Chapter 14: Village Tour

Since we arrived at Sheera village it somehow turned into a quarrel.
Three armed people entering a village of 70 seems to be quite stir.
Mireille does this every year so she wasn’t a problem but I, who was mounted and heavily armed, was the biggest problem.

What solved the problem was Mireille’s mediation and the bandit’s head.
It seems that the bandit band was a frequent threat to the village and there were cases of them getting into skirmishes with the vigilante corps.
They could identify the head, and most of all the village’s own Mireille testifying that “he done him in” had a great effect.
Most of the time, a small village like this won’t trust anyone other than one of their own.
They were probably also glad that Mireille brought food home, there are few people who would bite the hand that fed them.

Incidentally, when we came to Mireille’s home children came bursting out so I gave them apples.
Because seeing a child smiling is as good as a woman naked.

In celebration for the death of their detested enemy, a meager party was held at the village meeting grounds.
The food consisted of things like [turnips] and [potatoes], things that aren’t too luxurious, but they couldn’t possibly take out their winter stores now.

“You seem to be rather strong, sir, might you be an esteemed member of a chivalric order or another?”

A man, not so old as to be called a geezer, but still quite aged, started a conversation.

“Excuse my impoliteness, I am the chief of this village, my name is Matonra”

“I’m Aegir, I’m just a mercenary”

“Ho ho, since you had a splendid horse I made a mistake. I beg your pardon”

Even after realising I was a mere mercenary, he was still splendidly humble, but there’s a somehow discomforted look to him.

“About you helping bring Mireille along, do you have certain special relations with her?”

It wasn’t anything like that, I was only targeting her.
Also, there’s no reason why I should tell you.

“Ask Mireille if you will, but we don’t have any relationships we’re hiding”

“Then about our thanks for this, as you can see, winter is coming soon and besides, our village is poor”

“Dinner and feed for the horse will be enough. Also I’ll be really happy if you’ll lend me a house for the night”

Matonra was visibly relieved.
I see, so he was worried about this, he doesn’t have anything to give if I asked for a reward.
It’ll be a lot of trouble if he refused and I turned violent.

“I see! That would be a relief. Of course, we’ll be happy to lend you a house!”

“Thank you”

Later, I enjoyed a modest party with Carla and Ruu on either side.

“Your village is nearby, right, Ruu? I think we’ll get there by mid-morning tomorrow”

Me and the equipment weigh 100 kg, Carla is 50 kg (?), and Ruu isn’t even 30 kg.
If you consider that Schwarz could run while carrying me and the luggage, he probably can still walk carrying all three of us.
He’ll definitely complain, but with two women’s butts on his back I’m sure he’ll yield.
That way we can cut down our travel time.

“Yes! Thank you very much!! *choke*!!!”

I brought that up to Ruu who was stuffing her cheeks with a steaming potato and she choked.
So cute.

“Anyway, Aegir-dono, is the woman with you your lover?”

“That’s right, I’m Aegir’s woman”

Matonra asked and Carla immediately replied.

“Would there be a problem?”

The vigilante corps is no big deal, getting into a hard fight just with those bandits, if they’re laying hands on Carla they’re all only going to get killed by me.

“No no, it was nothing. Shall I show you to the house, then?’

“Please wait a bit. Mireille, can I ask you to put Ruu up at your house?”

“I don’t mind but she’ll be sleeping on the floor at our house you know? If there’s an empty house she should rather……. all right leave her with me”

Yes, if she stayed with us she’s going to have an awfully stimulating night.
So rather than that, Ruu would be more at ease at Mireille’s house where there’s kids her age.

I left Schwarz’s care and grooming to Carla and went in the house with Matonra.
I didn’t mean to neglect Schwarz’s care.
It’s just that he gets really displeased if not cared for by a woman.
He and I could get along somewhat in the battlefield… but I understand this feeling the most—I don’t want to be taken care of by a man, either.

Seeing me separate from Carla, Matonra spoke to my ear.

“This is quite embarrassing to say to a man who has a beautiful woman, but with our feelings of gratitude, we can offer Aegir-dono some women to keep you company.”
In other words, he’s offering women who’ll be trading in sex.
If he’s letting me sleep with them then I’ve no reason to say no.

“Feel free to have them accompany you to your liking, but this we are a poor village so please recompense for them somewhat”

Let’s see, I wonder how much I should pay. I heard Roleil’s brothels charge 2-3 silvers for an average prostitute.
I don’t mean to take women for cheap, but this village doesn’t look like it has unmarried young women.
Which means it’s likely that [resolved] women who are just young will show up.
Having to pay for women I don’t find agreeable is going to make me angry.

“Then please, I’ll give two silvers for a night”

“Two silvers!!”

Looks like that was a really good price but I don’t mind.

“Send me any number of women you think will sleep with me for these two silvers. Of course, I’d like you to consider their age”

“All right. You’re so manly, to say you’ll do several women! About the age though…”

I’m not so much of a lecher as to even sleep with old women. Please understand this.

“Since you have the women you brought, will you be wanting young girls too?”

“No! Just the young adult women, please”

I’m not a pervert.
«TN: Yeah, sure»

I told him that and a lot came.

While I was drinking booze and lazing around with Carla there was a knock on the door.
I already told Carla beforehand so she was unperturbed.
That is, on the condition she would be participating herself.

I opened the door and sure enough, there were young women there, their faces and figure are no match for Carla but that can’t be helped, Carla’s a real beauty after all.
There were 5 of them, some of them are even married.

“My husband is working away so two silver coins would make things easier”
“Not many merchants come recently, and when they do their prices are really high”
“My marriage with my husband was decided by our parents, he’s ugly and clumsy. My heart throbs looking at you”

This is the critical moment for a man.


I was enjoying the night air, cooling down my hot body.
The freezing well water feels awfully good right now.

“You done?”

Mireille sat down next to me.
She offered me a cup of booze, which I gratefully took.

“Yeah, it was fun”

“5 people huh, it’s been awhile since this village gets fresh blood, you will have several sons here by next year, I guess”

I see, well, none of them besides Carla used contraceptives.

“But you sure you’re okay leaving them alone?”

“I made sure I satisfied everyone. They’re resting now.”

“You’re a real man, huh…. Even Carla fell for you”

“Is Ruu asleep yet?”

“Yeah, she was played around by our brats and got tired and slept. They had a bellyful of food for the first time in a while and had fun”

“That’s good then”

“To be honest, the winter this year looks like it’s going to be real hard. Our stockpile’s not enough and the fields aren’t looking good, either”

I don’t know anything about farmers so all I can do is stay silent.

“We’re probably going to be fine because of the food you helped bring, but some people might die starving”


“Which is why I can’t leave here anymore, I really can’t stand my family starving after all”

Which probably means Mireille’s travels end here.
She’s not staying for a while and going back out.
She doesn’t know when she’s going to see them again.

“Which is why I’m going to tell you what I feel. Aegir, I love you, Carla was first but my feelings won’t lose to hers”

Mireille looked into my eyes, her gaze unwavering.

“Well, I understand that it’s difficult after taking on 6 people at oncNGGH!!”

I sealed her mouth with a kiss.

“Take your clothes off”

Mireille said nothing else and smoothly disrobed.
Her tempered body possesses a certain kind of beauty in addition to her womanly charm.
I immediately threw off all my clothes, I can’t allow a woman be embarrassed.

“Uoooh! What’s this… It’s, unbelievably big”

“We’ll get dirty doing it here”

“That house is full of people I know, I don’t want to do it there…”

We smiled and hugged each other.

Since we’re outside we should try doing an interesting position.
Still standing, I opened my legs to shoulder width and hugged her.

“O, oi you’re going to put it in right? I’ve got to turn the other way…”

Without answering I hugged Mireille from the front and pushed her up from below.

“Aagh! From the front!?”

In this position I can’t press so closely to her hips so it feels like it’ll come out easily, but because my member is so big I was able to firmly skewer her.

“How is it? Doing it standing from the front is good, too, eh?”

“It’s good, I can’t hold it in! I thought I was well trained but a man’s chest is tempting”

Mireille and I moved to rub at each other’s hips, we looked like we were doing a dance.
The sense of liberation from doing it outside was great, more blood flowed into my member than usual.

“It’s not just big, it’s hard…. Weren’t you having six people just now? What bottomless energy”

Mireille was feeling pleasure from our standing copulation but as you’d expect, her female body was growing tired.
Her footing was becoming unsteady.

“Sorry, my legs are about to give. Roll me over or let my hands down somewhere”

“No need for that”

I put both my hands around Mireille’s butt and lifted her up.
Her body was suspended on the tripod of my two hands and my meat rod.

“Uwaaah! You’re kidding, I’m on the heavy side but you picked me up so easily…”

“You’re not heavy, only weighing this much. Just leave the rest to me”

“I can’t do anything even without you telling me that if you’re lifting me up like this. I’m just going to be played around by you”

Without any reservation, I rocked her with rough movements.
As I continued my relentless attack, fluids started to overflow from her crotched so I slowed down and looked at her face.

“Your face looks amazing”

She was teary and drooling and her tongue stuck out of her mouth.
If she showed this face in town people will definitely think she’s crazy.

“Put your lips on mine and suck my saliva”

Seems she still haven’t lost her senses, we locked lips and she frantically gulped down my saliva.
I supported Mireille on just one hand and my member, and used the free hand to rub her butt and put my finger in her anus hole.


At the sudden attack Mireille’s tongue stretched out inside her mouth and her pussy noisily clamped tight.
Good timing, I was just about to shoot my load.


Raising a shout, I fired my juices in her woman hole.
I had just came several tens of times so there wasn’t much load but the force was none the weaker.

“It’s hitting my womb!”

Mireille parted her lips from mine and bent backwards, climaxing.
She was bending backwards so vigorously I was about to drop her, though.
After I finished ejaculating, the exhausted Mireille muttered, squeezing out her words.

“This was the best…. Number one till now”

Still being raised up by me, she twined her tongue around mine and kissed.
As you’d expect, my member lost its hardness and fell out of her.
Juices came dripping out as if following the member out.

“*phew*, I felt good too”

“Hey…. you’re at your limit, right? You can’t go anymore?”

In truth, I’m almost at my limit but there’s no way I’m going to leave Mireille looking full of need like that.

“I’ll be good to go if you put it in your mouth. How do you want to do it?”

“Doggy style… I want you to fuck me from behind. You think I’m a filthy woman?”

I smiled and put her down, then put my cock covered in juices in her mouth.

“Yep, I do. There are two perverts here. That means we should fuck until we’re satisfied, right?”

Having regained its former size in Mireille’s mouth, I took my member out and had her put both hands on the water well.

“I’ll do it from behind like you wanted. Be ready for it”

“Huhu, I’m also going to give it all I’ve got and squeeze you until you can’t stand”

We linked together instantly, swinging our hips at each other in full strength, and the end came in the blink of an eye.
My tempestuously violent fucking made Mireille beg for mercy in tears, turn weak in the knees, unable to stand, and finally not even her hand can support her anymore, but held her hips and continued thrusting.

As she was losing consciousness, I whispered in her ear, and while doing so I was showered with warm fluids discharged from her slackened urethra as I pumped my semen into her womb.

The next day, a week’s worth of food and water and a little fodder, as well as Ruu’s large sack was loaded onto Schwarz.
The baggage was considerably lighter than yesterday, Carla and Ruu also got on.
I was going to get on as well but he shook his head in dissatisfaction.
Shut up, how many horses in this world do you think are so lucky to have two women’s butt riding on them.
Bear with the discomfort a little.

“Last night was wonderful”
“Let’s have fun with just the two of us next time”
“You’re going to die doing that you know?”

The women from last night were seeing me off.
I can see Mireille a bit of a distance away.

I said nothing and raised my arm.
Mireille said nothing either, and threw me a kiss.
The rest of the women let out a shrill shriek.
This embarrassing goodbye was what I asked Mireille to her ear yesterday.
I smiled, wondering whether she remembered it in her half-asleep state as we left Sheera village.

Schwarz neighed as if saying are you going to let the female go now that you’ve finally got her.
What a noisy guy. Mireille’s my woman already, we’re only going to separate for a while.
I kicked him in the stomach, urging him to run.
His black body ran so fast you wouldn’t have thought he was carrying three people.

We encountered bandits along the way but it was pedestrian bandits vs us on horseback.
I cut the one bandit blocking our way right in half and sped away, just like that.
Before the sun started to set we arrived at Ruu’s home village (seems to be called Elco village).

As expected, we got into a quarrel with the villagers but unlike in Sheera village we didn’t reach a settlement so I paid one silver to be permitted to some of the village’s grass and well water.
Carla was letting off a bloodthirst, as if she’d attack the villagers at any moment, but I’m sure she won’t.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Even though I said you’re good people… I’m sorry!! If you need a place to stay please stay at our home!”

I wasn’t expecting a warm welcome in the first place, the plan was to see Ruu off and get back as soon as that’s done.
It’s just that someone that looks like Ruu’s mother or older sister from her appearance caught my interest so I went to their house for at least a greeting.

“Ah! Um, I really really thank you very much”
“I’m Ruu’s older sister Kuu, really, thank you for escorting this clumsy sister of mine”

Jackpot. She’s 15 years old, and had blonde hair that would turn 10 out of 10 heads.

“Are we having a guest?”

From a room inside, a space partitioned by a hanging straw mat, a clear voice was heard.

“Mother!? Are you awake?”

Kuu went into the inner room in a hurry.
She gave simple introductions and explained the situation.
Seems their mother’s name was Mel.

“Is that so, you’re escorting Ruu. I give you my thanks”

Again, a clear voice came from behind the partition.

“No, your daughter had been bringing us delicious food, and also since she’s going to be a beautiful woman someday I thought to gain her favor, that’s all”

I heard her laugh.

“Well well, an honest man, please have Ruu when she’s older”

A beautiful voice and a refined manner of speech, and since she’s Kuu’s mother she had to be at least in her mid-thirties but from her voice I can feel that she’s aged well.
But she made no sign of showing herself.

“This may be rude of me, but may I come closer to speak with you? I’d certainly like to see your face”

Kuu and Ruu gulped.

“I’m terribly sorry. I have terrible burn scars, I’m sure I would disgust you to look at my face. Please allow me this”

“Umm! I sold you tomatoes back in town, would you like some tomato cooking?”

Leaving Ruu’s poor attempt at changing the topic aside, that reminds me, I said something like that didn’t I?

“Mel-san, I believe you are a beautiful woman, no matter how you look on the outside. So can I please somehow see your face?”

“Aegir-san! No more of this, please!”

Kuu finally became angry.
Ruu became flustered.

“It’l alright Kuu. If you say you don’t mind then I won’t, but it’s not going to be a good experience, you know?”

Mel parted the partition and slowly showed her face.

“Uwaa! What’s the hell’s that!”

Carla made a rude remark so I hit her on the head, it may be because she spends so much time alone she doesn’t know restraint.

But people who don’t know anything would probably respond the same way.
Her beautiful blonde hair was in good health but the right half of her face was misshapen and swelling, her nose was deformed and her right eye was sealed shut.
An inflammation that looked like a burn scar spreads throughout the right half of her body and the scars on her right hand seemed to have stuck together turning the five fingers into a single lump.
She looked to be in pain whenever she walked so it was probably the same condition underneath her clothes.

With a dragging, painful seeming limp she sat down in front of me.
She certainly couldn’t do housework with this, let alone work the farms.

“I was caught in a bushfire while gathering medicinal grasses a while before. My life was saved but I had turned into this shape you wouldn’t want to see a second time”

“I’m only a burden to my daughters everyday now,” she sighed.

“What do you think? Not a pleasant sight, right? I’ll go right back insi…”
“That’s nonsense”

“There’s no doubt that you’re a beautiful person, inside and outside, it’s sacrilege to hide that just because of some burn scars”

“…… If only my wounds healed a little… even if I couldn’t work the fields with these hands I could help with something else”

“That won’t do, leaving a beauty like you in this shape is a loss for all men around the world”

It must have been fate that I humored Carla’s perverse act and bought ointment before we left Roleil.
I put the medicine on top of the table and broke the seal.
Mel and Kuu made a dubious look that turned to surprise.

“This is… Nekyll ointment?”

“Now I don’t really know but I heard it’s good for wounds”

“I heard it’s made from Nekyll leaves that you can only rarely pick up in the mountains and filtering them several times and so have a befittingly high price”

Kuu says she knew because sometimes was able to pick the Nekyll leaves and sell them for a good sum.
But Kuu’s stern look remained.

“That medicine is probably going to be good for mother’s burns, but it’s quite an expensive medicine, I can’t imagine you’d give it away to someone else for nothing in return”

Mel looked down in silence, while Ruu looked around restlessly, not understanding what’s happening.

“What do you want in exchange for using that on mother? Is it me? or maybe Ruu?”

Kuu seems to think I’m going to something like a slave trader does in exchange for the medicine.

“Didn’t I say it already? I can’t stand to see a beauty in this state, I’m a lover of beauties after all”

“I can’t believe that!! You’re the worst! To dangle hope right in front of us when we’re suffering!”

Kuu looked at her suffering mother and became more emotional.
But there was unexpected support there.

“That’s not it! Aegir-san is not that kind of person! He helped me many times when I was in trouble. He ate tomatoes, he left me apples and gave me sweet luggage! Eh? huh?”

The support was in disarray.

“He definitely wanted something from Ruu too!”
“Stop it, Kuu. You shouldn’t talk based on assumptions”

Mel gently chided Kuu with a grace that was unlike that of a farmer woman.

“Aegir-san, right now to go on living like this I’m only being a burden to my daughters so I thought I’d rather end it. Which is why I’d like to impose upon your goodwill, but I also know very well that the medicine is a valuable item, and we have nothing suitable to compensate you with”

Carla was sleeping beside me. You’re really selfish aren’t you… how can you sleep in a situation like this.

“Maybe, if you want something in compensation for the medicine, will you accept just my own body alone? I’ll respond to whatever you want of me”

Kuu let out a loud yell but Mel only smiled.

“Certainly, my aim had been you from the start, by the way, is your husband here?”

“He passed away nearly 10 years ago, why do you ask?”

“If you healed and returned to your former beauty, would you love me as my woman for just 10 days?”

The air in the room froze.
Ruu couldn’t understand and was like, “woman? love? tomato?”
Kuu flapped her mouth open and closed while Carla sprung awake and was about to make a threat so I ordered her to take care of Schwarz.

“You want to sleep with this mid-30 woman past her prime for that valuable medicine?”

“Not just sleeping with you, I want your love. But I’ll be working hard from now on to get that”

I had her completely undress and sure enough, her burns covered her entire body, I also saw her oozing blood slightly.
I plastered her with ointment and then looked at her hand that was rolled into a ball, No matter what kind of wonder drug it is, plastering it here will only heal the burns and won’t return it to it’s former state.

Therefore, I proposed to cut her stuck together fingers apart with a knife, then cover it with ointment.
Kuu strongly opposed, of course, and Ruu fainted, but Mel said she’ll leave it to me to do as I want.

So right now, I had Mel sit on a chair and turned the knife at her.
I asked Carla to take Kuu and Ruu on a ride on Schwarz, they should probably not see this.
I wrapped a wood scrap in cloth and stuffed it in her mouth.

“Here I go”

Countless faints and three incontinences later, all her fingers were finally separated.
A large amount of blood flowed out but the hemorrhaging stopped once I plastered the ointment on, the pain also seems to have subsided and she’s now sleeping soundly.

I cleaned up her wet parts and wrapped her whole body in clean cloth.
I wonder how much will she get better tomorrow.
I used a considerable amount of ointment, I hope it somehow lasts until she heals.

The next day and the day after I also stayed at Ruu’s house and kept applying ointment to Mel.
The effects of the medicine was tremendous, the burn marks that doesn’t heal naturally became fainter day by day.

Then on the morning of the 7th day, the day after the ointment finally ran out, I unwrapped her bandages, wondering how much she’s healed, and there she was, her beautiful skin restored without a single burn.
Her right hand could also move freely, and her right eye was no longer unusable, only her eyelids were inflamed but her clear green eyes shined.
If you look closely there were what looked like wound marks on her but they were of no consequence faced with her beautiful looks.

Perfect, she’s a wonderful beauty like I thought she was.
Kuu and Ruu were tearfully happy as well.
While Mel hugged the two of them, apologizing for being a burden to them, and having some mother-daughter time, I killed time by riding on Schwarz, who seemed unhappy about it.

That night, I heard lots of things from the three mother and children.
Mel used to be a servant in a local lord’s residence but she was raped and once she was pregnant she was thrown away and was helped by her husband who was then a farmer who lived here, she had another child with him.

About how her husband didn’t return in a later war, and even the lord was defeated and perished.

About how she survived by picking edible plants and medicinal plants in the forest and working her husband’s small field.

About how she sustained burns in a forest fire.

About how she lived in poverty and piled up debt to the surrounding villagers.

About how Kuu promised that she would pay with her body if that debt wasn’t returned by this winter.

I heard all sorts of things.

“All right, leave everything to me”

I asked the surrounding villagers how much debt Mel’s family owed.
It totalled to a sum of 2 gold, I paid them on the spot and told them not to lay their hands on Kuu.
One of the villagers, who might’ve been aiming for Kuu, made one complaint after another, but it might have been because he had less courage against me compared to against a family of only women, but we confirmed the full payment of her debts before the village’s notary.

The small field was also starting to fall into disrepair, maybe because Kuu couldn’t handle it all by herself, so Carla and I helped restore the whole thing, cleared a tiny bit of new land, and planted turnips and potatoes.
Indeed, a farmer’s family has their difficulties, but Mel and the girls were happy that things get done ten times faster than they could do it themselves.

Incidentally, Schwarz was attached to a piece of rope and made to pull out tree roots which seemed to be humiliating for him so he went sulking to sleep.

Finally, I gave them 10 gold to live on for a while.
All three of them refused, saying that they can’t receive that, but I forcibly pushed the gold in between Mel’s plump breasts.
It’s been two weeks now, we have overstayed much longer than we intended, but we were able to do everything we set out to.

“What do you think? I wanted to do all sorts of things for you, but have you come to like me, even a little bit?”

I approached Mel right in front of Kuu and Ruu.

“Really, why would you go this far to improve our…”

“I told you, didn’t I? I want you to come to like me and receive your love”

Mel’s face turned red.
Kuu looked like she doesn’t object to me sleeping with her mother, either.
She probably thought her mother was beginning to be charmed by me.

“But, umm, the walls are thin in this house and the kids…”

“No problem with showing them, we’re not doing anything we should feel guilty of, it’s just making love”

“I’ll be alright, Mother! You don’t need to worry about us and …. do it with the person you like as you want”

“Awawawawawa Hawawawawa”

“I’ll cover Ruu’s eyes”

“Umm~ Aren’t you forgetting me?”

Actually, I did totally forget about Carla.
I found out for the first time that I would forget about other women whenever I was trying to solicit a woman.

“Well, it’s all right, I’ll hand him over for a little while”

Carla went to take care of Schwarz.
She’s been doing that a lot lately, she couldn’t be doing anything with the horse, could she? I pray she doesn’t fall that far on the road to perversion.

“You’ll be my wife for 10 days from tonight. Okay?”

Mel prepared herself.

“Yes, by all means”

There’s nothing more to talk after this.
I immediately stood up and picked Mel up, went to the bed and threw her there.

I intentionally threw open all windows, it’s still dusk outside, there was still plenty of light and we could clearly see each other.
If anyone were to pass by the window they’d know, if not then with the windows open our voices would reach the neighboring houses.

I then repartitioned the house, pulling down the thing that looked like a woven mat.
Now Kuu and Ruu in the next room could see us clearly.
Mel protested, of course, but….

“This is fine. We’ll make love to each other without feeling shame to anyone. We’ll tell them that Mel is my woman and Aegir is your man”

It’s nothing vulgar, just that the woman who hadn’t had a partner for 10 years had awakened to a straight approach.
With damp eyes she skillfully unfastened my clothes and took my still soft member in her mouth.

“You’re the first man I had in ten years. Sorry if it doesn’t go well”

“No…. you’re doing good”

She had splendid tonguework and the way she moved her head doesn’t seem like someone who’d had a 10-year blank.
Also, she deliberately built up saliva so the wet sound also enhanced the stimulation through my hearing.
Hearing the loud sounds Kuu timidly poked her head from the next room, but upon seeing the shocking sight of her mother holding a man’s genital in her mouth she turned red and sank back.

Mel seemed to be embarrassed as well, she turned red to her ears but did not stop her service.
What did stop her service was my member that kept on swelling.

“Nnpwaah! Any more than this and I’ll dislocate my jaw…”

“This is enough, can you get on top of me?”

Mel seemed experienced so I’ll probably be alright leaving her with the position and movements.

“Yes, I don’t mind but need to be a little wetter…. so I can take it in”

Not letting her continue to speak I sucked against her woman hole from the front, licking her flesh sprout and putting saliva in her hole.
Mel’s experienced hole soon flooded, and a strong, lewd smell filled the room.
She gets wet easily, and her womanly smell is amazing.

“Something smells weird~”
“Hey! stay still!”

Seems the smell found their way to Kuu and Ruu next room.

“Well then, excuse me”

Mel pretended not to hear her daughters and got on top of me.
When eight-tenths of my member entered her, she looked at me and apologetically said “I’m sorry, this is my limit”.
I sort of expected that she’d be able to take it in down to the base, though.
As a test, I tried grabbing her waist and pulling her in but I certainly felt her deepest part creak.

“Hi, OOoooooooh!! H, have mercy”

I gave up putting the whole thing in but I thought I heard an interesting sound.
I pushed up, matching her who had started shaking her hips in cowgirl position, and rubbed violently.

“Oh…. Oh…. OOOOOooooooooh…… Aaoooooooooo!!”

Finally an animal-like sound overflowed from her mouth. Feeling good from the female animal like cry from the usually graceful Mel, I attacked back at her, up and down, not minding the neighbors looking in, telling the whole village that Mel is my woman.

Pinning down Mel who kept on making animal cries, I also reached my limit.
Now that her burns had healed, Mel is a beautiful woman, no exaggeration.
I succumbed to a little bit of an immoral feeling.

“Mel, stay still!”


I extracted my member that was close to release from inside Mel and put it in front of her face.

“Eh? Eh?”


A large amount of semen fell upon Mel’s bewildered face.

“Waaa! Kyaa!”

The copious amount of liquid quickly dripped all over Mel’s face, continued down her neck, dirtying her breasts.
After ejaculating everything I sat down on the bed in satisfaction and took a breath.

“Phew… that was good”

“……….. I’m glad for that”

Looking at Mel’s beautiful face, it’s now in a sorry state.

“You didn’t like it?”

“I was surprised because it was so sudden. I don’t find it that unpleasant but…. it smells amazing”

Feeling that it’s all over, Kuu and Ruu came into the room, but seeing their mother’s totally changed look, they branded me with the mark of pervert.

After that, I took the contraceptive from Carla and coated Mel’s insides, then made love to her for two, three rounds.
Each time she took my semen in her womb she woke up to being a woman, and by the time dawn broke she was clad in a sensual aroma as if she was a different person.

“Ufu, just clearing the cobwebs from my meathole. For 9 more days, please cover this lewd woman past her prime in Aegir-san”

Before Mel’s bewitching smile, my member never lost its strength.


Name: Aegir
Occupation: Independent Mercenary
Money: 52 Gold
34 Silver (coppers not counted)
Weapons: Large Bardiche, Steel Knife × 2
Armor: High Leather Armor, High Leather Gauntlets, High Leather Boots, High Leather and Chain Shield, Black Cloak (Cursed)
Companions: Carla (Pervert), Schwarz (Horse)
Sexual Partners Count: 10

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