Chapter 143: Mermaid Breeding




Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

I was suddenly taken to a cave when I was in the middle of playing in the water. The one who dragged me there appears to be a naked pretty lady but the lower half of her body is wrapped in blue fish scales.

「You……you aren’t human?」

「Nope, not human. The person before you was making a big fuss about how I’m something called a mermaid.」

A mermaid, eh? This is the first time I’ve seen one. Since it’s so unusual, I try feeling the lower half which resembles a fish.

「Hyaa, that tickles!」

The way it feels reminds me exactly of the fish I ate before in the Federation. I thought it would feel hard because the scales are lined up close together, but it feels soft and has enough elasticity that it sucks your hand in.

「I-if you touch it so much……er, my breasts are the same, I think.」

Crap, they were quite the nice pair so I wanted to check.

「So, the reason you called me here was to……」

「Right, I want you to breed with me.」

「Alright. Let’s start making babies then.」

The mermaid was the one who brought it up first, but she’s the one staring in awe.

「Eh, is it okay?」

「You’re the one who suggested it.」

「That’s true, but I was surprised you answered so promptly.」

「I have no reason to reject making babies with a lady as beautiful as you. Now, tell me where the hole is.」

From what I have seen, there doesn’t seem to be any hole that acts as the genitals for a mermaid. Doesn’t that mean my dick, which is painfully erect from me touching her boobs, has nowhere to go?

「If you’re talking about eggs, then here……」

The mermaid opens up a section in her scales and a small hole appears. The surface of her scales is blue but the inside of the hole is the same color as the one humans have – a vivid pink. I don’t know what I would have done if something gross came out, but I can manage with this. In fact, the hole is extremely pretty and I can’t wait to stir it up with my dick.

「Aah……what a lewd hole. Here I go.」

「Ah! You can’t!」

I grabbed my cock and was about to shove it in the hole, but her tail fin knocks me away.

「Nothing will happen if you put it in there! That’s only the place where the eggs come out ……the important part is over here.」

The mermaid climbs onto a rock not submerged in water and brushes away some water plants seemingly hiding something to reveal a large amount of tiny eggs sticking against the rock.


「I’m going to hatch these eggs now……which is why I want you to fertilize them with your seed.」

「Fertilize? What do you mean?」

「Nn? It doesn’t matter how. You just need to be careful not to step on them, but you can straddle them and spray your seed or shoot some over here so I can scoop it and place it on them~」

I suddenly lost the motivation to do it. There’s something sad about having to ejaculate on the eggs by myself.

「Quickly, quickly~」

「Um, you see……human males are made to ejaculate with a female. It’s a bit difficult to do it on the eggs.」


The mermaid shouts in surprise.
Then she hangs her head and starts mumbling something to herself.

「I see……that’s how it is……. So that’s why it didn’t work out last year……」

「Last year? Could you tell me about it?」

I want to somehow bring this conversation in my direction while we talk.

「I had a man come like this last year as well. But he was awfully frightened and even though he did let his seed out, it didn’t get on most of them……not a single egg hatched.」

As the mermaid speaks, tears start forming in her eyes. According to what she said, it seems mermaids give birth to a number of eggs by the waterside once every year. But that isn’t enough to hatch the eggs and a human or demi-human would need to fertilize them with their seed.

Normally several eggs would hatch if any seed gets on them, but the man from last year probably couldn’t do it properly. It seems the eggs will go bad if they don’t get fertilized within a week too. I guess leaving your eggs to rot without them hatching would be the same as experiencing a miscarriage or stillbirth. The mermaid continues to give me an explanation while sobbing uncontrollably.

「I see.」

「That’s why this year I wanted to hatch even a few of them……but I don’t have much time left. So that’s why I took you with me by force.」

If that’s the case, I would gladly cooperate, but it would be too sad to ask me to straddle and ejaculate over them.

「Listen, human males can ejaculate countless times as long as they’re with a nice-looking female. That’s why I want to make love to you before I spray it on those eggs.」

「If I do something, then a lot of seed will spray out?」

「Yeah, it’ll come gushing out.」

「Really!? What should I do then!?」

The girl excitedly pounces on me.

「First, can you provide me with your name, assuming you have one?」

We have to know each other’s names at least.

「It’s Mirumi. It’s the same whether you read it from the front or the back.[1. Nat: she means in terms of japanese syllables]」

「I’m Aegir. You can address me by name too.」

「Aegir? Aegir~」

The girl clings to me, pressing her breasts against my chest and stirring up my arousal even further. If I rub one out now, probably a lot of stuff will shoot out, but I want this to be a good memory so I’ll keep quiet.

「First……could you show me your lower half?」


Turning Mirumi over, I touch and feel her lower half, trying to find something with my hands. There’s the hole earlier used to birth the eggs……which is lewd, but is quite the important place so I can’t stick my dick in there. I searched around until I found one hole near her back. It looks quite narrow, but if I loosen it…….


I get slapped by her tail fin.

「You can’t use that! That’s where excrement goes out!」

So that’s the asshole.
She hides it with her scales, telling me that it was absolutely off-limits.
What a waste, since she can feel good with her ass too. I want to introduce her to Alice. Or not, because it would be troublesome if she becomes like that.

「Then can you do something about this?」

I take a seat on the rock and present my cock to Mirumi, who bounces deftly towards me with her tail.

「So this is a human’s reproductive organ?」

She gets embarrassed when her asshole gets seen but she’s fine when she sees my meat rod. I guess she doesn’t think reproduction is that embarrassing.

「Yeah, semen will come out if you stimulate this, but not much will come out if I do it myself. If a female……especially one as pretty as Mirumi rubs it, plenty will come out.」

「Oh really, then I just have to grab it?」

「I want you to put it in your mouth if possible.」


Without any resistance at all, she opens her mouth and takes my dick inside. The inside of her mouth is cold but the slipperiness of the mucus-like fluid makes it feel quite indescribable.

「Move your head up and down.」


「Can you take it in all the way in your throat?」


「Can you play with my balls too?」


Mirumi services me with her mouth, doing exactly as I tell her. She must be desperate to hatch her eggs and not let them rot this year. When I think of such an admirable mermaid, my desire to cum builds up even more.

And there was a strange feeling about what she’s been doing just now, which was not needing to take a breath through her mouth and calmly bobbing her head even as I push my dick into her throat. If I develop her, she might become the best fellatio technician.

「That’s enough.」

「Puhaa, you cumming already? Is the seed coming?」

Mirumi gazes at me with a face full of anticipation, but I want to enjoy myself a bit more.

「Just a little bit longer. Let’s embrace each other naked.」

I really want to play with her soft-looking tits.


Mirumi jumps into my chest, looking puzzled when I fondle her breasts.

「Boobs……Aegir likes boobs?」

「I love them.」

「Hmmm, just like a baby.」

Mirumi seems to think boobs are only for babies. She stares at me with a curious expression as I grab her tits and suck on her nipples.

「Little baby~ here are my boobs~」

I don’t know if she was just fooling around, but she pats my head as I twirl my tongue around and suck on her breasts. My dick swells even further in that moment.

「Aegir likes having his peepee rubbed?」

Of course.

「You also like boobs?」


「Then do you like this too?」

Mirumi wraps her breasts around my dick which is thrust in front of her as I’m sitting on the rock. She rubs my meat rod using her body and the valley of her breasts.

「Oooooh……this is the best. You did well to figure this out.」

「Hm? I don’t get it, but I’ll continue if it feels good.」

Mirumi continues shaking her breasts with a smile, occasionally licking the tip of my cock with her tongue. The smoothness of her skin and the slight rough sensation of her tongue is pushing me closer and closer to the edge.

「Guh……I’m about to cum.」

I want to cum in her mouth or stretch her asshole and cum in there if possible, but that wouldn’t meet Mirumi’s expectations. I’ll be obedient here and spray it on her eggs.

As I hold my twitching cock, I walk over slowly to the eggs.

「Lastly, use your hands to guide it.」

「Yeah! Do your best!」

I point my cock at the eggs stuck on the side of the rock while Mirumi clings to me from behind and strokes my cock intensely.

「Aah……cumming! Cumming!!」

「Cum a whole lot! Please give me some babies.」

「Mirumi! Bite my neck here, more will come out if you do.」

I want to help this girl who tried so hard to get even one more egg to hatch. After all, I don’t have to worry about it expanding too much because it isn’t inside her.

「Eh? Won’t it hurt if I do that?」

「It’s fine, just do it!」

Mirumi accepts my suggestion and bites down on the nape of my neck. Her teeth, slightly pointier than human teeth, sinks into my neck and causes a thin trail of blood to trickle down my body. Something runs through my cock and head like a jolt of lightning.



My cock gets even larger as it pulses, and liquid jets out like a stream after a dam has been broken. It didn’t feel the same as a regular ejaculation, even for me. The semen gushes out and splatters on the eggs.

「Ah-! Peeing on my eggs, how horrible!」

Seeing such force in the stream, Mirumi gets a little angry mistaking it as me urinating, but after she realizes the stickiness of the fluid and the pungent scent, she quickly apologizes and continues to stimulates my cock.

「Guuoooooooh! There’s more, I’m cumming even more!」

I move my hips as my seed sprays out, getting it on all the eggs stuck to the rock.

「Incredible……you got so much on them.」

「Don’t stop rubbing it, I can cum even more.」

Mirumi repeatedly strokes my cock and I reply by releasing a seemingly endless supply of semen.

Eventually, Mirumi removes her teeth from my neck and my dick becomes smaller. A final splurt of seed signified the end of the ejaculation.

Looking at what I did again, I can see that the large area covered by the eggs is blanketed in a white sticky fluid. I don’t think you can really see the eggs anymore because of all the semen.

「Uwaah, you came several hundred times more than the man from last year. So human males can actually cum this much.」

「That’s right, the guy from last year wasn’t a man.」

「Maybe not. The size of this thing was totally not small either.」

Mirumi pats my dick but having ejaculated as much as it could, it doesn’t even react. Naturally, the girl supports me gently after I feel exhausted and fatigued from the deed.

「Thank you very much~」
「It’s no problem, can I suck on them?」
「Of course.」

I drop back into the water and suck on Mirumi’s breasts as she helps me float. We drift around slowly in the water as my feverish body is gradually submerged.

「But having my leg pulled so suddenly really surprised me. Do you do this all the time?」

「No, I always only pull one person, but I can’t come out when there are lots of people around……I didn’t have much time before my eggs rot, plus your large reproductive organ was waving around so I just……」

「I see, at first I thought I was gonna be eaten.」

「Mermaids eat water plants and small things. They rarely eat humans~」

「That’s a relief. But I didn’t think there was such a cave under the lake.」

「Ehehe, the lake in this area is connected to a cave underground.」

She tries to emphasize not to spread this information around too much. But this is the hiding spot of a pretty lady, so there’s no way I’m letting this slip. I’m the only one who will be enjoying this.

I enjoy myself like this for a while until Mirumi realizes something and perks up. After confirming that my feet reaches the bottom, Mirumi hurries over to where her eggs are.

「Aaah! This is……. No way!? This one too! And over heree!」

She’s making a big fuss, so I wondered if something bad happened, but then I get closer and look down.

「What’s wrong, did something-「It’s done!!」What is?」

Mirumi grabs my hand and shakes it vigorously.

「Your seed fertilized my eggs! Look here, this one, and that one!! Amazing, all of them have been fertilized! A few hundred eggs are going to hatch!!」

I’m happy about that, but does that sort of thing happen so quickly?

「It normally takes longer, but……I can tell. They have all been fertilized within ten minutes!!」

Mirumi is excitedly leaping for joy. I’m glad I could be of use to a pretty girl like her, but I have to get back to the others soon or I’ll worry them. I can see Celia getting all panicked.

「Ah, that’s right. I’m sorry, for taking you with me by force……」

「I don’t mind. I also had a good time.」

At that time, there was a strange, low sound coming from the depths of the cave. I don’t know if that was a voice or another sound, but Mirumi smiles and replies.

「That’s right, thank you! Now I can also become a mother~」

Maybe it’s the voice from someone of the same species, but Mirumi’s voice is so beautiful while I don’t know what to say about the other. The two of them converse with each other and then Mirumi turns to me.

「Um, I apologize if you are in a hurry, but can I get you to help with the breeding of one more? The other mermaid living here is my senpai.」

So it was someone from the same species like I thought.

「I don’t mind but……um……」

The voice is already eerie enough, so I won’t be able to make babies if a repulsive monster appears.

「Mmm, the person is prettier than me. Besides, that person has a lower half like a human so it’ll be easier to do it, don’t you think?」


That can’t be allowed to pass without a comment.
Sucking on Mirumi’s breasts while I was taking a break helped as well, but my dick is slowly regaining its energy.

「Alright, I’ll help out.」

「Thanks! He said it’s fine~」

Mirumi shouts into the depths and I could hear the sound of wet footsteps. So it is just as she said, someone who has legs like a human.

Yet I still feel a tinge of unease, and brace myself as the person reveals themself to me.

「Ooh……what a nice body.」

The female who appeared has beautifully slender legs like Lilian – long, supple and sensual – or in other words, wonderful.

Perhaps getting a premonition of reproduction, the hairless vagina is opening slightly while leaking some of its fluid. The faint pink color of her labia is puffing out and inviting me in.

This is more than wonderful, as I have probably never seen a more beautiful lower half. I’m more than happy to reproduce with a woman like this.


「Hm? What?」

「What is that?」

「What do you mean what, she’s the same as me, you know? You call people who are half-fish and half-human mermaids, right?」

「Half is fine, but……」

It’s too strange for the entire upper half to be like a fish. This makes her a fishwoman.

If she was the one who came out first, things would have gotten violent. That fishwoman approaches me, stares at me with her eyelid-less fish eyes and spreads her legs. Then she makes a ‘ngyo’ sound.

「She’s saying that her eggs are in her stomach and that you are free to use her hole as you wish.」

Mirumi is acting as the interpreter for the sounds the fishwoman is making.
Another ‘ngyyo’ sound comes out from her stomach.

「She’s saying her insides are really incredible and it’ll be an instant kill.」

It might have been better if her top half was the appearance of an ugly middle-aged woman…….
She makes another ‘ngyoo’ sound, which gives off a slightly more shy feeling than before, which gets on my nerves.

「She’s saying it’s the first time she’s seen such a large dick and it makes her heart pound. She wants you to fuck her quickly.」

I guess in life, good fortune is always followed by trials.

「Aegir-samaaa! Thank god, I thought you drowned or something!!」

Mirumi took my hand and let me float back above the water’s surface where Celia runs up to me to hug me. The other girls look on with worried expressions, so I try to relieve them by smiling.

Meanwhile, Mirumi is watching underwater, waving her hand with a smile before disappearing into the depths in a way the girls won’t notice.

「What on earth, no, where did you go?」

「You know, somewhere. I just wanted to think about life.」

「Haah? But I guess I’m just glad you aren’t hurt.」

It seems Celia has gotten pretty good at swimming now, so I touch her upper half, her stomach and breasts, her neck and finally her face.

「Wah! If you start doing this here, we’ll be seen by Kroll.」

That’s not it, that’s not it. I’m just getting healed by your cute face.

The fishy smell and the feeling of her gills was gross but her hole and legs were the best. I didn’t think she would be able to squeeze three shots from me like that.
I’ll go to sleep tonight while admiring Nonna’s beauty.

I put on my clothes and check my palm.
One of the things given to me by Mirumi is a pretty scale of hers. It seemed to hurt when she was tearing it off so I asked her to stop, but she wanted to give me a couple of things to thank me for making her a mother. It seems to have an effect like a protective charm. She told me to make it into a decoration because it was a pretty one.

The other thing given to me by the fishwoman is a strange orb. It’s squishy and disgusting and I was thinking of throwing it away immediately but it seems to be cursed so I won’t.
Maybe I’ll put it in a box and let Casie safeguard it. Even if something happened to her, I don’t have to worry about her dying.

On the way back home, I hug Miti’s shoulder as I open the window of the carriage, revealing a world dyed red by the glow of the setting sun.

「Did you have fun today?」

「Yes! I’ve never played in the water before so it was really cool. It’s become a memory of mine where all of us are having fun together!」

「I’m glad. So, will you forgive for what happened in the past?」

「In the past?」

「Oh, come on, the time where I raped you during your first time.」

Miti seems to remember now.

「That did happen, now that you remind me. You’ve slept with me practically everyday since then so I’ve forgotten about it.」

What the heck.
I bring Miti close to me and give her a kiss. Without any resistance whatsoever, she entrusts her body to me, and even when I squeeze her breasts from above her clothes, it only makes her blush.

Kroll and Alma, who are in the corner of my eye, look surprised. I guess they find it strange that Miti, someone who they have grown up with, is making such a womanly face.
I’ll surprise them even more then.

「Hey Miti, why don’t we really go all out and have some baby-making sex tonight.」

「Baby making!?」

「And when you get pregnant, become my wife.」

It’s something Melissa and I talked about before. Miti is the same kind of girl as Nonna who relies on being engaged and in a proper relationship. If she gets pregnant, I have to get the other things in order too.

「T-that kind of thing for me is……but……haauuu」

Miti nods as her entire face turns bright red. That’s fine.
But why is there a bulge in Kroll’s pants?
Did he get hard because of what was said? How backed up must he be……Alma is getting miffed beside you.

In the next moment, my side and butt are being grabbed. I follow the extended arms to find Catherine and Maria.

「「This is your child. Please look after him!」」

Maria puts Claude on my lap while Catherine puts Antonio on my lap.
Oh, so they wanted to become wives[2. Nat: officially, not just lovers/mistresses] too? They just needed to say so. It might be a difficult thing for Catherine, but I’m sure no one will find out if she stays in Rafen.

While I was playing with my innocent sons as they rested on my lap, Mel and her family grabbed my side as well.

「Go on, Kuu and Ruu. You two should ask to become wives too.」

「Okay, let’s go onee-chan.」
「Wait, I haven’t prepared myself-……」

I guess I’ll have to ask whether the other girls who got pregnant want to become my wives. But I want to try to keep it to the women who are living with me as family right now, or else the place will be filled with wives.

I suddenly picture that fishwoman squirming her way up to me and asking to by my wife. I have no objection towards her splendid legs and vagina. But rejecting her when she tells me to use my mouth means I still have a ways to go.

Let’s just pretend this whole thing with the fishwoman didn’t happen.

Sexual Partners +1[3. Nat: total of 129]




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