Chapter 20 Part 2

「I’m unhooking it.」

「Ah, yes.」

Yuu tried to check it from the front, but after finding out that it was not the front hook-type that often appeared in erotic games, but one with a hook on the back side, he stretched his hands to her back.

As her hands ended up touching Yuu’s sides when she was taking off his tee shirt, Sayaka’s excitement level rose even further, but she then realized what was happening to her own self right now, which was a rare experience of having her clothes taken off by a boy’s hand.

Thinking back about it, a pleasant tension ran through her body every time Yuu’s hands touched her.

Perhaps unable to unhook it right away, Yuu’s face was right next to her as he tried to it for the second, and then third times, and a fresh scent tickled her nostrils.

The depth of Sayaka’s chest made a *squee* creaking sound.

She found Yuu, who was thinking of her, lovely and endearing.

It was stronger than the feelings she had for her fiancé, with whom she had taken for granted to be united in marriage, and yet it was a warm feeling that made her heart nice and warm.

「There is no need to be in a hurry. Calm down.」

「Y, yes.」

The voice of Sayaka, who brought her cheek closer to Yuu’s, brought him back to his senses.

Despite the fact that he had been married and had experience with women in his former world, he seemed to be nervous in front of the beautiful girl known as Sayaka.

Yuu calmed himself down and unhooked her bra.

As the cups slowly came off, her constricted breasts shook as they came into view.

「Oh…. Ohhh!」

「What are you so surprised about?」

Sayaka tilted her head at Yuu’s reaction.

Under Yuu’s eyes were her plump and bulging hemispherical breasts that were forming splendid curves.

Even with the support of the wire bra removed, they did not sag, but rather stuck out horizontally.

Yuu was not too well-versed in it, but they seemed to be about an E cup.

Yet, her nipples were small and light pink in color, along with her areola.

In his former life, Yuu had never seen such beautiful breasts in person, but only in magazines, AVs, and other adult-oriented media.

Moreover, at the moment, with the scarf of her sailor uniform, which was tied by a ribbon, hanging down right in the middle, it added splendor to them.

Yuu was a half undressed and half clothed person.

「H, how wonderful. Sayaka-senpai’s boobs!」

「Is, is that so?」


There was no way that Sayaka, who lived in this world, could understand Yuu’s obsession with boobs.

However, there was no way she would not be happy to be praised to the point of obvious excitement.

「Fufufu. In that case, I am going to have you show me your naked body this time, Yuu-kun. Worry not, there is nothing to be ashamed about….」

「Ah, that’s okay.」

With his eyes glued to her boobs, Yuu speedily went and took off his shirt.

And then, he was even about to quickly take off his tee shirt, which had been half rolled up.

「Ah, wait. What a waste!」

Sayaka cried out, wanting to do the fun of taking it off herself.

If this was a novel with slightly lewd scenes that she had read thus far…

「S, Senpai, this is embarrassing.」

This should be the part where he said that line with a blush on his cheeks.

After racking her brain at a rapid speed in wonder if it was the difference between reality and fiction, or if Yuu was an oddball, or if he was acting in such a light manner because he was in front of her, who had no sexual experience, she concluded that it was a combination of the second and the third.

In fact, though, it was no more than a simple difference in chastity.

「Hoh… T, too beautiful!」

This time, Sayaka’s eyes stared fixedly at Yuu’s upper body as if she was licking it all over.

Feeling his lack of stamina, he had started an independent training in the latter half of his hospital stay, but as it had only been ten days, it had not yet paid off, so his body was still slender and had little meat on it.

Yuu was none the wiser, but in this world, the trend was that not only women, slender men were also more attractive than those who were not.

For that reason, even before middle school, Yuu, whose stylishness was perceivable from over his clothes, had been showered with feverish gazes from women, regardless of age, as someone of extremely excellent appearance.

At the moment, Sayaka, who had ended up seeing the truly ideal body in person, was unable to hold herself back.

*Gulp* The sound of her gulping down her saliva could be heard.

Her eyes were shining fiercely and she was close to going into full heat mode just like before.

「C, can I touch you?」

「Let’s touch each other.」

「Y, you don’t mind, right?」

「No, of course not!」

Sayaka asked so out of consideration, while suppressing her own overflowing sexual desire, but when Yuu promptly replied without paying such a thing any mind, a smile crept up to her face.

「Fufufu… Good graciousness, I keep on being surprised by you today. But it is kind of making me happy.」

「The same is true for me, Sayaka-senpai, for you to show me various expressions and voices, on top of that allow me to see such a beautiful body… My happiness is boundless.」



After their foreheads lightly bumped against each other, their lips connected as if they were drawn to each other, and lay on top of each other as if they were savoring each other’s feel.

In the meantime, both sides reached their hands forward.

While Yuu reached his hands straight ahead and gently touched her breasts from the front, Sayaka reached her hands through their left and right and touched his sides.

So soft! But not only soft, they’re also firm… Ah, these are Sayaka-senpai’s boobs!

First of all, Yuu spread out his index fingers and thumbs and touched her breasts as if scooping them up from below and checked how they felt.

At the same time, he felt Sayaka’s hands moving up from his sides to his chest.

It feels, kinda ticklish.

For Yuu, rubbing a woman’s boobs while kissing her was a common act in itself, but it was his first experience to have his body touched openly at the same time, so bewilderment was occupying the larger part of his feeling.

In the sense of his former world, setting penis aside, he would rather touch than be touched.

On the other hand, however, Sayaka’s interest in a boy’s body was insatiable, and she wished to rub it around to her heart’s content.

A joint work of two people with such differing senses.

Kissing, touching, and being touched.

Bringing about unexpected synergistic effects, it gradually aroused them both.

「Haa, haa…… Sayaka… senpai! Nn, mmm… Your boobs, so soft … they’re the best…」

「Hnn, au… Hya, Yuu-kun, your hands movements, are so lewd… Nmmm… Aah, Yuu-kun.」

Sayaka licked Yuu’s lips, which were glistening with drool.

When Yuu, who got tempted by the red tongue wiggling in the corner of his eyes, also stuck out his tongue and caught it, they licked each other with the tips of their tongues.

And then, their tongues entwined with each other as they connected their lips.

With just enough strength, Yuu’s hands lightly grabbed her breasts and moved as if to check their rubbing comfortability.

When Yuu thought Sayaka moved her hands from his shoulders to his chest to check it with her fingers, she suddenly pressed her palms against his sides and grabbed him tightly.


Pressing his palms against her breasts, Yuu pinched her nipples between his fingers.

「Senpai, looks like your nipples are getting hard.」

As if this was what he was waiting for, he played with her nipples that had swollen and hardened.

「Hnn, ahh! Ahn! W, why… when you play with them… I, I feel… strange!」

「I guess that’s probably because your nipples are your sensitive spots.」

Yuu whispered as he blew his breath on her ear.

「Hnn, kuh… Y, you sure are calm, Yuu-kun.」


Even as she was swept by the stimulation, Sayaka played with Yuu’s nipples, kneading them with the fingertips of her hands, as if to pay him back.

For Yuu, tThis was the first time he had felt such a sensation.

A strange tingling sensation ran through his body.

「Oh, oooh….」

「Haa, haa, d, does it feel good?」

This time, Sayaka said so as she play-bit his earlobe.

「It, it feels good, I think….」

「Glad, to hear… Haaahn! H, hey… Ahn, fuuuhnn.」

Not to be outdone, Yuu also inserted his tongue into Seika’s ear and licked it around, making a sloshing sound, and continued to caress her nipples even more.

The battle of chest caressing was won by Yuu, who had more practical experience.

Rather, Sayaka, whose inner things had gotten wet as her in-heat state continued on, had no chance of winning from the beginning.

Sayaka gave in to the caressing on her nipples, as if he was drawing circles with his fingers, and licking on her ear.

Right after Sayaka, who was still holding Yuu on the shoulders, arched her spine back to the limit, she shuddered.

「Hahn, w… hy… Hnnn~! Kuh, ahn, Yuu… kuuun! I am… a, a, already, ahh… Aunnnn!」

Experiencing ecstasy for the first time in her life, Sayaka sported a look of rapture on her face and lost control of herself.

Not only did women in this world have a heightened libido, when faced with a rare sexual act with a man, their bodies adapted to be able to enjoy it more easily.

As for Yuu, he was surprised that she ended up coming just from having her breasts caressed, but Sayaka’s reaction was completely within normal range.

Even so, feeling happy that she came from his caressing, even though he did not really have that much confidence in himself, he found Sayaka, who had a melty look on her face, so lovely that he hugged her and exchanged a passionate kiss with her.


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