Chapter 136: Foolish Brothers




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–Aegir POV–

「Cum inside!」

I swing my hips intensely, stroking the blonde hair of the woman laying on the bed.

「You sure? Aren’t you married?」

「It’s fine, I’m a woman before a wife……and right now, I can’t think of anything besides this huge dick pumping me full of semen!!」

I pat her head as if reassuring her and lift her legs up high, then slam my dick deep inside her. Her moans are close to screams as she digs her nails into my back.

「Alright, I’ll cum inside. My stuff is thick, so I’m sure you’ll get pregnant.」

「Yes! Take my eggs with your seed!!」

「Have you realized? Your husband is watching you there.」


She is being pressed down by me in the missionary position, but she turns her gaze while her legs remain held in the air.

「Dear……I’m sorry. This big cock is too good. Right now, my insides are going to be sprayed with semen so……please forgive me for getting pregnant with the feudal lord-sama’s healthy child and allow me to return to his home……」

「I’m cumming!!」

「Deaaar! Watch me get pregnant!!」

I press down strongly against her hips and ejaculate, and release my seed in the depths of her hole after letting out a low groan. I pull out until the entrance of her vagina and slam back in firmly, continuing to thrust in this manner repeatedly.

She wraps both her legs around my waist and brings her arms around my back as she throws her head back to moan. Sperm is pumped into her with a rhythmical pulsing sound. Then we give each other a deep, passionate kiss in a trance-like state while giving her husband a sidelong glance…….

「……what are you guys playing at, so early in the morning?」

「Morning, Celia.」

Catherine quickly pulls my dick out and hides her body when she heard Celia’s voice of disgust. She doesn’t have to be so worried, since they’re both girls.

「……I’m here too. Is it okay to open my eyes?」

I cover Catherine with a blanket.

「It’s fine, what’s the matter?」

「Yes, I was told by the servant just now to let you know the Royal Brother of Her Majesty wants to meet you. Um, Mr. Count could you also hide your crotch?」

I don’t get embarrassed from being seen after all. I think my juice-covered dick has done well, so I’ll commend it.

「Aah……the morning soup looks like it’ll come out soon. I’ll be going for a little walk.」

「Will it be fine to walk around the palace as we wish?」

「It should be fine to walk wherever you want as long as you don’t stray off the area between the audience room and your private room.」

「This is truly a lenient country.」

Celia mutters resignedly in a soft voice as she helps put on my clothes. My dirty cock was made clean with her mouth. Catherine is also coming.

We follow the young maid waiting outside the door and are led to a training ground built in the palace. Several soldiers are crossing swords and running around on horses.

「Wow, this is quite the place.」

However, I didn’t come all the way to another country to swing my spear. Moreover, I don’t really like mock battles. Rather, experiencing real battle and cutting down actual enemies will serve as true training.

As we leisurely look around like tourists, an exciting demonstration is being acted out in one corner of the training ground.

「Uwaa! I surrender! There’s no way I can compete against you, Pablo, Your Highness.」

The relatively young and well-built man called Pablo swings down his sword in an ugly stance, knocking the sword away from the knight and causing him to fall to the ground after failing to block the strike. But no matter how I look at it, the knight looked like he threw his sword away as soon as the clash occurred.

「Haa, haa……you have also improved……I’m breathing pretty hard……haa……」

「I tried exerting the most strength in all my life, but I am still no match for His Highness’s fighting prowess!」

「Is that so? Umu, that sounds justifiable. Now, go back to training.」

The man smiles, satisfied with himself, and wipes off the sweat from his body with a cloth.

「Royal Brother of Her Majesty, Pablo, I have brought Lord Hardlett.」

The maid, who came to pick me up, kneels down as she addresses the man. But there was an awkward silence that follows.

「……What did you just say?」

「Eh……? Lord Hardlett has arrived……」

「Before that!」

Pablo kicks the face of the kneeling young maid. The maid gets knocked to the ground, and rolls face down with blood dripping from her nose.

「I told you not to call me Royal Brother, you piece of trash!」

「Please forgive me! I beg you, please!!」

Pablo stomps his foot on the head and shoulders of the face down girl. That’s a delicate maid, she might die if you do that.

When I was about to jump in to stop him, the Lord Regent, Lavoy steps in.

「Please wait a moment, your Highness, Pablo, she’s a newcomer who was recently employed so she may be a bit incompetent, but please treat her actions as those of this Lavoy here and forgive her……」

Pablo couldn’t hide the growing anger on his face, yet he couldn’t just kick the Lord Regent in front of him, so he spit at the maid and curses under his breath before releasing her.


The other servants quickly help the tattered maid up and takes her aside.

「Hmph, you’re always protecting that girl, that’s why fools like her get hired.」

「Please forgive me……」

He’d be cute if he just had his fun enjoying those fixed matches with the knights, but kicking a girl’s face is despicable. If we were on the battlefield, I would take my time twisting his neck to face the opposite direction.

「Enough of that! So anyways, this is Hardlett?」

I don’t remember letting this guy address me without honorifics. I’m not a subordinate of yours.

「And may I ask who you are?」

「Guh, you haven’t heard?! I’m Prince Pablo Dalas, the son of Diego II!」

So he purposely called himself the son of the previous King, Diego. He probably doesn’t want to recognize the current King.

「Oh, the Royal Brother of Her Majesty, the Queen, how rude of me.」

That’s why I’ll intentionally address him as such. I’ve witnessed the political struggle within Goldonia, so I’ve learned to say this much at least.

「Who are you calling……Royal Brother!!?」

「Well now, I don’t see the younger brother anywhere.」


I stare at Pablo as he moves in to grab me, keeping my smile all the while. As he is on the verge of grabbing me, his motion was stopped as his shoulder bumps into the sniffling maid next to him. I just want to burst out laughing, but he’ll probably explode in anger if I do, so I won’t. Celia and Catherine are watching with worried expressions too.

「So, what have you called me for? Your Highness.」

I call him Highness, which seems to have cheered Pablo up slightly.

「It’s something small; I have heard of your rumors. There are a few things I am doubtful about, but I want to talk about this strong individual who has no match in the large nation of Goldonia. I am also confident there is no one in Malt who has the skill to spar with me. If that is the case, it is the duty of a soldier to fight, don’t you agree?」

It’s laughable how this man claims he’s a soldier despite beating a woman just now and probably never going out onto the battlefield. A smile unconsciously appears on my face, but he took that as a form of agreement. Pablo was convinced and went ahead by ordering the preparations of the weapons.

「I prefer actual battle after all. I wouldn’t be able to bring out my true strength with a rounded blade, so how about we conduct a match without fear of getting injured?」

Actual battle, is it? Stop it, I won’t be able to stop laughing.

「As expected……how brave.」

I can see Pablo look a little irritated. Don’t tell me that was supposed to be some sort of intimidation tactic. A match with this guy shouldn’t be amusing at all, so I want to get this over with as soon as I can and inspect the city.

Pablo grabs a real sword and hands me a similar-looking weapon, though I can see the blade is slightly dulled. That actually works in my favor, as I can’t pass it off as a joke if I accidentally cut his head off.

「Lord Hardlett……if I may ask you to consider something.」

Lavoy, who was next to me, comes and whispers in my ear with an apologetic expression on his face. I already know, I’ll be careful not to kill him.

「Not that, could I ask you to let him win? His Majesty has never lost before……」

That’s not my business, now let’s start. I know he is strong enough to hurt a woman, but let’s see how strong he actually is.


The one-on-one mock battle starts and I have two girls cheering for me, while everyone else supports Pablo. He looks pleased, but if you look closely, none of them are really smiling.


He lifts his sword above his head and swings it down – a strike reliant on brute strength. If a subordinate of mine did this during training, I would have launched a kick to school him. Don’t tell me he thinks this will finish me off. How amusing though, challenging me to a battle of power.


I deliberately swing my sword up to meet his. I shouldn’t lose in terms of power and I think I be able to make him waver at the very least.


As soon as the swords collided with each other, the sword in Pablo’s hand vanished and was sent flying straight behind him. The knight panics and dodges the deflected object as it lands by stabbing itself into the ground. I expected him to at least hold onto his sword properly.

「Uu, my hand just slipped a bit just now. Bring me another sword!」

What’s wrong, ‘Mr. Real Battle’? If this was real, you would have lost your head just now.

「The next time surely……funggaa!」

I guess he went from the side this time because going from the top didn’t work. Seeing through that plan easily, I take a step back to evade.

He follows up by swinging his sword the other way, which when avoided by me, he swings down at the top of my shoulder. I lightly intercept the blow with my sword, pulling back and then lightly swiping at him, as if stroking a pet.……which was blocked by him as expected, but the recoil causes Pablo to step backwards quite a bit.

「Nuungh, impressive!! But I’m not done yet!」

It reminds me of the time when the young Celia was training with me. She put in too much strength and tripped, but she stood in a stance with her sword, crying while shouting she could still continue. If I was fighting a pretty girl, I would be much nicer.

「An opening!!」

As I get lost in thought, Pablo thrusts at my throat. I’m done playing around.

I draw him in until the last possible moment and deflect his slow strike with my arm guard. Pablo’s sword is completely diverted off target, but his momentum still carries him forward into me.

I grab his hand and his lapels and toss him, using his weight and momentum to send him flying.


Pablo becomes a bird unique to this training ground, and after soaring for awhile, crashes into the ground. He rolls on the ground, tumbling over a few times before eventually coming to a stop and then yelling.

「Gyaaaah! It huuuurrtts– I’m gonna die! I’m dyinggg!!」

If he dies from rolling around on the ground, he wouldn’t live long anyways. Well, make sure to clean the scrape wound properly.

I look to the referee with a bored expression.

「W-winner, Lord Hardlett!!」

Celia and Catherine are the only ones to applaud in the deadening silence of the training ground. But there were also some amongst the silent knights who clapped softly for me. I guess Pablo is really hated.

「Kuuh, using a throw in a sword fight is unheard of! If we were to fight only with swords, I would have won without a doubt!」

「I apologize for my savage fighting style and not knowing anything besides how to fight a real battle. Royal Brother.」

I take a bow, leaving the Lord Regent and servants who are smiling awkwardly, and exit grounds. I can hear Pablo cursing, but I couldn’t make out the words, so I’ll just pretend I didn’t hear anything.

But, Pablo does still have some potential. If he trains his body, hones his swordsmanship, changes his personality, and gets smarter, I’m sure he’ll become the great general he believes himself to be. If he makes his face pretty, girls may flock to him too.

The Next Day

「Daddy……I’ll get pregnant if you release your seed inside.」

「That’s fine, isn’t it? We love one another, after all.」

I hug her close and bring her lips in for a kiss. Her tiny hole is already being stretched to the limit by my huge dick.

「But people would judge us.」

「I don’t mind. We are father and child, yet lovers at the same time……look, feel this? My thing is moving around inside your womb. My seed has already risen up my rod as far as it can go. As soon as you say yes, I’ll let it fly.」

Her two teary eyes stare back at me. The answer has already revealed itself on her face, but I just need to wait for her cue.

「Well, let’s hear it. Tell me you want me to get you pregnant.」


I inch my cock back and forth and wiggle it slightly to rub her insides while she rides on top of me as I sit cross-legged.


「Go on, say it. You’re my cute daughter, aren’t you?」

I continue to urge her, biting lightly on her nipple. Having my teeth hit such a sensitive spot finally made her lose her mind.

「Ah……aaah……p-please cum inside! I want papa to shoot his baby juice in my womb and get Celia pregnant! I’m giving my eggs to Papaa!!」

「Well said! Here it comes……Uuuh!!」

I’ve been holding it in for a long time so the force behind the ejacuation was almost like an exploding fountain.

「Aaaah–!! Here comes the semeeenn!! Celia’s cumming too!!」

We hug each other tightly, rubbing only our hips together, while Celia greedily sucks on my lips as I gently rub her stomach inflated with my seed. I can feel periodic squirting which gets my thighs warm.

「Papa, you say……what kind of immoral act are you doing in the morning?」

「Good morning, Catherine.」


Celia gets flustered and dives head-first into the blanket. She might think she’s hidden, but her cute ass is fully exposed. Not to mention semen is dripping out.

「A servant is calling for you again.」

「……Can I open my eyes?」

I cover Celia’s cute protruding ass with the sheets.

「Yeah, but I don’t want to entertain that Pablo anymore……」

「It seems His Majesty, Hilario has called for you today.」

Right, there were two of them. I hope this one’s decent.

「It seems my younger brother has caused you trouble.」

This man is also a brother of royal lineage and possess the title of Prince, Hilario Belze. Giving out such high ranking titles excessively really makes me doubt how powerful this country is.

「Please keep this a secret. My younger brother has been picking fights with everybody left and right since he was an infant, and because no one could go up against a prince, he turned into someone who always wielded his violence in a one-sided manner.」

He hasn’t changed.

「He always admired war stories and heroic tales so he put on airs of being a soldier, but that’s just because his body was a little bit bigger than most and not because he was exceptionally skilled in anything……naturally, he has no field experience either. He persistently mentions the time he’s hid behind the army during bandit extermination even after two years has passed. In the first place, he only listens to whatever he finds convenient, so he can’t follow martial arts instructions.」

I don’t like where things are going.

「That’s pretty much what a King should be, right? At most, he’d be the captain of the guards who would go wild after asking for a bribe……what the heck, right?」

Without even noticing I’m fed up with him, Hilario continues to badmouth his younger brother behind his back. I can see Tristan making a disgusted face too.

「That’s why I warn my younger brother’s subordinates everyday.」

That’s not a warning, it’s just harassment. I can tell Pablo is incompetent even without you telling me. So this guy is just as he said, pessimistic and treacherous. It seems Diego was quite aware.

After that, this guy continues to badmouth everyone in a soft and low voice, from Pablo, the Lord Regent, his father, and Celestina though in an indirect fashion. I’m surprised he could talk so poorly of that many people. Moreover, it wasn’t constructive criticism, but just pointing out how bad something was or how he didn’t like it.

「So……what did your Majesty need from me?」

「I said a lot of things, but this country has many problematic people and I just wanted you to know their flaws.」

Ridiculous, he called me so he could complain about people? I’ve had enough, I need an excuse to get out of here. I will never become the friend of such a rotten man.

I gave him a random reason to let me go and leave the room. On the way out, Catherine sighs.

「That man, he was talking badly of you to us when you were in the bathroom.」

I’m sure he did, it’s not surprising to me at all.

「He said that relying on brute strength is third-class and you wouldn’t have a future unless you used intelligent people. It was quite hard to restrain Miss Celia here.」

「If it wasn’t going to trouble Aegir-sama, she would have shaved off that bastard’s nose.」

Tristan smiles wryly.

「Think you can get along with him?」

「No way, even if you’re an idiot yourself, you would think he’s an unpleasant idiot.」

「Agreed, there isn’t a person as unpleasant as……hm?」

Something’s not right.

「You insolent-!」

「No, the one I was comparing was his Majesty, Pablo. Shouldn’t you worry about who you’re comparing, Miss Celia?」

「Eh!? Y-you’re wrong! It definitely isn’t Aegir-sama!!」

Celia clings to my waist on the verge of crying and I try to comfort her as we move to the courtyard where I can look up at the sky. Celestina being the King is strange, but those two brothers are even worse.

If Pablo is an annoying fly buzzing around, Hilario would be a wet, unpleasant slug. In that case, it would be better to prop up and nurture the sunflower, Celestina, on the throne despite being just a symbol. I’m so glad I don’t have to work under them. Hurray for the Goldonia Kingdom.

「By the way Catherine, you don’t look too uncomfortable. Do you not dislike that kind of thing?」

「I hate that sort of man. But……well, gossip like that normally flies around quite frequently between the girls in the mansion so……」

I won’t ask any further than that.

Side Story: Southern Area, Before Departure. Yoguri’s Rehabilitation Chronicles.

「Mmm, that’s no good.」
「It’s pretty boring.」
「I can’t even bear to read it.」

Melissa, Maria and Catherine look sour as Yoguri slumps her shoulders in disappointment.

After being taught how to write properly by Celia and Sebastian, Yoguri has once again tried composing a story. When things started to take shape, she gave it to the three she gets along better with to look at.

「As expected, is the writing childish?」

「No, it has gotten a lot better in that regard, actually.」

「It just sounds all over the place. For example, the knight who set out to defeat the demon king all of a sudden goes to save the princess.」

「Well you see……I just had to include a hero and a princess in this kind of story……」

「Why don’t you try writing a shorter story? I don’t think it gives off the feeling of a story about a hero and princess.」

「I see, I see……」

And thus, the story Yoguri finished ended up surprisingly being brought to the theatrical troupe established in Rafen, where Lilian took a liking to it and ultimately adopted it as a program in the theatre.

「Aah! How could I do such a thing, betraying you when you were so kind, and giving my body to such a foolish man!!」

When Lilian acts as the main star of the program, it becomes difficult to find any vacant seats in the theatre.

The story was about a wife who felt lonely after her husband left for work, eventually going out to town and cheated with a hoodlum. She suffered hardships after being tricked by the hoodlum, though she was forgiven by her husband and was gently embraced. However, the sister-in-law who was in love with the husband relentlessly picked on the wife. The wife acknowledged her sin and endured the teasing, but finally realized the truth of her love.

The vivid details of the cheating and having the sister-in-law teasing the wife became a hot topic especially amongst the wives of the common folk, since there is no noble class in Rafen. In the midst of Rafen’s development, it might have been the main cause which encouraged married women to make time to go to the theatres.

And when there’s a new program, that woman will be watching.

「The new play, it was quite the vulgar story, don’t you think? ……it was fairly amusing.」

Nonna drinks her tea in the living room as she beams happily to Melissa and Carla.


Melissa looks away awkwardly.

「Hey Nonna, do you know who wrote that play?」

「Well now, I’m not sure. But I’m sure it was someone talented, so I’ll ask the manager next time……」
「I think it’s fine if you didn’t ask!!」

Melissa suddenly raises her voice.

「Wh-what is that about!? Well, it wouldn’t matter if I knew the scriptwriter I guess.」

Nonna continues to chat happily.

「More importantly, that sister-in-law was quite detestable. She was always nagging and persistently teasing……her personality was quite twisted, don’t you think?」

「I guess so.」

「It’s disgusting how she cuddled against the husband with those big breasts of hers.」

「That’s true.」

「If she was actually modelled after someone, that woman would undoubtedly be the most ill-natured person.」


Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 22 years old. Spring.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Count. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves.
Citizens: 140,000. Central City Rafen: 15,000
Troops Commanded: 2100 (excluding bow cavalry)
Assets: 48,800 gold (Labor -200) (Military Call-up -300) Loan: 20 000 gold
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Dwarf’s Spear, High-grade Steel One-handed Sword
Family: Nonna (wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Mireille (lover), Leah (Self-declared Sex Slave), Casie (ghost), Miti (lover), Alma, Kroll (non-virgin), Melissa (lover), Maria (lover), Rita (head maid), Catherine (stolen wife), Yoguri (Neo Neet), Pipi (follower), Sebastian (butler), Dorothea (lover, in the capital)
Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina (daughter), Antonio, Claude, Gilbard (son), Rose (foster daughter)
Subordinates: Celia (daughter of incest), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Ruby (Luna’s follower and lover), Myla (peace officer), Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Gido (escort), Tristan (follower), Claire & Laurie (official merchant), Schwartz (horse), Lilian (actress)
Sexual Partners: 122, children who have been born: 11




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