Chapter 12: New Journey


Morning came early to the inn.
Because most of the guests would get up with the rising sun, as the host, I have to get up even earlier than them, before dawn.
First I put the registry in order and cleaned up the lobby, I have to get it clean before the guests wake up.
This season is particularly busy with guests coming and going so this takes more time.

“Uwaa~ Four people didn’t come back~”

It seems there was an incredible monster coming out yesterday during the hungry wolf hunt, and became an uproar.
I hoped the rooms would stop becoming empty because the guests didn’t come back, cleaning their rooms is scary.

I put check marks on the people whose lodging terms ended today, confirming the empty rooms, and once the lobby was clean the sky had already brightened.
I heard the ringing of a bell from a room on the first floor.

“Yes yes, water, right~?”

A call to the inn employees first thing in the morning is always the guests waking up asking for water.
It would double the work to bring it after they asked, so I built up experience carrying water jugs and glasses.

“Ah, it’s that person’s place.”

It was the one responsible for defeating yesterday’s monster, a spear master (says a drunk old man so it’s doubtful). He’s a tidy man who always washes with water every day.
Come to think of it, he brought his friends along, drinking and having fun until late yesterday.

“I wonder if I’ll be okay today.”

Also, that man always shows me unbelievable things each time.
The first time was his thing standing straight up, and the second time he was showing himself doing something to it with his hands.
The image of male semen flying out with such force was still clear in my mind.
I even thought, does he enjoy exposing himself?

“Well it is an incredible thing! I understand he’d be proud of that monster sized thing! But still!”

I was thinking, could it be a courtship ritual, is he soliciting me? when the bell rang one more time.
I can’t be like this, having delusions right in front of the door.

*Knock knock*, I knocked the door.

“Aegir~ I’m bringing water~ Can I come in?”

‘Sure,’ he answered, so I carefully opened the door, if he’s still naked I have to cover my face immediately, of course, there will be big gaps between my fingers.

“Thanks, the water’s nice here.”

Thank goodness, he’s wearing pants today.
He’s still naked from the waist up but I don’t mind that much. Actually, his well-featured face and muscular body is quite wonderful, I can say I feel somewhat happy as a girl….


“Hm? What is it? I’m wearing pants properly today, right?”

You‘re not the problem! The bed is the problem!
There’s a woman sleeping on the bed.
No, wait, rather than ‘sleeping’ it would be better to say she sprawled, she was laying down on the bed with her chestnut-colored hair spread out, her legs were unbecomingly wide open, they twitched every now and again.
Her body was covered in some unidentifiable liquid, she looked as if she had been gang raped but her face seemed happy, gazing into empty air.

Now that I look closely, she’s one of the women Aegir-san brought along yesterday, wasn’t she!?”

You mean you’d immediately show your titan spear as soon as you brought along a woman within reach!
Of course, a terrible disaster had befallen the sheets, I’m the one who has to change and wash them!

Wash it, you say? Those sheets stained, nay, should I rather say sopping, drenched in some unidentifiable male and female fluid? You want the unmarried me to wash it!? There’s blood in the middle too, was she a virgin? You attacked a virgin with that monstrous thing!?

“Aegir whe~re~ don’t go~”

The woman called with her eyes still unfocused.
Don’t you “you can clean up later” me! You’re still going to do it? I’ve only noticed now but this room smells terrible.
Hey don’t take off your pants while I’m still here, you’re showing that to me today as well, after all.

It was the sight of him spreading the legs of the woman making coquettish voices and inserting his penis that pushed me to my limit.



The sun was just starting to to rise and the townspeople were beginning their activities when Grey came along.

“Morning Aegir, this might be early but it’s about yesterday! Come with me to the guards’ HQ. … by the way, this room smells weird. Open the windows or you’ll get sick.”

The smell was caused by the various things discharged by Carla who fainted after I tormented her.
I borrowed Mireille to help her change her clothes and returned her to her room.
She was in no condition to travel with us so I considered having her rest for the day.

We walked in line behind Grey who was riding on horseback, looks like they’re going to hand over the rewards for participating in yesterday’s hunt somewhere else.
We went towards an area in the center of town that we normally had no business with, where the mansion of the Count who rules the surrounding settlements starting with Roleil, who was distinguished even in Triea, Count Viole Feyertin (henceforth ‘The Count’), the Town Hall, and the mansions of the kingdom’s agents are gathered.

“The houses around here are huge.”

“Of course, Roleil is the number two city in our country, which is why big merchants and nobles gather here.”

“that said,” he continued.

“If we go to war with Arcland we’ll be in trouble with supplies and stuff, and if they went past the border fortresses, there’s nothing but small settlements as far as this town so the sons of merchants and nobles don’t really come here.”

“Then while the [small settlements as far as this town] gets attacked, you harden the defense and protect this town, right?”

Which reminds me, Mireille says she came from a small village.
I wonder if she has something to say about that.

“Oi oi, the ones attacking are the Arcland bastards you know, us hitting them won’t help any. Besides, the border fortresses are here so that doesn’t happen.”

Was Grey talking in a subdued voice because of his own virtue, or was it because he was feeling guilty about something?

While we were doing that, we arrived at the guards’ headquarters.
The stone building was surrounded by stone walls as high as an adult, it had a structure where you can see it taking the task of becoming a fortress if an attack or insurrection happens.

“We’re here. Now ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to have you present your evidence and take your rewards, but this hunt had caused the guards some great damage as well. Therefore, the head of the guards and the town mayor would like to personally hear the explanation for this hunt from your experienced selves. I hope for your cooperation.”

Sighs and complaints leaked out from among the gathered people.
Of course. It’s obvious that they’d rather just receive the money than give someone troublesome explanation. It’s also easy to see the elders at the town council persistently pointing out every mistake and inconsistency.

“If you want the story you’d be better off giving the money and only call a few people.”

Even Mireille lodged complaints on being given a disgruntling job, but Grey nonchalantly answered.

“If we gave you the rewards first, would any of you say you’d come?”

“Carla had so much fun yesterday, but I get this job…”

Among the complaining people, I started dozing off to catch up on my lack of sleep yesterday.

“Next lot! Get in!!”
I heard an incredibly self-important voice and jumped to my feet.

“Where is this?”

“Take that sleepy face off and let’s go! I’m getting this over with quickly and complain to Carla.”

Inside the conference-room-like place there was a round table, sleepy old men, smelly-looking middle-aged men, and one large man with a clearly different air about him, an air of a military man, also, Grey was here, too.

“He’s the head of guards, Associate Baron Glock Eglise.”
The large man’s voice was low and heavy but easily understandable and had a forcefulness like his outward appearance.

“I’m Aegir, an individual mercenary.”
“Mireille, likewise a mercenary.”

“So you’re the ones who took down that Hardlett last time, we’ve collected its corpse. Looks like the rumors are true, even I have never seen a ridiculously big hungry wolf like that.”

*huhu*, he laughed and continued.

“At first I thought they’re fools who got confused by the number you took down and got caught in a lie.”

Glock rattled and played with the fangs we presented.

“You bringing down this many with just three people is a big deal. I also heard you took down four of the hungry wolves escorting the Hardlett all alone.”

“Yes. I can vouch for it!”

Grey, still standing behind us, raised his voice, he’s a good guy but I wanted him to pay me back for yesterday, with women if possible.

“Humm, if this honest idiot says so then there shouldn’t be any mistake, here’s your reward!”

*cringle*, our reward money for the wolf and hungry wolf was laid on the table.
His voice continued.

“There is no precedent for an extra-large hungry wolf… popularly called a Hardlett. Therefore we will hand out 50 gold coins as compensation for the lives of all who was attacked! That will be your reward.”

Oohs resounded throughout the hall.
A poor commoner can survive 10 years on 50 gold coins.
Compared with a common soldier’s salary, it was two person’s worth.

“Commanding Officer! Don’t you think 50 gold is too much? The pensions to the victimized guards and bereaved families and expenses hiring new guards aren’t cheap you know.”

“Nay! For mercenaries it’s necessary to respond to their results with payment, if we act miserly here not only the town’s but also Count Feyertin’s name will be damaged…”

As the troublesome quarrel continued I once again stepped one foot on the world of dreams then finally they reached a conclusion.

“…. In consideration of the circumstances, I, by the name of Associate Baron and Head of Guards Glock Eglise as well as the name of the Roleil Town Council, give you 62 gold in recognition of your merits! That is all.”

Hee, so it all adds up to that much… I guess I’ve become quite a rich man.

As I was about to leave my seat, thinking the conversation is over, Associate Baron Glock suddenly appeared right beside me.
Besides his large size, he was muscular, making him feel oppressive.

“I heard from Grey. The Hardlet and the hungry wolves were all actually done in by you alone.”

“The four hungry wolves were, but there were others who got to the big one before me.”

“But besides you, nobody could injure him.”

Don’t say something unnecessary, Grey, I want to hurry back and have a taste at Carla one more time if I can.

“I’ll go straight to the point. Will you join my guards? I’m sure somebody like you who’s better at combat than anyone will be an excellent guard. Of course, you’ll get twice the salary of a regular guard, 40 gold a year.”

I thought so.
Mireille, you shouldn’t look at me worriedly like that. It’s all right.

“I’m thankful for your offer, chief, but unfortunately I plan to travel to see the world so I can’t have a job as a guard.”

For now I’ll give him my thanks, this guy and Grey were my only allies earlier.
But my goal is to become a King of this land, not to be a guard.
That and if I keep staying in this country I’m going to disappoint that woman.

“Is that so? That’s unfortunate but it can’t be helped. If it weren’t for my and my wife’s status I’d also want to see the world, I know how you feel.”

I see, so this old man is married, if his wife isn’t as big as a bear then the scene of him getting on her would definitely look like an Orc breeding scene.

“We can’t accept your offer to be guards, but we thank you for your defense earlier. This won’t be enough in return for that, but if there’s anything we can do for you please say so.”

Mireille gave me a look that says that’s unnecessary! but I stealthily grabbed her butt and she turned docile.

“Hm, then if you have the chance to visit the villages east, would you take down the bandits spread out over there? There will be rewards, of course. The guards can’t mobilize far away from town but the food coming from the east is important for the town. The bandits, however, had recently increased their influence and damage had increased.”

“All right. If I went east then I’ll try doing that.”

With this the conversation was over and we went back.

“I thought I’d be able to work together with you.”
Grey seemed a little disappointed that I didn’t accept the offer.

“You’re a commanding officer so I won’t be working together with you; I’ll be your subordinate.”

“40 gold a year is a commanding officer’s salary, it’s a dream of the town’s strongmen, such a waste.”

“I have a grand goal you see, also you haven’t paid me back you know, I thought I told you to show me to some prostitutes.”

“All right! I don’t really visit them but this time I’ll ask my men to introduce some prostitutes they’re familiar with. But you’re really a womanizer, huh, you’ll wreck your body someday.”

“It’s my lifelong dream to have my body wrecked by a woman.”

In the first place, my goal itself is to get a woman to be mine.

“How long will you be in this town? The chief said as much but this wolf hunt is over for now, you’re a temporary party so will you be going your separate ways?”

Come to think of it there was that kind of talk, huh? I was asleep so I didn’t really catch it.
The three of us were certainly a temporary party who joined together inside a coach. The girls probably have their own places to go after the wolf hunt is done.
We were only a party for 2 days but my chest feels lonely.

“Eh? I’m going with Aegir.”

Back at the Little Bird Pavilion, we split the earnings and talked about what we’ll do from now on but Carla started by declaring that as if it was a given.

“To begin with, Mireille was going back to Sheera village so I’d stay around this area and live by hunting.”

It seems that every year during this season Mireille would go buy foodstuffs with her earnings and go back to her family.
During that time Carla has nothing to do so she’d wander aimlessly and once this season comes they’d meet again.

“I’m already Aegir’s woman. I’m obviously coming with you.”

Looks like Carla’s the type of woman who’d have intense feelings once she falls in love. Just now at the lobby I touched her butt half-teasingly but she started to take off her underwear so I hurriedly took her inside the room.”

“But are you really fine with the rewards?”

They insisted that we split the 12 gold payment three ways for 4 gold each, and give all the bounty for the Hardlett to me.

“It should be obvious, but even the wolves were all taken down by you to begin with, we only took care of the leftovers. If you say we can have it, we’ll gratefully take 4 gold but don’t make us shamelessly take any more than that.”

“Sleeping with you is enough for me, I don’t need anything else, I’ll do as you say.”

“Then this conversation stops here, we’re also breaking up the party, but Mireille, you’re going to go back home, aren’t you?”

Sheera village, was it? I remember her saying she’d go back in winter.

“That’s right. Every year after the wolf hunt I’d buy food with my earnings and go home. My village doesn’t have any suitable food come winter. The little kids would go hungry.”

“Come to think of it, I heard there are bandits, is Sheera village okay?”

“We’re not okay. Which is why I’m thinking about it right now.”

4 gold looks like quite a large sum.
But carrying that much food would require her to borrow a cart.
Riding a cart through bandits’ territories is suicidal, so in the end she could only buy as much as she could carry on her person.

“So how about Carla and I go together with you?”

That way we can carry a lot even if we only walked, and if we used a cart and bandits come out we’d be able to do something about it.
The only problem is the distance though…

“It’s not that far. I can get there in 5 days on foot, 4 if I hurry.”

It’s decided then.

“Carla and I are going too. After reaching Mireille’s village I might also pay back the head of guards with bandit extermination.”

“Then I’ll take this chance and go buy the food right away. How about you two…?”

“Let’s have sex.”
“Let’s do it.”

““Let’s fuck ourselves silly.””

Actually, what did you think we’d do besides that.
But in the end Mireille made us go out.

“YOU SEX MANIACS! You’re going to fornicate this early! Carla, you’re out of arrows so at least get a resupply! Aegir, you’ve got plenty of money now so why don’t you go buy weapons or armor. If you can ride why don’t you get a horse while you’re at it?”

Having a horse would certainly be good.
Not only speed, but we could increase the amount we can carry, it’ll also be useful in battle.

“I, never rode a horse before.”

Carla’s eyes glimmered.

“Then I’ll teach you. I’ve been travelling with horses since I was small so you’ll be okay, I’ll teach you how to ride so I’ll be riding you at night!”

Getting a virgin her first experience turns into something big, huh.
But we’ve decided what to do. Carla gets arrows, I get weapons and a horse, Mireille buys food, and we depart in the morning tomorrow.
Along the way I’ll have Carla teach me to ride a horse step by step.

With my arm still entwined to Carla’s, first we looked for weapons.
What I want is a knife or something similar, since I could only punch the opponents at point blank range in yesterday’s battle.

I enter the Miranda Store that had an image of lining up high-class items, since there is no need to be stingy.
I have over 70 gold coins in my purse, I am probably not lacking.

“Welcome. Please leave your tools here for keeping.”

The boy from last time braced his waist and received my spear.
Oo… he can take it! Humans are beings that evolve.

“Thanks for your patronage. May I ask your business in coming today?”

The shopkeeper Ogil isn’t here so my attendant is a good-looking young man, even if he was here it’ll be annoying if he asks about the gold coins.

“I want to see your knives. Blade length around 30cm and without ornaments. If possible, the material should be steel or better.”

He quickly lined up the knives after acknowledging.
The designs are boorish but the blades are thick, I intend to buy two practical ones and put them on my back.

While I’m at it, I also took a look at armor but there were no leather armor better than what I had, metal armor increases my weight too much so I gave up on them.
Knives cost 4 silver coins each, along with the preserved food, bag, and other goods, I paid 1 gold coin and when the time to leave came…

“Why if it isn’t Aegir-sama”

I was just a bit slow to leave and got caught.

“Consultation about the thing from before… isn’t what you came here for I suppose. I heard rumors of you receiving honors for achieving big military exploits.*”

As expected of a merchant, his ears are sharp.

“I appreciate your doing business at this store today. However, buying knives and preserved food, are you planning to head somewhere far?”

“I’m taking a friend to the Sheera village. We have luggage and public safety has recently been poor.”

Ogil agreed as he does an exaggerated sigh.

“Certainly many buyers heading east have met harm from thieves recently, it’s becoming a hindrance to business. Our workers have also been wounded or captured and held for ransom.”

“Fallen mercenaries?”

Fallen mercenaries have leadership skills and experience in group combat so they’d be troublesome.

“No, they appear to be a gathering of starving people from the surrounding villages. The produce output is poor due to the recently bad climate, so the number of starving people has increased.”

I see, so farmers are becoming thieves due to food troubles.

“As a result, even peddlers do not approach and the region continues to deteriorate. It is truly foolish.”

A merchant like Ogil can think of things over the span of years, but the poverty-stricken farmers probably only have today’s food in their heads.
But it’d be strange to blame them; people will die if they don’t eat for 3 days, so maybe it’s useless for them to think about a year later.

“By the way, I believe you mentioned cargo. In that case, would you be needing a wagon or cart?”

As expected, he is an exceptional merchant, my words did not escape him.

“No, going slowly through an area with thieves on a wagon probably isn’t a good idea, I’m looking for one horse as a mount.”

Ogil’s eyes shine.

“If that is the case then please leave it to our store Miranda! Our shop has a track record of supplying warhorses to the guards. We will definitely be able to prepare a horse to your satisfaction.”

His exaggerated behavior is suspicious, but there are no other stables that I can trust so I’ve decided to believe.
On another note, it seems Carla bought arrowheads to make her own arrows because the ones available had bad balance.
As expected of a huntress, she seems to have skills with good efficiency.

A variety of horses are grazing at a plot that seems to be owned by the Miranda store.

Ogil and the breeder gave one explanation after another but I can’t understand any of it.
I’m an amateur with horses, but as living beings they seem to have no spirit.
Carla seems to have no interest either.

“They don’t have spirit, is it. Loyalty and ease of use are prioritized in mounts, and any with particularly wild temperaments are castrated.”

In that case, I was thinking about giving up on a horse, but then a black horse entered my field of vision.
Unlike the other horses, it’s shows no interest to us and eats grass, making mokumoku noises.

“How’s that one?”

Ogil and the breeder exchange gazes and show bitter smiles.
Is this horse that strange?

“That one will be 3 years old this spring, but it’s disposition is too rough and cannot be used as a mount.”

“Its big physique is suited for warhorses, but it would pick fights with other horses being raised together with it.”

I see, so it’s a violent horse by nature.

“Just the other day a distinguished person from the guards became interested in it’s robustness, but broke some bones after being thrown off.”

The black horse is brought in front of me, but it’s glaring at me unyieldingly.
It feels like I’ll be kicked the moment my attention wanders.

“I heard Aegir-sama has never mounted a horse. In that case, first building up experience by riding more obedient horses…”

Ogil is saying something, but my eyes don’t part from this horse.
His gaze also does not move away, this guy doesn’t take me or other humans lightly.
He’s simply bothered by something.
I try to figure out what is unpalatable, what is lacking.

The answer came after a full minute of glaring.
It’s a simple thing once you understand.

“Carla, try riding this horse.”

“A woman will be riding!? But…”

“All right, lend me your shoulder.”

The breeder and Ogil became flustered from Carla who was already set on riding it.

“Then I’ll quickly get a stirrup to-”

“No need, you can climb on just like that, right Carla”

“Yeah, I can”
“No way! Mounting this guy just like that, unthinkable! You’ll be injured.”

“I’m riding it.”

Carla agilely mounts the horse from my stooped shoulder.
The horse let out a cry *brrrr*, but was docile and not particularly violent.


Carla hastens the horse with a light kick to its stomach, then they return after doing a wide lap around the pasture.

She is clinging in a forward leaning posture as there are no reins.
No reins means no control, the horse is moving by feeling Carla’s intentions.

“No way…”
“That violent horse is…”

But even if Carla can ride it, there’s essentially no point if I can’t ride it.
It’s my first time riding a horse so I have stirrups and reins properly attached.

To calm the horse that started showing displeasure again, I firmly caress it’s ears and talk to it, then jump on.

“Ooh! Horses are amazing, this’ll change the world!”

The black horse shows a bit of dissatisfaction but doesn’t throw me off.
After walking around for a bit, he cries *brrrrr*, as if to say that’s enough.

“I want this horse, give me the price.”

“Umm, with the price from when this horse could not be mounted as a basis, that, the price now that it is obedient will…”

Ogil thought about raising the price a little now that the horse is manageable, he stuttered when he said it but he saw the breeder who tried to find out if he could ride the black horse get thrown off its back, and fell silent.

In the end the price became 2 gold coins. A stirrup, simple horse armor, water tools, and a leather bag for luggage came to 1 gold coin.
It seems a first-class mount horse costs at least 20 gold coins, and my price is typical for a packhorse or for meat.

“Honestly, Aegir-sama is full of surprises.”


“Yes, truly. I wish to inquire for future reference, how did you manage that unruly horse?”

“It’s simple if you know what causes this guy to be violent.”

I probably understood because this guy and I are similar.

“And that reason is?”

“It’s because he doesn’t want to be mounted by men. Maybe he also enjoyed Carla pressing her chest against him.”

Ogil’s jaw drops *kokun*.
Certainly, it’s large and appears completely black.
It’s not a horse women would choose, the ones that try riding were all robust men.

“Th…then how did Aegir-sama mount without being thrown off?”

“Before I climbed on I told him ‘Carla will mount you everyday if I buy you’, like that.”

Carrying Carla in a good mood, the horse left behind the slack-jawed Ogil.

Maria showed surprise when the horse was brought back to the Little Bird Pavilion, but originally they had facilities for travellers’ horses. It seems feed and water is provided with an accompanying charge.*

“So what’s its name?”

I didn’t think about a name.
What the heck should it be



“Schwarz would be good.”

And so the woman-loving, black horse’s name became Schwarz.

“By the way, your current lodging expires today, until when do you want to extend it?”

That’s right, I haven’t told Maria yet.

“Sorry but don’t extend it, I’ll be leaving tomorrow morning. I don’t know when I can come back.”

“Eh,” Maria freezes in disbelief.

It shouldn’t be that unexpected, I’ve only been here for 4 days.

“Is that so… I see… you’re leaving…”

“Don’t be so down, I’ll stay here if I come by this town again once my business is finished. Or is it that you can’t calm down without seeing my thing?”

I joked but Maria gives a half-hearted reply and staggers inside.

“What’s up with that.”

“Tonight…you might come to understand. Mireille seems to be back, I’m gonna go see her.”

Now alone, I remember one more person I have to tell of my departure.

“I… see”

Ruu is sitting by my side, eating a tomato while looking down sadly.
This child’s expressions are basically negative, someday I want to make her laugh out loud.

“Yeah. Since the hungry wolf hunt was suspended I have nothing else to do here.”

“I know right…people here are decreasing so it’s getting pretty hard to sell too.”

I see, since there are less people due to the hunt’s suspension there are fewer customers for the street stalls too.
The resident levels don’t use street stalls all that much, either.

“Um! You are heading towards the eastern villages right?”

The abrupt shout surprised me, but I nodded in confirmation.

“I actually came from there to work here, if you don’t mind can you take me with you? It’s too dangerous for me alone so I can’t go home. And recently there are a lot fewer caravans.”

I see, I was wondering how such a little one made the trip here, so she attached herself to caravan to travel.
And there are now less caravans because of the increase in bandits.
Certainly, if this child walks alone then the only foreseeable future would be to become food for wolves or monsters, or captured and sold by bandits.

“Do you have family at your hometown?”

“I have a mother. It’s just that she’s injured and can’t work well.”

Escorting a little girl to meet her mother is a man’s duty.

“Okay, I’ll be departing from Little Bird Pavilion tomorrow morning so can you get ready and wait there? No need to come at dawn, come at ease once the sun has risen.”

It was decided without consulting the other two, but just one more child is probably no problem.
Schwarz will probably rejoice since the number of females has increased.

While I was at it, I also told Grey about going away for a bit.
He said “Is that so, take care”.
That was the end of that.

The last night at Little Bird Pavilion, Mireille bought quite an amount of food knowing a horse was available.
She’s ran around noisily to the closing street stalls.
I had nothing to do in particular so I pet Schwarz (he seemed reluctant), teased Maria (she got angry), was serviced by Carla (was delighted to), and was getting proper relaxation for the trip when Mireille dragged Carla to their room.

As expected, I’ve been lacking sleep since yesterday so it might be good to get some sleep in earlier.
I feel bad for Carla who wasn’t able to finish, but I’m refreshed so I’ll probably be able to sleep well.
I was lying on the bed beginning to nod off when the door was opened without a knock.
I quickly reached out to my knife by the bed, but quietly put my hand down when the blurry figure in the darkness became clearer.

“You’re awake…right?”

“Yeah, just now.”

Maria took a seat on the bed wearing her thin clothes.
I know why she came, but let’s wait for her to approach first.

“I guess it’s goodbye soon.”

“I wonder.”

I don’t intend to never return, but I can’t promise I’ll return either.

“I wanted to talk more.”

“Just talk?”

“You sure are confident. I’ll be frank, I’m attracted to you, I want you to embrace me.”

“You did see my thing everyday after all.”

“That’s!… Whatever, was the girl from yesterday your lover?”

“No, we’re not like that. But she is my woman.”

The only light comes from the rapeseed lamp she brought.
I can hear giggling from her faint figure.

“What a despicable man, even though Carla-san adores you so much.”

Maria puts the light onto the table as I get up.

“I couldn’t hold back my feelings and came, but as I thought I feel bad for Carla-san.”

A kiss sealed her mouth, and her thin pajamas were removed.

“Maria brought water to my room. She tried to resist my attack, but was raped by me. That’ll be fine.”

“Thanks… then I’m getting raped from here on?”

I embrace Maria and touch her breasts, inserting my hand between her legs.
She is slightly wet from anticipation, but it’s still not enough for her slender body to receive my thrusts.
I reached my finger into her depths and rubbed where females are sensitive.

“Does it feel good?”

“Mmh… right there is goood.”

I thoroughly gaze at her chest while stimulating her sensitive place.
Maria’s chest is very small, just like an underage girl’s.

“Uuuu…. You’re thinking they’re small.”

“That’s right, they’re small and cute.”

Her breasts are small but it makes her nipples stand out, making my nether regions hard and stand straight.

“It, it’s embarrassing! Doing it that much!”

I sucked on Maria’s nipple and displayed my already hard thing through the front of my shorts.

“Uwa! As I thought it’s big!”

“Maria, touch it.”

Maria timidly reaches her hand to my penis, but one hand cannot fully grip it.
After hesitating a bit, she begins to slowly rub with both hands.
At the same time, I also begin to stir up her lower hole.

For a while, only the sound of rubbing skin and wetness can be heard, and before long a woman’s voice of pleasure is mixed in.

“Haa! I’m… already”

Maria’s insides are completely wet, it’s about time to enjoy.

“Then I’m starting?”

“Ok, but before that”

I seal her lips to stop her from speaking.
It seems that was the correct choice, as Maria closes her eyes and enjoys the kiss for a bit.

I laid her on the bed and stood up near the side of the bed, then inserted myself into the space between her legs.
This position puts the body weight behind the penis, allowing me to fully ravish her.
I place my hands on hers and entwine our fingers, and thrust my hips with vigor.


Her insides are tight due to her slender body, but maybe because she was properly wet, I was swallowed deep inside, reaching all the way to her womb in one go.

“Phew— it’s nice and tight. Feels good.”

“Ooh Oooh… nnnnnAAAAAH!…”

Maria has not recovered from the shock, breathing roughly and releasing short, meaningless sounds.
But now that I’ve said I’d rape her there’s no need to hold back.
First I’ll soil her womb.

I constantly thrust deep inside her.
At some point our fingers separated, my fingers were spread out on her thin chest, and her hands were on my shoulders.
Foaming liquid flowed out with each thrust, along with a thin cry.

“Auu! It’s swelling inside me… are you going to cum?”

“Yeah, take it.”

I ignored Maria who was saying something unclear about contraceptives, stopped moving at her innermost place and poured my thick semen into her.
Maria became confused and tried to resist, but she couldn’t push back an ejaculating man with her slender arms, I held her tightly in my arms and poured all of it into her.

“Wa—! You really came inside!”

“Hm? Was that bad?”

“Of course it’s bad! If you didn’t come outside or use medicine… I’ll get a child!”

“Is that so? I’m sorry. But it’s all the same now that it’s come to this, right? C’mon, let’s continue.”

I picked Maria up and put my hand on the wall and once again inserted my member into her cavity that was dripping with my semen.

“Waa—! Wait wait wait—!”

“I’m not waiting. This time I’m going to get serious.”

“Eeeeeh? You weren’t serious justnow… but before that waaAAAA—!!”

I roughly slapped her butt from behind, attacking her feminine body that had gone lax after doing the deed.
After her second or third climax Maria lost her sense of reason.

“Whatever! Getting pregnant is fine! So do me more! Aegir-san your cum please!”

I pinched Maria’s nipples that were standing stiff on her chest with both hands and she thrusted her body in the air so strongly she seemed to be floating.
A loud meaty sound was heard and Maria was about to collapse on the bed, but I’m not going to allow that.
I picked her up as she was, pushed her down and thrusted.

“I’m at my limit! I’m coming!”


I thrusted at Maria who lost her ability to speak and roared like a beast.
Semen flowed into her with such vigor that I can tell my balls had become empty and both of us crumbled down on the bed.
As if she had confirmed that I had finished ejaculating, Maria lost consciousness.

Women other than Lucy sure are easy to climax.
I was taught that not being able to satisfy a woman in bed is a man’s greatest shame, so with this I can sleep with peace of mind.
The remaining lamp oil ran out right then and the room was engulfed in darkness, leaving only our two sleeper’s breaths.

Name: Aegir
Occupation: Independent Mercenary
Money: 69 Gold
46 Silver (coppers not counted)
Weapons: Large Bardiche, Steel Knife × 2
Armor: High Leather Armor, High Leather Gauntlets, High Leather Boots, High Leather and Chain Shield, Black Cloak (Cursed)
Companions: Mireille (Swordswoman), Carla (Hunter), Schwarz (Horse), Ruu (Loli)
Sexual Partners Count: 3

Novel Schedule

Road to Kingdom

Schedule will be reduced when the goal is reached

Balance: 0

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