Chapter 21 Part 1

High School Entrance (8) ~Passionate Feelings~

「Nmm, what is the matter? D, does it, feel good?」

「Nghh, haa! I, I think this is…  surprisingly, good… Kuh!」

「Nmmm! This is a payback for what you did to me earlier, you know?」

After looking at Yuu with upturned eyes, Sayaka started using her tongue again.

Standing on her knees, she licked and sucked Yuu’s nipple with her tongue, and pinched the other one between her fingers and played with it.

Speaking of a situation in which a boy was attacked by a girl, it was something that he had only seen in erotic games.

Yuu had never imagined that having his nipples caressed by fingers on one side and moist mucous membranes on the other would feel this good.

Though, it was not that he was simply on the receiving end either, as he was using his left hand to stroke Sayaka’s head and reaching out his right hand to rub her boobs, kneading and playing with her nipples with his fingertips.

Sayaka-senpai pleaded in a sweet voice, 「I cannot concentrate」, but Yuu dismissed the plea because it was a man’s nature to be itching to want to rub a woman’s boobs if they were there.

「Haahn! Kuh… Hnn… At this rate, yet again… Ahn! Geez! Yuu-kun… You meanie.」

「Hau! Ahh… Nghhh!」

Having his nipple suddenly sucked so hard, Yuu ended up making strange noises.

When he looked at Sayaka, she was smiling with a face that seemed to be saying: got you!

Well, to begin with, this was also a practice for Sayaka on how to treat men.

He thought it should be fine even if they proceeded to the next stage soon.

「Say, Senpai. My pants are too tight, so… Could you take them off for me?」

Acting as best he could, he tried to ask so in the sweetest voice he could muster up.

When he did so, Sayaka, still sucking on Yuu’s nipple, was dumbstruck, before then looking down to the part below her eyes.

「Y, your pants…?!」

Sayaka’s voice trailed off in mid-sentence.

Today, what Yuu was wearing was black slim jeans.

Partly because they were clinging to him so tightly, the crotch was bulging so much that it was perceivable even through the thick cloth.

As Yuu stood up to make it easier for her to take them off, Sayaka, who remained sitting down as if she had become jelly-legged, stared fixedly at his nether region.

「W, why is… Don’t tell me, p, p, penis? So big?」

It must have been the first time she had seen an erection in person.

With her mouth gaping open, Sayaka was unable to take her eyes off of it.

Yuu, putting his hands on his hips, floated a smile as he showed it off.

「I told you, didn’t I? That even men have sexual desires. That I really like you, Sayaka-senpai. So when I saw you naked and touched each other, I got so excited that… It became like this.」


With her cheeks reddening in an instant, Sayaka held her cheeks with both hands.

Great joy and, for some reason, a little embarrassment were welling up inside her.

When she glanced up at Yuu, her eyes were moist.

Moreover, probably she was doing it unconsciously, but sandwiching her breasts between her arms, she was striking a bewitching pose.

「Kuh… N, not good. Senpai. If you show me such a face… I, I….」

Having her head touched by Yuu, his waist became much closer to her face.

Making up her mind, Sayaka hugged his waist tightly.

As she was, she looked up at him with her cheeks pressed against his hardened crotch.

「Haa… You, too, Yuu-kun, if you show me such an agonizing look, I would end up losing control of myself again, you know? Ah, it is to the point where I am afraid of what might end up occurring from here on.」

「We’re in it together… so, it’ll be… okay. Moreover, I love you, Senpai, so no matter what happens, I’ll accept you.」

「Uu… Yes. Then, I am taking them off.」

Sayaka unfastened the belt, unbuttoned the button, and then took the pants down.

Yuu put away the jeans, which were taken off as he stood rock still and moved his legs alternately, to the side, but Sayaka, who picked them up, smoothed them out and folded them properly.

With this, excluding his socks, Yuu was down to nothing back a piece of trunks.

As such, Sayaka could clearly see his penis standing tall.

The tip of it was stained and a peculiar smell drifted to her nose.

「Wow… No way, it is so….」

Sayaka was overwhelmed by the penis, which was more enormous than she expected and could be measured from over his underpants, but she managed to keep it from showing it in her behavior.

Even so, she could not maintain her calm.

I wonder what would become of me if I saw the real thing?

「Ahaha. If you stare at it so closely, it’s kind of embarrassing.」

「Mufuuu. N, now that we have come this far… B-b-b, by all means! I will have you show me what is inside, too! I, I will not… accept no as an answer… alright?」

「Yes. I’ll have you take a look at everything that I have, Senpai.」

Smiling wryly at the heavily breathing Sayaka, Yuu gave her permission to take off the last piece.

「N, now then…」

Sayaka put her hands on the elastic of the trunks.

And then, as soon as she pulled them down, his penis jumped right out in front of her eyes.

「Hau! O, o, ohhhhh….」

The penis, which, although did not quite reach all the way to his lower abdomen, was standing up against the heavens at an angle of about 70 degrees, was so close to Sayaka forehead as it loomed over her.

Inhaling a male scent that was wafting over thicker than before, as the last piece was removed, into her nostril, Sayaka began to rub her inner thighs together.

「H, how do you like it? My dick, I mean.」

Since a while ago, Sayaka had been silent, just staring at his nether region and fidgeting.

Throughout her life up to this point, the only time she had ever seen a man’s penis was in an awfully realistic illustration shown in her middle school health class.

The real thing in front of her eyes was not only larger in size, but also had a sinister-looking short and stout glans and steep neck, and the way veins were popping up and pulsing all over it was, in a word, ferocious.

Inside, Sayaka was both horrified and strangely attracted at the same time, and her womanly instincts were stimulating her womb.

When Yuu called out to her twice, she finally lifted her head.

「A, aah, my apologies. I could not help but be captivated by it. Umm… How should I put, since a while ago, the pit of my stomach is growing hot, or rather, going squee, and there is nothing I can do to stop it. I, I wonder what is wrong with me. I….」


Figuratively speaking, Sayaka’s face could probably be said to be completely showing the expressions of a female.

However, in Yuu’s experience, he had never known a woman who ended up reaching such a point in real life, leaving the acting sex workers aside, so bewilderment was taking the larger part of him.

Sitting down for a moment, Yuu rolled up Sayaka’s skirt without reservation to make sure.



Her panties, which should have been pure white, were completely soaked wet and became transparent, and her pubic hair and labia were clearly visible through them.

On top of that, clear juice was dripping down the inside of her thighs, making stains even on the tatami mats.

「S, senpai…!」

Seeing the figure of Sayaka wetting herself unreservedly, Yuu, driven by instinct, reached his right hand to her nether region.

「Hyah! Wha! Au! Wutchauuu… Ahn! W, wait, dat place ish! Y, you must not… Hnnn!」

When Yuu put his finger in the middle of her chasm through her crotch and moved it lightly, he could hear a lewd squelching sound coming from it.

At the same time as he held Sayaka with his left arm, Yuu opened his mouth wide and bit down on her breast. Then he rolled the nipple with his tongue and sucked on it.

His feeling of wanting to do so, rather than just touching them, ended up erupting at this point.

Exposed to the unexpected caressing, Sayaka was unable to not stand it.

She was aware that she had become completely wet as she enjoyed what they had been doing thus far, but as she wished to show him her dignity as a senior and the composure of an older girl, she had tried to keep it from being noticed by Yuu.

However, though, it was only a matter of time before the state she was in was discovered.

As Yuu was absorbed in sucking her breasts, Sayaka’s pleasure rose rapidly, and she suddenly reached her limit.

It was an unsatisfying fall, like a ripe fruit that fell after being shaken by the wind.

「Ahn, ahn, not… good… Yuu-kun… Wha! Hiii, hnn! I am really… already… Ugh, aa… Nghh, kuh… Ahh! Ahaaaaaaaaaaaahn! S, s, so gooooooooood!!!」

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