Chapter 26 Part 3

「Hyaan! You must not do, this kind of thing! Ah, ah, ahiin! That place, is so sensitive, after all… Aahn!」

「Riko, there is no need to hold yourself back. You are to feel Yuu-kun’s dick in the deepest part of your secret place. Even now, it is poking you so deep that it is knocking against your womb entrance, is it not?」

「Ah… Sayakaaaa… Yuu… kun… dick? Hauu!」

Being whispered to by Sayaka caused Riko’s last strand of rationality to melt away.

To match her timing, Yuu completely hung over Riko and changed his movements to poking and gouging the depth of her vagina.

Being sandwiched by Yuu and Sayaka, Riko’s reason collapsed.

「It is coming! A, all the way… to my deepest part… Ahh, ahh, a hard dick, is coming vigorously! Ohh, hii, hii! It feels so, gooooooooooood!」

「Haa, haa… Riko… senpai, here I come, I’m going to come inside you, okay?!」

As if he was getting into his last spurt, Yuu started shaking his hips violently.

Each time he did, *smack, smack, smack* the sound of his hips hitting her buttocks echoed through the room.

Hugging Sayaka, all Riko could do was panting single-mindedly.

Eventually, Yuu reached his limit.

「Guh… Ohh! Riko-senpai! I, I’m cumming! Kaha… I… came….」

「Hahii! In, inside… from the dick… something… amazing… is… gushing… out… Ahh, ahn! No, no more… Ahh, aaaaaaaaaah… I am cummingggggggg!!!」

The moment she received the semen in her womb, Riko was hit by an even stronger ecstasy than before, and her mind went blank.

*Splurt, splurt, splurt* Losing control over her body as she received the gushing hot sperm in her womb, not only did she squirt, she ended up even leaking urine, soaking the lower half of Sayaka’s body.

Sayaka was aware of it, but she decided to hug Riko without saying a word.

◇ ◇ ◇

Having sexual intercourse while being mostly naked, they were sweating, but as expected, it was still an evening in April.

Their bodies began to cool down as soon as they were done, so right now, all of them had put on their clothes.

When Yuu checked the time, he found that it was almost 6:00 pm.

Which means, almost two hours had passed since they entered the waiting room.

Having decided to take the bus at 6:30 p.m., Yuu decided to relax in the room until then.

He was lying down on his back, having Sayaka give him a lap pillow.

When Yuu looked up, he saw Sayaka stroking his head with a gentle smile on her face.

Her large, bulging breasts were just above him.

When he subconsciously reached out his hand and fondled them, he ended up being laughed at by her, as she said: 「Do you like breasts so much? Boys truly are… No, you truly are strange, Yuu-kun.」

Riko was right next to Sayaka, sticking her body to hers closely.

Yuu caught Riko’s hand with his free one and played with it, intertwining their fingers.

Even as she became red in the face, perhaps embarrassed, she went along with what Yuu was doing without resisting.

As for Eimi, she was sitting on the opposite side from Sayaka and Riko, stroking Yuu’s upper body, whose shirt was open.

「Amy-senpai, it’s ticklish.」

Even as he said so, he could not get her to stop stroking him.

「It’s always my dream to touch a boy’s body all over like this, you see~」

In the end, he received such an answer.

It seemed that Eimi was not only a kiss demon, but also a touchy-feely girl.

Yuu, who had been relaxing while being surrounded by the three beautiful girls, looked around at each of them and muttered…

「Aah, I’m so happy to be surrounded by three beautiful girls like this. I’m so glad I joined the student council!」

It was his heartfelt feeling.

There, Sayaka and the others tilted their heads.

「Hmm? If it is you, Yuu-kun, wouldn’t you be able to get all the girls you want, even if it is not us?」

「I, I think so, too.」

「I know, right? Even among the second-year girls, there are a lot of girls who yearn for Yuu-kun, after all~」

「Dear me. Ever since I joined the student council, I’ve always dreamed about us ending up like this, or rather… Nah, ultimately, that’s just my wish, though.」

「Fufufu. True enough, Yuu-kun has been looking at Saaya-senpai very closely, after all, right?!」

「A, ahaha.」

As I thought, it was easy to tell, huh; or so Yuu thought.

「I appreciate your feelings, Yuu-kun. But I…」

Stopping the hand she had been using to stroke him, Sayaka faltered in her words.

「No, it’s okay. It’s not like I’m thinking about stealing you from your fiancé or anything, after all. I did it all because I wanted to be of help to you, Sayaka-senpai, who was troubled, as well as because I wanted to be connected to you, regardless in what form the connection was.」


Looking at it from the perspective of the world Yuu came from, would it count as the co-called cuckolding?

However, given that the sense of virtue was reversed in this world, it seemed that even the relationships between men and women had ended up changing as well.

It had become common sense for men to have relationships with multiple women.

On the other hand, it seemed to be rare for women to have relationships with more than one man.

Even though Sayaka already had a fiancé and wanted to attract the feelings of that man, amidst the tide where it was only natural for women to accept the feelings of men, she was unable to refuse Yuu.

「That’s right. Now that it’s come to this, it’s fine even it’s just for the duration when Sayaka-senpai is serving as the student council president, but why don’t the four of be just be honest with our respective feelings?」

Yuu looked at Riko.

「Y, yes. I guess… so.」

Riko turned to Sayaka and leaned her body closer.

「It is fine even if it is just for the duration when we are in the student council. I want my relationship with you to be more than friends, Sayaka.」


「Yes! I love Yuu-kun very much! From now on, I’m going to devote my body and soul to Yuu-kun!」

Declaring so, Eimi hugged Yuu energetically.

「W, well, I guess it is a good thing that everyone gets along well…?」

「I know, right?!」


「Ufufun. Yuu-kuun….」

◇ ◇ ◇

All three of them had decided to walk Yuu to the second school building to catch the bus home.

Yuu, who was taking the lead as they walked out of the student council office, suddenly turned around and smiled.

「Err, I’ll be in your care from now on, too. My dear Senpais.」

First of all, Yuu approached Sayaka who was in the middle.

When he gently stroked her long black hair, despite the embarrassment, she showed a look of happiness on her face.

Then, he suddenly kissed her.


Sayaka was startled for a moment, but then she closed her eyes and was intoxicated by the feel of his lips on hers.


Next, he kissed Eimi, who was on her left, stroking her chestnut twin-tail hair all the while.

Eimi also actively hugged him with her arms wrapped around his back, stroking him with both hands while wearing a happy expression on her face.

Finally, it was Riko.

「I, I am good, so… Ahn!」

Having her slender waist held and the nape of her neck stroked by Yuu, Riko shuddered and her cheeks got tainted in pink.

A kiss where their lips simply touched each other.

「Hahaha. Now that I think about it, this is my first kiss with you, Riko-senpai.」

「Sheesh… For boys… You are the only exception, all right, Yuu-kun? Nmm…」

This time, Riko returned the kiss.

And then they embraced each other as they were.

They were spending such time where heart marks were flying around, but when Sayaka looked at her watch and told them that the bus time was approaching, Yuu and the others hurriedly ran to the second school building.



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