Chapter 103: Northern Disturbance ⑨ Forest Battle




Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

Central Yurest Alliance, Plains Area

「The area around here is already more north than the capital of Goldonia, isn’t it?」

「Yes, that should be the case. The central city of Yurest, Barrela, is surprisingly north after all. Nnmoh.」

「It’s cold, it would have been more comfortable if it was by the river.」

「Then we would have to be wary of Magrado’s reinforcements, who could cross the river. It is very unfortunate for them that the city is located to the north. Nnmmh」

「Uuu, Celia……-sama, please don’t get in my way.」

「This is my job. Nnmoh!」

「I won’t lose when it comes to handling dicks.」

In the morning before we start our march, the two of them are attending me in a tent. Celia and Leah are kneeling at my feet while I’m sitting on a chair, licking my cock from the right and left, but both of them are fighting to see who gets to hold it in their mouth.

「Hey, hey, don’t argue.」

Both of them narrow their eyes when I pat their heads. It seems both of them love to get their heads patted.

「Celia-san should do her best for master in the military. Since I will be the one who takes care of his lower half.」

Leah has started calling me master when other people are present. As expected, I can’t let a child like this address me by name without any honorifics in front of my subordinates.

「Wha-!? I look after Aegir-sama in all areas when we’re on the battlefield! You should be the one……aah, you tricked me!」

Celia released my dick from her mouth when she spoke up so Leah took the opportunity to quickly snatch it away and put it in her own mouth. The enraged Celia tries to appeal for sex, but I grab her and kiss her. The sensation of our tangling tongues sends more blood to my already engorged cock.

「It expanded. Don’t hold back and let it out inside my mouth, ‘kay?」

Leah takes my dick all the way in her throat, although she chokes, and vigorously bobs her head up and down. Those are movements that are meant to make a man climax, but it didn’t happen this time.

「Lord Hardlett, is it a good time?」


Celia stops kissing and jumps out of the way. The entrance to the tent suddenly opens and Leopolt stands there with his usual expressionless face.

「……Does it look like it’s a good time?」

Unlike the other subordinates, this guy doesn’t care at all.

「I cannot see, so let me rephrase myself. The war council will be held, so please pause what you are doing and come immediately.」

「…………I’ll be right there.」

What an absolutely unromantic guy.

「Nnbuh! Nnmoh!」

Leah glances at Leopolt and continues her service without much worry. She doesn’t pay too much attention to the fact that people can see her attending me. If I so desired, she would be fine if we fucked in public too. On the other hand, Celia wipes her mouth and glares at Leopolt with a blushing face.

「That’s enough, Leah. You can take it out of your mouth.」

「Eh? But isn’t master suffering when it’s still so big?」

It is tough to endure and it won’t fit in my pants like this.

「I don’t prefer looking at Lord Hardlett’s lower body, so could you please finish quickly?」

When the thought of Leopolt watching me enters my mind, I immediately go limp. I take Celia with me and the inelegant man follows us.

「Now then, let’s begin the war council.」

While the soldiers are dismantling the camps, the commanders, including the ones in the central army’s third division, gather in the command room.

「Before that……although he’s Lord Hardlett’s subordinate, isn’t it strange that this guy without rank is speaking in this setting?」

One of the commanders of the central army asserts. He’s probably referring to Leopolt, who has the position of deputy commander in my private army, but has been granted nothing from the Goldonian royalty, thus making him nothing more than a regular commoner. The commanders, especially those of high status, cannot acknowledge this guy speaking, much less obeying his orders.

「I am speaking on behalf of Lord Hardlett.」

「Then it could be another person of nobility who speaks.」

How troublesome. Helping Leopolt will also be a cause for offense, and I don’t like conferences as it is, so this fruitless argument is absolutely ridiculous.

I slam my elbow into the table located in the center. I held back, or else it would have been crushed.

「I approved it. Do you need any other requirements besides that?」

The commanders of the central army step back in an instant.

「B-but rank is also important to display the majesty of the royalty.」

The backbone of the central army is the fact that it is comprised of new nobles who have been granted rank. However, accompanying its growth, the army also welcomed a large amount of commanders – younger traditional nobles and experienced knights. Compared to the up-and-coming new nobles, they are more concerned about authority and rank. Aaah, so troublesome.

「Majesty of the royalty……? Well there is something that would emphasize it even better than rank or authority, you know?」

The gazes of the nobles focus on me. If there were some beauties here, I wouldn’t mind, but unfortunately there are nothing but men, who are talentless as well.

「We just have to win; whatever we do doesn’t matter as long as we win. This guy is necessary for that. If he fails, then I’d be glad to hear your complaints.」

I look over at everyone while resting my elbow on the table. It appears there are no more objections.


「Yessir, first is the position of the enemy, which is here, according to the scouts.」

Leopolt points at a point slightly east of our target destination, Barrela.

「It’s close; we might encounter each other tonight if the both of us head towards there.」

「Then we’ll face each other in the forest region. The amount of vegetation is reasonable and it is possible to deploy our army somehow, but our army has a powerful cavalry unit. I’d prefer if the battlefield is the plains, where we can make the most of their advantage.」

Leopolt glances slightly at the commander of the central army. The powerful unit is the bow cavalry that leads my private army. It is the truth, but at the same time also a slight jab at him. Perhaps there was no need for me to back him up.

「That is ideal, but will the enemy follow accordingly? Besides fighting on enemy territory, we are the ones who are in a hurry to fight.」

「In the case they confine themselves within the forest, our move will be to have the third division corps engage them and continue pushing them out if they have the advantage or retreat and lure them out if at a disadvantage.」

「So you would have us suffer defeat!?」

「Wouldn’t that make us test horses[1. Nat: the term is ateuma which refers to bringing a stallion close to a mare to see if she’s ready to mate]?!」

It seems like it’s my turn to jump in.

「If you overcome them, there is no need to lose to them on purpose. Rather, don’t you think it is an opportunity for merit?」

They are opposing Leopolt, but they aren’t fools. The soldiers and commanders have been trained by Erich so they are a first class unit. It might not be impossible for them to overcome the opponent.

「……I understand. Why don’t we show you our strength.」

Baron Helgen, the Commander of the third division corps, opens his mouth slowly. The other commanders shut their mouths and did not say anything back to their direct superior.

「I’m counting on you. Coordinate the details with Leopolt.」

He is a new noble originating from the Wings of Dawn, so he should understand painfully well how important victory is. The new nobles became nobility after the rebellion of the king after all.

Well, the fighting will be tomorrow. The war council is over, but since the march will be soon, I missed my chance to embrace Leah. Her anus has healed too, so I wanted to dominate her asshole one more time. If I embrace Celia at the same time, they’ll get along with each other more too, but I’ll save it for next time.

–Third Person POV–

Yurest Alliance Army, War Council

「We should fight the enemy before they enter the forest!!」

「No, it’s better to pull them into the forest and fight! We have an advantage with a familiar forest!」

The war council of the Yurest Alliance army is chaotic. But it’s not like many opinions are clashing with each other, rather only two people are speaking. The difference in plans between the two generals of equal rank, Hartonen and Hyuutia, are clearly defined.

「Even if we defeat the enemy in the forest, pursuit will be difficult and we’ll allow them to escape. 」

「As long as defeat them, this is our land and it will be a successful defense, wouldn’t it?!」

「What are you saying? Goldonia is large, so even if we drive them away, they’ll only come back with more reinforcements. We will only be able to protect our land if we completely annihilate them.」

「We would lose everything if we are defeated then. Shouldn’t we defeat the current enemy first and then harden our defenses in the forest?」

The nearby staff officers look at each other with troubled faces. They couldn’t interrupt the debate between the two supreme commanders.

The heated discussion which saw no interruption continues for several hours and a conclusion is finally reached.

「First we will follow General Hyuutia’s opinion, lying in wait near the entrance of the forest and then ambushing the enemy……」

「And then when the enemy starts to flee, we will follow General Hartonen’s suggestion, to thoroughly pursue the enemy on the plains……」

It is a tactic where they purposely wait at the entrance and not deep in the forest to prevent the enemy from scattering and fleeing into the forest and lure the enemy to the plains, which is more suited for pursuit.

「I am convinced……so which one of you generals will be commanding us?」

The staff officers and commanders inquire.

「I will give out orders for the defensive battle.」

General Hyuutia replies.

「Leave the pursuit to me.」

General Hartonen answers in a coarse voice.

「……Then in the case where the enemy performs a counteroffensive?」

「「We will play it by ear depending on the situation!!」」

The Yurest Alliance army begins their advance under the direction of both generals.

–Third Person/ Helgen POV–

Northern Yurest Alliance, Lonberque Forest

「We will be the only ones to defeat the enemy! 」

The 13 000 troops of the third division of the central army set up just before the forest, separate from the main forces and step into the forest. Behind them, Hardlett’s private army sets up and places the cavalry on standby. If it becomes a disadvantageous situation, they will retreat to the plains and they will look to cooperate with each other.

「We’ll make that cheeky bastard called Leopolt or whatever speechless!」

But the commanders intend to defeat the enemy by themselves. The opposing side has close to 30 000 troops according to reports but they did not listen to the details in the enemy’s strength and believed they had a sufficient chance to aim for victory even while the Yurest army is gathering many numbers.

「Is the enemy afraid? We might make it all the way to Barrela if we continue like this.」

「Haha, that would be nice.」

In response to their words, a countless number of arrows rained down, stabbing the laughing soldier through the mouth and killing him instantly.

「Enemy attack! Ready your shields!!」

The first volley is the one that killed many soldiers, but if you knew the arrows are coming, it isn’t hard to block them. They had that much training at least.

「Confirm the enemy! Extend both wings, and don’t get surrounded.」

The soldiers crowded in the narrow path in the forest spread out altogether and the archers start firing back. It was discovered quickly that the enemy hid in a row in the forest to ambush them.

「The enemy is over there. Be careful not to get surrounded and hit them from the front.」

Under the direction of the corps commander, Helgen, the chaos in the beginning gets resolved and they begin their counterattack, with the infantry in the front and the archers providing support from behind. Regardless of the ambush, if they collide head-on, Goldonia should be superior in terms of strength. They thought in this way as they chose to bring it to a close-combat fight.

The attacking formation meets with the enemy in a single line, since there are trees in the forest that get in the way, so no complex formations could be arranged in the first place. Even so, the Yurest army’s formation starts to become disordered as soon as they collided with the opposing army and they begin to retreat in various places.

「Hmph, they’re only capable of this much? In the end, Yurest is nothing more than one of my vassal states.」

One of the commanders curses them. Yurest and Goldonia had connections with each other in the past, but since Yurest has so much remote areas, there are many nobles who have abandoned everything.


But Helgen’s lips did not relax.

「Strange……I didn’t think there would be this much of a disparity.」

There are many trees obstructing his field of view, but he could clearly see there are areas where the enemy is retreating and areas where they are putting up a fight. Because of that, the horizontal line formation is unevenly arranged.

「What are each of the commanders doing? Going out that far is dangerous.」

「They probably can’t see what is going on beside them because of the trees blocking their view. The areas in which the enemy is retreating has especially thick vegetation……」

After saying that much, Helgen and the staff officer look at each other. They have an abundance of actual battle experience as well. This is a trap no matter how they look at it.

「Everyone pull back! It’s a trap!」

Before Helgen’s voice reached them, the situation changes in an instant. Soldiers lying in ambush appear one after the other between the gaps created by the squads that were being pushed back and the squads that were holding their ground and surround the opposing units that advanced too far out.

「Wh-what the-!?」

「Enemies are all of a sudden-!」

Their advantage turned into an absolute disadvantage in the blink of an eye, and the surrounded units could only panic. The other squads try to head over to provide support but the enemies, who were on the defensive and retreating, instantly became aggressive and all squads lost their strength to spare for the others.


「Gather the units spread out on both wings to the center……」

In order to save the surrounded squads, he ordered for both deployed wings to gather their forces. But that also backfired.

「Message from both squads on the wings! Another enemy unit has appeared and they are engaging them!」

In order to prevent the main force from being surrounded, the squads deployed on the left and right are fighting intensely. If they get defeated, the entire army would instantly be surrounded and would undoubtedly get attacked.

「Commander, if this continues, we will be surrounded.」

「From that defense to a counter-attack……then the swift encirclement tactic, what impressive leadership.」

Helgen looks up to the sky for a second. There is already no way he could win now, but it’s not like he’s finished off. It’s annoying, but he will have to follow the plans of that guy, Leopolt, and retreat, since Viscount Hardlett’s powerful cavalry unit is waiting as soon as he gets through the forest.

「In any case, it doesn’t look like we have any other choice but to retreat.」

Helgen instructs all his troops to retreat.

「Don’t show your backs to the enemy while you run! Retreat slowly while putting up resistance!」

Helgen had confidence that his soldiers, who have been properly trained in the central army, should not crumble to an enemy of this caliber. The third division retreats slowly back the path they came from while being overwhelmed by the enemy.

–Aegir POV–

「Contact from the third division corps: they encountered a powerful enemy in the forest and are battling them, but are in a disadvantageous situation and retreating.」

「That’s how it is.」

「Is that so?」

It was exactly the situation described by Leopolt so he is absolutely unfazed. I am not particularly flustered either.

The infantry is already set up in their ranks in front and their battle preparations are complete. The cavalry will hide behind the infantry in as low of a place as possible, but it is a flat land after all. If they look carefully, they will realize it immediately.

「It shouldn’t matter. The enemy pursuing in vigor should not be able to stop on a dime.」

「It would be nice if that’s the case.」

While I was talking idly with Leopolt and rubbing Celia’s ass, soldiers came running out from the border of the forest like they were overflowing out.

「They finally came. Get ready for battle.」

「Fumu, so they didn’t just flee. The number of troops did not drastically decrease either. I guess the corps commander, Helgen, gets a passing grade.」

If you tell him, he’ll probably get as angry as a raging fire.

Like a tail, the enemy appears attached behind the third division corps, who are maintaining the minimum amount of order while retreating.


「Not yet, Luna. Not until the enemy completely comes out of the forest.」

The enemy should be able to see our formation as well, but possibly judging that we have fewer numbers, they resume their chase without minding. The space opens up when they exit onto the plains and our fleeing allies get surrounded. The enemy floods out from the forest in order to thicken the encirclement. It’s about time.

「Bow cavalry, after firing your volley at full power, begin your charge.」

More than 5000 bow cavalry gallops altogether.

「Heavy and spear cavalry follow me.」

Just like every time, I leave Leopolt in charge of commanding from the rear, brandish my spear and charge forward. A pure black flag is raised alongside the national flag of Goldonia as the wave of cavalry attacks. Even though I’ve experienced this many times, this moment when we charge is something that excites me. The feeling is as if I’m just about to penetrate a young girl with my dick.

「Rout them!!」

After seeing more cavalry than they expected, the enemy lines up their spearmen in a hurry. However, close to 10 000 arrows in total rain down on top of their heads twice. I brought it with me from Trisnia secretly after all. Erich is probably dumbfounded.

Without even time to put up their shields, the line of spearmen crumbles and the cavalry charges through with me in the lead.


I pierce through the chest and armor of the commander who is trying to get the line of long spears that was ripped to shreds, then charge towards the center of the enemies while the body is still suspended on my spear. The bow cavalry loose their countless arrows at the enemies who weren’t in the path of the charging cavalry.

In the blink of an eye, the archers’ defense collapse and regular infantry stand in our way, only equipped with simple spears and swords. We’ll have to defeat these guys first before we can rescue the third division corps. Erich will probably get mad if they get wiped out.

「Schwartz, impregnating mares isn’t the only thing you can do, right? Charge!!」

I charge straight into the enemy accompanied by the escort unit, who are chasing after me in a hurry. I brush away the protruding spears or grab and toss them away, including the soldier holding them, to open the path, swinging my spear at the areas where the soldiers crowded together to knock them away all at once.

There is no point to stop and engage them. As soon as I bring the third division corps back into action, the situation will instantly turn in our favor.

「What is this horse-gguah!」

「Look ou-gha!」


The reason the stirrups are rattling while I’m charging is because Schwartz is purposely moving as he tramples over the enemies. Schwartz, who is heavier than normal horses, is crushing the soldiers, armor and all, while galloping unfazed. I’m just glad that he can do more than mate.

「What are these guys?!」

「They’re different from all the guys we faced before……」

「A pitch-black flag!? Are they a demon’s army?」

It is next to impossible for infantry without spears or bows to stop dashing cavalry. It was a one-sided slaughter, but it wasn’t much damage to their numbers. In order to wipe them out completely, we need the military strength of the third division corps.

「Form your ranks! If you stop moving, it will be ou-guehhh!!」

The enemy soldiers are trying to put up some sort of resistance by packing their simple spears densely, but I send all of the flying, then thrust my spear through the face of the commander sitting on top of his horse. Schwartz steps on the soldier, who is still breathing and crawling in a strange manner. This guy has absolutely no mercy towards men.

「Take my special attack! Fire lightning hurricane!![2. Nat: they’ve gotta stop with these names]」


I receive the special attack of that loud-mouthed knight with my hand and send his head flying to return the favor, as the enemy splits up and I am able to successfully reunite with my allies. After breaking past the enemy’s encirclement, with the escort unit following me, the heavy and spear cavalry catch up one after the other.


「We’re saved!!」

In response to their cheers, a loud voice was raised.

「It’s not over yet. It is our turn next, push back the enemy in front of you!」

With a resounding ‘Ooooh’, our allies instantly increase the pressure towards the front. It is still a pincer formation where the enemy is attacking from the front and the side, but the arrival of the reinforcements increased the morale of the soldiers.

Conversely, the enemy soldiers are unsettled after letting us join up together. Leopolt is also starting to attack at the perfect timing. The bow cavalry are repeatedly circling the enemy while firing their arrows and then charging forward.

「Lord Hardlett, I am terribly sorry. I went in too deep.」

Helgen, the corps commander, came running over on his horse.

「It’s fine, since it’s roughly according to plan, and mistakes have more or less been accounted for.」

「The enemy has extremely skilled leadership. Please be careful ……」

「Their leading is skillful ……? 」

Is that so? After I started charging in, the enemy has yet to make a single move that is satisfactory. Even now they are letting the soldiers remain confused, so I thought that their general was quite incompetent.

「Ever since Lord Hardlett switched to the offensive, the enemy seems to be in disarray.」

「Did their general die from the first volley?」

There have been cases where the person leading will die from the first volley if they’re unlucky. If that happens, the army will collapse instantly.

「It doesn’t appear to be the case though ……」

「Retreat! Retreat to the forest!」

「Advance! Beat the cavalry in front of you and try to surround them again!」

In addition, the enemy commanders have been shouting contradicting messages for the past little while. The formation is a mix of defense and offense, and ultimately became an indistinct, meaningless formation. I don’t really understand what’s going on, but this is a chance that won’t come again.

「Lord Helgen, I don’t know what’s happening, but this is undoubtedly an opportunity.」

「Of course. All troops, redeem yourselves in front of Lord Hardlett. All-out attack!」

「Tell all of the private army, it’s an all-out attack. Do it thoroughly!」

The third division corps and my private army begin their attack collectively. A portion of the enemies were able to show off some skilled fighting but were weak and fragile as a whole, as they start to flee towards the forest.

Although the situation looks like things will completely collapse, a general riding a horse gallops around the soldiers, shouts loudly and grants order back to the fleeing troops. It is difficult to deal a devastating blow to an enemy who is retreating in an orderly manner. I thought about shooting them down but they’re slightly far away, and above all……

「Is that ……a woman?」

When the helmet was thrown off by the general sluggishly, long beautiful blonde hair flutters in the wind. The appearance of the woman trying desperately to command with her hair stuck to her face is disparagingly beautiful, compared to the savage place that is the battlefield. She is a woman who is more beautiful than cute.

Possibly because of seeing a beauty on the battlefield unexpectedly, my dick, which received care in the morning, is bulging and getting bigger. After seeing most of the troops retreat, the beauty glances over at me before heading into the forest herself. If possible, I don’t want to injure that woman.


「Victory! Let’s pursue them!!」

Celia shouts and charges out, but I grab her by the collar and lift her up.

「Aau-, what are you doingg?! Please lower me!」

「The enemy hasn’t lost their composure. If we chase them carelessly, we’ll be counterattacked.」

「It’s a wise decision. We can’t use our cavalry effectively in the forest. If they ambush us, it’ll be trouble for us.」

Leopolt, who came out of nowhere, is also supporting me. Helgen doesn’t seem to have any objections either.

「The sun is setting today too. We’ll set up camp in front of the forest……don’t forget to set up sentries to be ready for ambushes.」

「Aau……it’s about time to lower me, please……」

I can’t. Along with the punishment for being forward with the reward for the fight, I have to fire my seed into your womb. Because of that woman, my dick is pushing against my armor and it hurts.

While still carrying Celia, I was about to leave, but Leopolt blocks my path.

「Lord Hardlett, did you realize that the movements of the enemy were strange?」

「Aah, Helgen was saying in the beginning that they were superbly commanded but it didn’t seem that way to me.」

Although with that said, it didn’t seem like he lied in order to cover up for his failure either.

「I have something to discuss with you regarding that. Urgently……」

So Celia’s rape will be postponed? My dick is about to burst.

Aegir Hardlett. 21 years old. Autumn. Wartime.

Subordinate Units

Private Army: 9500
Infantry: 2100, Cavalry: 1200, Archers: 700, Combat Engineers: 200, Bow Cavalry: 5300

Central Army Third Division: 11 000
Infantry: 8500, Cavalry: 900, Archers: 1600

Subordinates: Leopolt (Chief of Staff and Deputy General Commander), Celia (Adjutant, Escort Captain), Irijina (Commander), Luna (Bow Cavalry Commander), Pipi (Mascot), Leah (Night Companion), Helgen (3rd Division Corps Commander)

Current Location: Yurest Alliance, East of Barrela

Accomplishments: Annihilation of Treia Eastern Defence Forces (surrender), Captured Roleil, Magrado Army defeated, Treia’s Imperial Army destroyed, Fell the Majino Fortress (Joint), Repelled the Yurest Alliance Army




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