Chapter 139: The Queen’s Crisis




Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

「How is it? Is this better?」

「Yeah, I like it more when you make bigger motions. As expected, Melissa’s hip movements are the best.」

「Fufu, I won’t lose yet in terms of technique.」

As I lie on the bed, Melissa places her hands on my chest as she rocks her hips on top of me. Maria and Yoguri, who are also on the bed, stare somewhat blankly at the intense flesh-slapping movement.

「Leah-chan is also skilled, so I can’t get careless.」

It’s true Leah has been raped repeatedly so she’s unbelievably well-versed in sexual techniques despite her young age. Her hole is naturally incredible and she always comes at me without regard for pain or injury even at the cost of her own life, so she’s more amazing than Melissa in some ways. But Melissa still has an advantage when it comes to swinging her hips in this position.

「You girls should bring your breasts to me.」

「Ah, right.」「Go ahead~」

I grab and squeeze Yoguri’s voluptuous tits and lick her nipples.

「Wah, it’s still getting bigger. Someday, my hole might not be able to take you in anymore. Alright~……Uuuu!」

Melissa stops moving her hips and then puts more of her weight on me. I can hear the flesh being spread apart as my cock enters her womb.

「That’s good, it feels great.」

Because of they’re smaller, I take them in my mouth and suck on the breasts Maria offers to me by practically covering my face.

「Ahn! My breasts……are they tasty?」

Amongst these girls, Maria is the only one who is lactating.

「Yeah, is there enough for Claude?」

Our son Claude seems to drink lots after all.

「It should be fine~ The milk doesn’t seem to stop whenever Aegir-san caresses me~」

Ridiculous rumors like stroking my cock to have a safe delivery or having me suck on breasts to help the flow of milk have been circulating too. ……Thanks to that, I was able to bed 3 married women after their birth just the other day.

「I’m sorry! I’m already-!!」

Having her womb attacked by my meat rod has brought Melissa to her limit already. She falls on top of me, smiling in relief as she kisses me, while her body trembles here and there.

「Ooh,……Ooooooooh!! Auu–!!」

Melissa climaxes as she’s against my chest, twitching because of the many convulsions and lays exhausted afterward.

「Was it good?」

「Haa……haa……yes. I can’t move anymore……」

Alright, you can roll to the side and sleep.

「Well, you girls are next.」


Yoguri and Maria lie on top of each other with their asses facing me. There are 4 holes to choose from, which one should I pick?

I stick my finger in each one and tease them, but then there was a soft knock on the door. Catherine comes in with an apologetic look on her face.

「I accompanied you to Malt but it got delayed and……can’t hold it……」

I guess it’s cruel to make this lewd one endure it.

「Alright, lie over there.」

Catherine instantly brightens up and takes off her clothes, getting naked. There are 6 holes now. I guess I’ll dig them all in order. First up is this tight hole of Yoguri’s.

「Ah-!? My asssss……aaaaaah, Aaah—-!!」

Umu, it’s quite tight and pleasant.

「It’s going to tear!!」
「It’ll be fine, I’ll lubricate it.」

Maria and Catherine pour oil on my cock. Yoguri’s ass is fairly big so there shouldn’t be any problems.

「That reminds me, I heard from Sebastian that allowance is being returned.」

I move my hips slowly as I whisper in Yoguri’s ear.

「Aau! That is……because the script was a hit, so I thought I could at least use the money I received as my own allowance……uuu!」

「I see, you’re trying your best, huh?」

Now that I think about, the manager of the theatre has said that customers are increasing recently and he’s been able to somehow pay the wages of the employees now. Yoguri seems to have played a role in that. As a reward, I’ll pound her some more.

「Aauu, aah!! I want to repay you for all the trouble I’ve caused you so……uuaaah!」

She’s become quite the cute woman. I’ll thoroughly dig into her ass.

After digging into all six holes laid out in front of me, Catherine is still clinging persistently to me, dozing off while continuing to latch on my dick with her mouth, when there was another knock. Is it another woman?

「Aegir-sama, pardon me!」

Celia was the one to come in this time.

「Celia, is it? Lie face up over there. I’ll plunge into your asshole too.」

「That’s not what I came for! Contact from the hidden enema[1. Nat: the word for enema and spy sound the same] from Malt Kingdom……my mistake. Contact from the spy just came in!! It’s because Aegir-sama was talking about ass that I made a mistake! It appears it is just as Tristan predicted and a rebellion has started.」

「I see……so that girl-」

The smile of that Celestina as she pleads me to tell her stories in the bedroom comes to my mind. That queen probably can’t be saved. Although it can’t be helped, it doesn’t make me feel good.

「According to the message, the soldiers supporting the queen have barricaded themselves in the royal palace and are putting up some resistance.」

So she hasn’t been killed yet, in that case I need to listen to the details.

「Celia, gather Leopolt and the others in the office.」


Celia rushes away with a bounce in her step.

「Catherine, sorry but you’ll have to bear with this.」

I need to release all my semen so I can think calmly.

「Nn……Nnboh! Nnguh, Nngh Nnoh! Nnnnh!!」

I grab Catherine’s head and swing my hips furiously. Despite wanting to choke, she didn’t remove the hands wrapping around to my ass and accepted everything, finally taking my seed into her throat. When I finished ejaculating, she collapses on the bed. I’ll make amends by fucking her roughly later.

In the meantime, Melissa and Maria stagger when they try to stand up and attempt to put their clothes back on. Yoguri seems to have fainted completely. Well, now that I’ve had my fill of women, let’s get back to work.


Leopolt and company are already gathered in the office.

「The contact with the spy was at a point three days ago. The masterminds behind the rebellion occurring in the Malt Kingdom are the eldest son Hilario and the second son Pablo, with a portion of the army supporting them.」

「They are just puppets, likely planned by Lord Brutus.」

Tristan interrupts Leopolt as he is explaining. Everyone except me is standing but he is the only one sitting and drinking tea, though reluctantly gets up when Celia glares at him.

「But it appears the rebels have failed in getting all the soldiers under their control. Although the exact strength of the rebel army is unknown, it should be around 4000, whereas the Queen’s side probably has around 500 soldiers. 」

The former King may have been foolish, but he was popular. Celestina isn’t a girl who incurs the people’s enmity either. So as expected, there are quite a few soldiers who won’t follow those brothers blindly just like that.

「The rebel army has practically seized the capital already, but the Queen’s army is holding out within the palace.」

4000 to 500 – it would be over in an instant if this was a field battle, but that palace is a splendid and well-built structure, so if the entrance is fortified, it would be hard to brute force your way through. It would be simple to burn the place down, but they wouldn’t do that.

「If they want to prop up another royalty, turning the palace into ash would hurt their legitimacy. Even if it takes time, they would want to obtain the palace while keeping it intact.」

「But the difference in military strength is evident and it is only a matter of time before they fall. The revolution in the Malt Kingdom is unrelated to us, but bandits or the remnants of the defeated army may take advantage of the chaos and cross our borders. We should reinforce our border security just in case.」

Leopolt’s thought is certainly correct. But I have something different in mind.

「If we were to head straight to the capital, Biado, would we be able to save the Queen?」

Everyone instantly froze, while Celia held her head. Even so, Leopolt faithfully gives a reply in his cold and calculated tone.

「It is possible if the royal palace can hold out for another week. We can mobilize 4000 at this point in time. Estimating the strength of the rebel army and considering their skill, it should be enough to wipe them out.」

Well, I’m sure it would be. Brutus may be an amazing general, but comparing his soldiers who have gotten used to peaceful times to my soldiers who have been fighting nonstop, the difference in strength should be overwhelming even if their numbers are the same.

「But it is also impossible at this point in time.」

What the heck.

「Didn’t you just say we can do it?」

「There’s a difference between saying we can do it and actually doing it. Although Malt may be a small nation, it is impossible for 4000 soldiers to take control of the entire land, plus there would be casualties. I don’t think you forgot, but the ceasefire with Magrado will also end at the end of autumn. It would ruin all our plans to gather the troops in preparation for that.」

「That’s true, I guess.」

We can’t leave our soldiers in Malt for too long and although the King said I was free to do as I wish in regards with Malt’s treaty, he didn’t say it was okay to start a war.

「In addition, we don’t have a good reason. If we decide on our own to mobilize the army, anyone would think that we are aiming to invade them. The King is keeping close watch on us and if we don’t act carefully, enemies may circle around from the southern countries during wartimes with Magrado.」

That would be problematic. I may not be able to protect Rafen if I’m attacked from behind like this and Erich will get a stomach ulcer if I get into a conflict with the King. But deserting her would leave a bitter taste in my mouth.

However, the heavens would not forsake the poor little girl. While I was feeling troubled about what to do, an interesting letter was sent.

「Urgent news, requesting the audience with Count Hardlett! I have come as the imperial envoy in the name of the Queen of Malt Kingdom, Celestina-sama!! 」

The messenger seems to be sent out right before the palace got surrounded. I try to look cool in front of everyone as I open the letter.

“I am being attacked by my brothers and the evil person. Please save me.
– Celestina”


Celia and Myla stiffen. Tristan sighs again.

「Leopolt, would this be enough for just cause?」

As expected, I would feel anxious if I didn’t ask.

「It would. This letter has the symbol of the Malt royalty, the signature of the King, so it is a legitimate appeal to Lord Hardlett to provide backup.」

Despite the precarious situation the Malt Kingdom is facing, its ruler is still Celestina. If the girl has called for me, it wouldn’t be an invasion even if I intervened.

「But we still have not resolved the problem with the troops. We can’t allow any casualties and we can’t prolong an extended war.」

「No need to worry. I’m not planning on saving the administration, just Celestina herself.」

I’ll achieve a perfect score if I can rush into the palace and rescue the small Queen. I have no other choice but to let everything else sort itself out through survival of the fittest.

「Prepare 200 men. That will be enough.」

Leading infantry would delay me, not to mention that wandering information officer makes it rather undesirable to mobilize thousands of soldiers.

「……Are you charging in again?」
「It’s too dangerous!」
「If anything happens to Aegir-sama-!!」
「I won’t go.」

「I’m just going to save a single child from the palace.」

「It may be a surprise to them when you head there, but it’ll be a forced breakthrough when you go out.」
「It will definitely be a harsh battle!」
「You don’t have to go so far for another country’s King.」
「I’m not going.」

「If it doesn’t look possible, I’ll be good and pull back. I don’t intend to die here either.」

Once I said that, everyone looks at me with a resigned expression. They know it’s impossible to change my mind at this point.

「Celia, you’re coming even if it’s impossible, right?「Of course!」Irijina and Myla, come too.」

For this breakthrough, we need strength more than we need a plan. There are none stronger than these women. Luna, Ruby and Pipi also nod without saying anything.

「If you’re going, it would be best to bring the heavy cavalry.」

As soon as I decided to go, Leopolt is the type of man to provide the most optimal option.

「Your reason?」

「Light cavalry would be superior in terms of speed, but they wouldn’t be suited towards breaking through an already surrounded area. Moreover, the soldiers of the Malt Kingdom only have experience dealing with bandits and hunting monsters. They have probably never faced heavy cavalry before. You can also flee easily when facing a number greater than yours.」

「Alright, let’s do that.」

There is absolutely no need to nitpick at Leopolt’s idea.

「That’s fine. Besides, I can’t ride a horse anyways.」

Tristan is honestly relieved. But I won’t let him rest yet.

「I want to hear some advice from you too.」

「Umm, I don’t have anything in particular……」

「If either me or one of the girls die, then would your life continue the way it is now? 」

He was originally the ringleader for the peasant rebels and would normally be made to work physical labor in the mines like the other bosses. The reason he isn’t doing that is because his exceptional skill as a tactician was recognized. If he isn’t able to offer any advice, his position may need to be reconsidered.

「……I understand……I’ll think about it. But I’m not going with you!」

It’s just saving a little child, isn’t it?

Side Story: A Little While Ago, Rita’s Lewd Fantasy

Rita slowly takes off her maid outfit. The only reason she’s revealing her naked body is because she’s going to service her master with it.

Her master strips as well, leaving a single piece of clothing on his body. Once the underwear is lowered, the large dick which makes her go into a trance should emerge. It is something she’s tasted countless times, but everytime it springs up, it causes her to gulp.

However, things were completely different this time around.

「Eeeh!? Wh-what is this……!? 」

「Hm, it’s gotten a little bigger.」

「A little, you say……」

The thing there is no longer a dick. It was longer than her master was tall and the tip of that large member was scraping the ceiling.


It wasn’t monster-class in size, the cock itself was a monster.

「Okay, it’s going in now.」

There was no way it could go in. Even the usual cock felt like it would tear her apart unless she was wet enough. To begin with, this dick was even taller than Rita and its girth was thicker than her waist.

「You love big dicks, don’t you?」

「I do but……something so extraordinary……I’ll die.」

「I’m not going to go easy.」

The master grabs Rita tightly from behind and pushes the cock against her opening. Rita, having offered everything to her master, shouldn’t resist and so she loosens up, but continues to believe that such a thing would not fit inside her.


Along with the feral roar, the meat rod is pushed into her with enough force to deform her ass.


She instinctively lets out a scream. As the sound of flesh being spread apart resonates, the inside of her head turns white from the pain.

She’s going to die. She was sure of it, that her master may actually let her die.


She felt faint as she felt the tremendous pressure. There was no way her crotch would return to how it was. But she strangely didn’t feel terrified nor did she hold a grudge.

She was killed by the cock of her beloved. There is nothing more satisfying than that.

If she’s dead, then she has to give a final greeting. Rita turns around and shouts the words she wanted to say the most to her beloved master, the most incredible man.

「Big cocks are so goooooood!!」

Rita’s eyes open after her own shouting. She checks her surroundings, but it is her usual bedroom with no particular changes.

「A dream……what a dream……」

She checks her crotch, but it hasn’t been destroyed and it’s the same vagina as always.

「I don’t know whether to feel relieved……or sad……」

As she ponders with a complicated look on her face, footsteps can be heard from the hallway, followed by a knock and the sound of someone entering the room.

「Head maid! Are you alright?」

The one who rushes in was a maid on night watch.

「What’s wrong?」

「I just heard a strange cry from this direction! I thought it may be an intruder, did you see anything?」

Rita conceals her cold sweat and answers calmly.

「I haven’t seen anything. Let the guards know and have them search the mansion.」

There is no way they would find the culprit. After all, the cry just now was from Rita’s own soul.

「It was a coarse cry of a woman. We have to immediately capture this insolent woman, making such an indecent scream in the feudal lord-sama’s mansion!」

「Y-you’re right. I will change and join you later. Be careful when you search.」


That day, the search for the intruder continued until dawn, but not a single clue could be found. The maids were worried, but Rita discontinued the search without much care.
It was another peaceful day in Rafen.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 22 years old. Summer.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Count. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves.
Citizens: 142,000. Central City Rafen: 16,000
Troops Commanded: 3300 (excluding bow cavalry)
Assets: 48,000 gold (Labor -400) (Fresh Recruit Call-up -900) (Preparation for Departure -700) (Mine Revenue +3000)←Variable Loan: 20 000 gold
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Dwarf’s Spear, High-grade Steel One-handed Sword
Family: Nonna (wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Mireille (lover), Leah (Self-declared Sex Slave), Casie (ghost), Miti (lover), Alma, Kroll (non-virgin), Melissa (lover), Maria (lover), Rita (Big Cock Lover), Catherine (lover), Yoguri (Neo Neet), Pipi (follower), Sebastian (butler), Dorothea (lover, in the capital)
Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina (daughter), Antonio, Claude, Gilbard (son), Rose (foster daughter)
Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Ruby (Luna’s follower and lover), Myla (peace officer), Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Gido (escort), Tristan (follower), Claire & Laurie (Black Merchant), Schwartz (horse), Lilian (actress)
Sexual Partners: 128, children who have been born: 31




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