Return of the Fallen Volume 9 Chapter 34

The mysterious woman had vanished into thin air. Taking with her were several Adrola corpses, hundreds of Mind Frey’s as well as the imprisoned titan Torzz. The woman came like a hurricane and disappeared like a ghost. Her power was evident, not to mention Zephris had heard Torzz call the woman a Demi-God. Zephris had heard that term very little but it was one that stood out.

(A being from a higher realm. Coming to this lower realm, they can only exist in this lower realm in a much weaker form. Yet that form that is considered weaker by them, is an existence that could crush the world. That woman mentioned that I angered someone, finding out who that someone is though is unimportant right now, rather it would be too difficult to figure out in this short timespan. Also since Detra, the supposed watcher of this world did not interfere with that mysterious woman, I can take it as that woman is really after me and not out to destroy the world, otherwise, Detra would have made a move.)

All of this left Zephris confused. The woman clearly came for him but not to destroy him or at least not for now. None of it made much sense but what he understood right now was that his family was in immediate danger.

(That woman has a connection to someone in this world, she no doubt took the evidence to them. Once word gets out that it was I that kidnapped all of those important existences, they will have realized that it was me who broke the peace first and they will come down upon me with everything they’ve got. Damn, my device still isn’t 100% finished. No, in theory, it should work. First I’ll gather my relatives into my city and then, I’ll have to rush the creation of my army.)

Zephris didn’t hesitate to move. Teleporting across the continent, he gathered his mother, sister, and father first. Then he proceeded to teleport to the rest of his family members. Within a single hour, Zephris had gathered nearly 200 people, all family. Once he had them in the city, he quickly sealed the city. Manipulating the god metal, he formed a dome and allowed nothing in or out.

Many of his family members were quite irate and upset. Some had been sleeping, others in the middle of nightly activities, and more just having the time of their life. For their ancestor to suddenly show up out of nowhere and scoop them up and whisk them away, was something that stopped the heart. Not only that but now that they were in the city and it was sealed, they expected some type of explanation but Zephris had no time for that and ignored them all.

The only ones he paused for were his mother and sister.

“Son, what is happening? Bringing all of us here in the middle of the night, is it that bad?”

Zephris sighed.

“Mother, sister, don’t worry. I will protect everyone.”

Chela and Alta both realized what this answer meant. Zephris was avoiding the topic so hard, he never did that. It could only mean one thing, extreme danger.

Zephris entered his dungeon and prepped his device. A small crown with a clear jewel embedded in its center. With this device, he should be able to control every single Azirian without fail. Not only that, when the unique ones came about, his device would automatically split their souls. In this way, they would revert back to their first versions and would be like puppets.

At the same time, the other portion of the soul fragment that held their consciousness and personality would be absorbed into his crown. There the soul fragment would be purified and all of the memories, personality, and intelligence would be wiped. All that would be left inside the crown would be a plain soul fragment. The crown would then send that energy directly into Zephris’s soul world where the fragment would fuse with his own soul and his power would in turn grow.

(Although it’s not finished, it will have to do for now. My enemies are already on their way, I can sense them moving. They already know what I’ve done. They are coming for blood, and blood they shall receive!)

Zephris waved his hand and his eyes lit up. As his magic moved, something along the wall was activated and the entire left wall of the dungeon began to open up. Along the opening were 10’s of thousands of large glass containers. Each one was the size of a small house and filled to the brim in each and every one of them was a massive amount of Zephris’s very own blood.

This amount of blood was not something an army could shed yet all of it had come from a single source. Because of Zephirs’s regenerative capabilities, his blood was replaced nearly as fast as it spilled. This amount of blood only took him a few weeks to produce.

Zephris couldn’t help but feel an edge of excitement before he waved his hand. His power and soul poured into each container in seconds. Teh moment his soul and magic fused with his blood, the blood instantly darkened and took on a purplish-black color.


The blood reacted and changed instantly. It began to move violently inside the containers. On the opposite of the dungeon were 10’s of thousands of cages and cells. Within them were hundreds of thousands of creatures. Some held beasts, while others people. Some had monsters and others elves. So many different species were captured and brought here and each prison cell was filled to capacity.

The moment Zephris opened the opposite wall and revealed all the blood, the intelligent creatures all began to freak out. They screamed and shouted. They begged and cursed all in one breath. Ramming into the cells trying to break them or bash their own heads and take their life. They knew what was coming. Some prayed to the heavens above while others damned Zephris to the realms of hell below.

All in all, though, Zephris found their actions to be ever so pointless. The cages were all made from god metal and for the stronger ones, Zephris added special inscriptions to seal their magic and strength. Their fates were already sealed the moment Zephris took them. Zephris smiled before waving his hand once more.

“Become my army and rise, my Azirian’s.”

With this wave of his hand, every single container turned over and all of the purplish-black blood spilled out like a rushing river. The blood raced forward as if it had a mind of its own as it dove through the bars and landed on all of the creatures. All at once, screams of agony rang out, and only a few seconds later…Silence.

This total flip in atmosphere was an odd thing to experience. To go from a place that was filled with desperate screams, filled with overwhelming life and maddening instincts to survive. For all of it to instantly disappear and go so quiet that one could hear their own thoughts. Zephris wondered if any other had ever experienced such a thing. He wondered if that person would feel the same excitement he would at this moment.

Just as he was lost in euphoria, several shouts rang out at once.


Zephris snapped out of his own afterglow as he saw a few thousand surprisingly had intelligence.

“From around 200,000 a few thousand unique ones have emerged, excellent. With this army, I finally have the power to do what must be done for the world. I will finally bring peace and prosperity as I rule over all.”


It was at this moment that loud explosions rang out above the metal city. Zephris could sense a great change in the energy of the world. Space began to distort at an alarming rate as expert after expert began to teleport and surround the entire city.

“They really did send everyone.”

Zephris could sense experts from every kingdom and every clan, whether they be big or small. Zephris slowly rose up and flew to the top of his city before grabbing at the sky with one hand. The moment he did this, the sky and space tore open revealing an area above the city.

All of the Azirian’s could feel Zephris’s commands through their soul and in one fell swoop, massive wings exploded out from their back, growing to a size several times bigger than their own bodies. All at once, they took to the skies and flew through the tear in space.

An army of flesh came rushing through the tear surprising all of these experts. Not only were they taken aback because there was a winged army but also because, to their confusion, they could feel no magic whatsoever within these humanoid creatures.

Following the Azirian’s Zephris came out of the tear in space before closing it behind him. Looking at the experts all around him, there was representation from every faction just as he had sensed moments ago.

(My army to theirs, they outnumber us by a few times. Too bad for them, this will not save them.)

His thoughts came to here when suddenly he sensed three more powerful energies appear in the sky in the distance. All eyes fell onto these three figures. To Zephris’s surprise, he could sense Detra but not just her, nearby was the mysterious woman along with Torzz.

(Why have they come?)

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