Chapter 34 Part 3

「Gotou-san, have you joined any club?」

「Yes. Err, I, I’m in the… table tennis club. Just like Yuma-chan.」

She took a glance at Yuma without looking at Yuu.

Perhaps because Yuma was a little further away, she properly turned to Yuu and nodded her head.

「Heh, by any chance, have you been playing table tennis since middle school?」

「Ah, yes. Yuma-chan and I went to different middle schools, but I’ve had a few matches against her in the regional tournament… And as we decided to play table tennis together at Sairyou Academy (here), too, we hit if off with each other.」

「Oh, that sounds nice. You’re rivals and friends at the same time.」

「A, ahaha.」

It seemed that Mashiro was unable to make eye contact with him as usual.

Well, the event had only just begun. It should be fine as long as he made her comfortable to talk to him little by little.

「We’re in the same group today, so I’ll be in your care! You too, Maegashira-san.」

Looking at their faces, *pomf* he put his right hand on Mashiro’s shoulder.


Mashiro’s body jumped in surprise.

Perhaps because the weather was good, or perhaps because she was nervous for being next to Yuu, she had taken off her jersey top and was dressed in her short-sleeved gym clothes.

Because of this, he could clearly see her boobs bobbing up and down.

Yuu watched them without reservation.

「Hey, hey, Hirose-kun, do you want some chocolate?」

Calling out to him just as their conversation came to a halt was Youko, who was sitting to his left.

She was holding a bag of chocolates in her hand.

It was the kind that was also known as economy size, a bag that contained a lot of bite-sized chocolates.

「Oh, that looks nice. I’ll have some.」

「Here you go!」

She grabbed as much as she could with one hand and handed it to Yuu.

「This many?」

「Fufufu. There’s plenty to go around, so no need to hold back.」


When he held out his hands in place of a plate, Youko handed him the chocolates.

As it was only par for the course, their hands touched each other, and Youko, the one who handed the chocolates to him, looked happy because of it.

As expected of a girl. It seemed that they never failed to bring some snacks when they went to such events.

Yuu was impressed, but the reaction of the girls around them was dramatic.

「There’s such a trick, huh?!」 As if saying those words through action, they all started rummaging through their belongings simultaneously.

「Hi, Higashino-kun, eat this.」

「Mine too! Here you go.」

「Ah, yes. Thank you.」

With snacks serving as the catalyst, conversation also seemed to have started on the seats behind theirs, which had been quiet, so Yuu was feeling relieved.

「Umm… Hirose-kun, p, please help yourself…」

A girl sitting in the auxiliary seat in front of him turned around and offered him an unsealed box of snacks that looked just like Pocky, but with a different name.

She was in a different group, but sporting short hair and a small face in spite of her being taller than Yuu, he had some recollections about her. She was one of the girls who surrounded Yuu in April, and should be a member of some sports club.

「Thank you. Err, Nakai-san…right?」

「Wha! Y, you remember me?」

「Yea, we talked for a while when we met in April, didn’t we?」

「Ahaha… It makes me so happy. I, I’ll give this all to you!」

「No, no, no, all if it is too much. Can you pick some and then give them to me?」

When she took out three pieces of the Pocky-lookalike, Yuu took the trouble to touch her hands as he received them.

Seeing this, the eyes of the girls sitting on both of her sides lit up.

Even though they were not in the same group, they were eager to take advantage of every opportunity they had as they sat near Yuu like this.

「Hirose-kun, I’ll give you this! It’s delicious.」

「I’ll give you mine, too! Here you go, please eat as much as you want!」

「I get it, I get it. I can’t eat them all right away, so I’ll eat them in order, okay?」

Yuu received snacks in turn from the five girls sitting on the seats in front of theirs.

Not only was he unable to hold them all in his hands, his jersey pockets had ended up getting stuffed to the brim as well.

Then, luckily, Youko handed him a plastic bag that she had been carrying instead of a sickness bag, so he decided to put the snacks in there.

He thought she was a good and thoughtful girl.

「U, umm…」

Just as the plastic bag became full of snacks, calling out to him from the left window side was Kazumi.

In her hand was a small red box.

「Oh! It’s miyako konbu! Are you giving it to me?」

「Yes. Here you go.」

The snack that was famous as a companion for excursions and trips, miyako konbu. Yuu had loved it since he was a child and was happy to see that it existed under the same name in this world, too.

As such, he took the trouble to get up from his seat and turned toward Kazumi.

At that moment, due to the bus making a turn at an intersection, Yuu lost his balance.



He promptly reached for the back of the seat with his left hand, but he ended up in the position of looming over Youko, leaning his upper body on her.

「I, I’m sorry. It must be heavy, right?」

「N… No. It’s not heavy at all. If you want, you can stay on top of me as you are.」

Even though her face was red from the sudden closeness, Youko looked happy.

「Tch」 She felt like he could hear the sound of tongue clicking from the girls around them, who were looking at how Yuu was doing, but Youko, who was filled with happiness, didn’t pay it any mind at all.

He was already at it anyway, so Yuu, remaining in that position, turned to Kazumi and whispered in a low voice.

「Aki-san, can you aan me?」

Somehow or another, he had a feeling that if it was her, she would permit it even if he were to make such a request.

「A, aaa, aan?」

「Yeah, is it a no go?」

「Tha-tha-tha, that’s not, true at all!」

Kazumi, in a fluster, pulled out three pieces of miyako konbu from the box and put them in Yuu’s mouth, which was opened with aan, with a shaking hand.

As soon as she did, *chomp* Yuu closed his mouth and sucked on Kazumi’s fingertips.


「Nmm, tasty!」


When Yuu let go of her fingers after licking off the konbu powder sticking on them, Kazumi stared fixedly at her wet fingertips.

Yuu then said as quietly as possible so that people around them would not hear.

「You can lick it if you want, you know?」


After hesitating for a moment, Kazumi, whose face was bright red, put her own fingers into her mouth and licked them.

「I’d like to return the favor, but…」

You thought it was not a good idea to always be on the receiving end of their good will, but the only snack he brought with him was a stick-shaped gum and candy that he had prepared for himself, which wasn’t enough at all.

「There’s no need to worry about it.」

Youko and Mashiro said so, but Yuu found that unacceptable.

Then, *pomf* he felt a tap on his shoulder.

It was Rei, who was sitting behind him. In his hand was a bag filled with individually wrapped cookies.

「If you’d like, what about giving them these? I brought a lot anyway.」

「Oh, much appreciated. I’ll give you something back later.」

「Ehehe. You don’t have to!」

A good friend was something one ought to always have.

Gratefully taking the liberty to make use of the cookies, Yuu handed them out to each of the more than ten girls around him who had given him snacks.

Of course, he deliberately did it while touching their hands.

At this rate, he felt like he would be able to be in touch and be on good terms with a lot of girls.

Yuu had a feeling that today’s event was going to be fun.



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