Chapter 40 Part 2

Since before he was reborn, Yuu had not had much sexual experience, so he did not consider himself to be particularly outstanding in sexual technique.

As a matter of fact, his nightlife with his wife was very poor.

If there was such a thing as physical chemistry, it was probably anything but good.

Yet, in this world into which he had been reborn, girls ended up coming very easily when they fell into Yuu’s hands.

Perhaps, rather than him having outstanding technique, it must have meant that the girls in this world had a strong sexual desire and were very sensitive, or so Yuu guessed.

Adding one more thing, maybe the fact that they were in love with him played a big part in it.

Most likely, it was the difference between a man who felt with his body and a woman who felt with her feelings.

Putting that into consideration, it must have been very effective for Eimi, who had been eagerly appealing to him from the moment they met.

It was on the level that her groin would become wet simply from exchanging hugs and kisses with him, after all.

「Lick, lick, amm… Nmm, nmm, nghh… Nmm, chuupa! How do you like it, Yuu-kun, does it, feel good?」

「Yeah, it feels so good. It makes me happy to have you suck me so zealously, Amy.」

「Nghh! I mean, I love you so much, and I love your dick, too! I’m going to take love it a lot, okay?!」

Sporting an ear-to-ear smile on her face, Eimi buried her face in his groin and started sucking his penis again.

As she stroked the pole from the base and caressed the ball sack with both hands, she licked his penis all over, including the glans and the neck.

He had had Eimi give him hand jobs before, but this was his first time getting a fellatio from her.

Rather than technique and whatnot, the fact that she was putting her feelings into it made Yuu feel happy and good.

Yuu’s right hand was playing with the tassel of her twin-tail, while his other hand was inserted into the collar of her sailor uniform, touching her breast through the gap of her bra.

「Ah, aah… It, it feels so good!」

Eimi, still holding his penis in her mouth, looked up at Yuu.

She had big, round eyes and puffed cheeks, so she looked like a squirrel that had filled its mouth with food.

When she saw Yuu looking down at her with a pained look on his face, Eimi’s eyes turned into a crescent moon and she looked really happy.

She not only teased the surface of the glans of the penis she was holding in her mouth using the front and back part of her tongue, but also sucked on it.

「Kuha! Ahh, that….」

「Nufufu… Amm, slurp! Amm… Lick, lick, nmm… Nghh, nghh.」

Taking note of Yuu’s expression and the way his body trembled, Eimi began to attack him even more intensely.

Although in a short and repeated manner, her right hand was stroking the pole from the base rapidly.

It might have been her first time giving someone a fellatio, but she was giving Yuu her best service possible, taking into consideration what she should do to make him happy.

Gradually, the urge to ejaculate was rising inside Yuu.

When he looked down at Eimi, a scene from an erotic manga he had read a long time ago suddenly came to mind.

It was an irrumatio, in which the man held the tassels of the woman’s twin tail with both hands.

If the other party was Eimi, maybe she would accept it.

However, due to his experience with his wife, Yuu had an aversion to treating women roughly.

If it’s an act that’s similar to that, maybe it would work; or so he thought.


Putting his hand on Eimi’s chin, as she continued to hold his penis in her mouth, Yuu said.

「You see, I feel like I’m about to cum soon. So to finish it, can I be the one to move?」

She gave him a small nod.

Yuu switching position from sitting to kneeling.

Eimi assumed an all fours position and took his penis, which she had let go for a moment, in her mouth again without hesitation, letting Yuu do whatever he wanted with her and accepting it all the way to the back of her throat.

By all rights, Eimi’s mouth was not large.

And yet, she was still holding Yuu’s penis, which boasted a size larger than standard, deep in her mouth, so her jaw must have gotten pretty tired, but she showed not even the faintest sign of it.

Putting his hands on Eimi’s cheeks from both sides, he started to move his hips slowly.

Each time he did this, the feel of the moist mucous membrane inside her mouth gave Yuu pleasure.

「Ah, it feels so good in your mouth, Amy.」


Even though she was being treated like a mouth masturbator, Eimi was delighted, and both of her hands were firmly gripping his waist.

As his excitement grew higher and higher, the movements of his hips gradually became faster and faster.

From time to time, a pained cry leaked from Eimi each time he poked the back of her throat, but Yuu didn’t stop.

「Nghh, ahh! A, Amy… Kuh!」

Eimi endured as she let her mouth get violated by his penis.

As a tingling pleasure ran from his hips to his lower body, Yuu felt like he was about to burst at any given moment now.

「Ugh, ohh… C, cumming! I’m going to cum, as it is, so drink it all!」

Even as she became teary eyed, Eimi pursed her lips and looked up at Yuu, waiting for that moment to come.

At that moment, Yuu pulled out a little the penis he had shoved into the back of her throat, and got into the position to ejaculate.

「Hnn… Nghh?!」

「Kuhaa… It, it’s coming out….」

*Splurt, splurt* The semen hit the back of Eimi’s throat with great vigor.

「Nghh… Ugh, glug, glug……」

Unable to spit it out as she still had his thick penis in her mouth, even as she coughed from time to time, Eimi continued to swallow the semen overflowing into her mouth one way or another.

Each time she did, her slender throat moved up and down.

◇ ◇ ◇

After spitting out a lot of cum into Eimi’s mouth and making her swallow it, Yuu even asked her to give him a cleaning fellatio.

After sucking and licking all over the penis, which was still hard even now, from the tip, Eimi suddenly wobbled forward, so Yuu caught her in his arms.

「Ahaha… I drank semen for the first time! It was, like, stuck in my throat, or rather, it was so sticky and thick. Besides… Is it the so-called adult taste? It was bitter and hard to swallow, but it was my beloved Yuu-kun’s semen, after all. Hehehe.」

「Yes. Thank you. Amy. It felt so good.」

Even as he experienced some post-ejaculation languidness, Yuu hugged Eimi and patted her.

As a man, it was natural for him to find her, who would go that far for him, lovable.

For a while, let’s spoil her much as she likes; so Yuu thought.

However, Eimi seemed to be concerned about Yuu’s time to go home.

After a little while, they both got up.

As they left the grove, Yuu hugged Eimi’s shoulder.


As it happened so suddenly, Eimi was surprised, but she smiled happily and gently leaned her head on Yuu’s shoulder.

After all, for most girls, this was a dream situation that they could only see in fiction.

It was only for a short period of time until they came out in front of the second school building, but for Eimi, it was a dreamlike moment.

◇ ◇ ◇

Now, there was a third-year couple who had been peeping at him from the middle of the act upon overhearing Eimi’s moans.

After Yuu and Eimi left, the couple, who had ended up becoming strangely aroused, had just started dating and had just finally stepped into the stage of kissing, but today they deepened their relationship in one go, proceeding all the way to petting and fellatio.

Deep down, the female student felt deep gratitude to Yuu and Eimi, whom she had only known by face, for giving them that impetus.


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