Return of the Fallen Volume 8 Chapter 84

The deep voice told Fera to head to Feya and deal with Glacious but it was obvious there was some hesitation. The deep voice questioned.

“Why are you hesitating. The time we have to carry this out is not infinite.”

“It’s the metal puppet. Its powers bother me.”

The titan acknowledged this.

“That puppet is a creation of your brothers. From what I’ve seen the puppet contains the soul of one of his friends. To come up with such a trap for you, the one inside that puppet is clever. To use the same move upon you two times though, would be difficult.”

“Exactly. It would be difficult but not an impossibility. The puppet used the lightning I had already manipulated and turned it against me. Even if it was under special circumstances, if it were to by some chance happen again during my battle with Glacious, it could turn out disastrous for me. If we are to move soon, that metal puppet should be dealt with just in case. With the puppet destroyed, I’ll be able to unleash my full abilities without having to look over my shoulder to make sure that piece of scrap doesn’t use my own powers against me.”

“In order to use that cage again, the puppet requires more power than it currently has stored inside of itself. It got one over on you because you used the magic in the surroundings instead of your own. Once you lost focus, that was the fraction of time needed for the metal puppet to steal your lightning. To worry about such a tiny detail. You will be there in the flesh so the magic you will rely on will be yours and yours alone. As long as you use your own power, the same thing cannot happen twice.”

“Is that all you have to say? I can still feel loose blood in my chest after that cage ripped my bodies apart. Tell me, do you know what it’s like to have parts of your soul destroyed?”

The titan didn’t answer.

“Your silence tells me everything, so don’t act like that strange attack was an everyday occurrence. Even if the possibility is 1% that could be the difference for my fight. I’ve already sustained damage but Glacious should be far worse off at this point. Still, I don’t wish to be at any more of a disadvantage than I already am.”

“I understand.”

The energy in the room pulsed momentarily before the titan spoke once more.

“The miasma is close. I’ll use it to kill the metal puppet. At the same time, I’ll deal with Zetrazz and pull him away from Glacious and the two kings. At that time you swoop in and finish Glacious as fast as possible. If you can kill the beast kings as well. Once they’re gone, we can finish our goals.”

Fera nodded before taking a potion out from her storage ring.

Poping the cork, a herbal smell mixed with magic wafted up. Ignoring the nasty smell, Fera downed the bottle in a single gulp.

Warm energy spread through her and her soul swiftly began to repair itself. It couldn’t heal everything in such a short period but Fera would take what she could get.

Just as the titan’s presence was about to vanish fully, Fera called out.

“Do not touch my brother. Kill whoever you want but leave Kazuki for me. It will be me that kills him. Remember if you kill him, even if we have an agreement, I will be null and void and between you and me, all-out war until one of us dies. Do you understand me?”

“Killing one ant and sparing another just so you can personally kill it, you humans are so strange.”

“Is that a yes or a no?”

“I won’t harm a hair on your precious brother’s head. Shall I deliver him wrapped like a gift or…”

“Do not draw my rage titan! Kazuki and the compass are mine. You have been warned!”

Fera kicked off the floor and part of the palace was leveled beneath her.

“While I’m fighting Glacious, you handle Zetrazz and the metal puppet but leave my brother be. With the obstacles handled, you know what to do with the Azirirans.”


Fera transformed into a bolt of lightning and broke the sound barrier as she flew towards the Feya continent and disappeared over the horizon.

The moment she left, the titan watched her vanish and his energy pulsed once more before he faded away.

(It’s almost over. Soon…they will all disappear.)


Deep within the Patar desert, the Miasma was on an unnatural path toward the recently destroyed city, Garn had handled. It expanded for hundreds of miles and covered the world in darkness everywhere it went. Beneath its purplish-black fog, n army of Azirians marched in the millions now.

After spreading through the entire west side of the continent and invading into part of the east and now a good chunk of the south, the Azirians had multiplied like crazy.

Most of the Azirians moved without mind and with no will. A rare few though held something more in their minds and were more than what they seemed. Moving beneath the Miasma, these smart Azirians, all at once froze on the spot. Their eyes rolled to the back of their heads as familiar energy came raining down from the Miasma. The moment this energy came down atop them, their eyes snapped back and the smart ones, all at once called out.

“Yes! Lord of this world…we heed your call!”

The Azirians who answered all looked around at the millions of empty-minded monsters and without warning, they began to fuse together. Millions became hundreds of thousands and hundreds of thousands became thousands and then hundreds. Mountains of arms, legs, torsos, and heads entangled and sank inward and outward. Climbing overtop and falling into one another. Mounds of flesh fused together to create something ungodly and abhorrent.

Millions of Azirian’s, in a matter of minutes, came together to make something unimaginable. Giants of fleshy monsters, frankensteind together, made up of millions of parts.

The Miasma, still floating above, continued forward without the Azirians. It headed toward a nearby open field of sand and without notice, it simply sank into the ground and disappeared. The Miasma that haunted the entire Feya continent and had been observed by innumerable had out of nowhere just vanished.

The giant Azirian’s no longer seemed to care about the protective Miasma and no longer followed it. Instead, on the top of their back, the wide stretches and patches of flesh exploded open and large wings similar to dragons broke out and expanded by more than a thousand feet. These giant Azirian’s all at once flapped their wings almost in unison. The powerful wings caused the sand beneath them to swirl upward like a vacuum and a large sandstorm was kicked up all around them.

These powerful wings lifted these insanely heavy bodies from the ground and eight powerful fused Azirians took flight. Not even a moment later, all eight of them flew in a certain direction according to their master’s will.

As this was happening, up in the sky a distance away, a recording crystal was showing all of this to a shocked King Brian.

He had seen the Azirians fuse plenty of times but when they combined it was a mere few thousand or tens of thousands. he had heard of a few hundred thousand coming together but that was a single time, a rare case. This though was entirely different. Millions of Azirian’s had fused into eight gigantic bodies several hundreds of feet tall. Not only that every single one of them took off in a certain direction. King Brian knew that direction well as they were headed straight for his mountain base.

The Miasma vanishing was one thing. He never expected it to sink into the ever-expanding desert but that was something he could still think around. The Azirians coming together as they did and from what he saw, it was under a strange power. All of this led him to believe that they were making their final move. he didn’t know what it entailed but one thing he knew for sure, it would be the hardest fight of not just his life but for everyone. In his mind, there wasn’t a shred of doubt, this was it, this was the final battle against the Azirian’s.

The shock spread through King Brian’s entire body and he felt fear tear at him. As soon as this fear sank into him, his body did what it naturally did.

*Tap tap tap*

Without rhyme or reason, his fingers began to tap on the table and the gears in his mind began to turn. The fear that overtook him, the shock and dread, all of it started to fade from him rapidly.

*Tap tap tap*

The more his fingers played the table, the more he would think, and the more that terrible feeling left him.

*Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap…*

He quickly picked up his communication device and barely a moment later Triska answered.

“I need to speak with Kazuki right now!”

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