Chapter 50×2 Part 1

(Interlude 2) Elena, Part 2

「Elena, umm… Yuu is in his rebellious phase, so… I think it’s better to keep a little distance from him for now.」


「Elena If you’re his big sister, you should think about Yuu’s feelings too!」


I wasn’t that positive about it, but with recommendations from those around me, mama included, I took the entrance exam to a co-ed school, Sairyou Academy, and passed with flying colors. Yuu also went to a local public middle school.

Our family had started a new life, but the house was filled with a somewhat heavy atmosphere.

It was the fact that Yuu started to blatantly avoid me.

There was no change to the fact that I cared about Yuu the most.

Yuu also said that he loved big sis, didn’t he?

The two of us are the only siblings we have in this world.

I know we have many sisters born from different mamas, but as long as we don’t live together, they are as good as strangers.

Things like blood ties or the fact that we can’t get married don’t really matter.

As I had made up my mind to live for Yuu from that point on, too, forever.

And yet, I couldn’t understand why he was avoiding me so much.

When I tried to hug him when he came home from school, he would run away from me.

When I sat next to him (sticking close to him) on the sofa in the living room and talked to him, he would get up from his seat.

When I visited him in his room and chatted with him, he would gradually become grumpy and end up driving me out of the room.

At night, when I slipped into his futon at bedtime to surprise him, he got angry and locked the door from the next night.

Why did Yuu change?

No. I actually know why.

He must have disliked the fact that I looked at him in a sexual way.

Maybe it was a bad idea to look intently at Yuu, who was so sexy after taking a bath.

Or rather, maybe he overheard me masturbating in bed while calling his name….

It seemed that my own sex drive was also relatively strong compared to my classmates.

I reflected on the fact that I had taken my action too far because of my overflowing desire for Yuu.

Mama did tell me to keep a little distance from him, so I thought it would be better to do so.

Once things calmed down a little, maybe I would be able to talk to Yuu as close as before.

◇ ◇ ◇

As I got into my second year in high school, the ban on mingling between boys and girls in the same grade happened to be lifted, so I decided to shift my attention to the boys at school for a bit.

I was also a little curious to see if there were any boys who could take Yuu’s place, after all.

I believe I should have met them a few times at social events in our first year, but none of them piqued my interest, so I didn’t remember any of them at all.

That was why I, together with my friends, tried to visit the boys a few times during breaks and after school.

However, to put it bluntly, it was a let-down.

Looking at their strangely bashful and fidgety behavior, my friends said it was so boy-like and cute, but I couldn’t really relate to them. If we talk about cuteness, Yuu is superior to them by a long shot, after all!

The same is true for appearances… Compared to Yuu, they simply looked like a row of potatoes and carrots.

Even after a year, things didn’t go back to how they used to be with Yuu.

However, thinking that it was time for me to be patient, I refrained from forcefully making contact with him.

From time to time, I took the liberty to borrow his freshly undressed underwear or use sneak photos of him for my fap materials, though.

I even bought a drill and drilled a hole in the wall between my room and Yuu’s room so I could peek in.

That too, to avoid getting found out, I carefully did it by choosing a place close to the ceiling and making sure I didn’t drill through the wallpaper.

Thanks to this, I was able to see his angelic sleeping faces and scenes of him changing clothes, and my masturbation work progressed by leaps and bounds.

In the third year, we took the same classes, so the chances for us to meet the boys increased.

For some reason, the times when boys took the initiative to talk to me also increased.

After a while, I got close with one boy.

His name was Yuuki.

He had a fairly nice face and was about the same height as Yuu.

Of all the boys, he seemed to be the most or second most popular one, and I often heard his name among the girls.

Above all else, I liked the fact that his name was similar to Yuu.

The other party also said things like 「Hirose-san, not only are you not aggressive like the other girls, you acting all unconcerned is conversely nice.」

What a peculiar one.

The person I held dear the most was my younger brother Yuu, but not only did I think that this was a perfect chance to learn about the feelings of adolescent boys, I thought there was no harm in using him as Yuu’s spare at most, so we started dating in the second semester.

There were some praises about us being a perfect beautiful couple, but there were also a lot of jealous remarks from other girls who were aiming for him.

Nevertheless, it was difficult to meet boys outside the school, so ultimately, we only hung out with each other inside the school only.

It was a healthy relationship, where we made use of break or afterschool time to chat or have lunch together.

That was enough for me.

That was because, strangely enough, I never had any desire for boys other than Yuu.

It seemed that he was also at ease to be with such me, and surprisingly, our relationship still continued even as we got into the winter.

Then came December, a period of time when Christmas was upon us.

As the time of the annual Christmas party approached, both boys and girls were desperate to find themselves a partner.

The school’s Christmas party, modeled after the dance parties held in American high schools, known as prom, was one of the major events in the third year.

Attendance was non-compulsory, but the only girls that were allowed to participate were those who were together with a boy (there was no limit to the number of girls, but usually one to three girls per boy).

It was said that there were many cases of boys and girls who had physical relationships during this period of time, including the night of the party, ending up getting married after graduation.

In that sense, that means it was an important event for the girls to test the results of their interactions with boys at the co-ed school.

As usual, I couldn’t care less about it, but if Yuuki invited me, I thought I wouldn’t mind attending it.

It was just that, it was a period when I was puzzled by the fact that the Yuuki of that time was strangely insistent on getting in touch with me.

When we were sitting on a bench in the rear garden, he would try to reach out his hand to me, saying how beautiful my hair was or how good my style was.

Though, when I stared at him silently, he would pull his hand back in a hurry.

To top it off, he would stammer out and say, 「C-c-c, can I kiss you?」.

My lips are only for Yuu, so I expressed my refusal by ignoring him.

It was just that, since he ended up getting so depressed, I said 「If it’s on the cheek, I don’t mind」, and he started to act weird as he kissed me.

He was breathing heavily and it was a little creepy.

They say boys have a low sex drive, but is that not the case, I wonder?

If Yuu wants me, I would welcome it with open arms, though….

As such, things were a little awkward, but the night of the dance party on December 23rd arrived.

Each third-year girl who had a partner was to dress up and pick him up in front of the second school building where the boys were waiting.

That day, I wore a dark blue dress that mama had prepared for me.

She said it looked good on my fair skin.

Wearing my hair in an updo, I adorned myself with a gold necklace and hair clip.

It was a shame that I couldn’t show Yuu the me in such an appearance in person, but mama took a picture of me and said she would show it to him later, so it was all good.

It was a shame that my dance partner wasn’t Yuu, but I found myself getting kind of excited about it.

By the time I arrived in front of the second school building, about half of the boys had already been escorted by the girls to the gymnasium, the venue of the event.

The number of boys was not that large to begin with, so I managed to find Yuuki in his tuxedo in no time at all.


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