Return of the Fallen Volume 8 Chapter 80

The power of gravity multiplied and the pressure of everyone’s auras, slamming into Fera’s caused the air to vibrate violently. If one were a normal person, this type of vibrating air would cause a person’s lungs to explode and the organs in their body to liquify. To Kazuki and the others, breathing became a chore, and their movements were slowed by a noticeable degree but they could still move nonetheless.

Fera’ concentrated her lightning on Danny for his brazen words. He claimed he knew how to tame Fera. This sentence was not specific in nature but to Fera, it bore a deep insult. To say she could be tamed implied that she needed to be or that she could be tamed in the first place. Both notions made her rage with murderous intent.

“I am the most powerful being in the world and you think you can do anything to me. The foolish do not know when to be silent. Don’t worry though. Even without a tongue of flesh, I will remove whatever is inside of you that keeps that metal mouth of yours moving and crush it!”

A spiraling mountain-sized funnel of wind descended upon Danny with Fera’s almighty wrath. At the same exact time, her other body roared and tens of thousands of lightning bolts came crashing down.

Any one of these attacks could decimate the continent yet they were entirely focused on Danny.

Everyone made their move all at once. Kazuki told them all to buy Danny a single minute and that’s exactly what they intended to do. Etora grew to over a hundred feet long and took on his true form of a great wolf with platinum blonde fur and eyes of glowing silver. Shaila became a large black panther with a golden spot atop her head, While Tozu and Sasai returned to their original forms of a mighty rhino-headed ape and Sasai a colossal-sized serpent with a third eye embedded in his forehead.

At this size, it would be extremely difficult to maintain a barrier of magic around their bodies so instead they opted not to and went on the offense.

All of them roared the exact moment Fera sent down her storm of destruction.





The sky became pitch black under Shaila’s will and everything became dark as night. Clawing at the storms in front of her, thousands of crescent blades made from dark energy slashed outward.

Tozu created blue flames hotter than the sun formed a blazing ring of fire that encircled the raging storm and grew hotter as the wind rushed past. Sasai’s third eye opened on his forehead and a beam of dark energy shot forward like a demonic cannon.

Etora opened his mouth and activated his devouring ability. A swirling force pulled at the mighty storm above him.

Kazuki as well made his move. A long sword appeared in his hand and as he swung downward he called out.


At the same time, he swung his blade, his ki and aura strengthening accelerated his movements. Mimicking the wind with his aura, his speed increased severalfold. The single swing multiplied and instead of a single severing tempest, it became hundreds and then thousands in an instant.

Fera’s magic was much greater than Kazuki’s so using this technique to completely destroy her attack was out of the question from the beginning. Instead, Kazuki decided to borrow a move from Danny. By using more than one severing tempest attack, this technique would continually chip away at the power in Fera’s attack. It was this move that helped Kazuki greatly when Danny had destroyed a part of Dreunz’s devastating attack.

Shaila’s attack, Tozu’s, Sasai’s, Kazuki’s, and Etora’s. Their powers came forth side by side. Along with all of their aura, no one held anything back and the same went for Fera. She went all out and sent out her most powerful attack all at once.

In a single moment, all of the attacks came crashing together and impacted somewhere in between them all. The moment these attacks intercepted each other, the entire sky that was covered by Shaila’s darkness, suddenly brightened as if a star exploded.

All darkness was pushed away from the epicenter and what followed was heard around the entire continent and beyond.


Everyone was blown away from the shockwave and they all tumbled uncontrollably in the sky for a moment. All of Fera’s fake bodies were torn to shreds and continuous rapid explosions fired out repeatedly above the land. Tozu and everyone else knew this would be bad but the moment the explosions rang out, their large bodies became nothing but huge targets. They had most of their magic in this one-off attack and left nothing in reserve. because of this, they couldn’t shrink down and return to their human forms and took explosions directly with their bodies.

Large holes and deep wounds opened up over their bodies ad left grievous wounds from head to toe. Even trying to dodge these rapid explosions was no easy task and wasted more energy that they didn’t have. Their bodies were riddled with nasty injuries and they all bled profusely. Kazuki as well could not fully defend himself. He had been using just enough energy to defend himself from attacks in specific locations on his body but these explosions were far too much.

In the end, he simply covered his head with his fused energy. While limbs were turned to ash or organs melted and flesh torn to shreds, Kazuki endured all of that pain and protected the only thing he needed to stay alive. His body was completely shattered. This attack was on the same level as Dreunz’s crashing into the world. The only main difference between this attack and the one Dreunz did was the fact that one took place on the ground and the other in the air. Had this attack slammed into the world, Kazuki could see the continent sinking beneath the ocean.

While all of these explosions rang out continuously, Etora covered Danny with his aura and protected him from them. Even with a body made from god metal, it would be torn apart under these powerful blast waves. Etora both protected Danny from any damage while at the same time he was still devouring as much of the excess energy as he possibly could but there was a problem.

Even after everyone combined their attacks, up in the sky, the storm Fera created was still raging and was still falling. It had been reduced by a little more than a third. Fera having an extra body up her sleeve had been too much of a hidden card. With this extra body, it didn’t simply mean another 100% increase. No, it meant much much more. The fact that she knew exactly how to synchronize and combine her attacks caused the attack to be amplified to such a degree that even with Kazuki and everyone else’s full counterattack, it was only reduced by this much.

Had it been something Etora could smash with a fist, the tables would have been completely overturned but this was not a big ass rock one could give a good backhand to. Etora’s main advantage was useless in this situation and everyone had to instead rely on pure magic to fight against Fera’s attack.

Just as everyone felt defeated, Danny called out again.


Kazuki looked over.

“Is there any way you can deal with that wind? If so, I’ll show you something unexpected.”

Kazuki looked at the hurricane in the sky falling rapidly. He shouted at Etora.

“Etora, focus on the hurricane and forget about the lightning!”

Etora gave a nod and Kazuki used his aura to fly. If he was going to deal with the wind, he would need all of his magic.

Kazuki’s body was still regenerating but the moment he took to the skies, he was immediately getting thrashed, struck, and slashed by all of the wind lightning, and wind blades swirling around him. He ignored the pain and dove into the eye of the storm.

Etora began to devour the wind and the force was reduced slightly. Kazuki on the other hand was becoming darker and darker as his flesh was constantly being charred black with hideous burns. He was still regenerating quickly but you wouldn’t know by all of the wounds piling up. He focused on protecting his head with his fused energy. At the same time, he spread his arms out.

The long sword in his right hand and the power of fire in his left hand left foot and right foot.

Concentrating on the flow of the wind around him, he slashed with his sword and called out in his mind.

(Severing Tempest!)

His right arm flexed and his wrist slicked hundreds, thousands of times in an instant. Following this, he rapidly severed only the wind energy keeping the storm spinning. Opening his mouth he roared.


Flames spewed forth from his mouth as if he were a dragon. Not just from his mouth, his feet, and his left hand. Blue flames erupted in a seemingly uncontrolled manner but that wasn’t true. Kazuki had them all perfectly under his authority. All of the flames spread out and focused solely on the air around him.

His aura spread out and using all of this, he changed the temperature and pressure of this huge hurricane. This intense and rapid change in pressure and temperature changed the hurricane on a fundamental basis. The power of the hurricane reduced significantly and it began to fall apart. This though left the lightning to roam chaotically.

The speed and force though fell more and more and with Etora’s devouring, the hurricane began to break.

Just as they thought they could destroy it, the clouds that had all but disappeared reformed, and the hurricane began to pick up speed once more.

Fera’s booming voice exploded from overhead.

“Was that all!? Have you really learned nothing? I can simply come back again and again and again. All of your effort, all of your fighting back, all of it was worthless.”

Just as Fera said this, she noticed something. The lightning in the air, as she tried to control it, it no longer responded to her will.

It was at this time that Danny slowly flew into the air. His eyes glowing with a fierce silver light.

“It wasn’t all for nothing. Shall I show you what I’ve learned?”

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