Return of the Fallen Volume 7 Chapter 87

The moment the dual suns came crashing down upon Kazuki and Sasai, Kazuki used his freed arm to knock Sasai far and away. The very next moment, his world went white.

With this light descending upon him, Kazuki felt his flesh melt, peel, and flake in an instant. His eyes turned to ash and his muscles burned away with a scorching blaze. Death was upon him…or rather it should have been. At this time of doom, at his most desperate hour, once more it whispered to him. Once more, it called to him. Faint like a breeze yet it the word was crystal clear as it spoke.


Kazuki had no power to resist as he was at the edge of death. With nothing holding it back, the black hole at the base of his soul tree activated at this dire point.

Rotation, pull, devour all. The dual suns that should have been his end, The suns with hellfire and power that could carve out the very depths of the world and reduce it to smoldering ash. At the instant between life and death, Kazuki’s mouth opened and the suns were swallowed up.

This power entered Kazuki’s soul world and what was waiting for the dual suns was the black void sucking everything in. The power was devoured in an instant and with it cracks formed all over this rotating spiral of endlessness.

Kai was witness to all of this. He saw Kazuki was on the verge of death but there was nothing he could do to help his little brother. SO the moment the dual suns appeared in Kazuki’s soul world, Kai had initially felt a wave of relief. This relief though was short-lived.

With cracks forming all over the black hole and Kazuki nowhere in sight. Kazuki could not seal it.

It was at this moment that a voice Kai had heard only once before echoed out in this soul world.

“I will devour it all.”

This demonic-like voice sent a chill down Kai’s spirit. This was a fear that even he could feel in this form that was fading. He knew something was wrong.

Several more cracks and fissures appeared around the black hole and Kai didn’t hesitate.

He knew he couldn’t get close to the hole for fear of his existence disappearing but right now there was no time to be cautious. There were too many unknowns about this devouring power. With a voice coming out from it claiming that it will devour everything and cracks forming around it, Kai at least knew nothing good could come from such a thing.

His hand reaching out into the open air, he called out.


With this command, a branch broke away from Kazuki’s soul tree and flew over and into Kai’s hand.

(I can’t wait around for Kazuki’s mind to appear in here. I can’t seal it but I should be able to cut its source of power. This better work little dummy or we all will have a terrible ending.)

Kai took a stance and held this branch in front of him.

He slashed forward at the open-air while at the same time calling out.


With this shout came a single blade of energy that cut through the air and raced toward the devouring black hole. His aim was clear. At the base of Kazuki’s soul tree, his severing tempest would cut through the foul energy and sever it away. With it, the black hole should cease its functioning or so the thought went but just before the blade of energy could cut through the black hole, something completely unexpected happened.

As the blade of energy came slashing down atop the black hole, a deep demonic voice broke through.

“Not this time.”

As this voice escaped the black hole, so too did a large hand breakthrough and caught the blade of energy. Gripping this energy blade, with a slight squeeze, the blade of energy shattered and was reduced to small particles that faded away.

Kai took a slight step back.

(This is!? To catch my Severing tempest and with a simple squeeze destroy it. What in the seven realms of hell is this!?!?)

Kai quickly shook his head.

(Nows not the time. I have no clue what that is but I can’t let it escape from there no matter what!)

Kai closed his eyes for a fraction of a second and the branch rested quietly at his side.

(I have to put everything into this. With all of my power, I’ll soon fade away but I have to destroy this threat even if I have to sacrifice my all!)

Kai’s eyes snapped open and bright light filled both of them as well as coated the entire branch.

(I’ve never tried this out before but after seeing Kazuki’s special attack, he gave me a nice idea. Let’s see if this works!)

While drawing the branch from his side, Part of Kai’s existence began to fade and was poured into the soul branch itself. The light surrounding the branch grew as he slashed outward with everything he had.


As he commanded his energy and slashed at the black hole a strange thing took shape. The energy around him gathered along with his and entered the branch before the branch sliced forward.

The branch moved so fast that it seemed to vanish from sight before dozens of swords formed all around. These swords then combined into a single large blade of energy that covered the sky. Following Kai’s swing and will, this sword that took up the sky came swinging down as if it were divine punishment.

The black hole trembled for a moment as this blade came near but just before Kai’s blade cleaved into this black hole, Kai’s spiritual form nearly faded entirely. With it, the single blade shook before falling apart just a hairs breath away from striking the black hole. Right after the black hole ate this dispersed energy and the cracks all at once shattered.


A large tear formed in the center of this hole and with it, another arm stretched out of it. The two free arms grabbed at the ground and pulled. A large head broke free followed by an even larger body. This…thing was several hundred feet tall. but its body couldn’t be made out clearly as it was covered in a black haze.

(Damn…Kazuki, forgive me, I failed.)

Kai’s spiritual body started to fade even more and he was filled with regrets.

The large dark being saw Kai on the verge of disappearing and ignored him entirely. Reaching forward, this large being stabbed its hand into Kazuki’s soul tree. The moment it did this, the soul tree started to darken and the darkness spread out rapidly. It covered a large portion of the soul tree and clung to its base and branches like a diseased tar.

This large creature laughed.

“HAHAHA, Finally I have escaped from that realm. So many eons have passed yet I now have a host!”

The large being took a look around.

“This is a humans soul world. Damn a human body. It will have to do for now. This amount of energy will not be enough if I wish to fully regain myself. I’ll need more, much more.”

This being then closed one of its eyes and kept the other open. Its voice unintentionally slipping out for Kai to hear.

“There is a good source of power nearby. If I eat that creature, my progress will only accelerate.”

The clouds in the soul world began to take shape once again and Kai could see what this vile being was seeing. It had taken control of Kazuki’s body and flew out of the ocean. It then began to pursue Dreunz and was starting to eat his energy as they fought.

Kai knew if this creature grew any further, it would be nearly impossible for Kazuki to retake control. At the same time, Kai was completely out of energy. He was disappearing and there was no way to reverse it. He would be gone permanently but he had to do something to save his brother.

“There has to be something I can do…anything!”

The gears in Kai’s mind began to turn rapidly but he was not a smart man, he never had been. All his life he was obsessed with the sword and not much else. After death, everything that he had learned took him hundreds of years to understand. He couldn’t think outside of the box and come up with a crazy plan like Kazuki, nor could he be so logic-based and analyze things to such a degree that he could be two steps ahead like Danny.

(Think think think! What would little dummy do? What would Danny come up with? Think?)

Kai watched as this creature grew more and more powerful. The darkness grew along the soul tree covering it almost entirely while on the outside the dark lines covered Kazuki’s body even more.

At the edge of despair, it finally clicked and Kai called out into the void.


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