a leprechaun. The only time they remember is when they receive an order from 《God》. And once they finish their role, they lose their memories again.

By the way, 《God》 is just a nickname, it’s probably not really god. However, 《God》 reaches out to those who have experienced unfortunate events and urges them to make a contract, then performs a miracle for those who do.

Natsu Oshima, who took care of her while she was in hiding, had an experience of being attacked by a thug when she was a student, and had most of her fingers cut off. Even after surgery she was told that she would no longer have full movement of her fingers. After making a pact with 《God》 though, her fingers miraculously recovered. With her fingers fully recovered she was able to achieve her dream of becoming a pastry chef.

Saki’s case is even more amazing. As part of a secret part-time job, she was investigating the 《ruin》 at the South Red Mall. While doing so she was trapped between two walls full of spikes with both walls closing in on her. The spikes pierced entire body and she was certain she was going to take her last breath. However, as she was on the verge of death, she heard the voice of 《God》 and made a pact with him. Because of that the event of her death never happened and she continues to live on like this.

Perhaps that young conductor had some unfortunate incident in his past, made a deal with 《God》, was saved, and became a leprechaun. They only remembered everything once 《God》 has issued an order, and once their mission is complete they forget everything again and return to their daily lives.

Thanks to that, Saki was able to borrow one of the streetcars tonight without any problems.

But the young conductor isn’t the only one who has been involved in this dark scheme. There are many other Leprechauns working to make this night’s 《game》 come to fruition.

It doesn’t matter if they don’t know each other or why they are doing what they are doing. By fulfilling 《God》’s commands, they are all connected and are given great meaning.

And this time, of all the leprechauns, it is Saki (calling herself Organizer M) who must take the risk of exposing herself in front of all the Nanana collection owners. Saki is in charge of the game acting as Organizer M because of the orders she received from 《God》. However there is a reason why he asked Saki to take on such a heavy responsibility. It is because Saki is also receiving a penalty.

Saki, who was about to die in the 《ruin》 of South Red Mall, made a contract with 《God》 which had several rules. One of them was ‘Never let anyone know you are a leprechaun’.

Normally she would lose her memories about it, and even when she had regained her memories after receiving an order she had no intention of letting anyone know. However that contract was broken by a certain man.

Isshin Yuiga.

Isshin had felt uncomfortable with Saki’s past actions and pointed out to Saki, who had lost her memories, that she is a leprechaun. Because of this Saki stabbed Isshin and escaped. She then followed 《God》’s instructions and went into hiding.

As a result, Saki was going to have her contracted terminated because of the breach of contract.

If the situation continued, the things that were supposed to have never happened would actually happen to Saki again, due to the power of 《God》. Saki understood the consequences more than anyone.

Saki boarded the tram and took out a cloak that looked to be studded with sparkling stars and a mask to hide her eyes from a bag.

The sparkling cloak is supposed to be a Nanana collection called 《from today onwards, I’ll be a captain of thousands, stardust general》. Well that name is a bit too long so Saki calls it by its official name, 《stardust army command cloak》.

It is said to have originally been a cloak worn by a fierce general who was active in dark times during the Middle Ages. The general is said to have commanded several armies by himself. This is not only because of his personal strength but because of the cloak as well.

1000 magic spells were performed on the sturdy cloak by witches, each of which creates a strong soldier who obeys the will of the wearer with absolute obedience. In other words while wearing this cloak and thinking about it, one can control a thousand black soldiers as they see fit.

The soldiers appearance will differ depending on the wearer’s imagination. It is said that the fierce general of the past imagined himself and thus made a thousand of himself to control.

Saki gently brought the legendary cloak to her face and sniffed it. She smelled the fragrance of fabric softener.

「It’s much better now. 」

When Saki first got this cloak it had a very strong smell that was unbearable to her, since it was worn by a grungy old man at all times several hundreds of years ago. Apparently it wasn’t kept in good condition, and Saki being a modern-day high school girl couldn’t muster the courage to wear it. In order to do something about it she washed it many times in the washing machine at 《Marumelo》 in the middle of the night and hung it out to dry in the sun during the day for a week. Now the cloak has a refreshing sweet smell. It’s not exaggerating to say this is a fusion of medieval magic and modern fabric softener.

Wearing a fragrant cloak and a mask, Saki focuses. As a result of image training she had done during her hiding period, Saki was able to create black soldiers instantly. As if summoned by Saki’s intentions, a black soldier emerges from the cloak.

「OK, Gorou Kuma is amazing today too. 」

Saki smiles with satisfaction when she sees the black snowman. These snowmen are actually what Saki produced when she was imagining bears. Honestly anyone would say he looks like a black snowman with an upside-down hat on his head and thin arms and legs. But to Saki he is the original bear mascot 《Kuma Gorou》.

Yun’s artistic sense is equivalent to that of a 《painter》 in the world of modern comedy. Her roommate Aya Suruga said ‘Saki can see things in this world that ordinary people can’t.’

Saki gives orders to Kuma Gorou with her mind. Kuma Gorou then gives a salute as if to say ‘Yes Sir!’ and headed towards the driver’s seat of the tram. The tram then began to move slowly, shaking while making start-up sounds.

「OK, let’s do my best. 」

Saki fires herself up as the tram starts.

「I’ll do my best. 」

「I’ll do my best to make this mission a success. 」


In response to Saki’s enthusiasm, several voices echoed in her head. This is an ability of a Nanana collection. Saki wears a mask that only hides her eyes. Part of that mask is made from a Nanana collection.

This is the Nanana collection 《conference of one》. The official name is 《crown of the wise king》, which is said to have been created by a great wise king who ruled a certain kingdom in ancient times. It was used for this king to confront himself and find the answers he was seeking.

Well, it has an amazing name and a somewhat grand preface, but the crown itself doesn’t have any very powerful abilities. The effect is a multiplicity of consciousness. It is about confronting oneself from a deep level and having discussions with one’s own self to drive the answers one is seeking.

Simply put, it’s a crown that was created with the idea that if there are many of us, we’ll be able to find the answer. By wearing the crown, many small versions of oneself will appear in the wearer’s head, allowing them to discuss things together.

The ability of this 《wise king’s crown》 is not that great on its own, but when used at the same time as the 《command cloak of the stardust army》, its effect becomes significant. The black soldiers created from the 《command cloak of the stardust army》 are indeed powerful soldiers, but they lack free will and can only carry out simple orders given by the users, so each soldier needs continuous detailed instructions to continue being useful. This is why although they can wield overwhelming force in military operations where they carry out a single order as a group, they are not as suitable for detailed operations where individual soldiers act independently of each other.

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