Return of the Fallen Volume 7 Chapter 22

Sid threw out his hand.

“What is it?”

“What do you think? You just said you’ll show me a golems Magic core on my deathbed. To wait that long sucks but that’s not a bad way to leave this world, seeing my dream just before I pass. I want you to shake on it. A promise between men…between friends.”

Kazuki reached forward and grabbed Sid’s tiny hand before shaking it firmly.

“A promise between friends it is then.”

Sid was about to go back to prepping materials when Kazuki had a thought.

(Friends…I haven’t seen them in so long, maybe I should prepare something for them.)

“Old man, how long will it take you to complete the golem?”

Sid didn’t even have to think about it.

“The body itself can be made in less than a day thanks to the golden table and my Sozo glove. Shaping it and inscribing the magic circles and other inscriptions is detailed work but with the two mentioned tools the burden is lessened greatly. The thing that will take the most time is the insides. The cables I made earlier that will be enough for a few fingers and that’s about it. I need to make thousands of them along with a few more things. Roughly were looking at 10 days less if things go well. Why do you ask, you itching to see it in action?”

“I am curious but that’s not why I asked. I’m thinking about making a few more things out of orichalcum. Would you be interested?”

Sid’s eyes were shining at this moment.

“My boy, what do you have in mind!?”

Kazuki shook his head.

“Nothing yet. I’ll work on a few designs while you work on the golem. When I have something I’ll show you. Do you have any place quiet I can put ink to paper?”

Sid rubbed his chin in thought.

“I think I have just the spot.”



A door was pushed open and with came a haunting sound followed by a moldy smell.

“This is the attic. It’s a bit drab but it’s as quiet as a dead mouse. The floor is insulated well and they’re made sturdy to boot. It keeps sound out pretty well, you won’t hear my hammering from up here.”

The attic was dark as night. Sid walked over to the corner of the room and hit something.


A whirling sound rang out before beams of sunlight rained in from a skylight that had been covered. As light filled the room, Kazuki could see just how spacious it was, or rather it would be if not for the mass of clutter that stacked to the ceiling. Sid’s ring glowed and all of the piled junk vanished into his ring in an instant.

Kazuki took note of Sid’s ring capacity. Most rings only had a storage space of 3 by 3 or if you were richer 10 by 10. Sid’s was clearly much greater and Kazuki guessed it was similar to size like Tilly’s. Although there rings cloud hold a good deal it didn’t compare to the ring king Oren had gifted Kazuki. Inside Kazuki’s ring, he could store an entire city if he so wished.

After collecting up all the junk, Sid left a large round table and a chair. On the table, he left a stack of blank paper along with a magic pen.

“Is there anything else you need?”

Sid was rubbing his hands greedily. He couldn’t wait for Kazuki to be done with the designs so he could work with even more god metal. To be able to work with such a rare material, was one of his dreams come true. The fact that he could actually get ahold of such a precious material, Sid could die happy but only after he crafted with the metal and not before.

“This is more than enough, thanks.”

Sid left in a hurry, shutting the ladder door after he was gone.

Kazuki sat down and was immediately greeted with a cloud of dust. Before he did anything, he first stored the paper and pen before creating a large amount of water and cleaning all the dirt and grime in seconds. After that, he dried everything with wind aura.

Sitting down at the table, he brought out the paper as well as the pen. The pen was a magic tool, He remembered seeing a waitress used one long ago to draw Mei a picture of a large bird.

(This pen is similar to that lady. This one can be controlled with thought it seems.)

After extending some magic from his core to the pen, with a thought, the pen began to move. It floated in the air with ease and Kazuki began to think about what he wished to draw.

(Nunully is incredible with ice magic but with a tool made from orichalcum, it can bring out even more of her potential. First, let’s design her a new staff.)

As he began to think about water magic and how best to amplify it, Glacious’s memories started to rise to the surface of his mind and he started understanding the element of water in greater and greater detail.

The pen began to scribble ideas and draw a few things according to Kazuki. The more he thought of this, the more he recalled Glacious’s memories, the more this helped him with his own element of water. After Danny’s soul was fused to his soul tree, Kazuki’s mage core had absorbed Danny’s, in doing so, Kazuki gained the ability to control the same element Danny used to use, which was water.

As Kazuki worked, he became incredibly focused as he went over all of these memories. His brain was like a factory as his thoughts just spilled out onto paper and like this, time slipped by.


Kazuki became slightly distracted by his stomach’s call and the pen fell.

(I’ve been at it for hours now.)

Kazuki peered out the skylight and found out what time it was. He could invest in a simple watch but he’s yet to find a reason to. By simply looking at the position of the sun or moon, he can tell exactly what time it is down to the minute.

(It’s a few minutes past noon. I should eat something.)

Checking his storage ring there were plenty of different fruits, vegetables, meats, and bread. For some reason though, Kazuki was put off by them. Maybe because he’s had the same thing for a while, they just didn’t look good at the moment.

(Let’s stretch these legs.)

Kazuki decided to go out for a bit and get some fresh air along with a bite to eat. Heading downstairs, he went into the backroom where Sid was working tirelessly. As he continued to hammer away at something, standing near a hot open flame, sweat poured from his body constantly. There were several buckets of black liquid boiling as they cooled different materials and there were sputters of constant steam and smoke funneling upward through a large metal pipe leading outside.

A furnace burned brightly, heating up whatever Sid was working on. While another device would pour in something that resembled red clay. Kazuki didn’t know what it was for but it seemed to help him.

(Damn, this old man is the definition of dedicated.)

Kazuki had walked in but id had not even taken notice. The old man didn’t lose concentration for a second as he hammered away with a large smithing hammer that was as big as he was. Kazuki had intended to invite Sid for a meal outside but seeing the maddening focus, Kazuki would be an asshole if he interrupted.

Turning around, he left without a word.

Once again he was making his way through the city of Edngaul. Many people still got out of his way the moment they saw his large frame heading their way but the look of fear was greatly reduced. It might be because he didn’t carry a large ax or maybe because his clothes were no longer strange and stood out. Either way, it was nice not having everyone stare at you like you just kicked their dog and threatened to murder them.

It wasn’t long before Kazuki found a large restaurant on the busy road and walked in.

Waiters were walking with a brisk pace back and forth as they served customers. The moment Kazuki entered, they all paused for a brief moment before continuing their service. A man nervously walked over.

“Sir, would you prefer a single table, maybe a booth or a private room?”

Kazuki wasn’t looking for anything fancy and just took a single table. Sitting near a corner, the waiter handed Kazuki a menu. Kazuki scanned through it and saw many good choices, and his stomach growled once more.


The sound was incredibly loud and resembled that of a wild beast. This caused the waiter to jump back in fright and several guests looked over in curiosity.

Kazuki looked up from the menu and saw the waiter standing far away. Curling his finger at the waiter, the waiter nervously approached.

“Yes, dear customer.”

Kazuki handed the menu back and the waiter was confused.

“Are you not eating sir?”

“No, I don’t need the menu anymore. Just give me 5 of everything and plenty of alcohol to drink.”

A few customers in the surroundings heard this and thought Kazuki was either a weirdo or trying to cause some trouble. The waiter as well didn’t know how to respond to this and looked over at a largely built man who stood near the entrance to the kitchen. The man had a long blade at his waist. Not just him standing along the walls there were several other men who wore blades on their waist who seemed to be security. The largely built man saw the waiters look and proceeded to head over to Kazuki. Before he arrived though, Kazuki pulled out a stack of gold Zeni and placed it on the table.

“This should cover it.”

The waiter saw all of this gold and it caused his eyes to shine. He quickly collected it and his professional attitude came out.

“Very good choice sir, I’ll have your food out right away.”

The waiter exchanged a look with the man heading over and the man changed his course understanding the situation. The waiter then rushed to the kitchen and after the door to the kitchen closed he yelled.

“We’ve got a big order!”

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