Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 6 Chapter 5.8

Why did Yukihime-neesan declare at the beginning of the match that it would be decided in three rounds? It was a provocation to make Haruto try to tie her continuously. Haruto, who felt he could win at any time, would not try to win in less than three rounds. As a result, as it did with Tensai, there was a series of ties. When the bet had increased to 3 coins, she used her trick to win the game at that point.

The winnings included 2 coins that she needed plus one more to buy Tensai’s hat.

She ended up wrapping up the match neatly without any excess.

This was Yukihime-neesan’s perfect plan. As to be expected.

「She’s very cool isn’t she?」

Even though she’s depressed, Tensai still praises Yukihime-neesan.

「Yo great detective. Stop stepping on my foot.」

「It can’t be helped since D’ark isn’t here.」

「You really do treat D’ark really awfully.」

I felt bad for D’ark who was probably waiting for Tensai to return home.

「You two seem to get along well」, says Tensai as she glares at Haruto coming out of the battle area.

「Remember this Englishman. I’ll make up for this humiliation in the second stage.」

Haruto, who was being glared at by the great detective, gave a sinister smile.

「That’s a powerful statement. Next time I’ll carve defeat into your body until you can’t talk to me like that anymore.」

Those two were glaring at each other. And I was completely pushed out of the loop. That’s why…

「Yukihime-neesan. There’s a foreigner here who’s saying he wants to carve things into girls’ bodies!」

「Juugo! Shut up!」

Haruto panicked and covered my mouth in a hurry while looking in the direction that Yukihime-neesan had left in.

「Juugo, are you trying to get me killed?」

「You won’t be killed, you’ll be despised.」

「That’s a funny joke.」

「Really? I’m funny?」

Haruto angrily says, 「Geez Juugo」, as I smile at him wickedly. Immediately after that however, Haruto’s face suddenly turns serious as he looks up to the sky.

「Roger that. I’ll be right there.」

「Huh? What was that?」

「Don’t worry, I just received a call from a lady. I’ll have to excuse myself. Juugo, we’ll settle this matter later.」

「Forget it, it’s ok.」

With that I return the bag of coins I had kept for safe keeping.

「As usual, you have a mouth that won’t quit」, he spat as he turned his back to me and started to walk away.

「On to the second stage, Juugo.」

With those words, Neidhard D. Polnareff (a pseudo name) left.

「Heads up Tensai.」

I also shove the last bag I was taking care of to Tensai. Seeing this, the patrolman gorokuma left as if saying ‘See ya later’.

Me and Tensai were left behind at the same spot.

「I showed a rather unseemly side of myself.」

The famous detective blurted this out while looking down.

「Hey, you lost.」

「Nuh-uh, nuh-uh, nuh-uh.」

「Stop stamping on people’s feet!」

「…I have no words to respond with.」

「What? Are you really feeling sorry for yourself?」

「Shut up!」

Actually it was really surprising. This is the first time I’ve see a great detective so frustrated.

It’s a good thing that she’s not making excuses, but I would like her to stop venting her frustrations with violence. That’s why you are a child detective.

With a wry smile, I placed my hand on the head of the great detective who was looking down.

「What does it mean that a great detective loses at rock paper scissors? Is your greatest weapon playing rock paper scissors? You’re specialty is deductive reasoning isn’t it?」

I mean, there’s no one who can keep winning forever at rock paper scissors based on luck … well I can think of one person who lives with me.

「Don’t pat me on the head! Don’t comfort me!」

「OK then, how about I make fun of you? Yay, you lost!」

「Nuh-uh, nuh-uh, nuh-uh.」

「I told you to stop stomping on my feet with all your might.」

While trying to avoid being trampled by Tensai, I looked towards where Haruto left and said what was on my mind.

「Even though you were so frustrated, you went quite easy on Haruto.」

「…I didn’t want to make a fuss in front of him. I’d look like a sore loser.」

「But you don’t mind showing it to me, your rival?」

I’m so angry at you stomping on my foot that I’m saying something mean to you in retaliation.

Hearing me say that though, Tensai has an ‘oh shit’ look on her face. Then it changes to a pout as she says, 「…if it’s Juugo, I don’t mind.」


「Juugo, you are my rival but you never look down on me.」

I couldn’t find the words to say anything after hearing that.

「I know you are always watching out for me. So it’s not so bad to show you my frustrations. …well it’s a little embarrassing.」

For some reason this made me a little happy. No, well I was so  embarrassed that my face turned red of course, but those words from Tensai made a bit happy.

「What are you talking about you stupid detective? I’m taller than you so I’m always going to look down on you.」

With those words I pat her on the head. Oh, of course I’m just trying to hide my embarrassment.

Here I thought I was in for the usual Tensai counterattack. The great detective, who was being patted on the head by me, started laughing eerily. ‘Fufufufu’

「It’s ok for you to say this now while you can. You won’t be able to say that line in another year.」

「? Why’s that?」

「Actually that will just be the start. I will grow into a tall and nice looking great detective as I start a late growth spurt next year.」

This great detective started saying these things to me that made no sense.

「Um, did you hit your head somewhere? Are you okay?」

「What’s with that look in your eyes like you are looking at a pitiful little child?! Because it’s going to happen!」

「It’s all right to dream your dreams, but don’t try to bring them into reality.」

「Nuh-uh! Just watch me! Next year I’ll have a nice body!」

「You can tell me that next year, when you’ve grown a good body, great child detective.」

「Damn you. Remember this Juugo!」

Tensai runs off towards the castle shouting what sounds like the speech of a person who’s just been defeated.

As I was left alone I remembered what Tensai had said earlier.

Same perspective right?

「I think I’m doing a good job of looking up to you.」

Smiling bitterly, I also turned on my heels.

The nearest clock displayed the time as 1:40.

Tetsu-kun will be worried if I don’t get back to him soon.

Still, I had no idea that even Ishval had come to this island.

The son and heir to a family of grave robbers, who cares about his family. The complete opposite of me. A friend who hates great detectives. A man who wants to grind the great detective into the dirt.

I would like to be happy about being reunited with my friend, but I wish it wouldn’t have been during the start of the 《game》.

Yet another person appeared who will be very hard to beat.

「Well I guess it’s time for me to get serious.」

Tenasi, Haruto, and even Yukihime-neesan said that they were waiting for me in the second stage, so it would be incredibly embarrassing if I lost in the first stage.

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