Return of the Fallen Volume 8 Chapter 37

All at once, five Ancient beast cores erupted in a disastrous explosion. The 5 beast cores along with one of the blazing suns and two of Dreunz’s golden swords of light broke and exploded outward. The combination of pure energy and overwhelming power threw Kazuki well over a hundred miles away.

Kazuki had already surrounded his body with aura breath before the explosion rang out but at this close range even he was rocked to his core. His aura breath was torn to shreds followed by his armor and then his flesh and blood. His innards were broken and ripped. The light from Dreunz’s sun exploding made his eyes boil and more than half the blood in his body turned to steam, which caused small explosions throughout his body.

His veins running through his body burst open and his flesh and skin hung loosely on his bones, as parts of him burned and melted like jelly.

The pain was excruciating but Kazuki had felt worse. It was this fact alone that allowed him to hang on to his sanity while his body fell apart like rotten meat. The pure energy from the cores had done its damage and it almost made his magic overload within his core but Kazuki still managed to handle it.

Even though his layer of protection was torn to shreds if it weren’t for his aura breath holding some of the energy back, Kazuki knew he would most likely be dead right now. Not only did it help protect him n the outside, but some of the pure energy also managed to penetrate even into his soul world and came crashing into his soul tree and beyond. As soon as this pure energy struck at his soul tree, a thin layer of dark energy combined with aura protected him. He used his aura breath outside as well as on the inside of his soul world.

Thanks to that, his soul wasn’t destroyed on the spot. However, that overabundance of energy didn’t just dissipate immediately. Some of it found its way to the base of his soul tree and crashed heavily into the sealed spiraling void gate below.


Another crack formed on the seal Zetrazz placed. This time the crack was deeper, wider. A small amount of energy began to leak out, unbeknownst to Kazuki.

Back in the actual world, Kazuki gasped for breath as he inhaled copious amounts of pure energy. He immediately reformed a layer of protection using his aura breath and circulated his ki all over his body. He surrounded the pure energy from the beast’s cores using his aura and ki. Catching it, he then pushed it out of his body and out of his barrier. Once he did that, his body no longer degraded and instead started to rapidly heal and regenerate.

With that pure energy inside him, his body was in a tug of war with it. While the pure energy destroyed him, his body healed itself again and again but even with Kazuki’s incredible healing ability, it was losing against the overwhelming pure energy. Only after removing that energy did his body start to regenerate like usual.

In only a few seconds, his body had regenerated fully. His eyes that had melted away reformed anew and he looked around at his surroundings. The ground was blackened and looked as if someone had dumped a river of ash over top of the land. Trees were no more and rivers were reduced to a nasty sludge. Even at this level though, the pure energy continued to spread outward at a rapid rate.

If it was allowed to flow outward, it would spread for nearly a thousand miles. There may not be any human life within a few hundred miles but within a thousand there were cities with a massive amount of people.

Kazuki wanted to help but before he could even begin to do something about all of this excess energy, Dreunz roared in the distance.



All at once, six swords of golden light flew at Kazuki faster than lightning could move. Kazuki’s magic was still unstable from the attack a moment ago and so when he tried to use fire to accelerate and dodge he felt a slight delay.

This small delay was a millisecond at the most but it cost Kazuki.

He managed to dodge the first two that came flying at him by spinning in mid-air like a top. Using this momentum he managed to kick another two away from him. He felt the bones in his feet and leg shatter from impact but he was still fine. The second to last one he gripped his hands together as if to pray and swung his hands upward like a mighty sledgehammer.

The final one though was already atop him. He swung his arm down and tried to knock it away but its force was far too much for a single arm.


The 50-foot long blade took his left arm and gave him a deep gash atop the left side of his head and knocked him deep into the ground, burying him more than a thousand feet beneath the surface.

At the same time, the swords that he managed to knock away came crashing down all over the land like meteors of doom. These swords that were deflected divided mountains and rivers and changed the geography of the land into a deformed amalgamation of dead and broken land. Shaping it into something unrecognizable to its ancestors from age untold.

While Kazuki was underground, the pure energy still spreading was drawn upward and storm clouds formed instantly. Dozens of tornadoes that were miles long spread out and touched down all over this field of attle and the accumulated poison in the air came falling down with the crash of lightning and the weight of rain.

Even with the raging storm above, these darkened clouds could not block out the radiant light from Dreunz’s multiple suns. As dreunz flew over the land, the heat and light from his sun’s scorched the land beneath him.

Around his body, a large barrier of light surrounded him, blocking out the pure energy from the beast cores. In a moment he was above where Kazuki was buried.


Kazuki’s arm was already regenerated by this time but that didn’t stop the pain he felt. Not from his body but from deep within his soul. One of the reasons for his brother no longer being here was on Dreunz.

Kazuki gnashed his teeth. He wanted to come up right away and take Dreunz’s head but the power gap was far too wide. The moment he pops his head out, it’s goodbye. At the same time, he couldn’t play groundhog forever.

His attack moments ago to sue the Ancient beast’s cores was one of both desperation as well as a gamble and test. Thanks to Glacious’s memories, Kazuki knew the Blood Essence would make Dreunz powers skyrocket and come close to touching the 7th stage but that was just power. It also gave Dreunz a boost to his physical body and his toughness but Kazuki didn’t know by how much. He blew up the cores to see how much Dreunz could take.

At that close, such pure energy coming at you, even with a barrier in place should have been disastrous but Dreunz appeared completely fine. All in all, it managed to take out two of his swords and destroy a sun of his but those could be replaced with magical energy.

Kazuki was unsure of what to do. He almost wanted to ask Zetrazz for help but Zetrazz had already helped him far too much and said he would not do that ever again. Even if Kazuki was about to die, Zetrazz would no longer help and put it all on Kazuki to figure his way out of his own messes.

Kazuki extended his aura upward and sensed Dreunz presence. Dreunz felt it immediately and sent two of his suns down and into the ground below.

Kazuki was about to panic when he noticed the speed of these descending suns.

(So slow. Before they seemed to move as fast as lightning but now I can easily dodge them. What gives?)

Kazuki observed the suns and noticed that they were burning through the ground at a good rate. They were burning away the dirt and turning the rocks and the rest of the land into molten magma as they moved downward. This gave rise to dangerous temperatures but also due to the magma, the suns were slowed even more.

This is when Kazuki was reminded of the first battle he had with Dreunz.

(When we fought, he had to trap me in order to drop the suns on me. They moved at a speed I could easily dodge. When we fought just moments ago, I thought the suns were moving as quick as lightning if not faster, when in actuality it was Dreunz that was the one moving quickly. The suns were basically attached to him, therefore they moved with him at a quick speed. The suns can only move fast if they are with Dreunz. Down here in the ground, they have to burn through everything in their way first before they can get to me. I…I can use this.)

Kazuki’s eyes shined with green light and the land began to move to his will.

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