Chapter 25 Part 1

Student Council 3 ~If I hug you tighter~

「Your boobs are surprisingly big, Sayaka. No. It is fine. I am not being sarcastic. I like them, after all. I mean, see. They are so soft and comfortable to the touch. Oh my, what’s the matter? That’s right. Even girls can feel good from their nipples. I found that out when I was playing with my own while thinking about you, Sayaka. Fufufu. Did you by any chance feel good when Hirose-kun touched them too? I mean they have become so hard.」

「Ahn, hnn! Riko, doing such a thing, with fellow girls is….」

「We live in such a world where men are few in number, after all. Isn’t it fine even if girls come to like each other? Be it in an girls’ school or in a co-ed school, you do know that there are quite a lot of girl-girl couples, do you not?」

「Th, that might be true, but… Ahn! That doesn’t mean… Kuh, s, so intense! W, wait! Having been made to cum over and over by Yuu-kun, my body is so sensitive… Aahn!」

「It is not only Hirose-kun, but I want to love you too, Sayaka. Say, please. Thinking that you might come to hate me if I were to confess to you, I have been keeping these feelings to myself all this time, but I am at my limit already.」

「Riko, there is no way I would ever… hate you… Nmm…」

「Nmm, chuu! Fufufu, I am so happy. Let me kiss you more, Sayaka.」

「Ri, Rikoo… Nmm, nghh… Ah… Hnn…」

◇ ◇ ◇

From Yuu’s point of view, it was surprising that Riko, who was always so serious, calm, and collected, had always kept such an extent of feelings to herself.

It was most likely her first time doing it, but the reason why her caresses appeared to be skillful was probably because she had gone through innumerable image training while masturbating for years.

The fact that she was of the same sex, as opposed to an ordinary virgin boy, as well as the fact that she had had sex with Yuu and been made to cum until just a moment ago might have something to do with it. Sayaka, having no time to refuse, seemed to be gradually melting from Riko’s hand techniques.

Besides, it was exciting to see the two seniors who could be said to be beautiful young women engaging in lesbian acts in front of him.

As Yuu unintentionally ended up having his eyes fixed on the two, a hand was placed on his cheek.

「Yuu-kun, look at me.」

「Ah, I’m sorry.」

Her soft and fresh lips sealed Yuu’s mouth.

As she was, her sticky tongue invaded Yuu’s mouth.

As Yuu immediately welcomed her, they entwined their tongues together.

「Nmm… Amy-senpai, you sure like kissing, don’t you?」

「Nmm, phew… Fwaa… Amm… Chuu, nmm, slurp… Nmm, ahn, Yuu… kun. Chuu, chuu, ahaa… I mean, kissing you, feels so good, after all. Even your saliva, tastes good….」

With her cheeks flushed pink and her face showing a melty expression, Eimi continued to lust insatiably for Yuu.

Right after experiencing her first kiss with Yuu, Eimi turned into a kiss demon.

She kissed him all over his face from forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin, and licked him.

Even when Yuu said it was ticklish, she did not pay it any mind.

It was akin to markings made by animals.

Eimi’s lower body was already bare.

She had casted her skirt and panties off without any shame, so Yuu did not have any time to even check the pattern.

「I also want to do the same thing as what Saaya-senpai did earlier.」

As Eimi said so, they continued to embrace and kiss each other face to face.

They were in the state where Yuu’s hardened penis was pressed against Eimi’s lower abdomen.

As love that was endlessly flowing out of her, even the place where Yuu’s buttocks were touching had ended up becoming sopping wet.

As Yuu opened his mouth and flickered the tip of his tongue to match hers, he put his hands behind her back and unhooked her bra.

Then he rolled up the hem of her sailor uniform.

When he took off the white half-cup bra with a floral pattern, her breast spilled out.

Seeing the need to check them out, Yuu stretched out his hands.

「Hmm? Do you want to touch a girl’s breast?」

「Yes. I want to touch them.」

From the reactions of Sayaka and Eimi, it seemed that men in this world were not so obsessed with breasts.

During his student days, Yuu used to have a lot of fun with his friends with whom he could talk about how amazing Ms. So-and-so’s breasts were, how they wanted to touch them even if it was just once, and how erotic it was when her bra was visible through her blouse.

However, since his rebirth, such topics had never come up in class, not even once.

What a waste, Yuu thought.

Once they finished kissing, Yuu put Eimi’s breasts in front of him.

They were by no means large.

However, there were bowl-like bulges on her slender upper body, and they sharply protruded to the front, as opposed to the left or right.

In terms of size, they were probably about C cups. They were beautiful breasts of moderate size.

The areola and nipples were small and light red.

「Aah, Amy-senpai’s boobs, they’re so beautiful.」

Instinctively, Yuu sucked on one nipple and touched the other, wrapping it up with his hand.

「Ahn… Y, Yuu-kun? Hnn… Haa, nghh… Hnnaa! Hya, I’m feeling it. Y, you’re like a baby… but… it, it’s weird… Ah, ahn! Yuu-kun.」

「Chuu, chuu, nmm… Lick, lick… Nmm, Amy-senpai’s boos, they taste so good.」

「D, delicious? … Nothing is coming out, you now? Haahn! Y, you mustn’t, suck on them… that hard!」

Taking Eimi’s breast in his mouth, Yuu rolled it around with his tongue, and sucked on the nipple.

Gently fondling her other breast as he wrapped it with the palm of his right hand, he kneaded the nipple with his palm.

The tip, which was as tiny as a winter bud, swelled and grew hard under the stimulation.

It was the first time for Eimi to be caressed on the chest, but it was such a shock to her that her upper body was quivering as she was intoxicated by the intense pleasure.

As she lovingly cradled Yuu’s head and stroked his hair, clear juice was trickling down her thighs.

「I, can’t stand it anymore! Yuu-kun, I want to put your dick inside me, right this instant!」

Eimi hugged Yuu, as if trying to push him down, and lifted her hips to get into the insertion position.

As expected, it seemed that women’s sexual desire was strong in this world.

When it came to the women he knew with his limited knowledge, Yuu thought they would enjoy the caresses more, but as if wanting to unite with him as soon as possible, Eimi pressed her own body against him.

「I don’t think I need to ask, but is this your first, Amy-senpai?」

「B, but of course! It’s my first time kissing and having sex. Besides, you see… Yuu-kun, you’re also first person I’ve seriously fallen in love with, you know?」

*Haa, haa* Breathing roughly, Eimi’s expression was exactly that of someone in heat.

A strong feeling of joy welled up inside Yuu.

Yuu himself loved Sayaka the most right now, but that was that, and this was this.

Men of this world were allowed to make love with more than one woman.

In that case, having received such a passionate appeal from a senior as cute as Eimi, there was no reason for Yuu not to accept it.

「To be allowed to have your virginity, I couldn’t be happier, Amy-senpai.」

As tears suddenly overflowed from Eimi’s eyes, Yuu was flustered.

But that was understandable.

After all, while there were many boys who could have their choices and lose their virginity by the time they graduate from high school, there were very few girls who could lose their virginity no matter how much they wished for it.

「Ehehe. Yuu-kun, you sure are kind. I’m so glad I fell in love with you! Now then, I’m putting it in, okay….」

As Eimi slowly lowered her hips, Yuu put his hand on her slim waist to support her.

「Is, is it like this… Ahn!」

「Yes… Just like that.」


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